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Hrithik Roshan has been in the news for more reasons than one.

Be it his high profile divorce with his wife Suzanne Roshan or the heart thumping promo of the recently released 'Bang Bang',Hrithik has been making many a headlines.

Hrithik on his part has been spending a lot of time with his sons, Hridhaan and Hrehaan while they are put up at Suzanne's place.

He recently posted this cute photo of him and his sons at his gym tweeting,"It all makes sense when ur upside down. I teach to learn d balance of life :) my new gym buddies ".

Hrithik also sent out a statement today saying Suzanne has not asked a single penny as alimony. His statement read:

'Disgusted with all this manipulated Alimony bullshit in an effort to tarnish reputation. When people separate, they DON'T STOP being FAMILY! When a man is too strong to be affected or attacked, they target his family instead. No one DARE attack my family like this. This is my sincere request to all that have intruded into my private life like vultures trying to use my separation to project their own frustrations. Please stop this unethical and immoral behavior. Sussanne has not demanded a single penny so the question of 'Alimony' does not arise! She is an independent working girl and heads her own self built design company. Our relationship never was and never will be about money! How dare some people attack a person's identity and character and then turn it into a joke is unfathomable and downright disgusting! Stop trying to dig for dirt where there is only peace, love and harmony because that's the kind of people we were brought up to be by our loving parents. It is sad that I have to put out a statement like this but sometimes the truth needs to be louder to obliterate the lies. Shame on all of you who wrote about this and shame on all the people who had a good laugh about it.'

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There is nothing special that he is doing, he is doing what every father in this world does. What all of our fathers are doing and have done for all of us. If he wants privacy, then he needs to stop seeking attention by posting pics with his children.

How boring to send kids pics everyday. I mean he wants privacy and blamed media for disturbing him and his family but send such pics. He´s hypocritical. Suzanne spends mor etime with the kids without making it public.

He never requested privacy . He requested that the wild accusations should stop

oh really witch...u r sooo jelouse as kids now wont even recognise u...haha

?? What a strange comment. Learn before you defence him or it become embarrasing!

Haha look how Hrithik's holding his loose shorts end with one hand, because otherwise a malfunction can happenin the pics. Take a look if you don't believe. Ha ha ha

U need you head read

Hate this guy

that's adorable

leave him alone these are his own kids and you won't be more concerned about them than him

This guy is the real drama queen not Where was this great father act before his wife decided to dump him?

Oh yes a possibility to show his abs and his sons. Recognise no one how he manipulate his fans and the media?

Hrithik is such a smart cookie. Sussanne keeps shouting that she has the kids and stuff, and yet she is never seen with them. And how does he douse the rumors? He keeps posting the pictures. The smart people will pick up the clues! You also see his twitter favs, and the case becomes so much more clear!

And again and again and again pics with his son. Jesus no one believe you found your new idenditiy as the doting father. Other b´town stars care really for their kids and let them out of the limelight. Attention seeker!

The fact that the kids are always with him reaffirms my belief that Sussanne will never get them. Keep trying hard to manipulate the media sussanne!

And what if the only time he is with them is when you see the pictures?

Stupid people.

Yes why not? Because their mother would specifically send them to him to take pictures. Take your filthy thoughts somewhere else.

Hrithik always has spoken about his kids. I wonder why people feel that he is showing off now. He was always the best father and will be one. Stop the scrutiny. You can pretend to one day, but not for so long. And stop repeating the same stuff in every thread moimeme. Irritating!

The kids and Hrithik are now staying at this new apartment in Juhu...akshay's neighbours! :D Good Hrithik! New beginning for him and these two cuties!

The kids are not with Suzanne! People need to see it man! She is never seen with them and their's will be a joint custody with him being a primary parent! I know miralini! She is my lawyer as well.

Sucessful manipulating it called!

People need to stop complaining about him as a father. He is amazing and the kids look happy to be with him. What is your problem then? They are not uncomfortable or crying. People need to shut up and stop least Hrithik isn't attending parties with his rumored gfs unlike his wife

I live in the neighboring building, this is his new home and Hrithik comes to the beach to jog with his kids and then comes to this house to work out. The kids are always with him. And they are incredibly cute but the elder one is so shy....he is always holding hrithik's hand. They look super comfortable now. I think that they are living with Hrithik only...I see them everyday. When Hrithik was in Prague, the kids had come twice to that apartment with Rakesh Roshan and Pinky Roshan.

This is his new home and these three are living there now. I live there and I know. I see Akshay, his son, and these three playing in the building during the evening and then Roshans go to Palazzo to sleep. Haven't seen Sussanne yet.

How come no one questions that Sussanne is NEVER spotted with those two kids these days? Mother India is always seen arounf the Rampals, partying or with someone else. And yet they are with her? WOW! Hrithik needs to issue another statement to clear stuff up. PV post this.

umm paparazzi wont follow her and she never posts personal pics

They blame him of spending time with his children. Karo toh problem, na karo toh problem. Nice.

His sons are beautiful :)

He certainly owes her more than a few pennies.

its strange how he keeps posting pictures of his sons...they should not be in the spotlight...he never used to post his sons pics before..wonder whats up with that?

poor moimem,evryone hates u bloody jelous loser no...tsk tsk

Motherless children. They need his attention. Although, why do you care? Aap apna kaam kare?

Its strange that this site chooses to post pics of him and his children now. He earlier was not active on the social media and now is. Simple as that.

Because his kids were small then. And he felt the need to shield them for the media at THAT time, not now. The elder one will be ten soon. Also, you need to understand the fact that these two kids are the only sane things he has in his life right now. STOP whinning about every single thing. We have tonnes of images of him and his kids during that time as well. You guys never paid attention to them because they were not a hot topic. Now Hrithik is a hot topic. Most people couldn't think beyond Aaradhya. So there. Just google his names of his kids and you will know. Just because you don't know, does not mean that it does not exist.

Awwwe !! And finally after all these years get to see his legs ! Me like

he's lucky he's not in hollywood. When a couple divorces over there, every magazine and newspaper splashes a ridiculous amount of alimony, and always picks sides and makes them look bad.

hes a celeb, he needs thicker skin.

Really? How much more of a thicker skin pray? He has seen enough and NOT reacted. Even when the media gave false news of the custody, his link ups and the custody of his kids. He never said a word. You dont forget that they are human and everyone has a limit to their patience. Enough!

i do they get millions of fans,wealth,love, fame and they complain cuz they are being written about while divorcing too? ppl will write and dissect why his marriage failed, cuz he got married infront of millions of fans,who were a part of it so was the fans and media will write and discuss...fame just doesnt come easily

You have NO RIGHT to dissect. He is not public property to dissect and analyze. Do that for his professional career, his movies, his ads, etc. Not his personal life. Why do you care if they get millions? The fact that you took out time and are commenting on this issue, and watch their movies contributes to those millions. Stop talking and watching them then! There is only so much one can take. You don't see what all he has been through. A brain surgery, a bad back, a busted knee, got cheated on, negative publicity, affair allegations, a delayed project and what not. It takes a STRONG man to still stand there with his head held high. And he has the right to click pictures with his kids. Your opinion is not needed.

Really feel for Hrithik! Him and his family being constantly attacked it's really pathetic this is their private life. And even if Suzanne took money from him it's her right! Any divorced woman whom is looking after her kids, is given money for the children's daily expenses like schooling, clothing, future etc. It's a gender bias but most men earn more than women so naturally they will offer their financial and emotional support.

Errr! Sussanne does not need the money. The kids are with him and he is taking care of all their needs. She is capable of living on her own. By her own insistence, she earns more than him.

How cute does he looks with his kids. He is ruining all other men for me out there.

aww my 3 cuties

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