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I love her dress! she looks stunning!


She looks beautiful. I can't read the scans, I'll go blind, the lettering is too small.

Anyway, Hollywood is notorious for not having roles for non-white actresses. So, sadly Freida's reign will be short lived. Still, I hope she does a bunch of other movies before her luck runs out . Good luck to her!

Im from canada, and I think Americans are stupid hahaha!
and biggest star? please she is just a phase the white people will use her and throw her away shell come running back to India one day.

i hope she goes far. good luck Freida in your endeavors. make India proud along the way. :).

I'm from California, in the U.S.
She is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Our perception of beauty here is much different from India's perception of beauty.

Whereas fair skin and light eyes are coveted in India, exotic and unique beauty is raved about here in the U.S. Everyone here looks similar to each other, what with fair skin, light hair, light eyes, and amazing bodies. Those women who stand out will receive the most attention, because they catch your eye.

At least in the U.S. we're more accepting of people who look different. We deal with people from all ethnicities and many people who are mixed. They are stunning, and we acknowledge it. India needs to move forward in its perception of what is beautiful.

pretty but she looks old like she is 40 something

in the 3rd photo.. that looks GREAT. rest of the photos are blah.. looks like the photographer did not want to find her best angles or anything. she's much prettier than this.

it's so sad that her own kind desis hate her so much.

this is a bad photosession, raghav, it's true. she does look rather very terrible in these photos. she looks much much better.. in other photosessions. anyhow, if desis don't find her good-looking, it's fine. many here find her immensely lovely, and that's all that matters.

just stop the racial hate for her or any person. racial hate coming from a non-white does not make it any less wrong.

yeah if you dont like her dont click on the posts
how stupid is that??

oh btw she is not looking good here :D

she has such a pretty smile.. but why did she cut her hair and not smile..

her beauty is like Christie Brinley's.. it's some smile and zest from inside.
don't care one bit of desis do not suppport her or hate her and are waiting for her to fall... but fail to understand, if u don't like her.. why not just ignore her? it's not like she's a big monopoly or the #1 star that you can't avoid.

Leochick on Fri, 2009-05-22 15:21.

HAHAHAHA omgggggg

u must have a very effeminated uncle then ...

Her face looks like a man's face. I think she resembles my uncle lol

her hairstyle and figure in the 3rd photo look fantastic. but she is far more prettier than this. this is a BAD photoshoot. she has beautiful teeth though!

do think there is a LOT of sour grapes that she got in the international spotlight so dramatically (Oscars with the hunk George stylist; fashionable clothes, et all). but saw her promos last year.. and KNEW she would make a big hit. There is something very Juliet sweet with a bold modern smart woman mixed in. She's very unique.

these photos do not do her justice. it's ok, everyone has bad photoshoots. she's a lot lot prettier than this. she needs to let her smile and spirit loose..

don't care one iota if desi ppl don't find her pretty.. she's pretty to us.

she looks old in these scans...maybe the dark eye makeup!
she looks ok..

90% of Indian girls who are middle class or upper class usually have strong facial features and often have rounder or lower cheekbones. most of them also don't go the gym and are voluptuous (that is a different form of beauty-- but the fact is they are not model-slim).

they are pretty in a different way (but don't prefer that type of fuller-lower cheeks look).. but they rarely have high cheekbones, which is a MUST in the Western modeling world.

your opinions are your opinions. if you cannot see her beauty, don't bother seeing her.. (don't click on her posts, et al). it's that simple.

Why she's a beauty to us:
she has a delicate face structure (not a strong nose- it's not beaky and has a ski-slope profile);; she's not overweight.. she has good height.. and a strong powerful smile. she also has high-cheekbones (which 90% of Indian women do not; Indian women have mostly the Aish or Bhaghshree kind of face- round with lower cheekbones- fuller lower face). So yes, in our view, she stands out head and shoulders to our tastes. high-cheekbones spell beauty for us. they may not to u..

But more than that, she has some inner zest.. which is missing in a lot of supressed Indian women who still see themselves as girls even at 24 or 25... she doesn't. she's very bold, strong and free.

hickoryduck freida is indian too. ash did the same thing when she got atention from the west 5 yr ago, she lashed out at indian media and thought she was above all the indians back home. after the press died down ash knew too late the indians always have your back. freida dont be stupid and say bad things about bollywood.

Just for the record, I don't hate her and neither am I jealous. But I think 90% of Indian girls are better looking than her, she is just taller. Her smile is really cute, though - very warm. But she is nothing special and i dont understand why everyone is going ga ga over her and calling her beautiful in the west.

surely, the people who must think Frieda is ordinary probably think Halle is ordinary.. a little color block, eh? Freida has a symmetrical face and figure that is not always and readily seen among the ordinary common desis that often. sorry-- do find her pretty.

there are a LOT of Bollywood actresses where college girls in INdia are way prettier as well as village girls. LOTS OF THEM. The actresses get groomed to the hilt with special makeup and lighting-- and bam, they are glamour.

Yet Frieda has something special in her smile, figure and zest that stands out. She has a symmetry. No, she's not ordindary.. there is some subtle glimmer that is different about her.


her chest is so flat!...other dan that she lux wonderful!

She is really average. Her next movie better live up to ppl's expectations coz i can see ppl going "dekha she was good slumdog, where her role didnt matter much"


Thanks Sasha.
For the anonymous Thu, 2009-05-21 19:27.First of all, I wasn't whining, secondly I am not jealous at all bcoz I don't share the same platform or industry. I am an individual who has her opinion and I have all the rights to have MY opinion. It's true that Freida is very lucky, Aishwarya is lucky too but she also has other credits to her as well like her beauty, crown, her hard work and don't forget it took her almost 15 yrs to be where Freida is now. So in this case Freida is more lucky than her. But still in my opinion I feel It's just the right makeup and movie that has done wonders for Freida, else she is very average looking, but ya, pleasant beauty. I find some of my batchmates prettier than her, in fact as I said before some of us bloggers here may be prettier than her but to find someone prettier than Aish would be difficult.Mind you, I said difficult and not Impossible. Just my opinion and kindly stop the habit of bashing anyone for his/her opinion. Let's allow everyone to have the liberty of speaking their mind. I donot encourage negative opinions but you can't have all positive opinions about everyone everytime..let's be matured enough to show that respect to all our fellow PV bloggers...Cheers!!

I agree with Anonymous on Thu, 2009-05-21 19:27 except that I don't agree that just because someone is criticising an actress, it means that the person must be jealous. come on now.

if she is getting all this adoration from people all over the world she deserves it who are we to judge???

Annie for that matter Aish has been in bollywood for more than a decade and I can't remember her giving any hits where people would give her credit for the movie doing well so why so much attention for her well frieda is lucky that 15 min role was her lucky charm so don't be jealous and be happy for her stop whining so much ...go frieda we all love you and we are proud of you

I'm glad Freida doesn't care about Bollywood movies. The way Indians talk about her is disgusting. She is a beautiful woman getting WORLDWIDE recognition.

Look yourself closely in the are much more beautiful than her. All you need is the right makeup and a SD movie to make you famous. I just have couple of questions-(1)Does she really deserve so much attention for her 15 minute role in SD? Dev Patel was wayyyyy better (2) Don't you think there are other pretty girls in India who look far better than her? Be honest plz.

haters and jealous people can say whatever but the fact is people love her all over the world so your opinions don't really matter

everyone has bad photoshoots.. this is one of them. she looks not her best at all here. she is much prettier actually.

thats the good thing about her ..her girl next door looks and still she has the charm thats driving people all over the world crazy...she is among the top 20 hottest international celebrities

she's very naturally beautiful, but this is not her best look or pose. not looking her best here.. dress is GREAT and she looks fit though.

she's gorgeous

People say beauty in Black but sorry to say this is just black & no beauty...

oh wow... she looks awwsomw

looks bad..the dress is nice but not for her figure sad. the people with negative comments on Freida....they just jealous they are not FREIDA.......ohhhhh poor people.

First and last pic are stunning. She is beautiful, many Indians are too stupid to see it, and have no problem flaunting their ignorance. The gown is beautiful. Now, this is how you wear a white couture gown and not look like a middle class bride on her way to her frumpy wedding. Go Freida!


i,m totally agree both of u meera and cherry she is less then average girl.

She is an average, even below average girl in India.

dusky_chica, Freida has said she's always been very thin, people in Bollywood even told her she was too skinny and should get a boob job, but she's happy how she is.

And her she does have a fantastic smile.

Love the last one, but in the first one she looks anorexic.

She is just so beautiful, her smile is amazing.

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