More pictures of Hrithik's day out with his kids

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We saw Hrithik Roshan celebrating his birthday with his kids on a boat. Here are some more pictures from the fun party! Also seen are estranged wife Sussanne's siblings Farah Khan and Zayed Khan. Seems like a fun day out for daddy Hrithik and the adorable kiddos!

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seems like suzanne was the reason for the split otherwise her siblings wud nt hv been wid hritik

Can see Kunal's dimples even from a distance. Cute!!!

Is that Kunal Kapoor in the pink shirt?

Yes he is. He is Hrithik's Best friend!

Uff banda araam se enjoy hi nei karsakta. Sab picture bhananeke liye ajatay he lol.

Awwweeee, that poor thing. Paparazzi can be ruthless.

why farah is so angry?!

i do not find it weird that sussans seeblings hung out with hrithik....i completley understand coz when my brother parted ways with his wife, i still loved her coz we had a very good relationship. i still hung out with her years after their divorce. these people are a family...they have ties and its good to see them hung out its whats the kids need now when theirs parents going through this period. goodluck to hrithik and his family. Media should stop making this a big deal with sussans family being their...people have different equations.

The paps and public should back off. Why are they hounding the poor kids and celebrities like this ? It is scary. I understand that public makes or breaks a celebrity, but this is beyond my sense. How can so many people just go so close to someone. Just imagine how scary it is for the little kids and their families. I would be frustrated if someone were to do this to my child.

This whole Hrithik Suzanne thing now kinda seems it was really Suzanne trying to show her father in law that she is in control. Suzanne was prob like "Get me my damn house and move out of your parents place ASAP". She maybe felt suffocated or was just tired of living with her in laws. Who knows. It happens at times. People just have a breaking point.

Hrithik and Suzanne are just taking a mini break from their marriage. Once Hritihik builds their own house and moves in there Suzanne will be back. This picture says that he aint leaving the kids without a mother and neither does Suzannes family seem to have sour relationship with him so it will all be good in the hood in no time lol

A man and father like Hrithik could have avoid the cameras and protect his sons but when he shout out loud he will celebrate his birthday on a yacht it was obviously paparazzis would be there. This is´nt a responsible behave for a loving father but expected from him in his childish thinking. Poor kids!

Hate the paparazzi when they go after kids like this! I mean, its a kid! Give him a break!

Aww how freaking adorable are the kids. Good to see Sussanne's family still supporting Hrithik. God bless them in successfully resloving the issues btw Hrithik n Sussanne.

Nice maasi protecting her nephews

Awww poor kid is covering his face. God bless

Do they want to show us they still like one happy with hrithik wleven after saperate from them sister

Is that kunal kapoor in that pink T-shirt?

Kunal's girlfriend is Abhishek bachchan's cousin.

Yes that is Kunal Kapoor! Behind him is Prashant Issar, who along with Kunal is Hrithik's best friend unlike the general media perception that some actor is his best friend. These people have always stood by Hrithik and will always will.

Glad to see sussane' s family still in good terms with hrithik.. I really wish them to sort out their issues and get back together coz no one can be as good parents to these beautiful kids as their own parents..

Gosh why isn't Farah letting go of Hrehaan's hand so Hrithik can hold him. So much confusion here in these pics.. Looks like Hrehaan is camera shy.


poor kids. give them some space paparazzi

is suzy really worth it? or HR just saving marriage **read alimony**?

Poor son, I dont think he is enjoying himself very much!

I also see the other sister simone and her husband ajay arora. I'd like to think Sussane was also there. I find it strange that all her siblings and kids are there but she is not.

media u are a real freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the poor boy hates the camera...just back off sick people

Hrithik's son looks distressed poor kid

This just makes Suzzanne look guilty. If her family is still so close to Hrithik than it must be her fault that the marriage fell apart

They are just being nature and making the kids are comfortable . That's the right thing to do. It's not about who's at fault

Don't speculate. Just leave them alone. Additional pressure doesn't help anyone. As for you, do something nice on a weekend rather than judging other people.

Glad to see you are doing something so damn productive with your life instead

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