Airport Spotting: Gauri Khan

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Gauri Khan was snapped at the Mumbai airport today.

Dressed in denim, shirt and a vest, Gauri looked good.

Guari was recently in the news as she graced the cover of Hi! Blitz for the month of July.

Gauri opened her heart up in the magazine where she talked about Shahrukh Khan spirituality and many other things.

Talking about SRK, she had said, "I think both husband and wife should have busy minds, not see too much of each other, but not too little either, just get it right. If both are healthy in their heads and satisfied with their day's work, the partnership works. The downside of living with a celebrity is that his meetings are endless and he is terrible with timings. We're always late for everything, so that bugs the S* out of me."

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Stunning skin. That's about it. She covering her face with this bad shaped sunglasses and bad cut jeans and gelled I can't praise anything!!

Pretty woman but need to find a good stylist. Guess all around her not being honest with her about her style! Can't believe the media call her stylish just because she is the wife of SRK! She really doesn't have it and it is honesty to state that. So the one who fool around talking about strong and admiration...get over yourselves real we are talk abou clothes and hair! Such nonsense people.

I love it that she firmly maintains her own style. This proves she is a strong and admirable woman. She gives a shit about the opinion of her husband's jealous fans. And that's good. Go Gauri. Love you!

What a nonsense comment,really.

.......and here they are , one of the jealous fans....LOL

for every priyanka post there's a gauri post...

Whenever I see her face the word lucky comes to my mind!! I just can't help it. SRK might be a busy man but he is one hell of a man!! Sexy, interesting, generous and passionate as she says. I love her saying that she says few years back in an interview that she still discovering her man! And what a sexy man to discover and you can loudly claim that he is yours!! Luck luck luck!!

She is pretty but she lack the sense of dressing. No wrong in hiring a stylist like all other famous people do. And is it me or she is really working out a lot!! I see her wiliest is getting smaller and smaller. That's great...she should keep up with her husband as he seems so fit and all muscles to the neck! Waiting to see their little baby. I wonder why media not stalk them well!! The boy is a regular visiter to HNY set as I read in many articles. And to the one who talk about no love!!!LOL talking about sexually deprived people themselves.

I saw her close once without make up and she is beautiful even has this caramel big eyes and beautifully shaped full lips. It is just her look that take away her beauty. She struggle it seems with her hair!! She should change her hair dresser and look for something different. Straight long brown hair will shine her eyes and flatter her features. Also, the shape of her sunglasses doesn't suit her...and this type of jeans are not flattering even if you have good body. I hope someone will be honest with her and ask her to change her look.

Where is their baby boy? I have never seen her with him

Use your common sense. She won't have drag her son in a domestic flat in front of the crowd and cameras. One should ask the the media people why can't they sneak out to his fathers HNY shooting while his wife and son visit him there!! But guess SRK strictly forbidden someone taking his pictures protecting him.

I love and adore SRK more than anything else in this world. I can do anything for my sexy KING KHAN. I have been a fan of SRK's since i was 3, and i have a huge amount of respect for him, and i don't care what he does in his private life. I don't like gauri, but it doesn't matter whether i like gauri or not, she is his wife and the mother of his children. What SRK does in his personal life is none of my business, and it is DEFINITELY NO-ONE ELSES BUSINESS EITHER. If people spent more time on their own lifes, and less time obsessing over what SRK does in the privacy of his home, then maybe they wouldn't be so unhappy.

Shah Rukh have so many workers drivers in their home! I bet gauri doesn't even move her arms in her home beside going to the gym or swimming in their private pool! Looks like she has such a strong skin treatment with fake tan! ( I know she is not fair but look carefull how even and orangish her skin here... Heard many do it to look slimmers and nicer of you have and stretch or dark marks and stay through out for days). But oh my what a horrible dressing sense she has.

alone again.

I wonder how the king of romance can live without any romance in his life. It seems like there's no love between those two.

Seriously have a life. I see random pictures of a woman at the airport with her husband's driver.

Just to let you know that the one with the pink shirt is not SRK but one of his drivers as I saw him in one of his documentaries on youtube. So "between those two" is nothing but a drive to/from her husband homes. And how the king of romances love life is doing...Well, guess what! He doesn't owe you anything to flaunt it in front of everyone in public places every now and then for you to be satisfied. He has homes almost in every country now not to mention can afford any private places to have the love he wants with his woman or any woman for that matter...It is called his business.

Having said all that, the history of him & his wife showing love and affection to each other in many occasions through all these years can't be washed away with some malicious comment as such. Not going far in the past let's include what has happened until now this year itself; The couple turning back together from their new year Thailand vacation in January 2014 with their three kids, the couple's visit to that ladies design store , the visit to Deepika's success bash, SRK being injured on his film set and we saw his wife rushing to him to hospital & didn't leave without taking him back home. Not to mention SRK supporting happily both of them & opening the store to his wife (there was no deny of the fact the sexual chemistry that those still held for each other in that one short interview SRK did with his wife in the store). Notice as well that his wife only working now with people her husband dealt or know socially whether in Dubai, US or even in India as we saw pictures of her posing with them during few of her projects. Even the social cause she agree to be the face of went through her husband first as she mentioned in one of her interviews. Add to that, we read many articles about her visiting HNY set along with her little son & even someone on twitter confirm that Ash & her daughter were there with them visiting her respected husband as well. There were reports AGAIN of SRK being with the family in Delhi for a couple of days & a night with his wife alone in Dubai before that and again we saw SRK and his wife attending a screening of the same movie...while SRK was coming too late from shooting his wife went before him and left with his car. And in every single interview of her lately she talks highly about how happy & special her husband make her feel even gave us glimpse of what they did in the night before their valentine's day, and how her husband should woke up with their little son AbRam in his lap!...I write more about the hints & the real incidents which showcase real love but I guess my point on this front is clear now. So, just because we have the platform to say whatever we want about people's lives & accuse them of this & that as it happens we don't get to see daily their private matters being exposed cheaply in public doesn't mean we should leave our brain while giving an opinion! Those lazy cameras of Indian paparazzi,whom can't grab any private pictures unless a PR of someone calls them back, that you see are not part of their real lives. Life goes on beyond what you catch on a BW site.

And YES! Gauri needs a stylist from head to toes especially if she plans to go further and design bags, scarfs..etc and have a brand name as she says. As from now on I will be an honest critic on looks as well as she asks for it considering she would be a part of the fashion world professionally if ever happened.

Well said. You sound honest and sincere, stating facts without giving judgments and being quite polite about it. I for one my love to SRK go beyond his personal intimate space and even though I don't think much highly about his wife I do feel and see the grace, love and privacy these two share. And beyond that I do not need to put my nose in a place I'm not welcome to.

Well said. All the fake pictures that you see of bollywood couples acting all lovey dovey in public are just that...fake. There were lots of pictures of Hrithik and suzanne kissing, hugging and touching each other in public, and we all know what happened to their relationship. Infact, any pictures of celeb couples on Bollywood websites are planned by their PR and the papz are called to events to take those pictures. SRK and gauri have known each other since they were teenagers and have been married for over 20 years, and they don't need to show anything to the world. If you are genuinely in love and have a great marriage, then you don't need to show the world. People expect bollywood marriages to not last long as most actors usually dump their first wifes, but fact is that SRK and gauri are outsiders in bollywood and don't act like other stars, and the truth is that SRK and gauri are still very much in love and have recently had a new baby together. I think people don't like gauri because she appears to be quite cold and uncaring, but i think it's just cos she's shy and doesn't like the media much.

Also, Gauri desperately needs to get a new stylist, especially for her hair.

Mabelle, don't worry that annon is jerk, don't give explanation because people who understand don't need explanations, and people who needs explanations never going to understand. Just ignore that person, he/she is only one who writes multiple comments here, but has nothing, not even 1 % of truth in it.

I can't even put in words how much I dont like this woman.. The only positive thing I see when it comes to her is that she has beautiful children but that's more because of Shahrukh.. Besides that ain't nothing good bout this woman... jealous u must be, all this bcs she`s SRK`s wife :p

She has maintained herself well but she dresses like a 25 yr old...also a little color in her clothes would look nice.

gauri would look better if she changed her hairstyle and wore better makeup....when she pulls her hair into a knot, it looks so bad.

ugly, dull, no personality, and the same old boring style for the past 20 years. What a great combination.

Is she doing a movie.....if not ,why she is on this page?...

i dont see anything good about her...she isnt pretty, she has blank features, and only looks decent when she has a full face of makeup. thats just my opinion.

I wonder she doesn't have anything else to wear. Always same clothes. ....

She looks great as usual. I bet she has brought her husband to the airport. He has a date today in Europe .p

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