Once upon a time in B-Town !

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Here is a photo of Shahrukh and wife Gauri with Arjun Rampal, Suzanne Roshan and Priyanka Chopra.

It's interesting to see the changed equations between all of them over the years!

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Hey Priyanka have a look. You destroyed this lovely friendship and a happy marriage bcs you have seduced SRK. I'll never forgive!

god, Priyanka has a huge head!

only if the two had respected their limits the equation would have remained the same and she would have become even the biggest star that bollywood had ever produced.

Over forties' club?

Glad they censored . That was highly unnecessary

Wow great picture!

pc looks hot

*ooooohhh* You don't say.

lol. that's what happens with most friendships anyways. Very few people remain friends with each other through out life.

So true, very true, glad you wrote this comment. But at least for Bollywood sake, glad SRK and Gauri, Arun and Meher are still together as couples, but heard Arjun and SRK are not speaking that much now which is a shame, both are great guys

well its normal for people to lean in towards the center in a group pic. still surprised to see them so close atleast in this pic like this. atleast physically.

so many ladies n he hugs arjun rampal...

haha best comment

Pink villa could have at least edited that little bit of PC pic ..why posting it to the whole world ..any personal grudge against PC??

yayyy go anons! Lets see which of the users comes to talk nonsense about it now

haha @anon wicked post;P

I am shocked to see them together although Gauri looks like she is leaning away from PC!
PC u need lessons in crossing ur legs in short dresses - anyone want to applyfor the post?

That's natural. I also have old pictures of myself with friends I no longer have good equation with for one reason or another.

but anyway...SRK looks good as usual and Gauri is looking so prettier nowadays than here.

Priyanka...not a fortunate picture to share with the world.

Can we stop this!!!! Gosh people...

Pariyanka and Gauri ?! WOW.

now pc married to SRK

yeah srk is married to ur down part or should i call it banana. n if u're a girl its ur hole :p.. hope u got my point idiot

Arjun should kiss the ground that Shahrukh walks on, the guy had a dead end career before he got roles in SRK's films. He can't even speak hindi right.

I totally agree!

haha..peecee wardrobe malfuntion..oops..we can see quite lots here

Judging from this pic, I think Priyanka was having an affair with Gauri all along...

lol lol

"This Pic is from Farhan Akhtar’s birthday bash... January 9th, 2012"

Never! So long had Arjun his hair only till 2009. And the clash between him and SRK begin in Nov. 2011. And in Dec. 2011 SRK unfollowed Arjun on Twitter.

Body language Gauri moving away frm piggy

This Picture is from Farhan Akhtar’s birthday bash.

HAHAHA Look at Priyanka Chopra at the end, obviously this would never be a repeat pic..LOL

PC and her wardrobe malfuntions... eeeekks!!!

And over the years SRK betrayed all and everything he stands for earlier.

This Pic is from Farhan Akhtar’s birthday bash... January 9th, 2012

2012???? I don't think so

Lmao!!!PC and Gauri!!

LOl Priyanka and Gauri!

Ah wish my Hrithik was there too. Cute pic.

LOL PC honey, I'm glad you've learned how to sit in short dresses ;)

hahahaha I like that :D

LOL at this pic! Only Hrithik is missing

Looks like Priyanka has forgotten it's a short outfit she's wearing. And look at SRK & Arjun !

when was this pic taken? What year?


Hey, since when do Anonymous users get to make posts? :O

Shocking!!i didn't know that either!

Mehr and Arjun look like siblings and god, Priyanka, I can see your undies!

SRK is very touchy touchy when it comes to men. kissing, hugging, patting, what not. ha ha. but poor fans will never believe.

God!!!! you're so sick


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