Deepika Padukone at IIFA Awards 2013

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Seen here is Deepika Padukone at the IIFA Awards 2013 receiving the best Jodi award with Ranbir Kapoor.

She is in Naeem Khan.

This Day That Year


Deepika looks stunning. The slit in her gown makes pleasing her easy for the men ;)


#1 post is deepika's................wondeful

Mon, 2013-07-08 04:44 — Anonymous i smell jealousy for Deepika here lol. A
sign that she has made into big


1.sach humesha kardva hota hai .

2. Sacchayi chup nahi sakti banavat ke usoolon se aur khushbu aa nahi sakti kagaz ke phoolon se

ie..... Deepika .

Looking gorgeous as usual! And once again this girl is in pinkvillas top spot news story, there's no stopping her!

Lovely Lady :)


i smell jealousy for Deepika here lol. A sign that she has made into big league!:D

she looks absolutely gorgeous!!! Love her gown! I am so happy dat she dint opt for the usual bolly poster-grl kind of dress.. Its edgy and very classy!

She has made her shoulders stiff and is clunching at her award. Very clumsy body language. And she shouldnt open up her mouth so wide while laughing her gums can be seen.

Deepika is currently top of her game.thanks to katrina rejecting all the movies which came and fell in deepikas lap. But interesting would be if she can give a hit with not that big actors support like kat did with mere brother ki dulhan and ajab prem.coz ranbir wasn't that big at ajab prem time. If ramleela becomes a hit .than deepika will surely get some credibility. Till than keeping my fingers crossed. I am a katrina fan :).. love kat.

she looks why this award goes to her and Ranbir.YJHD is a 2013 movie.

Deepika has paid to get this award.

oh come on...the year hasnt even finished and they've handed this lameass couple the best jodi award. first of all this show was for the films of 2012, AND why is iifa always so late. 6 months after 2012 ended....nobody cares abt those films anymore yaar!

raanjhanaa and lootera DEFINITELY had better jodi's than that crap excuse for a film yjhd

go deepika go !

Deepika Pyar Karte Hai Ranbir'sa

So she got this award just for being there? YJHD is a 2013 movie. Just lost all respect for IFFA.

Bad dress for a bad actress

Joke of the year

God her dress IS very horrible

She is acting as if she got best actress award . It wad best jodi award. She dint thank jury on behalf of ranbir for the awsrd. She acceptd the award as though she got it for best actress. Mand buddhi. Lol

Worst dressed at iifa goes to deepika. She must have thrown a fit to get this award, else why would she.

Gawd I thot it was another Abu-Sandeep chandelier. Horrible dress

Love her for making it to the top on her own steam and not because of any godfathers or boyfriends.

IIFA is a JOKE......Honestly how can these filmstars accept these awards that are not even credible...YJHD (2013) movie pair getting best jodi award for the awards show honoring movies released in 2012. Pathetic!!

Wait, I thought the awards were for movies released in 2012???



soo pretty


The goddess at her best wwwwwooooww........congratulations her to death

Love it.

she looked amazinggg. would have loved seeing her on the red carpet

Dan Humphrey:--- She is looking OK in this dress. I love/hate deepika so much that if I was acting opposite her in a kissing scene,I would have intentionally kissed her hard causing the director to say cut and shoot the scene numerous times.

Ranbir and Priyanka Ranbir and Deepika, all are good, i watch films when they act together

Her outfit still the show...just like angelina jolie's in oscar.

Deepika receiving the best Jodi award till Ranbir having fun with katrina.

rich chadda looks pissedd off..hehe

love deepika nad her outfit

ummm I'm sorry but Ranbir-Priyanka won best jodi

How come she is receiving awards for jodi this year....films of last year awards were supposed to compete...

GORGEOUS!Why didn't she walk the red carpet?
she was performing also at the event. Maybe that's y she skipped the red carpet

love her outfit.

You are so deserving all more luck to you my deepika

The first pic. When ever derpika presses her lips downwards while smiling she looks under confident as if trying covering up her happiness and dosnt know wht to do her and she even looks older as her cheeks look sagging. A honest opinion. How many would agree?

I think she was preparing for her performance, so she didn't come on the Green carpet. Sad because she looks so so gorgeous :(

Gorgeous as usual! And they def deserved this award, their pairing has the potential to be the next golden Jodi, something we haven't seen since srk/kajol..even ranbir has said on multiple occasions he hopes their pairing becomes the next raj/nargis one

Deepika almost never disappoints me but totally not digging this outfit :(

um... yjhd released only couple of months ago, how can they get awarded now?

She looking abnormal :P

aren't these awards for last yr's movies?!?!? why the heck does she get an award for yjhd? indian awards shows get more and more ridiculous as the years pass by i tell you. just cos she agreed to perform!!
if she wins best actress for yjhd this yr, i'll start hating her (and i don't want that to happen)

Bad angle she looks old in this picture..otherwise always gorgeous

Gorgeous, stunning, talented, well deserve and many more....

uff! she is soo stunning!!!

too bad ranbir is busy romancing kat somewhere in spain...

She was rehearsing til the very end according to my sources ;)

GORGEOUS!Why didn't she walk the red carpet?

Deepika is so beautiful. She totally deserves the award and more.

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