Gul Panag's Wedding Photos

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Gul Panag married Rishi Attari in Panchkula yesterday. Congratulations to the happy couple!
I love these pics, especially the ones on the motorcycle.
Credit for pictures: Imtiyaz Khan at Mid-Day

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Gul is my favorite actress, I am so happy for her. The groom is no match for the bride, but she must like him, and I wish them the very best in everything. I like Gul's movies because she brings the character of a north Indian girl to life better than just about any other actress. I hope she continues to work in movies.

splendid wedding

He's kinda handsome

awesome traditional lehnga worn by the bride and the wedding looks like it was a blast; the couple is having fun instead of putting up a designer walk-a-thon show with ridiculously over-done venues and outfits! great example...

common guys its not cheap marriage they tried to make it tradtional punjabi and bit you guys think when middle class ppl can spend lot of money.dey cant afford it?? gul is not old she is in early 30 and guy to he just look old coz of grey hair.btw its in now

And I was just wdonering about that too!

Wishing Gul panag and Rishi Attari all the best for years ahead, from the team of


all the best to this couple

her wedding dress is the one that renuka shahane wore at her wedding in hum aapke hain koun

Cheap marriage

may god bless the couple. And bless the ''shameless anonymous below' some peace of mind.This world needs to get rid of these kind of ppl.

may god divorce you anonymous below lmao

they went out for 10 years! who goes out for THAT long in todays world - with affairs, gfs bfs, look at bollywood its like hollywood

i only wish them well! they are traditional to their roots and love each other - that will keep them strong

Yuckk...may god divorce them.

Shameless cheap woman

Worst bride of india..budhi

Main ka karun ram mujhe budha mil gaya..

LOL @ the sidecar thingie. Looks like they had fun. Wish them well, even though i don't really believe in marriages. Fingers crossed!

i saw on a news channel that she's getting married with sikander kher .. hehehe

i saw on a news channel than she's getting married with sikander kher .. hehehe

Gul and Konkona are two girls who looked so very day, traditional and beautiful on their wedding day without trying too hard...effortless beauty...
I personally prefer traditional colors and traditional jewelry over designer (shilpa at reception) kinds...
just personal choice...

Lol @ the woman standing behind them in the 3rd pic. This dude looks a lot older,probably from the grey beard. She looks young and fresh. Nevertheless,both look very happy and glowing :)


both of them look so carefree

Congratulations to the lovely bride and groom

Love it. Her wedding dress is gorgeous.

Nice couple. Gul looks pretty!

they look AWESOME


Such a pretty bride! God bless them.

Congratssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!

wow love the motorbike idea...wishing them the best of luck in the married life

good. maybe now she will stop trying to make it in bollywood.

she looks lovely!

Congrats to them!

too cool!!!! awesome! :) cant stop looking at these beautiful pix

their gonna have gorgeous kids

gorgeous gorgeous outfit on gul. love that amazing pink. suits her so much!

now thata seems like happy couple...not fake trying to look happy....

so cool!!!!

Lol at the bike idea.else she looks lovely and so does the groom. Ah..... I miss my Chandigarh :( ! Yaad dila Di.

its sooooo cool to c a bride wearing sunglasses

Congrats to her. Is it just me or do they look like they could be related?

God Bless to newly married couple! Congrates Gul

what spirit love it:)

Both just go to helll

hahahaa what fun!! congrats Gul :))
i didnt know she was seeing someone. or is this arranged marriage?

These are the best and most fun celebrity wedding photos I've ever seen! Congratulations to the happy couple :)

HAHAHAHAHAHAAH sardars on motorcycles!!!!!! soo funnyy

god bless the new couple
Gul is looking adorable :)

Congratulations to dear Gul

awesome couple and punjabi style weddin

prettiest bride ever!

he looks way older than her. who is the guy? she looks pretty

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