Hrithik Roshan celebrates birthday with sons and family

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Hrithik Roshan, who recently separated from wife Sussanne Roshan, is seen celebrating his birthday with his sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan. Also seen are Sussanne's sister Farah Khan and brother Zayed Khan. Farah tweeted this picture saying, "Baccha Party".

Hrithik is also seen celebrating his birthday with parents, Pinki and Hrithik Roshan, sister Sunaina, and cousins. Looks like a lot of fun! Happy birthday, Hrithik.

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does he have movies????????????????when will he start shooting fr bb n shuddhi????????????glad dat he is enjoying his life..with his kids...awww

it is sad to see so many people bashing up suzanne. How often do you see a star wife HERSELF ask for a divorce from her husband. NEVER. u can check bollywood's history does no happen often at all. Even when their husbands cheat on them etc . For the first time ever a star wife actually took such a step because she obviously had some self respect. Im not saying that hritik cheated on her, althoguh its pretty much confirmed that hritik had an affair with barbara mori and actually fell in love with her. But even if he didnt cheat there could be other reasons. Losing your own identity and only being recognised as hritik's wife im sure is not a good feeling. I dont think the inlaws are a problem because after separation she went to rakesh roshan's birthday or somethign like that for a bit but she did not come to hritiks at all so yeah.

He looks so good at his 40

Happy Birthday to the handsome hunk. Kids look like mini zayeds :)

No makeup yet smoking!

HBD and on his twitter page his background is still him and Sussane hope they can still work things out.

Aww ADORABLE, Happy Birthday HR!

Cute. HBD Hrithik. :)

sweet video

6th picture from the end, behind the girl in green top, looks like Susanne. Maybe she was there after all?

That's Simone .. Sussanne's elder sister and looks quite similar to Sussanne. They are 4 siblings - Farah, Simone, Sussanne and Zayed. Farah, Simone n her hubby and Zayed along with their kids celebrated the day with Hrithik.

That is Simone. Sussanne's older sister.

Hats off to Hrithik..I mean going through the divorce where he didnt want to but she wanted. Im sure he's broken inside n hurt and will take time to heal BUT Im so happy tht he associates his time with his family/friends especially w kids! He makes sure tht they dont feel sad or feel the big difference. Its hard to be broken from inside and at the same time still force urself to live ur life and do ur work n be with kids and be happy at the moment....there were news tht he spent 10 hours at salmans house and were upset and sobbed out and salman khan were a supporter and gr8 friend..:( wish him he finds peace and keep smiling and be with family and kids and share happines w many girls proposed him when he was married and still a crazy for him and sussane the one who wants to leave him when he still wanted to hold on...I cant think of what could possibly be so bad abt him..:/......anyway happy birthday Hrithik and wish you all happiness in further life! :*

Ya he wants to hold on after he cheated on her repeatedly, now suddenly after his wife couldn't take it anymore he's showing off his "family" pics and that he's spending time with his sons? Where were these images before? All this shows me is that he's more image conscious and calculated than I ever thought!

Cheated with whom!? The only one tht was an affair was w kareena like 10 yrs ago..and their seperation was nothing about being unfaithful...well the only unfaithful rumour was tht sussane liking arjun rampal more but tht was an rumour and he and his wife declared tht its false..their issue was about totally about something else more like in-laws or hrithik being too attach with his work and not give much time to her (maybe krrish 3 making took much of his tym) and he was the one who were crazy in love with her and married her at a young age. And he is the one who is most heartbroken/sad abt this seperation. When he declared "sussane WANTS to end our 17 yrs relationship" then she could response and say for what reason or at least say tht she has her strong reasons and she didnt say much bcuz he didnt cheat on her...or else she would say it or express it. Its obvious their split was deff nothing to do with any of them being unfaithful bcuz we know how indian media is there would deff be some news abt it..they create buzz abt everything so affair buissnes would come out much faster...

OH please! If he was image conscious, he would have never announced this separation. MANY couples still stay in a marriage cause of social pressures. WAKe up.

RIGHT! Because cheating is the only reason for a marriage to break. Boredom, differences in opinions and interests, different values, different morals, different friends, in laws, money, etc can never be an issue. Thanks for the lesson in Hrithik-is-the-worst-human-being-on-earth. I so value it!

Yes he cheated! That is exactly why Farah, Zayed, Simone, Sanjay and Zarine Khan are making public declarations of their love for him. That is why Farah calls him a brother and ties a rakhi. That is why Sanjay and Zarine call them their "SON". That is why they still want him in their lives and this marriage. God, they must hate Sussanne (their OWN daughter) so much. Shame! (btw, if you understand, I am just being sarcastic)

Of course he repeatedly cheated. Happy now? Go dance.

Hrithik kids are super cute. Younger kid Hridhaan is stealing the show. He is very photogenic. It appears as if they shot for some commercial ad for Rayban or Dive.

The kids look so happy with their father! I remember seeing pictures of them at the airport with their mother Suzanne and she couldn't take care of them at all. Hrithik is very cute with the bachas! Suzanne is not a good mother. Her sister was pushing her son and she didn't look back even

Oh please give us a break. In every pic iv seen the kids are latching on to Sussane even when hrithik is right there. Go look at every family pic of Hrithik on pinkvilla

You are just anti-hrithik nothing else. They clearly like Hrithik's side of the family more. And little kids will latch on to their mother no matter what. Does not make sussanne a good mother.

Anti-Hrithik? I am his fan but not a blind fan who will defend him just because

I am a fan too but I have to agree that till now Hrthik hasn't made this level of effort to bond with his sons. Almost every pic in Google is is Suzanne n kids. Suddenly he is all over media with his sons.

And he has beautiful sons. I love the younger one he is very cute and adorable and he isnt camera shy too i m sure he will become a big superstar one day like his daddy.

so happy to see him happily bonding wid his kids he is a good father indeed i guess his wife has made a wrong choice to leave him he is genuinely a nice guy, has a good reputation and even if he isnt been good to her lately there is always a second chance especially when his kids are so close to him and love their daddy i wish that Hrithik nd Su reunite for their kids sake atleast nd also forgive each other. And even if Su isnt destined to be back in his life i wish nd pray he gets a lot more love nd happiness in his life he deserves love right now nd may be he will get a new girl in his life.

"Happy Birthday Hrithik, may you celebrate many more b/days with your boys". "Don't worry bhai, you are still hot and may you meet someone who's beautiful and domesticated". "Your ex, is going on with her life (shocking to me, generally women take separation after so many years of marriage badly), and remember you are loved by many out there. Keep smiling, you rock".

i wish hrithik had married farah than susanne... she seems to be down to earth... also looks like hrithik helped them somewhere... or else why they be here for him during his tough times...

I have noticed how Farah Khan Ali enjoys showing off that she's related with HR...actually Sussanne's entire family with the exception of Zayed and's sad if it's true...Sussanne must still be pissed at HR to not come for his bday..

I have noticed how Farah Khan Ali enjoys showing off that she's related with HR...............
is this ur biased opinion or a fact??

She can remain pissed for as long as she wants. Hrithik does not give a damn. He will soon gather himself and move will be then that Sussanne will realize that she let go off a beautiful human being just because he was too "boring" for her. He will find a better girl who actually values him.

Farah has always been an outgoing person. It is not today that she woke up to the fact that she is related to Hrithik. So please! Zayed and Simone also like Hrithik but are not as outspoken as the rest of the family is. No one bothers about Zayed anyway. And a genuinely GOOD person will be respected everywhere. That is what Hrithik is, he is a GOOD guy. Sussanne can take her fake ego and go take a hike. The Khans don't care what she thinks. She can go and get high with the Rampals. Sussanne will regret it all one day.

why are the kids not wearing safety vests?

what does this mean? Sussanne is alone in this futile battle against Hrithik? Oh wait, Arjun is with worries! :D

Great job Farah and Zayed! Sussanne should be made aware of the fact that friends are not important, family is.

Looks like Sussanne's own family is against her. Its good. Shows how wrong she was this time! She should have stopped the incessant partying lifestyle when Hrithik asked her to. Nothing is more peaceful than the happiness of being with kids and family. Hrithik is showing her just that! Look how happy and beaming he is! God bless you Hrithik, hrehaan and hridaan!

LOL this is the most lame and shallow comment I've read !! Just bcuz Zayex and Farah were there doesn't mean they're against their sister, what level of stupidity is this ?! They were there bcuz they still love him as a friend and as the father of their nephews and as there was a history between them. Or maybe they were there for the kids only, bcuz of course Suzanne couldn't make it. Just As simple as this.

And of course, you are too blind to notice how much Farah and Zayed love him. Same for Ms. Holier than thou Sussanne. That is why her parents and Zayed didn't show up at the store launch. That is why Sussanne is living alone in some half made building and NOT with her parents. Your thinking is slow, nothing else. Learn to see things.

There is hopes of them getting back together.

Happy birthday hrithik roshan

I like the fact that Farah and Zayed were there celebrating with him. Well I don't know if it's a show off for the media or what, but if it is for real Then BRAVO!! it's good to know and see how the separation didn't affect the bond between Hrithik and Suzanne's family.

wow...his sons r supercute.....

hrithik has the best looking kids.....supercute.....

Hrithik kids are so handsome and cute. Younger one Hridhaan who is in Hrthik lap see him standing next to Hrithik
so cute it is the way he standing ready or not Bollywood I am your next superstar.

Farah and Zayed there is just weird...They are probably doing it for 10-seconds of fame

Does this even occur to you that Sussanne's family might think that she is WRONG?!! Which family member will support and celebrate a son-in-law's birthday if he is at fault and has hurt their own daughter? Seriously man! It's not the man's fault every single time. This regressive thinking and gender bias should stop!

"regressive thinking and gender bias"? When did in the original comment did you read that Hrithik or Suzzanne were on the wrong? They didn't say right or wrong...just weird. Do you even know what that means?

10 seconds of what???!!! Dude They're already famous.
Ok they might be doing this to show that there isn't any awkwardness between them and Hrithik after Suzanne separated from him but which fame ? LOL I don't understand !!

Did anyone notice Zayed's presence in the end???? He is Susanne's brother and I think it's sweet that the family still gets along.

His kids are very cute.

Awww how cute to see Hrithik in the role of a daddy. His kids are super adorable. Happy Birthday to my superhero Hrithik .. wish you love, love and more love. Good to see him enjoying the day and moving on with life.

God Bless Hrithik and his super cute kids. Hrithik is a good papa. Now he just needs a lady love in life.


guy not gut...lols

what does it mean i dont understand!!! farah! hrithik and sussanne separated but farah celebrate hrithik`s birthday?! I think this separation is a game.

lol Hritik and Susanne are separated, not Hritik and Susanne's family

kid is super cute

Hrithik and son Hridhaan so cute both are wearing Ray ban sun glasses.
Hridhaan is a charmer. Good to see a smile on Hrithik's face.

I would think Sussane must feel hurt that her family is supporting and spending time with Hrithik. I hope it isn't just because he's a big star. :/

I felt the same too. It would hurt me if I was her. But maybe they are still friends and don't mind it. Also everytime Hrithik takes the kids out all other kids are present too. So maybe it's a healthy environment . And like someone said it's also maybe to help him with the kids. Before it was always Sussannw who were with them at outings . Hridaan is soooo cute. It made me sad to see Sussane missing from the family pic. I guess life goes on

It's for the sake of kids.This makes them feel comfortable and secure in the fact that everyone still loves them and makes them feel important. This is not about taking sides but thinking about the kids. It's very mature of everyone.

I pray to God this year he meets a very beautiful,loving and caring woman. He needs love. Lots of love. Happy Birthday Hrithik.

How Gorgeous is his face and that body-_-
Have fun my love.

Thanks Kareena, next yr u'll also be invited.

How lame•.•Kareena is already with her love in Gstaad.

Its weird how Susan's family is keeping relationship with him. I am sure Susan must be upset in her heart

Why would Sussane be upset? Their two sons are involved in this as well as all the nieces and nephews. It's much easier for the boys if it's like any other birthday with all their aunts and uncles and cousins present.

Just because Sussanne does not want to talk to him does not mean Zayed and Farah or their kids need to cut off from him. He loves them genuinely and vice versa and shares an amazing relationship with the kids. They have a right to speak to him/meet him if they want to.

They are not meeting him alone, just taken the kids. Maybe he asked for someone to help with looking after kids coz obviously they are on a boat!!

Sad and happy at the same time. Sad as some part of the family is not here. Happy since the kids and dad are having a good time and life needs to go on. I hope they all have good health, love and happiness.

It is not a is a video with all the kids wishing him a very happy birthday. Kya yaar!

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