'Finding Fanny' Official Trailer is here! Did you spot Ranveer?

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Homi Adajania's much anticipated quirky comedy Finding Fanny's trailer is finally here! The film narrates the story of 5 odd balls played by Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Dimple Kapadia, Naseeruddin Shah and Pankaj Kapur; who set out on a road trip to find love.

Talking about his five dysfunctinal characters in the film Homi Adajania says, "Love makes normal people do nutty things. But what if they were already a little nutty to begin with? I absolutely love this film. My producer, Dinesh Vijan, knew I would drive him insane and went out on a limb to back me. Deepika and Arjun Kapoor signed onto the film before Chennai Express and Two States had released and didn’t waiver because they had the same conviction. I couldn’t make the film without Naseer because his character was written for him. As for Dimple, if I make a film without her she will have my head on a platter. A great joy I experienced was being introduced to Pankaj Kapur. He is a phenomenal actor and it was a fabulous experience directing him. Finding Fanny was shot and wrapped in 36 days, a shoot-experience that was almost as goof-ball and hilarious as the story itself."

Finding Fanny is presented by Fox Star Studios and is a Maddock production. The film releases on September 12.

Also for those who could not spot Ranveer Singh, he appears at 0.16:)

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Tell us the story, if anyone really know its a remake

If you haters know the real movies name , why don't you tell us the whole story, we'll be waiting.

She's playing a black widow, but this is not looking like Kahaani because of this crowd.

This is not a British movie you nincompoops. It is a Goan girl. She has to speak with a Goan accent. She is not a city girl. I don't know why you non fans even need to click on the link just to bad mouth her.

i'm officially addicted to the trailer...Hope it's a good movie! #2millionviews

Like salman rightly said in Star guild awards that, Even a documentary will make 200 cr if Deepika is cast in it. With the kind of buzz it has created so far.. The movie might not make 100 cr because it is not made for masses but it is surely going to make a lot of money and will be declared blockbuster. DP today I am convinced that you are the biggest crowd puller and I have to say Salman bhai you're always right :)

Ur Bhai also said that Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites are totally faltu cheez. If he's always that Right & you always follow him then, what are you doing here.

Wow, this is wonderful. And Senorita Padukone is such a delight.

Ah this is like a breath of fresh air - and oh so funny! Love the performances - all nuanced and beautiful... Deepika and Dimple are great... and so are the others! Can't wait for this.

I really like the trailer, especially how it's in English and I didn't have an issue with the accents! The style actually reminded me a bit of Wes Anderson with some of the colorful shots, the eccentric characters, and the editing of the trailer in general + a little bit of Little Miss Sunshine with the road-trip aspect of the film.... a little sad that I didn't hear any Konkoni in the trailer, hopefully there will be a bit more in the actual film. My only qualm (very small) was the friction between the soundtrack in Hindi and the dialogues in English....

Sonam fans plz take a break. Wait foe hindi trailer if your english is weak and you can't understand what's being said. Btw the language spoken in Goa is konkani and the only cast member who speaks konkani is DP. In fact if I am not wrong, that's her first language. So her accent according to movie is perfect.

well, lemme reveal sme plot, dp is playing an alien, well its an easy guess wid dat pathetic speaking skills.

Pop!!!! And deepikas dillusion of great actress bubble busted. She knows only to flirt.Her flirting onscreen offscreen has been termed acting and that horrible accent.Goans dont speak like that!!!!

Gosh!!! Deepika has such thick south indian accent while spesking english. She can pass of as mallu, than a goan. They should have taken actress who is fluent in english for this english movie.Deepika is good to play village girl like how she did in ramleela and chennai express.Even alia was better option than Deepika.

nargis wud hav been perfect to such kind a role, and she is even capable of doubling the fun too.... dp ruined d freshness of d role.

I don't understand ppl commenting on DP's diction and accent. She is speaking English with an Indian accent! What's wrong with that? why does English have to sound American or British? I can understand and enjoy every bit of what she is saying and i am not even an Indian!

where does accent come frm?? its not about accent, she lacks speaking skills immensely, she dn't even take pauses at right time...

It looks really fun and entertaining!

Deepika's accent is so horrible and her dialogue delivery is pathetic, she was super weak in her scenes, arjun has improved alot but still he is below average.
Dimpel is show stealer,Shah and Pankaj are good also.

Regardless this is not my type of movie and I don't see this working.

..and I am guessing Singham2 works for you with its perfect dialogue delivery. Oh wait, does KKK even have dialogues in that movie?

You have such insights into the whole film making process. We do not deserve you!! Why don't you move to hollywood and give your views on hollywood flicks and make us proud . We can certainly spare you. Ciao.

What ridiculous nonsense. So you feel superior, do you? Deepika's performance, as far as I can see in the trailer, is effortless and authentic. I feel sorry for you dilettantes, you think you are sophisticated, but seriously, you are just the opposite. You lack sensitivity and grace and that's sad indeed.

She's not playing an NRI to need a perfect accent. Calm yo farm!!

actually d real problem is dialogue delivery which is really pathetic.

Which accent would you like an indian to speak in, in an indian movie? In my experience this is how indians speak unless of course they are born and brought up in another country.

yeah she needs diction lessons from fake accent queens prianka and ashwariya

Cinema is fiction so yes why not put up a fake accent?Like someone said below why couldn't she work hard on it by getting a dialect coach?If you're a true actor you try your best to change the accent.She isn't even trying to put effort to atleast have the similar accent to the rest of the cast.

Also the biggest problem with Deepika is her dialogue delivery, She is too mechanical.

I like the trailer so i am looking forward to this movie.

I like the trailer so i am looking forward to this movie.

i just dn't havd words, does ppl commenting here have really understood a word in it, if dey do can they put some light and lemme know what was funny in it?? and why were dey trying to speak so fast?? and i hav to watch the trailer 3 times to understand dp dialogues and den also i cudn't understand in full. pathetic diction. and stop comparing it wid being cyrus which was a class apart, it can not even close, just coz its in english dat doesn't mean its classy, and to the prsn stating dat it hav reached million views, does he knows dat those are fake views as for pc albums, dey pay for dem.

Poor you, looks like you did not understant anything...

ROFL at d prsn who is mentioning youtube views again and again, if dat wud hav been d criteria den ram leela shud had been the biggest grosser ever, even kids now know dat dese are al paid fake views.... several IT companies take dese jobs...

its a flop widout any doubt but i can assure frm d trailer dat its not getting any critical praise either.... btw why r all of dem trying to speak english so fast??, we dn't even speak hindi so fast and neither english ppl speak english so fast, wat dey wanna prove.

they shud hav casted who can speak english properly and whose english ppl can undrstnd... like kat or sonam, no one except her can undrstnd what she is saying.

Because he needed someone who can "act" and the two names you have mentioned can certainly not act as well have seen.. and as far as english is concerned, if you could not understand what she said then its probably you who needs english classes

Yea I agree, sonam actually was the first choice (before they were even considering Arjun obviously), but she said no cuz of dates:(

right.. cast the ones who can't act... and what's wrong with speaking english with indian accent???

Before jumping the gun, people should realize the facts. Homi wrote Finding Fanny in 2009 and Letters to Juliet came out in 2010. This film has been close to his heart for a long time and he's a passionate film-maker with great ability to do something out-of-the-box. I don't think it's a copy and we will be able to know that for sure on Sept 12th!

You saw him writing in 2009? I think letter to Juliet director copied finding fanny? Lol...

Its just his words, conveniently he wrote it 1 yr before the hollywood movie. Should have made the lie more convincing and said few years earlier lol

Somebody commented below that there is a 2009 article from glamsham where it says that he has finished with the script but he's having casting issues. Type in "homi adajania's casting ouch glamsham" or something. You'll find it!

Deepika should've worked on getting the Anglo-Indian accent right. Arjun and Dimple are spot on.

It looks very entertaining! The accents are great because that is how the Indian accent actually sounds.

It looks very entertaining! The accents are great because that is how the Indian accent actually sounds.

I came here only because the title has Ranveer.... I think he is gonna steal the thunder.

Looks like a quirky comedy.All the best to the team.

i think the girl's role required a typical "next door girl". Deepika doesn't look like the girl next door. plus the others act better, especially the elder ones.

Letter to Juliet rip off. Even the characters are same to same, each of the five, the way they dress, and locality. What place in india looks like itally, like in the trailer and what indian dresses like that? Not even Goan or South Indian. I have been there! Can indian directors do anything that isn't a copy??

Sorry to burst ur bubble but there are indians who dress like that

Deepika kissing Arjun

Letters to Juliet, anyone. Anyway, as long as the presentation of the pretty much what appears to be the almost identical plot is artful and well done, I wouldn't mind. But this ain't unique or original y'all.


Such a fun trailer and so interesting and unique! A pat on the back for Homi! The senior actors are simply marvellous and oh my, is Deepika lovely or what? She looks so radiant in her simple look and she seems to be matching up to the senior actors well :) Same for Arjun, he seems to fit the role of Savio. Deepika and Arjun also have good chemistry! I'm looking forward to this wacky, out-of-the-box film! :D

OMG WHY Deepika :(:(:( Her horrible acting is going to spoil the entire movie..

That's because you aren't good enough, Sonam. You see what I mean?

Over a million views on youtube in less than a day and more than 300 comments here. Loving the buzz for this small offbeat film. Good luck to all the cast and crew and eagerly awaiting the film.

loved it !!! its fresh, different and looks realistic..Fab casting !!!

Cocktail, a commercial film, received 1 million views for it trailer in three days (and that was a big thing at the time). Finding Fanny, an offbeat film does it in one day! Can't believe this! So happy that content is being accepted by the audience! (:

I just finished watching Being Cyrus...amazing movie (even though the ending was spoiled for me). Finding Fanny is going to be epic!!

Deepika looks so beautiful!

Great trailer, witty, quirky and fresh. Good to see a new combo of actors on the big screen and good ones too! As for those whining about the Arjun/DP kiss, they are probably the same people who were convinced Deepveer would be over by now. What's ironic is during the filming of this film, Ranveer and Deepika were all over each other. Remember she left filming for a week to be by his side and nurse him back to health while he was recovering from dengue. Then when he was better, he went to Goa to shoot for his scens and then STAYED for a good two weeks. Journalists and other people saw them all over town, kissing and cuddling. Now, 9 MONTHS later, people are complaining on his behalf when Ranveer himself doesn't give a hoot! Fake concern from fake fans hellbent on hating on Deepika. Get a life people!

The way I see it, every single Bw actresses have haters, atleast her ratio is lot smaller. So please shut with these hater comments like she is the only one :/

Ranveer is dead laying floor and that is the funniest scene, how sad is that

this will go down the drain just like that priyankas similar movie which i dont even remember the name lol

awesome trailer ........so endearing........can watch n th number of times and still amazing......

three cheers for Deepika...HURRY..love u shona u r the best..& the true queen..all the best for F.F..its different and amazing..I saw the trailer 10 times yesterday...awesome..love you..

three cheers for our lovely 'TRUE' Deepika...HURRY...ALL THE BEST SHONA ..U R THE BEST I watched the trailor almost 10 times yesterday...wow..sooo different and better...love u D.P

Such a super trailer. Bound to be a super movie.

So real. Surreal! This is going to be wonderful.

Finding Fanny got a million views for its trailer in 22 hours. A comparison (from Deccan Chronicle)

Dawaat-E-Ishq got approximatley 3.6 lakhs views

Kick got approximately 1.7 million views

Haider got approximately 7.7 lakhs views

Mardaani got approximatley 4.20 lakhs views

That is pretty amazing, considering it's an offbeat film!! Hope it actually is as good as the trailer suggests, and also hope it does well at the box office!! :-)

I dont know if your biased or what so ever but kick trailer released long time ago and its over 13 mill...Haider has 1.5 million.. and Im sure the rest number is very different too...

No, those numbers are how many views the trailer got in a day

Weird! but may work...

Waiting to see this movie. Good on you Deepika for choosing different kinds of roles. Arjun Kapoor = ditto!
As for Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapur and Dimple Kapadia -well what can one say but "Mindblowing" (in bollywood/TV speak :))
Much love.

Simply WOW!!! Deepika Padukone - my hats are off to you! Cocktail, Race2, YJHD, CE, RL, FF, Piku, Tamasha, BM...now that is MOMENTUM sweety!! Success isn't getting to your head and you will surely remain at the top for a very long time my dear. Your simplicity, kindness, pure heart and sincerity touches the viewers heart, strange but true!! Cant wait to watch Finding Fanny first day...Loads of Love from LA!! :)

The truth is Deepika has the perfect body,height, and facial features to cast her or imagine her in many different roles. That's a huge advantage !!

The truth is Deepika has the perfect body,height, and facial features to cast her or imagine her in many different roles. That's a huge advantage !!

So happy for Deepika and Arjun for stepping out of their comfort zone :) Will be VERY happy if Arjun finally proves himself and Deepika also proves her acting ability :) Having said that, as gorgeous as Deepika is, Dimple is still SO hot! This movie also has a lot of mystery including Fanny and Ranveer's death.

And as usual, Naseeruddih Shah + Pankaj Kapoor + Dimple Kapadia did a brilliant job, do I need to say this? :P

The trailer is great but i don't think it was necessary for the director to make them speak English unless the people in Goa speak only in English.

A lot of goans speak only english as well

90% of the local goans speak their native language and that's KONKANI which is very much similar to Marathi

these movies are so americanized. I think I will just have to google old-school bollywood movies and re-watch the golden era.

wow, this is wow! Cant wait for the movie to release!!

People who are saying why did arjun & deepika kissed ! They're professionals they're actors, thats what they're paid for! Nothing else! & u guys should really check those tweets in which people saw ranveer deepika & arjun together at a club in goa! They said ranveer & deepika r totally in luv with each other they were dancing together & arjun was dancing with a strange girl :P this was when they were shooting Finding Fanny in oct or nov i guess. They said whereever we go we r just seeing a lovestruck couple deepveer in goa. Well everyone knows that dp is madly in luv with RS! She left everything to be with him on his birthday. She went to barcelona just too meet love of her love! She was not there for PC, farhan or zoya! She was there for her man "Ranveer Singh" ! They r totally committed to each other. Check ranveers latest interview. How sweeet it was when they asked abt dp. Well arjun & deepika are such a good friends. If ranveer doesn't have any prob with his ladylove kissing arjun on-screen then whats wrong with us? DP is all ranveer's & he knows it very well! So just calm it's their profession :) & wait for Bajirao Mastani, then there will be no acting in kissing scene or love scenes. ;) :) aisi choti baton ko dil pe nahin lete hain. Arjun is the one who always teases ranveer for deepika. Check the gunday promotions the whole industry knows everything. Deepveer are made for each other lets be happy, & wish deepika all the best for this film. & may be ranveer will fly down to france to meet deepika in a few days :)

how can some one be that painfully adorable and incredibly hot at the same time is beyond me

dp doesn't sound like that in her interviews, neither does arjun, i don't know about the rest of the cast though, so maybe, just may be the thick accent was a requirement, not a downside

Can't wait!!

Five Good Actors, Brilliant Characters, Quirky and Cool Trailer and the title is about Ranveer's one sec appearance :/

more than one million views and counting,deepu rocks

The trailer is amazing...Couldn't take my eyes of DP. Looks like she has done an amazing job in this movie. I don't need to mention anything about Pankaj/Dimple/Naseer. They are amazing as usual. I'm so looking fwd to this movie and Haider. Finally some decent flicks after Queen. I can''t believe some morons are complaining about the thick accent. The is cast isn't American, it is set in Goa and this is how most of educated Indians speak.

preach it brother

He is sister

Absolutely in love with the trailer! Deepika is naturally beautiful. And Arjun-Deepika looks hotttttt!!!!

Loved the trailer to the hilt!

they shudn't have casted deepika, she ruined it for me, yami wud hav been much better choice.

I can't believe this...it's only been a day since the trailer's release, and already 1 million views!! Wowsaa!!

For those asking whether this is a remake of Letters to Juliet...I doubt it, considering Homi had the script ready in 2009 and Letters to Juliet released in 2010 :-) Btw, if you want proof that the script was ready in 2009, google "Homi Adajania's casting ouch glamsham" and there's a 2009 article)

Beautiful Deepika and love her naturalness.

So real. surreal!

deepikas speaking english throughout the whole film?.... yh defo not watching this, accent is horrid.

Please release this in America.

Wow trailor crosses 1 million views

Brothers-in-law (or is there any other name for this relation) together are powerhouses of acting just like sisters Ratna and Supriya !!! Its all in the family .....

Is there any particular reason they are all speaking English?

Is it me or does Deepika look a few shades lighter here?

Hello She's playing a christian girl, she has to paint herself.

The Great Indian Obsession!

This movie seems like the Bollywood version of Letters to Juliet!!!

The trailer is great. Really excited about this movie. :)

That Deeps Chick Is hella versatile tho.
and pretty hot.


woah.. finally something intersting and different from bollywood

Amazing,great fantastic concep

Deepika looks dammm hot as always wow

Happy to see that there are still directors and actors left in the industry who want to make quality movies instead of remakes and masala movies

It seems to be a good-hearted, quirky, funny and sweet

I love this and Haider trailer..everytime I get goosebumps of Shahids crazy insane expressions which is just like WoW! I come here to watch his papas trailer to get myself in good laughable mood. I think ranveer dies maybe bcuz of Deepika kissing him n he chokes to death cuz she says that her first kiss was in the wedding so it was so bad that she choked her to be husband lol!! It has an whole different humor. Like slaughterin a chicken at your backyard is so OK. I feel like this film is based on a typical Roal Dahl book (author of willy wonka and the choclate factory) I can already see this poster as a roal dahl illustrated animated cover like his typical ones with tall skinny figure, big eyes. Its the typical quirky comedy like roald dahls books ^.^

No no. He chokes not from the kiss but from his wedding cake. Both angles are funny. Only Homi could make him choke on his own wedding cake. Would have loved to see a couple of Ranveer scenes though...

looks promising

It takes GUTS for A-grade actors like this cast to do a film in their career which can be perceived as many as MULTIPLEX or ART film.KUDOS

so true. this actors show that they are here because of their passion for acting, not only to make box office hit movie.

Mann, I totally want to watch this

Deepika looks so stunning and Arjun damn hot

great job to everyone in the cast, because of the trailer, my expectations have soared for the movie and i'm getting being cyrus vibes from this so, it know it's gonna be great... anyways, for all the people saying that they don't understand deepika b/c of her accent... are you kidding me? you guys are the same people who call priyanka and aishwarya fake b/c of their fake american/british accents

exactly, damned if you do, damned if you don't

Deepika looks so stunning and Arjun damn hot

Deepika's accent is freaking annoying!

Ah, so u like fake accents? :) Alright.

Good for you , don't watch it why go through the pain! Deepika, you go girl , you are the best!!!!!!!

Deepika looks gorgeous

Ultimate laughter alert

the biggest surprise is Arjun Kapoor whom I found good for the first time! 

the trailer made me laugh a lot this is gonna be a big hit wish them all the very best 

This movie look fab its got a bit of everything I love it

Its so refreshing to see watch an indian movie in english!

he whole cast has done a great job especially deeps and arjun

This movie look fab its got a bit of everything I love it

what a cast!!

his is gonna be awsume
thank you Homi Adajania for always getting something new

Deepika Padukone is back... missed her on the screen... another different role... shes amazing and Arjun Kapoor is gonna be awesome too

bolywood is evolving

bolywood is evolving

A quirky, funny and catchy trailer. The movie, I hope, will be good. 

i had high expectations, they exceeded them

Don't tink, deepika can't act, getting over shadowed by the other superb actors

Just because Anushka is getting flak for bony back doesn't mean her fans can blame deepi fans or start commenting negative things on deepika :)

I bet they have already shown all the best bits in the trailer, boring movie

This is awesome! Pankaj was HILARIOUS, they all were. Great script, great dialogues.... Can't wait.

Everyone was funny in this trailer. So far I can't stop laughing at AK's "We've crossed into another state........ a bloody mental state!" Priceless

Do you really think Ranveer just randomly choked? I think there is much more behind it. Can't wait.

Do you really think that people dont know that you are a mother? I think there is much more behind it. Can't wait :)

All I have to say is incredible Deepika!

Deepika keeps showing her versatility and changeableness as an actress. It seems that she nailed her character, yet again

I am watching it over n over n over n over again.. It's awesome

Deepika fantastic acting.. and the time when she says to Arjun that more they do better he gets.. How cute was that.. Only DP can pull off such dialogues without sounding cheap.. I love the trailer.. I am sure movie is going to be one hell of a ride!

see the flop coming.. Finding Nemo or what ?


AK and DP look good together

almost 700,000 views on You Tube in 11 hours, that's the power of the queen

Queen?? are you serious?? Dream of.?? Kagana is the Queen 2014 fact

Out of the box creativity...nicely done...

Fun! After a long time, got the flavor of movies like "Khatta Meetha"...

me likey


its brilliant

trailer is so refreshing so much fun indeed

it's going to be tough to wait until September

so proud of deepu for doing something unconventional like this and avoid play things safe! Can't wait for the film

phenomenal!Something which is completely unorthodox & different
Blockbuster for sure

ha ha, awesome..!! I am definately going to watch this

absolutely adored it. I'm beyond proud of dp for experimenting with a crazy yet fresh role

Superb!!!!! Loved it!! dp looks stunning even in such simple clothes! And stands out admits such legends!! Osom Deepu

Cant wait for this nice Arjun and Deepika

The music is wonderful too. Great job, Homi.

It was so ewww wierd to see arjun kapoor holding a jar..inside there were many plastic teeth with dirty water (o_0) did everyone notice that?
Post it pinkvilla

I was never really a Deepika Padukone fan but the fact remains that she is still the most commercially viable actress right now after 5 back to back hits. Her dream run began with Cocktail, which was also a risk cuz it was dealing with something unconvential in Hindi cinema - "Friends with benefits". If that movie made 90 crores, this movie seems to be even more desirable cuz it has 3 legendary actors: Pankaj, Dimple, Nasar and both Arjun and Deepika are coming with big back to back hits. If all of these actors' fan bases come then ya, it could easily reach 80-90, maybe even 100 crores in India itself.


Yeah yeah I got it Ranveersingh is playing Fanny..

Ha ha it's a funny trailer. I'm watching this for sure. So many talented people in one movie. I love Dimple, Pankaj Kapoor and Nasirudin Shah. My respect to Deepika for steping out of her comfort zone. Keep experimenting Deepika!

Gosh Deepika is simply gorgeous here. There's no stopping her.

deepika the crown princess

loved it... couldn't have imagined Deepika pulling off the shot where she stuffs the red kerchief in Naseer's mouth and douses him with water when she was doing stuff like Desi Boyz ...she has left me astounded...she was fabulous in Cocktail and then RL...cant wait for this...a little disappointed that Ranveer's character is bumped off early in the movie...oh well..

Shockingly, best thing in the trailer for me was Arjun Kapoor! I am no fan of this guy but in this he's just awesome.

Deepika's voice and dialogue delivery kills it for me :( Everyone else looks great.

Deepika is natural and nuanced in her expressions - both facial and spoken. Sorry sister or brother you seem to be having a serious problem. Are you jealous? Now that's an emotion that can destroy you - slowly and painfully.

Come on man, rise above your petty jealousy. It's better for you that way.

The trailer looks interesting. Probably it won't enter the 100 crore club, but hey who cares? We need more movies like this one instead of the usual masalas only mass enjoys

If you can make your presence felt when sharing screen space with actors with stature like Pankaj Kapur, Dimple Kapadia and Naseeruddin Shah, one thing is for sure, you'll go a long way. Well done Deepika and Arjun!

loving dimple in this. deepika is giving of kristen stewart kind of vibes in certain shots.

Loved it...it's like a breathe of fresh air after all d masala romcoms......all look fab....deepika looks gorgeous n she n arjun
Look cute.....waiting for d film... ;)

Hats off to dimple,for accepting a role that require her to wear pads..

Can't wait. It's looks like a very interesting film. It's kinda of fun too, looking at Sagar's dimple now that she is older. They all look totally Goan. Miss amchi Goa.

Is that Ranveer supine with a mouthful of wedding cake...did he choke on his wedding cake on the wedding day...LOL..only Homi can come up with stuff like that...

umm a lot of comments don't get posted..I wonder why..anyway trying again...I love the trailer..ROFL..I love deepika and her desi accent.a lot of indian girls sound like that...
and I am not talking about the pretentious 0.05 percent from metros like Delhi and Bombay( I use Bombay deliberately as they would rather die than call it Mumbai)...as an Indian living in the US for the last 14 years, I fend nothing more annoying that fake, put-on accents by desis who think they are sounding well-heeled and assimilated with their twangs...

Perfectly stated. I love the nuances of the voices of the five actors. Different and delightful. And most of all, authentic.

I am a big fan of DP... But this trailer doesn't look right except some of Dimple's scenes.....I think this won't work:-(.. Hope I am wrong.

Stellar cast...interesting...

i thought this was a thriller? but nawwww

I can't get past the heavy Indian accent, it's very harsh on the ears. But I love the trailer,it's quirky and different.

How superior! But what you are is easily summed up in one word: dilettante.

Sad indeed. What a horrible bias to have. And may I also suggest that your comment smacks of a certain lack of sophistication - and worse still, sensitivity.

I find your comment really offensive. If you can't get past the "heavy Indian accent", then please don't watch our movies. It's like watching a French movie and then complaining about how "bad" the French accent sounds!

No one in the movie seems to be faking/putting on an accent/imitating anyone. This is what they sound like normally (and most urban, educated Indians living in India do too). And they sound perfectly fine! Why should they have to change their accents to conform to your definition of "easy on the ears?" It's not like the British do it in their cinema or the Americans, or Australians? Then why should we? Why can't we showcase reality and be proud of it?

"Why should they have to change their accents to conform to your definition of "easy on the ears?"---> They should have WORKED on that instead of being lazy.That's a part of their job, they're actors after all, Right? I still can't understand half the things they are saying.

Very well said!

dimple is one of the finest heroine ever...indian cinema has known

Finding Fanny?? LOL! What a cheezy name...who's fanny are they looking for.

I find Arjun very natural actor. Crush

We call come to Pinkvilla and write comments because it's fun. Why can't people stop attacking each other for their opinions? If someone says anything remotely negative about Deepika's acting, they're tagged as "biased", "jealous", or asked "what's wrong with them". This kind of negative behavior reflects poorly on the PV community. Let's all chill and allow people to express themselves without fear of being attacked or cyberbullied.

Hahahah, ROFL...Is Ranveer the dead husband who choked and dies on the wedding day?!!! It seems to be him...Deepika my god this girl has improved so much...Homi brings out the best in her.....I LOVE her accent...so many haters talking s**t abt her accent...I am an Indian who has been living in the US for the last 14 years and I find nothing more annoying than fake, put on accents in Desis who deludedly think they are sounding well-heeled and assimilated with their twangs...

Very refreshing. Unlike the usual masala movies.

Super Fun it is. Way to go Deepu

Can't wait to see the film. Lovely five odd balls, super hilarious team

this is going to be such a fresh movie :)

One of the best trailers of 2014 for sure!!! will get critical appreciation as well as box office success

super fun, wacky, creative and visually appealing

Super Awesome Trailer.

1st day 1st show

The trailer is simply kickass

Speechless ! What a unique trailer !

The film is based in Goa, an Indian state, Angie and all the other character's are Indian..do you expect her to have a British accent?

they are gonna rock the box office

can't wait

Homi brings out the best in Deepika. Cocktail was her career best performance and the only one that comes close in my opinion is her performance in Ram Leela, but because this is another Homi directorial, I have a feeling this role will approach the top of the list.

This is lovely and funny. Waiting for September.

omgggg deeps looks GORGEOUS.... its almost like watching her directly.. no photoshop and makeup... esp that baby pink top where naseeruddin is crying.. she looks sooo beautiful
and arjun just did that mental state scene amazingly.
the other actors r superb . impressive.. cant wait to watch it

I love the what do you mean better! Arjun is my favorite after ranveer

Wow, awesome, I am looking forward to it, something different.. Awesome cast..Very fresh, quirky, whimsical..Hopefully a good story.. First look is lovely..

deepika continues to surprise me with her versatility!

Everything about this trailer is uhhhhhhmmmmaaazing!!I wish they'd make a hindi version of it as well..just the dubbing so that larger audience can appreciate such good hindi movies!!
Hindi cinema needs change..And so glad that these young generation is so sporty in taking up new roles to define themselves!!Waaayyyyyyyyyyyy to go guys!! Much love!!

wow just wow

is it a remake of "letters to juliet"?

O Fanny Re release fast please.

This will be both lyrical and witty. The sort of 'thing' I like. Deepika looks divine and I love her individuality. She and Arjun look good together.

I loved it, I love all the cast great actors, and I love the I wont have to read subtitles and can just look at the movie since it will be releasing in English

Omg so cute:* I was waiting for a fun comedy which is not masala type...and this looks perfect!

Deepika's toned back in the trailer , so sexy. *_*

Dimple, pankaj kapur and naseerudin shah characters look super. Even though Matru was not a big Pankaj and Shabana were a treat to watch. Please stop casting Arjun in a angry young man role...his looks/dialogue delivery become repetitive.

This s too interesting. Loving it. Deepikaaaaa in tht black dress. Wwooooo.

This looks really fresh and promising and quirky and humorous and ....! I really can't wait to see the journey of these five dysfunctional individuals takes them.

Loving the whole concept :)

Feels like it's going to be a massive hit!