I was offered Guzaarish, Aashiqui 2 & Ram-leela: Imran Abbas

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The Pakistani heart throb Imran Abbas Naqvi is all set for his Bollywood debut 'Creature 3D'. In an interview to Hindustan Times, the young actor talks about missed opportunities and new vistas.

He said, "I was offered the second lead in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Guzaarish and the lead in Mohit Suri's Aashiqui 2, both of which went to Aditya Roy Kapoor. Bhansali had also wanted to launch me in Ram-Leela. But I was tied up in a contract with a production house in Pakistan at the time."

Well, what do you think of that? Giving up top grossing, meaty roles of the biggest banners? Not too smart a move for a newbie, is it?

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Hey guys u should not make fun of him. Anyone can tell that he is better than adi & rs in looks n talent too .....n he's not a fool that he would make such statements without thinking...i really loved his way of talking n responding indian ppl n media...

Lol yeh statement tha...agar ache banner ko reject kiya tho creature movie ko kyu accept kiya

Bituu kon hai yeh admi????

If he had done guzaarish he could not show his talent bcoz this film was flop ashiqui 2 could make his career in bollywood but doing ram role in ramleela he could not have done like ranveer did

LOOOL. if i was him even if i was tied up in some production house i wouldnt let anything stop me

Why is everyone making joke of him here....its so simple...he may had been offered these films but obviously for small side roles....its so obvious that he would have been approached,,,if ever approached,,,it will B of small roles in these movies...like ram s brother or his friend ...aditiya s friend..etc etc...but one thing is clear...so much publicity in just one day that too on PV....good....

I don't think you read his full statement thoroughly. Try again.

Well Imran your are famous on PV look everyone is commenting

Haha. You so funny. Lmfao

as a newcommer if i was a producer i would select him over ranveer and aditia for 1000 percent. the reason people insulting this poor guy is that those two are already stars ...i mean compare his face with ranveer face ..and oh everyone lies go to helll guys ..be fair and honest..aditia was a flop until good role came and nobody knew who he is before and everyone was asking about adi chopra iq for casting ranveer..if the this guy can act and good role come his way then he can bigger than those two with his good looks and charm...

Yes, because according to your logic being fair and good looking = being talented. Please come out of your 16th century thoughts and realize the fact that it is talent that matters in the end and not fair skin. I've seen him in the promos of Creature 3D and that song "Saawan" and all I could see was white painted piece of wood dancing frolicking around. He's nothing in front of Aditya Roy Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. Both Adi and Ranveer have proved their mettle in the industry with films like Aashiqui 2, RL, Lootera, BBB etc. Compare the debut films of Adi and Ranveer with Imran and then talk.

When I was 4 years old, Adi came to me & offered me leading role in DDLJ. I said no & Simran was played by Kajol.

Talking about movies u never did ? Female Kareena there you go!

people people ...the guy is good looking and maybe talented(we still don't know )and for those ranveer fans ...it seems memories are so short ..everybody made fun of adi chopra for casting him and many hated him in beginning but he was good very good..for sure if i was maker and looking for new faces among aditia and ranveer and this guy then i would would select him ...lets face it ..those two are not even half of this guy in look department and nobody knows if they make it or not ..and he wouldn't make a that big lie ...and surely sanjay leela and karan select this guy over those two other dudes(we know this very well guys) ...some people are funny ..

Who the heck is he ??

Open your eyes and search Google.

and how do you all know he wasn't offered those films? i don't think he would say it if it wasn't true, he wouldn't risk to be called ridiculous, since any producer or director of those films would be able to deny his statement.

because these big banner producers won't waste their time clarifying news for this whover/whatever actor that came from no where. They'll let him have his delusional moment.

Why is he talking about this? for importance? RamLeela was just right with RS and this statement might make him gather more haters. Be careful Imran II.

Thank you.. Thank you... For not spoiling all those wonderful movies and for sparing us.. We got to see aditya ..Thank you..

All the movies are offered to him before any other actor in Bollywood , didn't y'all know!

If they broke off how will the movies happen?

Awwww ale ale.....Khisiyaani billi khambha noche !!!


i was offered the godfather,avatar; interstellar;inception but did deshdrohi


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...biggest joke of the year

Guzarish and ramleela. Bhansali got rejected twice?! Phir toh Karan johar aur adi chopra ka toh koi chance hi nahi banta boss!

You don't say?

Turning down SLB twice... why would you do that?!

Toh Main Nachu

the comments on this thread, with the inherent sarcasm, are most excellent! made me laugh out loud for quite a while. still laughing!

right, and I'm Oprah Winfrey. Please spare us. We know these tricks, of name dropping and attention grabbing headlines to be in the news, especially during promotion time for a film.

I think I did hear some rumours of Aashiqui 2, but HELL NO was he ever offered Ranveer's role from Ramleela. Ranveer was confirmed for it since day 1 since Kareena was on board. This guy never came into the picture.

I am not defending him but in one interview he had said second lead in ramleela.

A.k.a KKK in making

Took words right out of my mouth.

Showing off? Pffft.

I don't think he meant Ranveer's role in Ram-Leela. He probably meant one of the supporting actors. Probably one of Leela's brothers

He was probably offered one of the supporting roles in Ramleela, but purposely didn't identify which role so people assume it was the male lead. This way, he is telling the truth (since he was offered the film) so nobody can get mad at him, but the public will think it's the lead since he didn't clearly state which role.

In zindagi tv launch he had said second lead in ramleela im not sure about this interview. You can watch on youtube.

I was also offered to replace the queen of England! Time kiske paas hai?

Oho bachara Imran! Well atleast you bagged the Creature.

Awww that's too bad. BTW, who is he?

EPIC comment.

Seriously who is he? i generally dont like too pretty boys. Aditya roy kapoor is the definition of handsome.

This pretty boy can act unlike a very handsome no doubt but can't emote Aditya Roy Kapur. Waiting for the down votes now lol. Watch dil-e-muztar, hum tv drama serial.

I am dating Ranveer Singh !

Poor you!

Yeah! And I was offered the crown to be Miss Universe !

Why not add YJHD and CE while you are at it?


Along with them two,he was also offered dhoom3, krish 3 , kick, bang bang, PK, shuddhi and all future untitled ones. Some he rejected and some he will reject in future. Just letting you know in advance.

Refused A grade projects for a B grade debut... Okayy

Huge mistake dude. HUGE.


Liar. That was offered to me.

Both of you are lying !! IT WAS ME WHO REJECTED JAB WE MET!!!! :D

All three of you are liars. Kareena didn't reject this one then how come you were offered it? Hahah

Who is he again? -___- kuch bhi....

I dont think he could have done those roles better than Aditya and Ranveer.

Stephen Spielberg had also offered this guy a movie but alas! some threw water on his face and asked him to wake up. Of all the roles offered to this guy, he chose Creature 3D? He has the second lead here as well as the movie is about a creature not him. :) C'mon, wake up and smell the roses.

seriously would have loved seeing anyone than ranveer for ram leela. he just was the weakest link in my opinion while Deepika was shinning with her acting, showing she has grown has an actor.

He would have been the perfect choice for Ram in Ramleela. Ranveer Singh ruined that character & that film with his ultra high voltage overacting. He would have been a great choice for Ashiqui2 as well. Adi was very good though :)

LOL You must be Imran Abbas himself :P

No I am not. Wondering what made you think like that.

your comment bollydeewana..............lolzzzzzzz

Seriously, who is this guy Imran Abbas? Directors wont make the mistake of casting such unknowns in big budget flicks like Ram Leela and Aashiqui 2 , this is a PR ploy

Nobody knew Adi before Ashiqui2. He had played cameo roles/2nd fiddles to Akki, Sallu & HR before. Mohit Suri gave him a big break with Ashiqui2. I think he was perfect in that role.

He surely couldnt have pulled out Ram Leela. He doesnt have the raw look. Ranveer was perfect.

LOL sure Imran!

If he's a big star in his country , it would not be wise (from a professional point of view) to accept 2nd lead roles here . Was he supposed to do Ranveer's role opposite Kareena in Ram Leela (when she was to be Leela) or do Leela's brother's role?

ohhh plzzzzz...u didnt do the movies so stop looking for attention by saying their names!!

Correction: Aashiqui 2, Guzaarish and ACTION REPLAY :P

By the way, who are you ???

I can maybe see him play the lead in Ashiqui 2-- maybe. But Ram, hell no. Ranveer was born for that role. And this dude went from Ashiqui 2 and Ram Leela to this shady Creature film? Yeah, right *rolling eyes*

Baaki film'on ka naam bhi batade !!!

I don't think I could see him play any of those roles... Certainly not Ram! Lol but that's because Ranveer was so convincing.

Ok u don't even do the debut and already started!!!!!!kuch bhi Hun??????

2nd lead in Guzarish? LOL .... Anyways Creature 3D sure looks like the winning move, well done. I'm sure you'll make more intelligent decisions in the future. Maybe you can turn down Raju Hirani for Remo.

Lmao, gotta love your sarcasm !

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