Hrithik & Vivek visits Maratha Mandir & Chandan cinema

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This year's Diwali release, Krrish 3 did a business of Rs.72.7 crore within the first three days of its release. The superhero sci-fi is still counting.

The lead cast, Hrithik Roshan & Vivek Oberoi who are quite ecstatic with the response, visited Maratha Mandir & Chandan cinema halls in Mumbai to catch the audience reactions.

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multiplex ke zamane mein chandan and maratha mandir kaun jaata hai HR and VO?

Blockbuster Krrish 3!!

Aww HR makes everyone melt

such srk copy cats.. come on people find another way to promote the movie srk hit the roads you guys come from the plane next time LMAO!

This would be a great opportunity to make a mean Vivek joke but the guy seems to be enjoying the success so much, I can't find it in myself.

watched the movie krish...hrithik was putting too much pressure on his face to enact anger..could see all his veins on his face..where as vivek acted that evil power easily just thru his eyes..!he made his character scary ,powerful and stood above the hero by all means ..brilliant!!

arrey yaar...he has again took a snap with farah,DJAqueel ,zayed stating as diwali't u celebrate diwali with ur wife and kids at all...
too much of in-laws ke saath celebration going on for past few months...ab tho wife kho dikayoo..

Many many congtrats to Vivek for giving two back to back 100 cr movies. You deserved it man!
God is kind and will always give you the success and happiness in your life that you desired all these years! Kaala Saaya is out of the life as we can see now that you have overcome the all the hurdles thrown at you at every step. Stay blessed!

And thank you Roshans for trusting him and standing up with him when everyone deserted and humiliated him for his naivite. You guys are true human beings(pun intended) and for that
God has rewarded you with humongous success with krish3.

i'm a fan of Vivek's. he's a good actor from what i remember of him in "Saatiya" (the only not cringe worthy Bollywood movie i've ever seen). Hrithik is here solely because of family ties and good looks.

Hrithik carried the movie on his shoulders, he was definitely the best part of the movie by far, and that's not possible with looks/family alone.

vivek son has brought him luck

Krish and Kaal together. good good.

That´s so poor! And Hrithik as usualy has no sense for style. On the first pics he looks really ug... He´s a liar who would do anything for his crap movie but nothing for his friends and family.

the movie is superb and both Kangana and PC were marvellous in their roles!

copying SRK

So happy for hrithik ! Heard that it could be the biggest Monday ever. This is pre Diwali n it's amazing. Especially after so many saying it would flop miserably . It is not a great movie but Hrithiks sincerity n looks make it worthy

Awesome... congrats & well deserved!

I saw Krrish 3 on the weekend (and yes there are parts that don't make sense) but overall it was a really entertaining film and let's be honest, Hrithik is pure eye candy! :) Kangana was AWESOME in the movie, she was the best part after Hrithik.

I couldnt agree more! very entertaining film and Kangna is the best thing after Hrithik in this movie!! PC is just there for props!

Hrithik has put 2 pics of him with his sons at infinity mall.."Daddy's day at infinity mall"...hmmm...he is slowly revealing to the world abt his marriage status...
which status?
Usually divorced plp frequently use daddy's day / mom's day ....visitation rights,who gets to keep the kids on wat days...

dude! stop interpreting his status... it was a day with the kids after spending so much time on Krish 3... he had fun.. as parents we usually say our kids's name's day at bla bla... the guy hd fun with his kids and managed to take them out for once! stop spreading news that he is divorced!

he is wooing the crowd by making a fool out of them....talking all lies...we didn't have money for grocery....oh me ....u have no idea wat it means to say no money for grocery..
I luv suzanne...she is my sunshine, blah blah blah....dude tell the truth to the plp....y hide it....the bollywood industry knows tat ur marriage is over...
Giving rong BO figures...yyyy...

Why does it matter if he's divorced or not? Especially in the context of this movie? I wouldn't mind him getting a divorce but I would hate him to go around and go into details of his personal life. It's really great that he's so vague sometimes!

Awwww. Hrithik has another hit... he can breathe again.

make them rich and richer. half of the country is starving.

What exactly has country's poverty got to do with his success or getting richer? Are u into communism by any chance or ur just plain stupid???

I guess these guys are insecure of their own movie...I understand promotion is required but they r trying too hard to pull the crowd...of course plp r going to watch it...but these guys are extra cautious to maintain the hype of the movie..

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