Hrithik Roshan arrives im Shimla to resume Bang Bang shoot

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Hrithik Roshan is back with a 'Bang' to resume the shoot of his movie 'Bang Bang'. The current schedule is in Shimla and Hrithik's hotel staff are seen giving him a warm welcome.

The movie also stars Katrina Kaif.

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BANG BANG or GANG BANG LOL.....what a name they have given to this movie....funny....

He's been shooting for this movie since forever!Thought it was releasing this year.

Err, he had a brain surgery? Remember? So he is not shooting for the movie. The movie got delayed four times. Really, why would you make such nonsense comment?

I remember his hair from Yaadein days. Now they look nothing like that. That makes me wonder if this is his real hair and if it is then, how it all turned into curls. I want that miracle to happen to my hair as well ;)

Definitely some sort of treatment. These celebs can afford stuff we haven't even heard of!

I think it looks the same as before but he wore it shorter then.

Bang Bang is that the name of the movie LOL !!!

Greek God Of Bollywood Rockssss

He looks exhausted but hot nevertheless. He's getting more hot post entry into the 40's.

What's the secret behind the Movie title ? Any clues? anyone ? It sounds so random.

It is an BW remake of the Hollywood film 'Knight & Day' which had Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise.
It's good because Katrina gets to play another brainless role.

I hope this movie bangs to a flop. Well deserved baby boy!

He will comeback with a Bang! Best of luck!!

Don't see Katrina. Is this another film where she appears for only ten minutes?

How is that even a question? That is always fact!

Yeah she only had 10 mins in Namaste London, Meri Brother Ki Dhulan, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

Oh wait. *ends sarcasm*

Hritik looks great...all the best for heatlhand a thrivingcareer

greek god looks

Hair is getting even thicker with age. What's his secret?

Best wishes, hrithik!!

Best of luck Duggu.

Looking tired and his hair is a bit shabby! He has had a rough 2013 on the personal front..

Good...but Indians are biased...y is not every hotel guest given such warm welcome? Most of Indians ignore common Indians and do puja to all celebrities and even foreigners no matter from which country they come from...

have you been outside of india? people with money and fame are treated better as well. they treat stars like this at every hotel they check-into?

Needs a hair cut!!!

all the best duggu

Sweet....I love being Indian and our traditions

He looks shattered

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement