Hrithik Roshan returns to India

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Hrithik Roshan, who was on a vacation in London and LA post the release of his movie Krrish 3, has returned to India today. Hrithik, who had suffered a head injury recently, also underwent some medical tests and treatments during this holiday abroad.

It was while Hrithik was oversees that Hrithik and Sussanne released their separation news to the media.

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Hrithik your dad gave an Interview in 1993 that he wants to do something very different as a director
and prove himself and people will fall in love with his work. Then came the movie in 2003 Koi Mil Gaya
and Rakesh Roshan did It.

Things are going against you . You can beat all this come out very strong and prove yourself to the world
And use your energy to doing so different that people will go "Wow" we never thought he could do that.
You are talented and God has made you beautiful inside out. Loads of people love you.
Everyday in our family we pray a miracle for you for great health peace and harmony. We will never forget
After winning your First Award for your First Movie Kaho Na Pyaar Hai when you gave an acceptance speech.
Oh my God never never we heard any Film Actor or Actress so humble . Your eyes are really windows of the soul.
You are very very good human being with a great soul.

Hrithik is such a god looking and inteligent actor love his sussane was flirting and having affir with another man so sad. They have 2 boys and who ever has done the break up for them karma will get to them what goes around comes around. Hope its not arjun Ramphal who has mad the split because he also has two daughters.
unknown sydney

Lovely man.;)

I hate Sussanne!

Aww he looks like he could use a hug:-) he looks good minus the beard.


Comfort woman, I can see him come running to you. Pat :)

For a woman to leave a such a wealthy handsome successful that too a superstar ...that seems odd.. It must have hurt his ego a lot

He obviously wants to drown out the media that is probably shouting questions at him. This is why while I would love the money he has, I would never want the fame. My private moments of pain will be and are mine, not played out in front of the media or public and answer questions about it. Here is hoping Susssane and Hrithik get some privacy whatever happens to them.

Hrithik!!! you are quite simply stunning!!!!

Guys stop blaming him. He didn't want a seperation, Sussanne wanted to seperate. He was hurt so that's why his statement read 'Sussanne has decided to seperate...' He just stated tge truth. He was devastated to the core as he had never expected that she'd take such a step. Sussanne is being foolish that she is lilistening to that drug addict couple. They were always jealous of Roshans. And couldn't see them satisfied n infused negativity in Sussanne's mind regarding Hrithik n she blindly believed in them.

I didn't know Neil Nitin Mukesh was out of India for a while. ;D

He's looking hurt???? o_o No wonder he's a pretty good actor;)

the media circus that is going to ensue *shudders*

He looks like Neil Nitin Mukesh

Good to see him back but the sadness is pretty evident on his face unlike his wife. He seems really affected after the split.

Well he should of thought of what will happen in the future before gingerly having affairs with other women and not spending time with his family.

Name the affairs please
She herself has said that there is noone else . The issue is between them

Lol exactly.

Hrithik you rock, those who are showing their sympathy for Sussanne will learn their lesson after knowing the truth, but you were and are a genuine person and it shows...I will support you no matter what. Love you

so cry baby has returned

AHAHAHAAAAAA!! I THINK cry baby to maje se music sun raha...agar uska man kere to dance bhi kere!!

true... thats the only 2 things he knows how do!

Those earphones are perpetually glued to his ears. He looks good and seems to have lost a lot of weight.

Those earphones are perpetually glued to his ears. He looks good and seems to have lost a lot of weight.

he looks so sad whats going on in his life :(

He looks weak and hurt.

Is he going to face the media now??

Rayta fala ke aya hai! Agar hrithik sach me apni wife Suzzanne se pyar karta hai... toh media ne jo rumors failaye hai Suzzanne aur ARJUN KE relation kii use clear kare,, Kyon ARJUN RAMPAL aur SUZZANNE ki image destroy kar raha hai.. is trah se chup nahi rahna chahiye,...saint na bano Hrithik ,, KUCH TOH BOLO!!!! pinkvilla pls publish

Hi Handome! Welcome back!

He actually looks like sussane! Just get back, which relationship doesn't have trying times? But that's what we humans best do : try hard and beat the bad out!

Now why can't Abhishek dress like this, instead of flared jeans and embroidered velvet shirts.

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