Freida Pinto at the eiffel tower, paris

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Freida pinto is currently in paris for the Paris fashion week. Seen here are her photos at the eiffel tower. I am loving the photos. But check one of the photo where she is not smiling an she doesnt look great there. See, what smile does to her face..

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The 2nd photo of her is DYNAMITE... her smile and face is just amazing.
Christy Brinkley type of sunshine-smile !

Why does the lady in the dress look so fat from the face but her legs are quite

ooooh i miss sooo much parisss!!! i was @ the same place some days ago!!!

LOOKING AMAZING!!! Zeenat Aman or Smita Patil type pure natural Indian beauty.
symmetry and proportion.

Fri, 2009-03-13 04:29: ppl have different tastes. it's better to click on posts u like and enjoy the stars u like. we often felt the same with Aish and went thru a phase where we tried to understand her beauty and like it. it does not work. better to enjoy the ones you like but also respect that what u may like may not be what someone else may.

Do blondes have more fun? No.
Freidas have more fun !!!

wow.. she looks like she's having as much fun as that day when she was shopping in LA in heels with George. like the way she acts the same and talks the same with Desi as she does at the Oscars with non-Desis. seems like she's having real fun..

second photo is a TOTAL TRUE CLASSIC!!
Freida is so pretty..

well.. Fri, 2009-03-13 04:29: u don't speak for us here & u should be happy with your posts and the ones u like.

yet u all are asking Pinkvilla posters to stop posting Pinto posts though- so u are trying to speak for all. that's your right too. Pinkvilla is Aishvilla...

Anonymous on Thu, 2009-03-12 05:48, you need to stop shoving your views on not telling others to dislike/hate her nor should i be told to like her....if i think shes average and that her role doesnt merit all the accolade shes receiving then so be it....but just because you or everyone else are dazzled by her dont mean i gotta follow suit! And i think i speak for everyone else who feels likewise....just a thought...oh and if you dint know, this forum is where everyone gives their opinions and views on the subject of the post not pick on others views on the subject...peace

One of the most beautiful smiles in the world!!!!
Frieda dazzles and bedazzles with her positive energy and beauty.

The 2nd photo is so wonderful: full of energy and life and love-- that's Freida!!
She looks exceptionally beautiful.

There are much better looking women in India, she's NOTHING in the general population scale. I am SO sick of her, her FACE and just her. UGH

She looks so pretty! A gorgeous complexion and a great smile!

Im not keen on her personal style, it is a bit boring....but im sure her stylist and all the freebies will soon change that ;)

Not to keen on the handbag, but i bet it's one of the freebies from the Chanel show. Shame they didn't give her a 2.55!

mahi687, baby it's alright, let it out.... are you done now? Have you heard the saying "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

You keep trying to make your case with how bad Freida is in everyway. And that's exactly what you'll keep on doing... merely trying.

I hope you'll come to terms with the fact that alot of people like Freida. Hope you'll come around too baby.

Nice wishes, Anonymous on Wed, 2009-03-11 18:06. Very poetic way of stating let it shine.. you have a charming way with words. :)

Agree.. Frieda shines in a most refreshing and real down-to-earth manner. But whether it's 15 minutes fame or more does not matter. What matters more is a feeling of happiness for desis and every woman of all colors, shapes and sizes-- and Frieda has this dazzle in any path she takes.

The power of a smile and feeling great- that's real beauty.

Christy Brinkley smile-- Frieda is dazzling !!!!

she looks STUNNING.. her cheekbones are awesome.

sour grapes out there.

shes average looking....i think that's been already said...but watever....shes hit the jackpot and shes gonna use it and abuse like there's no tomorrow....WTF isnt dev patel getting all this attention? Hes the star of the oscar winning movie after all.......she barely played a significant role in it and thats an understatement!

she's soooooooooo pretty!!!

she looks her in the first pic

she really is milking all of dev's fame. its so sad. shes a pure 15 minute girl and just because her film won the oscars and by the WAY it wasnt even her film she was BARELY there shes thinks shes ontop of the world. im so sick of her.

Wed, 2009-03-11 17:36:
Frieda's just having fun. If you click on a post, you are supporting that press. She't not claiming to be the Shakespearean actor who carried SM on her sleeve. Seems u and many desis are more angry that she has got a lot of press (sour grapes?). If she has.. so what.. just ignore it. It should not affect u.

There are artists in Bollywood working for 10 years, who still act very wooden and stiff- simply because they are popular and look a certain way. Most of us have learneed to avoid those films rather than berating them. Had that been hollywood, they would have been asked to move on. they never bothered to go to the theater and learning live acting or anything. it's better a 15 minute role than a tiresome 2 hour role with ppl who do not know how to act but think films are a fashion show. At least for the role of Latika, it was someone who really LOOKED the role instead of trying to make it into a fashion show. and now in a fashion show, she looks like she's doing that well too.

Love her, she is so natural and appealing. This is her season...let it shine, let her shine...
I think what is boring is Ash Rai. She is beautiful but not satisfying as an entertainer. She is like a fine piece of furniture, lovely to look at and then what?

I wish this young woman the best of life and hope she take in everything to her advantage…fame is fleeting.

I think there is something about her and I look forward to see her new pics well everyone has his/her own likes and dislikes

Incredibly refreshing style icon !

Some are praising her & some getting bored to see her pics..but seriously she is too boring to see her...specially even though that neligible role in SM, she's getting this much attention just coz the film won Oscars..that sucks...This is like some one ran the entire SM & this gal is acting as if she did the great job...much boring !!

shez gorgeous!!!

her luck is like a diamond....which every gal dream for..

average looking gal....

I don't find anything special about her ordinary & below average is she! I agree with anon below, gadhi pehelwaan!!

@kismat meherbaan toh gadha, oops gadhi pehelwaan :p lol
can't control your jealousy ehhh?

kismat meherbaan toh gadha, oops gadhi pehelwaan :p lol

Magnificient !!!!

i think she looks beautiful with or without a smile... she's a good girl... i hope she will continue to make us proud.


boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz looking so average!!!!


gorgeous & stylish !! sunny smile.

omg shes floating in money hate her omg omg

I don't see what you're talking about fashionista... she's smiling in all the pics, last one just doesn't show her pearly whites. But that's cool, that's your opinion

I think she looks fabulous in all the pics. I feel like I could be friends with this girl-next-door. You rock Freida!

i sure most of the girls want her luck

such a chic and gorgeous girl! even in jeans and jacket the girl looks like a diva!

1000000000000000000000000000 Million Dollar Smile !!!

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