Hrithik makes his first public appearance post split with Sussanne

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Hrithik Roshan, who recently separated from wife Sussanne Roshan, made his first public appearance at the launch of a jewellery showroom. Hrithik was there in Vashi, Mumbai to launch the renowned Joyalukkas Showroom.

Hrithik waved out to the numerous fans collected there. He said that he was heart-warmed to see the love that the people bestowed on him.

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Well i seriously feel Hrithik is a good guy behind close doors too, how much can u pretend in the media to be a good person
10 hours ago
No one knows what people do in their own homes. Attitude like yours, "she is thirty seven with two kids", she is twenty five and not married, lead women to make desperate decisions. Let people live how they want to live their own lives.
Please post.

I love how some people are talking about Hrithik being sooo perfect and how can sussanne leave a gem of a person like him. How do u guys know what he is like in person? And to say he has a good reputation ? He has had cheating rumors from the start of a his career . If he was so awesome would his wife leave him? He is super rich , famous and super handsome . Yet he got dumped. Maybe she got bored with him being obsessed about his career and body . Who knows? If she was unhappy why should she be with him just because he comes across super nice. Idk the reason but to say she shouldn't have left him just to please society comes across very sexist. She also has devoted her youth to him. He has always said he wouldn't have become an actor without her support.

To Anonymous well if two people are having a break up its the fault of both the people true about it cant be only suzanne's fault. but all those cheating rumours i believe were mostly false in fact i think only barbara mori story was true otherwise hrithik's last 13 yrs have mostly been controversy free. He i feel is the only actor who is in news for his films more than gossip. Secondly i feel that if suzanne has devoted her youth to him he has also given his youth to her he could have easily stayed a bachelor after all he became an overnight superstar at the young age of 26yrs. I think today's woman should realize that its not just about being independent its seriously not everything, family is most imp and if she was unhappy she shoudnt have taken the call to quit with him after all they had a relationship of 17 long years, and have two growing up kids too from Hrithik Roshan she should have protected her marriage just for this long relation and kids atleast. And which bollywood actor doesnt cheats on his wife Akshay Kumar had so many affairs and dont forget Shahrukh's relationship with Priyanka they were both very big affairs but Twinkle and Gauri didnt called it quits.

First time in a long time he actually looks happy and healthy.

Ahhhh....hotness :)

God he is good looking.

Since he is single....I am sure Deepika, Sonam, Katrina, Anushka, Alia..etc are dying to "work" with him.

or maybe they would have done 'everything' with him already as though he is single now but was always the most desirable!!:):):)

like father like daughter sussane with dropping eyes. Hrithik does not have any egos and is a star .
No lady will wantaly come out a institution as marriage in India. she is only 36. is it possible to live in
the world out there. More over the family is good.he seems to be good guy. I do wish
he gets custody of his children and also a better bahu Homely and lead a peaceful life

She is 38. He is 40

Wow, now Hrithik is cutting ribbons at jewelry showrooms too! He looks great. I liked the part where he jumped on the car and got the crowd to do a Krrish. LOL

Not many can pull of the bleached beard. Nice.

Seriously why would a woman leave a man like Hrithik and i am NOT just talking about his good looks. He comes across as somebody who is extremely devoted to his family, wife and kids. Has always openly expressed the love for his wife and bloody hell he sang for her on national tv. He has supported her throughout be it personally and even financed her stores to keep her career going. Seems very attached to his kids. Why would Sussanne leave a person like him is beyond my imagination. He has even gone on record and praised his in-laws who actually don't deserve all that applause yet he's maintained a fantastic relationship with them. I mean Sussanne was stupid to come under the influence of those loser Rampals and ditched a gem of a person. She is so going to regret her decision. Hope Hrithik finds a much better and deserving life-partner.

Well i seriously feel Hrithik is a good guy behind close doors too, how much can u pretend in the media to be a good person. Everyone who knows him be his costars, directors, have always said he is a thorough gentlemen, a decent guy,a good person. And suzanne herself has said so many times that he is amazing, then how can she tend to call it quits that too after living with this man for 17 long years its seriously not fair. Hrithik became a huge star at the age of 26 only, he could have easily enjoyed so many years of bachelorhood like what his other counterparts have done like Abhishek, Vivek, now even John Abrahma and then get married but no he remained loyal to the girl he dated for four years married her and set up an example of a happily married couple for years. Also Hrithik is an actor who has a good reputation leaving him just doesn't make sense if her love for Hrithik has died down then also she should have continued her marriage with him just for the sake of kids. What is she is thinking she is already a 37 yr old woman, a mother of two boys which guy would want to marry her and accept her especially when she has been an ex wife of a big movie star its very difficult to find a partner at these ages. Plus marriages are meant to be for a lifetime i seriously feel Hrithik wasted his 17 yrs for her he could have stayed single instead an got married at 40, he would never have imagined such a situation in his life before his 40th bday.
I feel Hrithik is a superstar, will always remain a superstar, he is a dedicated actor and yes even now thousands of girl would line up to marry him and i hope he finds a wonderful partner who is an outsider and has no connection with thhe film world what so ever, he will find a partner while Suzanne will always be Mrs ex Hrithik Roshan for sure that name cannot be removed it will stay forever especially when she has kids from that man. His kids do love and admire him.

Who is he really? Do you or I or anyone know who Hrithik is or any of these celebrities are behind closed doors. They build an image and sell themselves to the masses. Then they go home to their real lives. Who knows what they are really like. They are human beings with flaws too.

Yes he is . He isn't perfect but he also has no horrible rumours circulating round him even now . How terrible can he be when the entire industry vouches for him and his staff love him . The same can't be said of Suzanne

We will never know the reasons. I'm sure there is way more than one . And like a sussanne said it's not right to blame anyone coz it's between them. So let's leave them alone and wish them happiness

CANNOT wait for Bang Bang! Katrina and Hrithik are going to be amazing!!!

After Paul Walker,Tom Welling and Dennis Oh he's the best looking actor to me

Well he is indeed the most good looking man of India love him loads. Still upset nd in disbelief how his wife could even think of leaving him he is a sweet man underwent a brain surgery recently too and has always loved his family very sincere nd devoted to his parents, chidren and wife. Has sang songs for her praised her always admired her in public why did this happen to him. May God make all his wishes come true love him

Now he can run into the consoling arms of Barbara Mori

Is that the best you can do ? U do realise that Barbara has a life of her own in Mexico and hasn't met him for yrs ?

Hot hot hot hottest
Love that step and that man . His ex wife is blind to dump him for arjun

wow that step!

hot stuff

Are you guys seriously doing this again? >.

lol ppl r acting like him and sussanne are not suppose to live post break up or just listen to drake songs all day! Sometimes two ppl might have love for each other but are just not in love anymore and tho it might hurt right now its prob for the best... they have two kids together and yrs of togetherness they would not have come to the conclusion of breaking up without trying everything im sure!... and i say they cuz its not fair to blame ONE person for a break up ...two ppl r involved, always.

My Lord!! This boy smashes it with his personality!!

How?! What is Hrithik's secret for looking like a Greek God all the FREAKING time? I hope he's wearing that for Bang Bang.

God bless you

i love him

Awe ;) good to see him having a good time

The return..... I am certain that Ranveer & Ranbir will have very bright futures, I am certain that the Khan trinity will continue to entertain the public, I am certain that Akshay & Ajay will have their fair share of hits but am more than certain that no one in Bollywood can match up to Hrithik's charisma on screen. Separation from Sussanne and health problems are now the past, watch Hrithik take Bollywood to a different scale over the next 10 years... THE RETURN...

Love him, looking stressed, All our wishes HR, hope things work out for you.

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