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Hrithik Roshan, post his separation from wife, Suzanne Khan has been taking time off from work to spend time with his kids, Hrehaan and Hridhaan. The kids currently stay with Suzanne and her parents.

Here are some photos of Hrithik with kids at the Juhu beach.

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It´s strange that wherever he´s seen with his kids the media have pics. I mean other stars can handle her private life private.

leave them alone!

Maybe this all about some much needed space... But dang - even with the hoodie covering most of his face you just can't hide those well defined features. There are few celebrities that are truly blessed!

i feel so bad for the kids, they're gonna be affected the most but glad that hrithik is trying to spend more time with them

I seriously wanna know who is the guy for which Suzanne has dumped Hrithik? And if she left him coz she can't deal wid being a star wife then also she is foolish as she is from a film family throughout her life she will be a celebrity. If she has dumped hrithik for her career then she is the most stupid lady in the world. Work and family can be easily managed together everyone does that.

N what if she married a cheating husband who can't remain faithful at all? Any solution on that?

Then also she shouldn't have left him as she has disturbed her family life her kids are affected with the split. She should have continued to live like a any normal indian woman would to save her family also Hrithik is not a big flirt guy he has had a good reputation all thru these years also look at Akshay he has had so many affairs in the past but his wife didn't left him so?

All I want to know is...why does he always have a hood on when he's out with the kids??

people!leave him alone

its impossible i think - coz they chose to be celebrity and for glory, fame and money -their privacy life its a price... its sad&sorry for them but truth :(

is there no force or no power in the world which could reunite this lovely family hrithik and suzanne with kids together agian. please God have mercy and get them back together praying every day for them.

Suzanne is seriously very selfish she threw away 17 yr relationship with a man who loves her dearly and is also the father of their children what was so bad abt hrithik anyways. has he got psycho or something after da brain surgery dat she left him it doesnt make sense at all.

I don't think its strange that he is now seen with his kids. Before he used to live with his kids and now his a single parent. I assume they have an arrangement when he can see his kids and knowing how hard it must be for his kids to adapt to the new arrangement, living in different homes, he may want to spend more time with them now that their family has been broken.

I agree. also it is normal for some people to take family for granted when they are together. Now the kids are more precious to him since they do not live with him.

It seems after Suzanne's decision he suddenly woke up and realized that he is a father. in all these years only suzanne was spotted with kids. he was never there for them. wish he will remain like this forever and they get back together.

Hrithik was spotted with his kids on his birthday with Suzanne's sister.

what is the problem why is every one after him he was always there for his kids and yes it was not necessary for him to show his love for his children publicly. He liked to kept it public still there are loads of photos of him with his children and he has always soken abt them interviews. its the wife who should be blamed here how cold can u get when ur husband has just survived a brain surgery that u decided to leave him, it just doesnt make much sense. When everyone says that he is a family man then what did he possibly did so wrong that she left him. i wonder. if suzanne wanted hrithik to leave his parents house the same should be applied to her brother and sister Zayed and Farah Khan they are still staying with their parents after marriage. whats wrong with hrithik staying with his parents.

I so agree wth u. He has always been a family man and is extremely attached to his kids. If you have been following Hrithik, he was quite often seen with his kids. Why is that people are now take note of it. Just coz he seperated doesn't mean that he is showing extra concern for his kids. His life has been rolled upside down. From a loving family, he now has to make an arrangement to meet his kids. At least show some sympathy rather than accusing him with baseless reasons. If he was really at fault then Sussanne's family would not be supporting him. Sussanne'e family were there for his bday celebration which speaks volume of his character. No family is insane to support their son-in-law if he had cheated their daughter. The fact that they are still supporting Hrithik just goes to show that it is their daughter who is immature to leave such a loving and caring person.

Poor kids, the cameras make them uncomfortable... Media & PR Leave the kids alone, please!

its strange how after his breakup was announced, HR has been spotted a lot with his kids! it was always Sussanne before...

Before break up no personal photo of Hritik, only event photos..After break up, only personal photos..either it is media or PR working overtime

He use to never spent soo much time wid his kids before ... wat is he even trying to prove ?

Really? HOW do you know that he never spent time with them? Seriously! Some people are so judgmental and act like they know everything.

he wants to prove that he needs his kids as much as the kids need him during these time of emotional turmoil.

he seems like such a great dad! i hope he has more success in the future

Now that Hrithik and Sussane split there are tons of pictures of him out with the kids.

God bless him
Love him lots and lots

Why hrithik is spending time with his kids after separating from his wife? I mean lots of picture in the media now. Why not before? Because before it didnot matter to be in the good books with kids ,so was busy romancing others, now wants to be a good daddy and takes his time off to be with the kids. Show off.

you do realize that at that time it was all about Hrithik and Suzanne, they were the "item", the "subject of the photographers" and anyway, suzanne was spotted with the kids only if it was some sort of kids related event or at the airport, where Hrithik was present as well!

He has always been a good daddy earlier it was more abt him and Suzanne now its his kids who are his life and yes he needs to be with them may be someday his wife gets back to him. And he has not cheated get that straight.

He did´nt find it important to spend his holidays with his kids and let Suzanne alone with them and now he try to save his image. And sooner or later the truth about his cheating will revealed, promise!

He spent every holiday with them . Get your facts right

Well he has always spent his holidays with his wife and kids both. there are pictures of his vacations with family to prove that and yes suzanne has gone holidays with kids as he has been busy with his work too and i think his wife never complained in any interview of hers that he spent less time with family. she has always talked about him in glowing terms why suddenly her love for him is gone is beyond belief to me.

From January 2012 to November 2013 he released one poor movie and in this whole time in 2012 from three weeks in Bali he spents one week with his wife and children and left them alone because he wants to be with his grandparents and in 2013 from four weeks in NY he stayed for 10 days and left them alone. Other stars releasing in the same time 6 movies and got not such alot of money and parents who are responsible for your money business and handle the holidays with family. His not a family man and he got only to do with himself his dancing and dreams. Poor boy!

add to that the brain surgery he had- so how much time could he give his family or anything else in that time frame
and plz add any hols or luxuries he gave himself in that time frame- NONE. zero. its not as if he was having the time of his life as his family suffered.

The brain surgery was after the NY vacation and he spent the last week with his family, when you want to defend him learn your lessons or accept that he has other priorities than his kids and wife.

Yes he was in NY for a ten days vacation with wife kids nd arjun rampal's family then he flew in time to hyderabad to launch the first didgital poster of Krrish 3 on facebook on 27th june 2013 after that he was again busy with krrish 3 post production and was supposed to leave for bang bang shoot a week later but then a night before he had severe headaches and had to get a emergency brain surgery done on time. Post that he was only advised bed rest for 3 months but after resting exactly for a month later he launched the trailer of krrish 3 nd then started promoting it all over. This NY vacation was the last vacation he had with his kids. During this entire brain surgery suzanne was with him but it was after 6th sept that Su was dissapeared from all events related to him and then offcourse the announcement made by Hrithik of separation with her. Sadly it was matter of these 3 or 4 mnths that's changed everuthing around Superstar Hrithik Roshan.

How can you know so many details??? Stalker alert!!!!

I know these details as I m an ardent fan of his he is a great guy and its unfortunate how things have turned around for him

that vacation he had with his kids and wife after the shoot of bang bang and krrish3 post production. unless you want him to not work now either but sit around and smoke coke like the rest of the useless star husbands

Hope this separation isn't tough on those kids...

Beautiful n sensitive father HR...

i love him i wish he finds a true love in his life

And then he will go on to cheat on her too.....

Awe cute

perfect daddy

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