Hrithik & Suzanne Roshan on the Cover of Femina Magazine

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They're on the March 2010 cover of Femina magazine. Lovely shots.

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hahaha..sussan is really garbage...hahaha...well said...lolssss

lol...hrithik says suzzane is still his girlfrnd..haha..that is he means to say "HE CAN CHEAT ON HER SEVERAL TIMES".And he doing it very well.Weldone Hrithik...but tell me when you are calling a garbage truck to pick this garbage suzzane??

maybe hrithik is looking for amisha patel twins :D he he

Submitted by TrueDiva on Thu, 2010-02-25 09:01.
yh i know same here
when i c amisha with hrithik in KNPH...that time shes was quite young
i fort is that suzanne??? lol.. i know it jus so weird.. i gues it the face feature... and eyes.. that remind me of her.. even her pic as well sometimes when amisha make her face expression, jus remind me so like her....

have a look here

Thats much 'Real' and 'Natural' than the Katrina one!

Hrithik is sooo delicious! I could eat him up yummooo!
Su looks like an angel too. Picture perfect couple

god he is such a hunk. looking super perfect. suzzanne should star in a movie opposite him

nice cover :).

i donno y she resemble amisha patel somehow..ny 1 agree??

Me like second pic better than first. Suz mouth looks awkward in first pic.
Hrithin on the other hand looks the same in both.. weird :)


He is so pretty! She's alright too :)

they shouldn't emphasise her eyes with this amount of khol. she doesn't have the prettiest eyes. the should accentuate something different, e.g. her lips...

perfect couple- u can see the comfort level

awww they look chooo sweet together.....

her eyes her eyes thts the problem.... they always emerge downwards give an alien look to her... howevr this is the best of her ive seen.. lol

she looks adorable....just love this couple

she looks really good here ... they look very nice and homely together

the both of them very much..they r my pride

Angels....The most b'ful couple of ths world...Du-Su r the them like anything

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