Gauri Khan and Shahrukh Khan leave Nanavati hospital

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Shah Rukh Khan suffered a minor injury on the "Happy New Year" set here Thursday, and within a few hours after seeking quick medical aid, he returned to the movie set. The crew welcomed him with a standing ovation.

The 48-year-old was taken to a city hospital following a minor injury that he suffered while shooting for the film here. He was discharged within two hours and went straight back to work, said his spokesperson.

"Shah Rukh got a slight cut on his forehead and he was taken to the hospital as a precaution to make sure there was no serious injury. He is going back to work now," the actor-producer's spokesperson told IANS soon after he was discharged.
He was rushed to the Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital here after he suffered the injury caused by a door on the set of the movie.

His wife Gauri Khan was by his side. However, she left the hospital premises a few minutes before SRK. There was tight security outside the hospital.

According to "Happy New Year" director and Shah Rukh's good friend Farah, he was "stubborn" about resuming the shoot.


Such a lovely couple SRK and Gauri are. always together and supportive. No surprise sick sad people try to spread crap to feel better about themselves. It won't change the fact at. So let them park I guess.

Really funny to see SRK and Priyanka since the Twitter diskussion. Now they are very careful not to tweet together. He also no longer uses the other accounts suddenly. Very inconspicuous ... hehe.

and you have to think more about your life (who seems it's not so interesting ) not to watch what SRK or Priyanka write in Twitter....if your their fan then ok you can ...but I dont think you pls tell me ...what you do that stuped hatter? feel very sorry for people like you really

If you think Gauri was there voluntarily, dream on! Since Priyanka foolishly had babbled on Twitter Gauri had to show up immediately.
I'm curious how long they can hide this affair story yet. Also, Priyanka is now impatient as you can read on Twitter. Every day a new hint. It could be dangerous for SRK soon.

He also tweets with the accounts @MandviSharma and @KarunaBadwal. Seems more and more comes to light!

Why do you think they use different account? ? They can speak with Phone. Its easier. Isn't it? ?? They don't need these things. Be sure her wife know everything. Don't worry and just wait. But don't forget he is a king with lots of power so he can do every thing speak ......why these two think all af their fans are stupid.

Pure provocation. They love to keep the fans and the entire film industry to fool.

Nearly two days no SRK on Twitter, but then after one minute 3.45AM (!) Priyanka was also there .... lol. Come on guys, wake up finally ;-)

Jesus!! Is this a new hatred sick campaign against SRK and gauri as couple or what!! it is in every post of SRK lately...

You rubbish need a life! I mean seriously.

get well soon SRK. bless you and your Gauri.XOXO

Get well soon SRK.

SRK...OH DEAR! Get well soon.

Sending love and prayers to SRK. Get well soon.


Get well soon dear SRK. Hope the injuries don't need any further surgeries. It is unfortunat when you are at the middle of commitments and schedules. And Gauri always there with him. Such a lovely one uint couple. Blesses.

SRK's right shoulder is fractured and left Knee Patella is torn.Doctors have advised him to take complete rest for the next 2-3 weeks.

Crap people....STFU

Thank god he is fine.

thats all for popularity he just does it so that people will pay attention to him and his new movie hny pretty obvious i reckon

If one bleeds , for people who dont know , esp on the head , or hit your head you need to go to hosp, , its a case making sure your arteries wont bleed you to death

Get well soon are a strong man. love u. srk

Wonder why Priyanka was not there. She was informed before Gaurii!

And were you the phone? LOL Seriously some people have no life.

Get well soon SRK god bless you.

If you had read Priyanka´s tweet yesterday, long before the accident was known, you would understand. She knew it before anyone else. And why did she deleted this tweet quickly? No doubt they are in close contact which means the affair is still current.

First, the tweet is still there. Second, if u go check the time of her tweet and the time of SRK's injury news u will know there is so many hours of difference. And for your kind info. Gauri was to hospital even before SRK reach there, so just shut up....

Stop lying. The tweet is still there.
And how do you know it was referring to SRK???

God, get it finally, are you stupid? SHE DELETED THE FIRST TWEET! If it was not referring to SRK, why then she did it when she was asked about the incident? Come on!

God, get it finally, are you stupid? SHE DELETED THE FIRST TWEET! If it was not referring to SRK, why then she did deleted this tweet when she was asked about the incident? Come on!

Sorry. That tweet was different .it was "some times we should be tankful for small mercies. ....god bless" .and I don't know why she deleteed.and after hours again she wrote just god bless. ...lm sure..but l cant understand her behaviour.

That's something wrong you also can see at their current twitter behave.

Stop spreading rumors and concentrate on good work.. I think u need meditation, do it and relax.

seriously !!

I am glad he is fine, but it's just a cut and why so much hype about that. Just be glad, he can afford a hospital care, I just don't get when millions of people are suffering without any medication and worse kids, no one reports anything about them, or gives a damn, neither hospital or general public. It's just sad...

Maybe because he is a public figure being hurt in a a shooting set when everyone is aware of it!...maybe because he is soooo well knowing and poults among people that any news of him will be out there! And hence people will ask about him and be worried. I mean come on...even when he is hurt we get envious!!! Won't hurt you to say get well soon rather than talking about him affording a hospital and poor children! I mean what the heck!

Maybe, that's the problem that people focus on minor issues so much of big stars that they don't care for actual problems.

Yes, yes, he is well-known person but it is just a cut. If you paid attention, the comment says well about him. Yes, it's the truth, if more articles were written about other people's struggle or poor kids, maybe then something be made of the country. You can out a blind eye to others problems, thats your prerogative!!!! And, "get-well" soon, hahah, the guy already went back to the set. try to understand the big picture instead of thinking with a small image. Would it hurt you to just show compassion toward the underprivileged or you only care about the stars...

Guri and her mobile phone. Boring....always always. Plz do some things better.l cant stop my tear take care of yourself my king.

Bless you my dear.

why salmna fans worry abt srk's accident n how does it will affct jai ho .... can some one plz explain btw u better know that even srk caugh it makes in to the hedlines of every news channels n news paprs ...not only in india but also in many other countires tooo

Thank God, they have this photograph of Gauri leaving the premises. If the media had missed this there will be numerous articles how srk-gauri marriage is in trouble and why she did give a miss to hospital visit.

you are right even I read in some article that Gauri was there before even SRK reach to the hospital.

Yeeees, this is the ultimate proof of a happy marriage ...*rolleyes*. Look more at Priyanka`s tweets. That are more meaningful ;-)

Lol! If his wife is there before he comes and stayed with him and left after he was ok and waited for him at him is not a prof of them being together then what it is! A tweet! About? God bless!!! LOL You people are sooooooooo desperate.

Have you read her first tweet, long before the accident was known? I guess not! And why she deleted this tweet quickly again? Now, who´s desperate here? Get it finally, the affair is still current!

Exactly my point. 100% right. Just wait .....

Omg!!! What a big drama queen this guy is!!

He did not call the media. He was bleeding and seen on hospital. Someone must have called media.

Such people are so disgusting. You do not know what happened. You don't like him. So, you come up with weird theories. Shahrukh, gets blamed even if a freak accident happens to him.

Why so much drama for such a small accident? JAI HO effect?

you take care of our kids.

I thought it was Preity Zinta!

God bless him. I was worried! But he always look cool when he is on injury and then your surprised seeing him having a surgery after that! Hope it is really fine. He is a strong man.

Get well soon dear.XOXO

How lovely that gauri was there before he arrives! Read he was heavily bleeding and in pain! Can't believe he hurt his right shoulder again in which he did a surgery last year! What kind of shaky door on the set was that! Ugh!

Get well soon SRK. All the best.

Not aside: people with no life you can avoid this and spare us your sickness. Have manners. Even in accidents you are creating rubbish! Shameful and disgusting.

How many of us are as smart as arjun to be able to find a hidden bird on the tree? rOFL

Where is the cry baby? I cann't see him,lol

Hahahahahaha....cann't Stop laughing at the drama!!

i am sure he is fine now, why else would he resume shooting, media ppl make a mountain out of everything

is he going to go to the hospital for a paper cut too lol

He was bleeding and got stitches. Moreover, scans are done to check internal injuries. If you don't like him, don't come here to comment.

agree with you, thank GOD that he is fine now

umm we all know this is a publicity stunt

Who is 'we'??? Rubbish! The news that the injury wasn't major came out within 30 minutes. But since people saw him bleeding, it became a big news.

oooh he was bleeding from a cut, wow get over it

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