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Here is an excerpt from her Interview in Popular british newspaper Independent where she talks about India's Fair Skin Obsession and struggles faced by dark skinned women in indian modeling industry/bollywood:

At college in her mid-teens, Pinto had realised that theatre and literature were her "calling". To earn some money, she began modelling. The well-mannered, inquisitive youngster found it easy working with photographers, but it was far from satisfying. Nor was the advertising work which followed.

"There were some very silly, stupid auditions that I had to go for. Like, there's this girl who walks into college and nobody's paying any attention to her because she is not using this particular cream – some kind of moisturiser or fairness cream, which I'm completely against. Then she'd put on the cream and all the boys would turn to her. And, I was like, 'Arrgh, this is so bloody cheesy!' If I ever got shortlisted for any of those parts I'd feel this sudden burden: 'Oh my God, if I do this, they'll pay me and I'll earn my pocket money – but then it's gonna be history.' Some of my ads are now on YouTube and it's just so embarrassing."

Embarrassing, yes, but she can laugh about them. "There is a silly Wrigley chewing-gum ad you should check out. It's so stupid. This guy pops a gum in his mouth and I fall from a tree on to his bike! Then he's got a girl!" Pinto cracks up with laughter at the memory. "So from doing cheesy stuff like that to doing something as fulfilling as Miral – I think I've come a long way."

She has, but Pinto can't, and won't, forget where she has come from. She despairs at the popularity of those "fairness creams" in Southeast Asia – bleaching potions to lighten the skin. "It's completely wrong medically – and culturally, of course, because it's giving people the wrong idea. My friend who's a doctor told me that she'd have parents come in with kids who were three years old, saying, 'Do something – I want my baby to be fair.'

"It's just this thing that people [in India] are so fascinated by white skin. There's a lot of people there who are naturally really pale. But the whole idea that you have to be fair – without naming actors, but there are actors who admit it – the fairer you are, the easier it is."

Even within Bollywood? "Oh yeah, absolutely. The amount of pancake cream on your face is ridiculous. I don't think it is required, by the way. If a cream can give you confidence then you really have to check your whole confidence department in the first place."

But Pinto herself is a bright beacon for Indian actors. Slumdog Millionaire showed that European and American audiences could be receptive to non-Western stories. And with her nonstop career since, this proudly Indian actress has succeeded in Hollywood without having to compromise by changing her looks or the way she speaks.

"Yeah," she nods, "but it's so funny. I feel like this whole idea of wanting something that you don't really have is also very American in a way. They love tanning! Why the hell are you tanning that much? Then in my country people want a fairer skin tone! It's just crazy.

"So when I was that Indian export that went to America and people were wanting that natural tan – which I don't really have to go through tanning [to acquire] – they were excited to include something in their culture, into their film industry, that was not really there already. Or not properly or appropriately represented. So I just feel that this was a change.

Check out this fairness cream advert

PS: To read her full interview check out the link below

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Tue, 2011-08-02 20:41 — Anonymous

the reason of this problem in our society is because since ages, black, or darkness is considered evil, and white/brightness is symbol of truth/light. Black is the color of night, in ancient vedas, all asurs(monsters) /demons were dark in color. People somehow still have that mentality and associate a dark colored person as bad/evil compared to a light colored person
And Wht did anyone do to make it better???people still have that mentality,finding out the cause is step 1 aand palnning to make it better is step 2.I hope we see step 2.

Please stop sayng things like Freida is celebrated in the 'west', that the so called 'westerner' folk love her. Taht not ture at all. Freida just played 10 min roles in Hollywood movies. She isn't a household name nor is a popular celebrity.
In US, we love people like Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Megan Fox,etc,.
Freida is just a talentless girl over all and is not considered pretty like them. Sorry but thats the truth. Most americans don't really know who Freida is.

Freida herself tries so hard to fake an brit accent. Who the the real indian who is a white wannabe?
She has no talent and is already fading. It nice to see her one man band fan wiritng sooooo many comments. We know who you are. You must have a ton of time on your hans to talk good about this no talent C lister.

to the person berating her that she's a white person's kept person or something.. dude, in this case, why would she be so ga-ga over a non-white Indian-origin dude like Dev???? she obvisouly has a chance of dating the Hollywood crowd- many have complimented her... but she still has let it out that she is NOT single.. and definitely a pair with Dev. At the start of her career.. that's a very nice thing to do! Hope Dev appreciates that...

check it out guys.. if you are in south jersey, catch Dev and Freida cozying up by Cooper River park, right at the edge of their family's indian restaurant.. palace of asia.. . there are tons of cute 'Hollywood type' guys swimming, canoeing and jogging at this river (this is a posh place full of 'good catches' types.. legendary actress Grace Kelly and their family used to swim in this river.. ).. but Frieda looks at Dev and Dev only. this is their 'secret hideout'.. but not anymore ;)

denial mode...most desis who never suffered taunts of color while growing up will not care or understand to care why this issue is so wrong. that's the thing of racism.. unless it happens, ppl shove it away as a 'fashion issue'. that's why those who have empathy are so wonderful. regardless of our color or gender, we ALL need to step in together to combat this.. but the status quo is yawning still (as they are still not the darkest of the Indian lot %-wise;; it's still the labor lot).

Mon, 2011-08-01 12:07 — Anonymous

agree she is a white man's pet

Are you kidding me? Don't you remember when the French were parading Aishwarya around in Cannes with Laetitia Costa? They have nothing to do with each other except that they have the same coloring. It's like the French were saying "Hey look what we found, an Indian who looks almost like us", and you think that's just awesome. More than once I've heard french interviewers commentating how she had the same color eyes as them, like it was such a big freaking compliment. Aishwarya is the one kissing up to the white man. I mean come on, she even reduces herself to wearing contacts all the time because that's her only claim to fame. Pathetic.

Frieda on the other hands is celebrated for being beautiful and sophisticated, period.

she said in my country.. so sweet.

India has the potential to change fast.. the new gens are taking to color equality much more seriously. It starts early to teach proper values. it's fab fab fab to see dusky and fair and white, black, and yellow people are being equals in this world. beause ultimately, it's not if your color... it's what's inside that counts. the biggest concern is for the labor class (most of whom are dark and lovely)-- especially children who work in child labor.. who don't believe in themselves. every person is so valuable and precious.. and once India recognizes this, it will be among the superstars of the world..

it's awesome when dusky people transcend society and believe in themselves. go Frieda !

this is laughble to read the post still mocking Frieda.. she didn't let a lotion or a melanin-count or judgement negating her stop her from anything.. she has confidence. keep mocking it.. but if someone has inner-confidence, no mocks will stop them from believing in themselves. This is what Frieda is talking about.. true confidence vs shallow confidence.

guys... here is the thing about the ad, which is so so wrong:
In the 'before-dusky' phase, she is makeup-less, dressed in plain ill-fitting outfit, has her hair tied matronly, and has no confidence whatsoever.. head hanging low. she looks miserable!

In the 'after-fair' phase, she is wearing nice makeup, smiling, hair down and styled, dressed smartly.. and morever, walking with CONFIDENCE snd SELF-ASSURANCE and happiness.

IF she had the same confidence and grooming in her dusky look, she would as equally attractive (perhaps more-- as dusky brings out sharper features). It's clearly NOT the fairer color making her look better in the 'after'. It's so so wrong of this ad to make it seem so... and Frieda is absolutely right.. a lotion should not give the confidence !! The confidence should come from within. It's sad.. because a lot of times even the metros.. a lot of exceptionally attractive yet dusky females lack this confidence exactly this same way.. while their lesser attractive yet fairer counterparts exceed in their social, romance and career world simply because of confidence!! and yes, this confidence is often imbued since they are kids.. so don't blame the victims, please!

To the people who think this is just a fashion norm and a non-issue... realize that innocent kids are shattered of their self-worth from the start based on this horrible discrimination. We all know worldwide that people of color can be presidents (Mr. Obama), richest female in the nation (Ms. Winfrey), and super gorgeous (Halle Barry). And yet, we shove our own aside. That's bad enough.. but the fact that kids are JUDGED unfairly in unforgivable! it's high time, racism become something we all step in to conquer:

real story that happens all over on a daily basis (at least in the minds of people thinking it.. many times out loud) of two kids who look very similar (siblings)-- yet only their shade factor differs:

innocent child smiles (higher melanin count) in front of a group of adults--> tsk tsk, kithni kali hai. kaisi shaddi karagi (tsk tsk, how dark she is.. how will she ever marry ??).

innocent child smiles (lower melanin count) in front of a group of adults--> kithni gori hai... waahh ! bahuth achcha ghar sai saddhi karagi (( how fair she is. she will be marrying big).

the reason of this problem in our society is because since ages, black, or darkness is considered evil, and white/brightness is symbol of truth/light. Black is the color of night, in ancient vedas, all asurs(monsters) /demons were dark in color. People somehow still have that mentality and associate a dark colored person as bad/evil compared to a light colored person

Oh my god. What a horrible ad. My mom's side of the family is from the more rural areas in India where the customs are not as modern as other places in India. Marriages are arranged and if the girl is "too dark" then it is very hard to arrange a marriage for her. I don't get why fairness is looked as beauty when darker girls are equally beautiful. I like that Frieda is trying to bring this out in the open. Other Bollywood actresses say that they will never endorse fairness creams and such but what ends up happening? They endorse fairness creams. I like that Frieda is not a hypocrite like this and hopefully she will not ever endorse fairness creams in the future for money.

how true it is.

hmmmmmmmm... ppl who associate tanning in the West to being fair in the East as the same: get this. there is NO discrimination of pale ppl who are kids in the West.. no matromonial ads that no pale ppl need apply; nor are there messages and actual discrimination of pale as inferior. tanning is a beauty thing like getting highlights-- and yes, a lot of people who sport tans would never date someone of color either.

but being fair or getting fair here in the East is anoher story. it's defintely racially driven. please don't compare apples with oranges, to let a very wrong thing in society keep going. there are devestated people who feel like sub-humans simply on their melanin count.. here is Ms. Pinto trying to bring this out in the open-- yet ppl want to shove this under the rug .. because they are happy with the status quo so long as they don't get affected.

sorry, but it does not matter if you are white or black or red or grey.. racism should be everyone's concern. it's really sad to read the posts trying to shove this issue away...

Its been three days and Im still laughing at the stupidity of this ad

No heroine in Bollywood is very dark. Dark would be your stereotypical African. Freida is not i said before - The girl in that ad is not even dark. It annoys me when light-skinned, yet wheatish people like the girl in the ad are considered dark. Some actresses that are naturally that same skin colour like Konkona Sen, Kajol, Sushmita Sen, should NOT be considered dark. Furthermore, Kangana is not naturally FAIR she is only PALE. Pale as in she never gets out in the sun...her skin colour would be/is pretty much the same as the girl in this ad.

Also, Priyanka chopra is not dark..she is a beautiful TANNED wheatish colour. Bipasha and Deepika are both only a peachy medium brown - they are not dark. Freida is the same colour of these women. Dark would be your stereotypical African, which is NOT a bad thing in terms of beauty.

Freida herself uses tonnes of makeup and talks ill of Indians. What a hypocrite

"Bald and short guys can be hot"

Yea, right!!! I am 5'7" Indian male, neither too fair nor dark, have numerous personal interests and accomplishments, volunteer my personal time for social causes, have two graduate degrees, played a key role in designing two devices which people all around the world love to use. I am 33 years old. And single because women, Indian women, rejected me for being short and balding, from the time I was 23 through age 32. That's 10 years of rejections for being short and bald.

Note that 5'7" is without the 2 inches which people add online. And balding implies losing hair on the temples and crown, and not exactly bald.

I shaved off everything and gave up on dating or matrimony last year because you can only take so much rejection in a short life before your head begins to hurt even imagining another attempt.

So yea, superficial Indian men want fair women, and superficial Indian women want non-bald tall men. Good luck to all of you!

this ad is so shocking, can't believe they make such ads in india and are allowed to put it on tv

agreed, Indians want to be white, but white ppl are racists as well. I live in the US. Most pale people do wish to get a tan, but I have rarely seen a white guy going around with a colored girl. They date mostly blonde white girls only. Although some white girls have black boyfriends (probably because of money), but I have NEVER SEEN a white guy with a black girlfriend/wife

Mon, 2011-08-01 13:03 — Anonymous

Totally agree with you.that was my point West tanning is not a social problem.While in India it is a huge social problem.

All skin colors are equally beautiful.It is what makes our world beautiful.

To flower.. are you an nri or lived in India where matromonials are run?

if you live aboard, you can certainly relate to people who will only date one race, can't you? they will refuse to date a beautiful Halle Barry type woman of color (and ackowledge she's prettier) and pick the plainest of their own race.

can't agree with you that this is just a 'definition of beauty'. granted, being fair is considered a beauty factor.. but more than this, it's a passport. it is much more than just being pretty. it is racially driven. case in point that happens in the metros all the time: a very beautiful symmetrical dark supermodel type and plain-jane uneven-featured yet very fair gal. while everyone will acknowedge that the former is very pretty and dusky and the latter is plain, most of them will STILL choose to match-make the plain-jane fair one for a bride. not just that, the plain-jane one will be seen as superior in intelligence, socially, etc .

so it's much much more than just being pretty... it's being as caucasion as possible for an Indian female equals her superiority.

people really need to understand that being dark in India is almost considered a crime for a female while being fair is considered a favor to society. a dark female child must correct her mistake (or make up for it by being smarter, more talented, etc.), while a fair female is prized and just can be herself. it is 'hidden' under polite social norms-- but then so is subtle racisim. what does this mean? that a female must be as caucasion as possible to rise up in society. yes, it is racial and gender biased too (for males, being dark is a minus, but not as devastasting as to females).

while some commentators are regarding being fair as a definition of beauty-- ie. equating it with being fat or bald-- please realize that no matrimonials ads list the hair volume or even thin or fat as a barring factor. yet, for every female, her melanin count does equate her worth to many many in society in ways that would shock you ((( ie. in adoption centers, foreigners have reported that fairer female children were overfed and plump, while the darker were neglected. this is actually from someone who adopted both a fair and dark child in India-- and the darker neglected one ended up being a model and as happy as the fair one)).

so it is much beyond a 'definition' of beauty. it is far far more devastiing than this. the melanin count of a female is still considered a passport of sorts: the lesser melanin means more caucasion means more opportunites ((jobs, marriages, and sadly even friendship !!! )).

To the anon who asked me "since when is aish considered dusky"...I just assumed kareena, karishma those girls are quite fair to me, aish is not fair...which is completely OK...because no one said she has to be. I dont pay close attention to every shade I could be off what the general population thinks about dark and fair etc.

my point wasn't to call her point was just to say bollywood has progressed in terms of colour representation...but as someone else pointed out...they still have far to go...

Thank you.
You have got everyone thinking and talking about something very important.

I am so glad there is a spirited discussion going on here about this important issue.
Please read Freida's interview carefully. Nowhere do I get the feeling she's insulting India. It's just Indians with an inferiority complex who are interpreting it that way.
Abhay, Freida and Ranbir are the enlightened socially aware Indian stars ....Mad props to them.

She is right, but she should STOP WORKING FOR L'OREAL as they make fairness creams too!

Why does she have to show India in bad light in west. west themselves have many grey areas but their stars don't discuss when they visit east. Frieda has gone bonkers, my question to her why are her photos so photo-shopped to make her look many shades lighter than she actually is. Stupid cow.

While skin colour issues are a harsh reality in India (and the rest of the world as well), Pinto is only saying this for attention seeking purposes. She has no real personality that makes her stand out, and her acting skills are still questionable. Ultimately, it is only media ploy for the white American audience to think "Oh, those poor uneducated Indians" and feel better about themselves. (Never mind the racial issues in their country.)

If she feels so strongly about it, why doesn't she stop endorsing Lo'real products? Some one should ask her that question.

some of the ads i watched connected with the upper-video link is horrible. terrible ads with horrible messages sent out to girls and ppl. I am happy for Frieda. She's making a difference. I am not saying she's a fabulous actor but hey... some of the other 'hollywood-crossover' ''stars'' aren't fab actors either.

Bollywood is sadly a prime example of this discrimination. it is a form of racism. such double standard sucks!

@dont get it, why are people only hacking on Indian people because they want to be FAIR???
Why dont people hack on western people who wants to be BROWN?

you shouldnt compare west s tanning issue with india s fairness are right, in west some people want to look tanned in summer but this is not a SOCIAL PROBLEM AMONG THEIR SOCIETY. In their society THEY ARE NOT LOOKING FOR TANNED BROWN BRIDES,THEY ARE NOT PRAYING FOR TANNED BABIES AND THEY ARE NOT SEARCHING WAYS TO MAKE BABIES TANNED.BEING TANNED IS NOT A MATTER OF SILENCE THERE.
But in india getting white is such an important social problem that people looking for fairer brides,ppeople try to lighten even babies,people keep silence about fairness.see yourself,when freida spoke it out almost all indians denied it.because you dont want that your obsession is revealed.
you are so much obsessed with this "whitening skin " that even your miss worlds cant step out without applying a proper white makeup ...even your miss world aishwarya rai who says she is most beautiful cant stop bleaching her brown skin ...and you indians feel insulted whenever the reality about her (having brown skin) is said .even you yourself think that brown cant be beautiful thats why you never want to hear the fact that aishwarya in fact as brown as the rest of india
you are supporting wrong people for are running behind dishonest celebs.even aishwarya rai ...she keeps talking political on global platforms,shows but then why she makes herself whiter? she is basically brown skinned.she needs to do it to maintain her position and live up to her claim of being the most beautiful and that is being "the fairest" by indian standards.thats why she cares only her makeup because she knows the best way to be popular in bollywood is to keep yourself as white as possible,to act like ,as if you are "porcelain whiite" even if you are brown skinned.
in west tanned celebs are not admired more and more than whites because there, talent is ,white,brown is not important.thats why your aishwarya rai cant go further other than promotions outside india.
anyway ...know well ...tanning of western people and india s fairness issue are completely different from each other.yours is social problem whereas the other is not.

agree she is a white man's pet

freida ?? who is she ?

i will say it again people!! Tanning is a natural process,because when white people go to beaches their body produce melanin in order to protect them from burning.But bleaching is another's a matter of denying your race or your ethnicity.

SO what ? if indians r going to hate her for this. What a Shame for Indians !!!! i mean for Bollywood. agreed with her Bollywood prefer fair skinned actresses, i'm not from india , i love a lot india ,SHE IS TOTALLY RIGHT

SO what ? if indians r going to hate her for this. What a Shame for Indians !!!! i mean for Bollywood. agreed with her Bollywood prefer fair skinned actresses, i'm not from india , i love a lot india ,SHE IS TOTALLY RIGHT

She is such a white man's pet. She keeps insulting India and Indians. Truth is her, features are very ordinary. There are a million girls like her in India and that's why she didn't get work there. Nothing exotic about her in India, she is like the .49 billion Indian women and less gorgeous than most of them. And she lacks CURVES, which are a must for bollywood actresses. Everyone has dusky skin and she lacks delicate features. Maybe its just you Freida.

India should ban fair and lovely.

as an indian growing up in america, everyone says i'm very beautiful becaue of my nice skin tone its very pretty...and the while girls go TAN themselves just to have my skin tone. people hear think we are natural beauties with beautiful silky hair. LEARN TO ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE DAMNIT!

ofcourse Freida's accent has changed. she is hollywood actresss. anyone heard mads on tv. she had a american twang in her english. no one was complaining.

Katrina is the perfect example of this phenomenon. The girl couldn't even speak an ounce of Hindi and yet got top billing everywhere. Same thing when you see those white half naked girls in every item number.

And people commenting on Pinkvilla also provide a lot of creepy samples. Someone should make a post with screenshots.

I dont get it, why are people only hacking on Indian people because they want to be FAIR???

Why dont people hack on western people who wants to be BROWN?

western people also use creams to look brown, they lay under the sun to get some freakin colour, but we always blame indians.
Though its easier and more natural to get brown skin colour..

And Katrinas popularity dosent have to be so high because shes white. I mean Kareena is as much white herself, why isnt she so popular then?

/ Rlityaa

If people are saying that Katrina Kaif has taken advantage of her own skin being pale then hasn't Freida Pinto taken advantage of herself being tanned? She talks about keeping no disparity but then she herself says that it was easier for her in Hollywood since she had a tan. She's being hypocritical.

When is the mainstream Indian media going to address and debate this issue?
I am glad we are addressing it here at PinkVilla.
Bravo to pinkvilla .

jo hindustani ladki , apaisae k liaye apnae magaytar to thokar maar day .. usmae kis hindustani ko intrust hoga????

NOT ME ! so fk off FP.

When a baby is born in India, the first question all the relatives ask is "rang gora hai?"

Rlly ?!? N wat abt this fake accent epidemic in bollywood
Want to shed some light over that(including urz) r u embarassed
Hypocrite much

so true.. if you are fair and beautiful you can do no wrong.. you are sati savitri.

she's right.. of course, most desis know this reading every matrimonial ad... and know the meaning of 'gori' (good) and kali (bad). it has a devestating impact of de-powering and making objects out of females based on their melanin count. this is especially true of the labor class (most of them are lovely dark)-- but feel like sub-humans simply based on their color. It's TRUE and SAD.

however, what is the point of speaking of this to non-INdians on an international channel? why doesn't she come to India instead and create some public awareness ads instead. true, she may be heckeled and booed initially.. but eventually, the truth will seep in to create greater awareness.

if she's going around badmouthing India and not coming to India to do something, then this is not right.

Message to Freida: You are lovely and have the power to create a greater change. Please come to India and do it !

to the ppl who insist the 'dusky' actresses like Bips, Pri etc represent that this is a non-issue-> anthe reality is most of them are pancaked lightened on screen;; moreover, there is no true cholate Adavasi deep dark heroine yet in Bollywood history. none. there is no accurate reflection of the full color spectrum at all.

Most of fairness creams are so fake.people don't believe's not possible to change your skin just with a cream.A cream acts only in the surface of the skin.The color of the skin depends on melanin that is produced in the body of a person.So most of the stars who bleach themselves,use for sure pills to reduce the melanin in the body,so it gives them total fair look.But those pills are very dangerous and they can cause cancer!!! So think before using anything....all these products can cause many health problems!!

P.S Aish maybe is fair for Indians,but she isn't fair for Europeans.

the the haters below who saying freida's accent changed.
watch freida's travel show dated several years ago and you will see she has always been speaking english like that

in a way i agree with her. but the way the title was written, was portrayed in a harsh way..maybe they should change it a bit. otherwise i agree with frieda. no doubt.

FREIDOOO made outrageous comments like she doesnt know Hindi and doesnt like Bollywood cinema because its song & dance. She's sucking up to white ppl. herself trying to play the "exotic" girl and getting no films and now this !!! Please India does not want to be "white" - it is an old civilization with a history of conquests and invasions and skin colour has played into that history. In today's day and age with equal opportunity people are letting go, slowly, of ideas that belong to another time and place. Please donot drag Kat into this - she is perfectly Indian looking and represents and looks like a considerable population of Indian women.
Freida needs to stop sucking up to white ppl. herself. Has she ever given an interview to an Indian paper ? Does she even try for a role in Indian cinema ? Who the HELL made her an ambassador of India when she herself does not want to belong here.

now some of you spreading out hatred against freida as she talked about your social problem stop denying it !! but yes you people are used to listening liars,pretentious people like aishwarya rai who is dark but who keeps making herself fair ...
this is not insulting on your country she is just honest and this is not being european as well this is just the views of some obsessed people who cant stand realities but accept it indians have this problem rrealities are bitter really go behind fair skin without questioning thats why whitened dark faces have become a star in bollywood without having any talent you are so obssessed with fairness that even your miss worlds cant step out without making themselves "fair" their nightmare is being shot with their brown skin

Yes I agree...I am an Indian myself and I have seen many people who think beauty is just having fair skin. What is surprising is that even some of the educated people think like that. I hope people change their thinking about beauty and realize that beauty has nothing to do with fairness....

good on her for being so honest about it. It is true that Hollywood is a certain extent is as obsessed with looks. Having said that, the required "look" will not get you anywhere unless you have talent. Besides, a new comer say Freida Pinto or any other, can claim she is different that the stereotypical actor out there and wants to it her own way. In contrast to Bollywood, it is certainly the case with Aishwarya or Katrina, where the opposite is true. In Aishwarya's case, right from being crowned Miss World in 1994, she was called the "gem of India", a "treasure" and so forth. She would barely open her mouth and talk and people would be in awe of her. Why? She is fair with light eyes.

Sushmita Sen won Miss Universe the same year and such a big buzz was not made of her. Because she has, what is referred to as the "typical indian look". A bit like the comment that an actor made about Freida Pinto and about the fact that there is nothing beautiful about her, she is just an ordinary south indian girl!??!

I dont think these mentalities would evolve anytime soon.

Hey there is also a big bunch of population in the west* who discriminate asians because of their skin color.
What about that?

This statement makes me think that she still has her insecurities with is not fair to say that "whole nation" is obsessed with fair skin.But yes mostly fair skin people do look better over dark skin.this is my personal opinion and I myself is dusky.Beauty is above the skin colour......

The girl in that ad is not even dark. It annoys me when light-skinned, yet wheatish people like the girl in the ad are considered dark. Some actresses that are naturally that same skin colour like Konkona Sen, Kajol, Sushmita Sen, should NOT be considered dark. Furthermore, Kangana is not naturally FAIR she is only PALE. Pale as in she never gets out in the sun...her skin colour would be/is pretty much the same as the girl in this ad.

Also, Priyanka chopra is not dark..she is a beautiful TANNED wheatish colour. Bipasha and Deepika are both only a peachy medium brown - they are not dark. Freida is the same colour of these women. Dark would be your stereotypical African, which is NOT a bad thing in terms of beauty.

Guys c'mon shes right, and am glad she raised this issue! Its not like shes portraying us in bad light or sometHing, this IS reality! Indians obsess over fair skin and want fair skin! But this is more prevalent in south india, u should see south indian movies where they openly make racist statements in movies, which are not even subtle but downright rude! Imagine the impact it would have on audiences, men diss dark skinned women and rave about average looking so called ' porcelain dolls' and girls have very low self esteem!
Bollywood is getting better I must say, dusky heroines also make it big, south industry is way more racist!

i love how everyone says there are a lot of actresses in bollywood who are not fair. only in india is that term "dusky" coined for people like rani, bipasha, sonam, deepika etc. but what about DARK skin as in indians who are as dark or darker than nandita das. why are there no heroines of THAT complexion. because we know there are tons of indians (esp in the south) who are as dark if not darker than blacks even. so why do they have fair women representing their industry. its sick how there can be a rajnikant but where is the female skin complexion equivalent of a rajni?

i think every population that are not light skinned are obsessed with fairness cream..Asians, Africans, South Americans..its unfair to put Indians in that category alone just because fairness cream are highly advertised here..yes, something could be done to have ban the sales of these types of creams...from which hope and money are wasted from a middle-class person..

Agreed with her and the proof Katrina Kaif
I'm not from India but I watch Hindi movies and I love it
But I do not understand why a Western woman Bollywood star
Not even an Indian just because she is white!!!
You have beautiful skin ..Everyone in the West, like India for its beauty and traditions
But everything began to change.

She has experience and her experience is not different than most of us.

Truth: Indians are obsessed with fair skin

brown girls want white men.They marry indian men so that likely they dont get cheated on.
black girls want white men
white girls want black(preference) and also white if black does not work out.

As humans we never will be happy with what we are, what we are made to be and what our destiny is.

indians r going to hate her for this

Most of bollywood actresses are brown skinned, I can only count 3-4 of the current lot who are fair skinned such as Kangana, Kareena, Preity, Ameesha, ( I didn't include the ones with a white parent)....all the others are various shades of light brown to dark brown.
But all these brown skinned actresses are snow white when you see them in films or on magazine covers, so this "fair = beautiful" mentality has to be changed.

Nonsense, we Indians are so inclusive, we have the colors of the rainbow and respect the same. Beautiful women range from the dark, dusky, tanned, medium, to lighter shades. It shows the diversity in India of people coming from all lands, africa, the middle east, persia, china, europe, and even the new world. wherever there was persecution, for cultural information, or mathematics or science, for getting rich from trading, from arabia to other lands, people have sought safe havens in india. what nonsense, indians are extremely proud of their culture, the most inclusive, the rich, the beautiful culture with its diverse beautiful women.

i agree with her that indians are typically prefer fairer skin, however she is over-hyped as well she isn't even that beautiful, bollywood has much more beautiful girls like kareena,priyanka, katrina, deepika, sonakshi, lara, aishwarya, anushka, sonam... and they have some sort of talent and are hard-working, it took them time to establish who they are, they didn't do a small role in a big hollywood movie and get famous.

Flower - Really? Since WHEN Aishwarya is dusky???

Aishwarya is lucky to have an extraordinary beauty and being NATURALLY FAIR.

We have all seen her baby, teenager pics n yes she looks fair. That's why many Indians girls r sooo jealous of her here on PV! Shame on u guys, w Freida said is TRUE!

As for Frieda, I do think she can voice her experiences to raise awareness, but I mean, list the popular/beautiful actresses in Bolly who are dusky:

Aish (not as dusky as the others but not fair either)

I mean, I think this is a step forward for Bolly and Frieda needs to acknowledge that too. The main reason she didn't make it to bolly was not her skin, but most likely other factors like height or family connection, and these girls have either one or the other...

I don't think it's the fairness of the skin that makes people's skin much as it is the glow of a person's skin.

If Fair and Lovely changed their marketing campaign to Glowing and Lovely or something, they would avoid a majority of the complaints and would sell more. Some of hte ingredients in the product are in many western beauty products too...but those products sell as products that increase radiance, not fairness, which is why they are more accepted.

The product fair and lovely is not a bleaching product I just protects your skin from the sun and makes it glow (the retinol in it helps it do that). But im not entirely sure-perhaps someone more familiar with the product can correct me on that.

My god what a horrible ad, just reinforces age old Indian beliefs that a girl is worthless if she is dark.
Where are the feminist organizations boycotting the companies that produce these creams and the media companies that make these insulting ads??
Somebody needs to start a revolution against this mindset but who in India has the will?

Totally agree that Indians, including Frieda, want to be white or at least seen as white. Listen to how Frieda's accent has changed - the difference is stark if you compare her accent now with her accent from 4 years ago.

Well there's a difference between Indians who use fair creams to look white and Europeans who tan to look more exotic.In the first case there's a desire to change the race.....and in second case there's no such thing.So you shouldn't compare these two cases.
And secondly it's very bad when i read racist comments about fair woman.Especially when the fairness is the definition of bad,exposing,untalented women.Like if you are born with fair skin then you are stupid or appreciated only for the looks.Sorry but those are very racist stereotypes.I don't really know why Indians are so obsessed with white skin,but lets not go on the other side of banning totally the white people because of that.So we all should respect people with dark skin,but also respect people with white skin,or any skin.

Right on Frieda... so true! Bollywood stars should boycott advertisements for fairness creams too! I was really disappointed when Diya Mirza started promoting one recently.

She is right.

I would echo Freida's sentiments, and think it's great that she's taken this stand! I really really hope that more actresses follow suit. Since they, in many ways, set standards of beauty, they could really play a key role in ridding India of its obsession with fairness.

If Freida Pinto and Aishwariya Rai are so against fairness creams, maybe they should stop working for L'Oreal, a company that DOES MAKE WHITENESS CREAMS, but gets Sonam Kapoor to advertise for those creams!

Agree w indians n their obsession w white skin but she needs to stop kissing white ppl ass

Actors like priyanka chopra n katrina kaif blatantly feature in skin lightenin cream ads, y dont i c any1 talkin against tat on pinkvilla...

Well she should say some indians want to b fairer... Not all indians... But also , india is a diverse land... Ppl ve various skin tones, from brownish to wheatish to a bit more lighter skinned...i m lighter skinned n its not my fault n i dont think by bein lighter skinned i m more beautiful or something... Yes in btown fairer skin is prefered but i dont think they all bleach themselves...kareena, karishma r fair, is it their fault? Bips, deepika r not, is it their fault? Ya ppl like sonam ll bleach themselves like how she admitted to doing it... Coz she doesnt ve brains... N i m not sure of wat freida s claimin to b true,d story of 3yr old kids... Seriously?!... Indians should accept tat ppl ve varied skin tones here n move on... Wat if freida was fairer, wat would she ve said...

"And Frieda Pinto needs to stop insulting her own country and people. I guess she saying what she knows Hollywood and Americans want to hear."

this statement shows that you have completely missed the point.

So you think its okay for Indian people to hate their own naturally dark skin color? So we should just not address this issue and pretend it does not exist?

She is doing something good. I wish more Indian celebrities would talk about it.

Maybe in the past. But now you have Bipasha, malaika and quite a few dusky women who are considered sexy.

Hmmm i agree with her...but then can she or someone else tell me y in d latest photos of her new movie premier or something, her face looks lighter than d rest of her body... I would like to knw d reason... Is it pan cake makeup, freida ? Wat a hypocrite she turned out to b...just like ash, who had done fairness ads n then went on to preach d world against them!

Well i agree with a poster who said tat its katrina s skin colour which is d reason 4 her true...d same applies to ash also... Used to b Queen of overacting but now after botox, ultra poker face! Wtch her in dhoom 2, no one can look n act tat bad...


If I were darker, I'd have loved it. Dark is sexy. Those who are naturally dark need to feel lucky, not unfortunate.

Being a middle-eastern with pale complexion, She is so right about this issue! But again, if she was an indian actress, she will be first one using bleaching cream to compete. My indian friends are so obsessed with being white that they told me that they want to be exactly like Katrina Kaif! I told them she is horrible as an actress, they told me they do not care as long she looks good and white on screen. I mentioned other actresses like Kareena, Priety, Ash etc but they said Preity and Kareena have indian accent which they do not like. I was horrified because I thought bollywood produces indian films representing india with its language, songs and actors, but they said it does not matter to them!

They like Aish because she has 'blue eyes' which they envy but do not care for her indian background! I was so stunned that they think this way, and told them no wonder England had them bondage for ages!

What I can say, Arabic films represent its language, actors and culture! Its SO WRONG for INDIANS to degrade and disgrace their culture and people that represents every shades or colors!

The most beautiful women are always dark in my opinion. Fair skinned women age quicker as well. Too bad politics come to play when defining beauty. Be proud of who you are!!! Why do you think white people are always tanning themselves?

She is right, being light is seen as being beautiful not just in southasia but all over Asia. However, I feel she is using this issue to promote herself. She sounds almost arrogant, like she knows better and making fun of the ads..... Not cool. Let's she how long she lasts in Hollywood.

As if Freida doesn't coat her face with makeup to look fair.
Very easy to make fun of your country when you are abroad...shows how cheap she is.

Sorry, but thats the bitter truth or why are in more indian movies white russian7olish etc dancers???
And in the western world everyone trys to be dark skinned.

The point is she makes is true and we Indians do need to stop being embarrassed of our skin color. But its easy to preach to others, how self-aware and culturally proud is Frieda when she goes off talking with that fake British accent?

aishwarya rai is not fair or white, see her baby pics and her pics on guzarish sets

Oh! She is so right. I remember seeing Veer Zaara and thinking why the hell Yash Chopra did not select Rani for the role of Zara seeing that she was the better actress then it stuck me it was because she was not as fair as Preity and Indians love their heroines all fair and lovely. That is why dusky actresses need to be really talented to survive whereas if you are fair well that's it.
Its time filmamkers have the guts to acknowledge that fact that both fair and dusky are beautiful and that even dusky heroines can play the damsel in distress roles equally well.

ok seriously she just hurting the reputations of indians...stupiddddddddddddddddddddddd much!

wow she sure doesn't know how to represent indian beauty thus making us look bad

Well this is the sad fact in India. And this is the reason why talentless Katrina kaif is still thriving in the film industry. Because she is fair and nothing else.


hear hear!

This is not the first time this Freida woman is insulting India and trying to sound more oh-so-liberal European than actual Europeans. Self hater par excellence....typical of her ilk

so? who is freida? she had a blink and miss role in slumdog. overhyped and overrated woman.


i soo agree with her.......she is ma fave now..she way betta den katrina!!

well...thats why kat is no.1 ""actress"" today...just bcoz shes half british and white...but..there r many creams like "tan" but the ad is not racist like indians r ! im nor from india or paki but seriously SHAME ON INDIA !

I admire this about her, she is right skin-color can't really help determine beauty


It is true but truth hurts :p

well what she said is true. but i love indian ads though, except for fair and lovely ones.

why is it insulting when someone is saying the truth about their own country? ughhhh. it is true. desis are obsessed with white skin color. they all scream at the slight tan. i face it every time i go a shade dark coz i went out in the sun for 10 mins. so imagine if you have dark skin color.

And Frieda Pinto needs to stop insulting her own country and people. I guess she saying what she knows Hollywood and Americans want to hear.

this is why pple are obsessed with aish. Indians you need to start appreciating what God gave you are accept it. i hope the likes of pinto try to change that.

I am so glad Freida is talking about it. I hope she addresses this issue more. She has the platform to do so. This will inspire all those Indian girls to like who they are and shame those top stars into not doing the fairness cream endorsements.

I'm glad Aishwarya Rai stood upto it and said NO to endorsing fairness creams.

I hope she becomes very successful. You do not see many Indian actors make it big in Hollywood.

She is saying the truth, just being honest. More people should address this subject, and more celebrities should be openly against fairness creams.

shes right indian people r obsessed with fair skin. we should be proud of our look

She is right about these things. Desis are obssessed with white skin but we should also note the many contemporary "dusky" actresses like Bipasha, Priyanka, Lara, Sonam, Deepika, etc that are not really the conventional models of previously adored fair skinned actresses. It is more becoming more acceptable to have a natural skin tone that does not be camflouged by pancake make-up.

and so is Aishwarya rai as she is fair and light colored eyes.. All the hype about everything is really because of that...

Even I want to be white!

I love her good for her it's so true sometimes I think its a curse to be a "indian WOMAN"

Well this is the sad fact in India. And this is the reason why talentless Katrina kaif is still thriving in the film industry. Because she is fair and nothing else.

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