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Not friends but friendly with Kareena: Ileana D'Cruz

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Kareena Kapoor Khan and Ileana D'Cruz were called the new BFFs of B'Town after they shared selfies from the sets of "Happy Ending". However, the latter says that two are not friends but are on friendly terms.

Kareena will be seen playing a cameo in the movie, while Ileana plays the male lead Saif Ali Khan's love interest in the movie.

Talking about Kareena, the "Barfi!" actress said, “I didn’t have any scenes with her unfortunately but she spent some time in Detroit with us and we got to know each other. We bumped into each other during breakfast and it was a really nice atmosphere. We just chatted and she is a very normal person. I love that about her. She has no hang-ups, is simple and I think, she liked the same about me. We got along really well.”

“I don’t know if we are friends because we haven’t spent as much time together. We are definitely very fond of each other as people. She has handled herself very beautifully considering the many year she has been in the industry. I think, I was expecting a different person and was surprised that she is a such a lovely person. I can’t say we are friends but we are definitely friendly,” she added.

“Happy Ending” also features Saif Ali Khan, Kalki Koechlin and Ranvir Shorey. Kareena plays a cameo in the movie. Directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K., it will hit the screens on November 21.

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Basically, she means that she's cordial with Kareena and that she's just an acquaintance. Why over-analyse this so much? Lol

Something definitely happened for her to come out with this statement after they went out of their way to show their closeness a couple months ago. I am very observant and recently I've observed that Kareena seems to be becoming insecure again and back with that antisocial attitude. Also Ileana, whenever she is in pics with Saif, seems to be keeping a distance from him physically and trying not to be too touchy-touchy. It's true, KK is not an easy gal to be friends with!

Obviously, we all know when two actresses get along, others try to create fights and cause misunderstandings. It's good that Ileana and Kareena are friendly with each other and they definitely don't need to shove their friendship down our throats like some other "bff". Kareena knows the nature of this industry and despite having many many friends, she won't call them as friends in public because she understands others create misunderstandings and she doesn't like to show off her friends. She IS friends with Sonam, Katrina, Ileana, Rani, almost all the actors, Arora sisters.

Awww Ileana that's sweet.

Ileana is really talented and beautiful. I hope she doesn't make the same mistake as Asin and Tamannah did. Need to choose different roles rather than glamour heroine in formulated films.

"Not friends but friendly with".Is there a name for this term,Ileana??

uh oh..yeh toh hona hi tha. ab kya kiya tune bebola? poor ileana :(

Ileana showing her true colors

can anyone be friends with kareena kapoor

She said I don't know if we are friends (since they aren't bff's, yet they aren't strangers either). They spent quality time together and used to hang out during the shooting of HE, which is long over. They still interact, but obviously not as much they used to since they are both busy with their respective careers. But their equation is actually what other actresses would call being friends. Some actresses will hang out once during an award show and then they'll get their PR to leak out info saying "yeah we are bff's" "shes like a sister to me" etc. Like Anushka said, friends is a BIG word. You don't just give it out to anyone, despite being friendly and warm with another person. Ileana and Kareena are in that in between stage-not strangers/enemies, yet not entirely friends. Maybe in a few years if they continue to interact and keep in touch, they'll get to that stage and consider each other as friends. Even Kareena only called Amrita Arora her actual friend, and they've known each other for a LONG LONG LONG time. Even Preity and Rani (before the fallout they had) would only say they are friendly with each other, not friends. And about Kareena calling Ileana a long lost sister, she just said it in the heat of the moment. Both had just gotten to know each other, would hang out almost every day (like how everyone does when they just meet someone new, to get to know them better-plus Kareena was on vacation that time and was visiting Saif on the sets of HE so they'd see each other everyday) and accidentally called their new found equations as being "long lost sisters". Plus I don't get why everyone calls Kareena arrogant and that she doesn't get along with anyone. She's friendly with Ileana, Sonam (they text/messange each other almost everyday yet even they don't call themselves as friends), Katrina and the Arora sisters (who she considers her bestfriends). Plus I don't blame her for having a guard and not hanging out with just about anyone. This is Bollywood, not regular life-you can't trust anyone here. Post this PV!

Ileana was sucking up to Kareena for sure but the feeling was not reciprocated :P

Kareena Kapoor's best friend is Kareena Kapoor

Best comment!

Ileana said Kareena was like a long lost sister to her and Kareena had said she always believed that two actresses could never be friends but since meetin Ileana she changed her mind. I guess Ileana stopped cooking food for Kareena, as Kareena only liked Ileana because Ileana would work for her as a cook. This is what Kareena had said back then:

“ I thought it was impossible for two leading ladies to be friends. Now I I don’t feel that.
“I never step into the kitchen. But Ileana spends a lot of time there. Cooking is a passion for her. And she’s a fabulous cook.Just this week she sent me the most mouth-watering chocolate soufflé. I finished off the whole thing on my own.”

Wait, so is Kareena your idol or PC? Your display pic has PC, yet you seem to know more about Kareena then anyone else I know.

Not friends but friendly with Kareena WTH does it mean? I mean you were making dishes for KK, feeding her, spending quality time in her house on sets & now you are suddenly not friends. People did warn you about KK LOL

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