Rekha Scan from Filmfare july 2010

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Rekha Is Rekha. No one can beat her in talent as well as in Beauty. Photographed by Jagdish mali.

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Rekha... the most prettiest women in the world..

Rekha looks like a bhootni

HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA those are NOT Rekha's legs.

Rekha is the best!!!!

junk ha ha ha:-)

REKHA SHOULD BE AN INSPIRATION TO ALL BOLLYWOOD HEROINES, no one can look as beautiful as her,even ten years from now. Ican vouch for it.Her oomph oozes out of her face and she does not need to show her skin,thank God......

this pic's been taken by antara maali's father, some 12 yrs back

its not her body. i have a doubt

If she fit why don't do a photo shoot like this. She is comfortable. So what

rekha z stunnig!!!!althogh its time she shoul know wht her age iz but still hats off to her evergreen beauty........................

Oh god you all are BLIND. THIS IS AN OLD PHOTO. IT SAYS CLASSIC SHOTS. Learn to read and stop being such gossipmongers.

You morons its a photo from 1995 , i have the issue there is no photo shop that time its rekha !

eeehhhh is that really her? I mean from neck down?

i think she undergoes a lot of liposuction....this aint a natural body of a 55 year old lady

The editor of this picture must be really genius!!!

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww amazingg
she is gorgouse

They totally distorted her. It looks like Priyanka Chopra's body with Rekha's head on top. The thing is, she is so gorgeous and also so fit that they could've done so many tasteful things with her photo, if they really did want to use this particular one, which I have to say is kind of lame.

I don't know why they are trying to fit Rekha into some kind of Priyanka Chopra/Lara Dutta kind of vibe. Rekha is Rekha, she does her own thing, and it would've been interesting to see a good photographer really try to show her as the ethereal, mysterious and enigmatic beauty queen that she is.

how much photoshop did get into this...

for a women in her 50s, she does get lots of publicity, bit like srk, could'h been a great pr guru, world class. she should do tv.

Um,Fashionista,Tell me more about the british revolt..Googled it,bt cn't find it!
Twiggy was one of my fav judges on ANTM,So slightly curious:)

her body is totally squared

aish does rock without photoshop or even makeup only ppl who have seen her in person would no!
and this lady looks like a box wearing heels and drag queen makeup

they could have very well put a manequin there and that would have saved them a lot of money. LOL.

Are you people blind? It says CLASSIC SHOTS. This is an old shot. I wish people would read properly.

she is ridiculous

hahahahahahahahahaha...pause..take a breath...hahahahahahahahahahaha

She does look incredibly great but i wish she hadn't worn those transparent "stripper heels" =)

can u feel the magic - the article says. hell yeah magic of photoshop.

do u guys remember the british revolted the photo of twiggy that was so photoshopped? something liek that needs to happen here

Scent of a woman: Smells like 8 parts photoshop+1.95 parts make up+ 0.4 parts spanx + 0.1 part Rekha

There you go, perfect recipe for the SCENT OF A WOMAN.

wooooohhhh! what just happend. they morphed rekha's face to priyanka's body ?

Air brush lol

Rekha is an attractive woman, no doubt. But this is not the real Rekha..this REALLY PHOTOSHOPPED Rekha!

They were flashing pictures of this photoshoot of hers on star news and saying how she looks like this cuz of hello! Every magazine cover and spread is fulll of photoshop! How do u think ash looks so slim and rekha so much younger than she already does!... And this is not aishwarya or rekhas demand...the magazine staff will simply do it to sell more covers than without the photoshop obvs!
But in hollywood the latest trend it to go bare as in no photoshop or makeup esp if u r pregnant cuz u wanna be able to relate to the common man and not appear sure that will follow in bwood SOME TIME

yeah :P queen of photoshop :D

There is no way anyone can look like this in their 50s. Total photo-shopped. sometimes it's good to show some reality as per the age.


OMG she looking so young !!!

if they can photoshop Ash.. and her fans defend it- then why not rekha.. i am sure she deserves the best

Ewwww!!!!Blair witch is here,Run!!!!!!!RUNNNNNN!!!!

photoshopped to the max!!!

digital photography..
really works..LOL

lol everyone in bollywood following ash s footsteps: photoshop!! get fair and have nice eyes ...thanks to photoshop ...get slim have better face shape ...

all is not much different from rest of INDIA without all these photoshops and works dont to them...

OMG !!!

60 something buddi...with 20 yr old body...wat nonsense?!...


Rekha is an epitome of beauty... what an aura about this actress...she is a true Movie Star....

Her eyes..

They look, they see, they peer, they peek, they glance, they glare, they ogle, they leer, they observe, they spy and seek. They can calm a crying child, cajole a brat. They can shout silently, or show compassion, or shoot arrows directly into your heart. They can console and comfort, display awe and anger, show love, lust and longing. They can cry, complain, or cause anguish in a lover's heart. They can mock, muse or move you. They can speak, smile and seduce. They can induce, implore or intoxicate...can go on....all the adjectives in the world is less of Rekha.

it is photoshoped, but it is her! so cool. in times of 3d an all, why not? good for her. hope, i have the spirit, when i'm her age.

Oh please, her hips have never been that small, sooo fake, why do this at your age rekha!! pathetic!!
she's beautiful, but this is just tacky.

100% photoshopped, this cannot be recent she mustve done an older photoshoot now they are showing this photo.

this is completely impossible her face and legs are photoshopped to the max!

can u say photoshop!

shes hot

is this a recent photo of hers? i dont think so?

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