Imran Khan & Aamir Khan at Imran's Mehndi Ceremony

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Aamir & Kiran at Imran-Avantika Mehndi ceremony
Venue : Aamir Home, Bandra, Mumbai, Friday night


he is ruining his life by marrying her. she does not deserve him. she used to date ranbir kapoor before she met imran

Contrary to some of the other comments I think Ms Rao looks 'tres chic'. Loving the chinos and the bias cut top.

Wow, i had no idea she was a wealthy heiress! hmm...

they look cute. avantika looks better in simple Indian clothes

I actually like the height diffrence between Imran and Avantika
they are soo cute togther!.... i never understad what Kiran wears :s
now she needs a stylist!

How old is avntika?

Avantika and Imran are a very nice pair. Though, Aamir and Kiran aren't even properly dressed for a such a big event! He's getting married tomorrow, after all!!!

for lord's sake it was a wedding.. cant Kiran Rao for once stop trying to be "different" by wearing horrendous clothes?
and aamir's face is like forever frozen LOL and he looks drunk bigtime

The girl is the only daughter of Vandana Malik ( owner of studio 18 and many Indian channels). Her net worth is almost 300 crores etc.. Guy is too clever... He is not shariff.. He knew right from the beginning he has to win the lotto that was this avantika malik.

what imran is doing in 1st pic , is he holding something under his shirt............he he he amir looks oldy

what imran is doing in 1st pic , is he holding something under his shirt............he he he amir looks oldy

what imran is doing in 1st pic , is he holding something under his shirt............he he he

Imran looks like James Lafferty .

What did Imran see in this little shorty......though she looks nice here for once.

yukh what the hell kiran is wearing. she looks like a dumbo. what a cute couple imran and avantika make

Loving Avantika's outfit,really suits her.

wish them happiness, love couple

aww.. such a cute pair !.. wish thm good luck .. and not a bad married life as amir .. but omg ... his wife KIRAN .. cant she wear something appropriate !!.. its a mehndi ceremony .. god .. amir please buy a sensible styler for your wife with all tht money tht your earned frm 3 idiots and all lyour hit films...

they both look gr8

But at the same time some of her fotos makes me think what if she didnt have that color.The magic of fair skin.

Have a happy married lfe

Avantika is joining the family perfect match for kiran they both have horrible fashion sense. Sad part is both ladies are pretty and seems smart why can't they dress up properly.

imran is sooo much taller than her....cute lol.

imran looks sooo cute. ahhh i cant believe his gettin married.....i wanted to marry him...hes the perfect guy. lol
well best of luck to him.

Lol Imrans head is so big!

They all look grt!!

Imran and Avantika look nice! WTH is Kiran wearing. She would look better just wearing Aamir's clothes.

i wonder wr dos kiran buy her clothes dey r alwaz sooooo different dey suit her

please imran u have 1 more day to decide dont do this 2 urself

How does she manage to make herself look so so.... whats the word -CRAP! All the time?
But on the plus side at least her fake boobs arent on display this time.

avantika and imraan are looking so cute!!!

Aamir is looking like a stud...really hot. I am loving this hairstyle of Kiran.

Imran's wife is gorgeous.

they look sooo cute :)

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