Irrfan to star opposite Aishwarya in her comeback movie

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Irrfan Khan has been roped in to star opposite Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Sanjay Gupta’s “Jazbaa”. The movie marks the actress’ comeback.

According to Times Of India, Aishwarya will essay a lawyer in the movie, while Irrfan will play a suspended cop, who has problems with authority.

This will be Aishwarya’s first stint as a lawyer.

“Jazbaa” is said to go on floors in January 2015.

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This should be good. Aish's bad days must be here if she has to act opposite no name actors.

u need a reality check!

Good cast.

Ash is one of the mos talented leading ladies.Irrfan is a great actor.John is strictly okay,but did good in Madras Cafe,SAW.

Great team I must say!

Aishwarya and Irrfan are great actors.cannot wait!Lucky irrfan to be working with the biggest superstar of India-Aishwarya rai.

If john is considered a bad actor then so is aishwarya even though her star status is high shes only for looks.

Keep burning.

Aishwarya is no good at acting she just has the looks and thats a fact !!!!

Good casting.

When are they gonna come with an original script that is not a remake of an old Hindi movie, remake of an English movie, adaptation of a book, adaptation of a book by Shakespeare, a biopic. Where is the originality people!!!!Even Hollywood is going crazy with remakes of action movies or same Sci-Fi story. (enough of transformers n spiderman n batman too) I think Queen was the last good original movie I watched with good acting,direction n script.


I cannot wait for the movie release...poor Ash fans are gonna have to deal with another FLOP "the worst and the most disappointing movie of the year will be this one.. alas the only saving grace is Irfhan ..why did the guy agree to work with her?poor judgement !!

Hope Irrfan is paid 80% of movie's budget to star opposite Ash.

wooww that is gggreat news.Irrfan is very talented.Cannot wait to see two extremely talented actors together.

GUYS!!!!It is an official remake of Korean thriller film "SEVEN DAYS" and hollywood's Summit entertainment is producing it.Just read it on twitter.Yay!!
Just read the is a super role.

Awesome! I really wanted to see Irrfan with Aish in a movie someday. Nice casting. Aish as a lawyer will be interesting as well as I'm huge Suits fan at the moment.

I like Irrfan a lot but what wants he in a movie with Ash? How much money they give him?

Apparently it's a remake of South Korean film '7 days'...!

Great actor with a non-actor...

We know Aishwarya is a great actor but Irfan is not a non-actor, he's the best actor in India today.

Love the fact that am Aish fan

Absolutely love that

looking forward to it

great jodi to watch... something different...

can't wait to see this film...

make a quick comeback ASH...

India's Most Wanted

2 Hotties

A Woman of Substance!

That photo of her is breath taking O.O and good luck to both of them :)

your breath is easily taken then..

Fingers crossed!It should get all the acclaim and hope it is a blockbuster.

Hell excited!!Hope gupta does justice to the subject.He has got a great cast.

top popular 3 actress like priyanka, deepika and aishwarya pair with irfan khan. he is luck and he looked handsome from gunday.

Great choice,irrfan-ash are gonna be amazing.Doubt any of the comeback heroines will get such an exciting yet big(being produced by an international production house) project.Ash will always remain at the top,no matter what!

Ahhh!!that is so exciting.Aishwarya with Irrfan,John..nice cast.Cannot wait for this film.Looks intriguing!
Always wanted to ash as a lawyer.she can totally nail it!But isn't there also lot of action scenes?Kinda confused.

Queen bee is back.Irrfan is a great choice,well done Gupta.Now can we know the name of the original film and who is the hollywood house producing it?Eagerly waiting to know.

Great newss!!

Can't wait!!

Johnny bravo whoooooo

Ash surprises you the most when you don't expect it. I never thot she would do a film like this. It could do really great for her career. Not her fan, but exciting to have her back. Good luck!

Waiting eagerly

I am happy for Irfaan. He is the most talented khan.

Everybody lets all have a two minuite silent cus john is in the movie 'sarcasm' hahaha

i thought it was an remake of salt. what kind of action stunt can a lawyr do

do not blame others for your thoughts. who told you it is a remake of salt? no one from the production house said it is. so wait till there is an official announcment before you post your comment.


Everything is perFect. Just change that loud mouth director. I don't how Ash'll be able to work with him.

Good choice

Aishwarya is playing the role of a lawyer, Irfaan suspended Cop, John Abraham Gangstar.


Love the pic of Aish. India most beautiful

Queen BB is surely back

I like the fact that, Aish always goes for promising and respectable role. Hope is not 10 or 20 minute role.

The film is about AISHWARYA.The movie revolves around her.

Go Queen Ash!!!!!!!Cannot wait to know about the original film.

that is the best news of the month.looking forward to this film!Inshaalah,it will be a superhit

Queen of indian cinema!


set my expectations really high now.ash and irrfan are gonna rock.amazing actors

First the gorgeous Deepika and now the most beautiful woman in the world.Great going irfan.He is the most talented khan for sure.

1.The biggest female star of India makes a comeback with this one.
2.She plays a lawyer and will be seen doing stunts.She is the main protagonist of the film.
3.Hollywood stunt director roped in.
4.Remake of an international hit film.
5.A big hollywood production house is producing it.
6.John Abraham will play gangster.
7.Irrfan Khan will be playing an important role.
8.Kahaani director sujoy ghosh is working on the script.


yiiiipppppppppppieee..First john and now irrfan roped in for Aishwarya rai's Jazbaa.Always wanted her to play a lawyer..cannot wait!

world awaits the queen's return.Will watch it 100 times.

Queen of Indian cinema is back!!I love it that she turned down that stupid role in HNY.This looks like a great role and hope it becomes a blockbuster.If there is one woman who can kick butts,it is Ash!GO GIRL.

blockbuster on its way.

That is the best news..All my wishes getting granted.Ash-John and now Ash-Irrfan in one frame.

This will be the biggest surprise package..afterall QUEEN OF INDIAN CINEMA is returning!

Wah Irfan first Deepika then Aishwarya. Kya bat hai. Lucky guy

hope this film releases soon by next year itself...

Most awaited film if 2015.Wait and watch..this will surprise everyone.

unique combination.. hope it works...

Will be the biggest female film..Queen aishwarya..amazing irrfan!!Also john is a bad role

A big hollywood production house is debuting in India with this will know soon!

Oh,thank God

Hahaha to the losers who thought john was replaced ROFL.

Ash, is also in the movie.Niiiceee!

This is gonna be great..Ash will rock and how!!Irrfan is very talented...would love to see him with ash.

For the two non actors they had to get an actor.

good one

Queen is gonna rock it with this one.Love that irrfan is cast opposite,he is so talented.Also John.Great combo!

Good thing that irrfan is getting his due in prominent films and not only artsy ones.First Deepika and now aishwarya,that will b great.Anyways,most excited to see the empress ash back on the screen.Lawyer??Can't wait to see that.

no one cares bachchan bahu as you imagine...sure the co star hardly found...i wonder if she accepted any roles without secure surname ...maybe loreal even fired her so farewell to cannes may e longines so everything is just policy...had ash been talented she would have shined abroad however she couldnt go further modelling for longines loreal and participating shows which are arranged with so much money...anyway nature of industry smile rather than idiotic attacks...

Hatred or jealousy is indeed a disease to man health, your comment has no permanent stand. what has this post got to do with Loreal and logine? We fans thank god she isn't doing Masala movie 20 minute role or riding on Khans or Devgans to save her career, Don't be panic, she will rule again no matter what. So keep Calm and wait for more pains. Keep suffocating. power to Aish

Wow.Two actors opposite Aishwarya...the talented irrfan and sexy john.getting biggger and better!Plus,it is an international film and has Sujoy ghosh writing the script.BEST COMEBACK EVER!Good thing,she turned down small roles in hny,mohenjodaro etc...this looks like a great role and has a good cast.

that is greeeeeeeeatttt news.
Two international and talented actors together!

He is not opposite her,I think.Both John and irrfan play important roles,but don't think they are romantically paired.Would totally love Ash-john though,so hot.Irrfan and Ash are very talented,can't wait!

Will be the biggest ever female oriented film.Ash is the biggest female star of Indian cinema. #EXCITEDASHELL

How is it a female oriented film?

Are you sleeping?It has been always mentioned that it is a female oriented film.

"There is no romantic track in the film. The film primarily revolves around the protagonist(aishwarya) and her fight against the system"

Queen is BACK!Irrfan is great actor.He and Ash will be amazing.

Now cannot wait to know the name of the hollywood production house which will be producing it.

Will be superhit!!Cannot wait for it.Ash is play the leading strong protagonist and a lawyer by profession.Irrfan and John playing supporting male leads.YAHOOO!!This will set new standards.

Queen will be back to claim her throne.Cannot wait!Most awaited film.

So many people burning hearing this news. Sanjay Gupta must be doing something right LOL

when people say things like ""ash is talented or Katrina is talented". It shows people celebrate mediocrity. You CANNOT say these people are talented. They are gorgeous as hell, but talent??? C'mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Queen Aishwarya!!Totally into casting the super-talentled irrfan and the gorgeous john in supporting roles.YAY

Two super-talented actors together.This film looks more awesome with every news piece.GO ASH!!This is gonna be epic.


Ash is in the main role.Irrfan and John Abraham in supporting roles.YAY!


Aishwarya is the queen!!!!!CANNOT WAIT.It is gonna be blockbuster

Imran is doing movie with Deepika, aishwarya. Aishwarya hi ish hai.

Relax ppl...irrfan dong it for the Major paycheck he was paid
Ash: doing it for hopes of hollywood films through irrfan
Sanjay : doing it for money Ash paid him.. to make movie with her.

r u producing the movie!!!!


no more masala films for Aish. now more serious roles fit to her age.

This is gonna be one baddddddd movie! I pity irrfan khan for taking up this role. As beautiful as ashwarya is, she is gonna be terrible doing action scene. I cringe at the thought of 'suneri from andheri' from dhoom 2. That was soooooooooo embarrassing
She should just stick to devdas n jodha type of roles. Not action. Never..

lol.u urself contradicting urself. jodha Akbar had one of the best fight scene BTW aishwarya & hrithik

Mayb u haven't watched her doing action in Jodha-Akbar or even Raavan. I doubt Gupta to extract the best of her talent like Ashutosh or Mani Sir, but still i m keeping my hopes alive for the script by Sujoy.

What she did in jodha Akbar can't be called action as it didn't even last five minutes. I couldn't get myself to watch raavan cause the promos didn't look enticing enough. Its really surprising that after all the talk about various famous directors approaching her for her comeback.. She chose sanjay Gupta! The only movie of hers which actually moved me is hum dil. She is wayyyy too dainty to do kickass action moves. You need someone sporty like a deepika or someone like that. Anyway its too soon to say I guess. Not looking forward to this at all.

Lol..go watch the last legion thn..BTW in that jodha Akbar scene she moved like a real princess(gutsy.powerful)

Fight choreographer DION LAM(Spider-man 2, The
Matrix 1, 2 and 3) - “Aishwarya is faster than any
other actress I’ve ever taught. Very smart and
intelligent. If she does action films, she will
become a true super-hero.”

Jesus Christ! Last legion? I wonder how many people actually watched that. Am sure you loved her in pink panther too :D.. Whatever the fight choreographer said... It shows that wasn't true. Cause she didn't do action movies. Can't believe you keep bringing up jodha Akbar. When you talk action.. Think Jolie in tomb raider. Think jennifer Lawrence in X men. Think matrix. Now think about ashwarya. Can't even compare

What exactly is your poInt? Dropping Hollywood names for the heck of it?? Aishwarya is by far the only actress who can pull of an action role in Bollywood. Your ignorance of sidelining Jodha Akbar and Last legion because the action was not long enough or the film didn't do well enough for your consideration is as pathetic as your ludicrous comparisons of Aishwarya with Hollywood actresses. Yes we keep bringing up Jodha Akbar because what she did in that movie is superb! A sift smooth sword fight, staying true to her Character, a royal Princess. If you were expecting full on jumps and lifts to appeal to your overly hyped innuendo on action, you should think that she was playing a rajput Princess, it had to be classy. You wanna see her raw moves WATCH LAST KEGION!! Irrespective of whether or not the movie did wellher action scenes are jaw dropping. Her moves are rythemic and her delivery of action flawless. Don't be hasty to disregard good action because of a movies fate at the BO or because you simply do t like an actress, everyone has highs and lows in life. Academy award winning Jennifer Lawrance was rejected when she auditioned for the role of Bella in Twilight, can you beat that? Jennifer Lawrance lost out to the O! So dainty Kristen Stewart, it happens, deal with it. (PS: we have a lot of Hollywood knowledge as well but there is relevance factor to consider before just blabbering away)

Since so many people are bringing up the last legion, I actually watched it last night to see what the big deal was.. And all I can say is that it shows when you are a fan of an actor you turn a blind eye to their flaws. Your entire argument was based on that movie?!?!!I don't even know what to say anymore. And also when people bring up Hollywood movies as reference.. Not everyone is trying to show off. . its hilarious how everyone gets so sentimental about references .'we have a lot of Hollywood knowledge as well" :D. :D no one said you didn't :D. I was comparing good action stunts to bad ones.

You should stick to hollywood movies then!

Yes, we loved Aishwarya in pink panther for her villianous act. And we dont need to compare her to hollywood babes to know how great an ACTor she is. The way u choose to ignore what the fight choreographer says, just shows how jealous u r of Aishwarya.

Uffff.. Let's just say I appreciate people who do a good job and you guys like people who just look pretty. Peace out!

no main stream actor wanted to act with aishwarya as they were aware this is her comeback movie so she will be hogging all the limelight.

Oh no! Why Irfan why? Don't be a part of a venture where you will not get any credit. You are such a good actor. Aish is going to take all the limelight, well, she doing it even before the film has gone on floors. Imagine when the promotion begins & after the film is released!

I always wanted to see irffan with on one movie that really a great news..john and irrfan and ash in one movie now am rellly cant wait to see this movie

January2015?... oh I can not wait any more.

ASH will play a lawyer... intresting...

dying to see ASH come back to film soon..

can't wait to see this film go on floor soon..

wow great news.. so is jhon also acting in this film or not...???

Its a bad idea for him to work Sanjay Gupta and then you have Aishwarya Rai trying to regain a footing and desperately trying to be relevant once again. Its just a bad mix for him. Hopefully it doesn't materialize like how Ifran was supposed to do Alibaug which never got made by Gupta thankfully. Irfan should stay away from this, I mean this Gupta dude now directs bums like Vivek, Tusshar, Sikander and its not by choice either. Irfan is above the entire cast and crew so he should stick to his kind of cinema and avoid this by all means.

This is the most talented KHAN of india

Now this makes me excited for the film.

Irrfan ki toh aish hi aish hai! lol :P

I think you mean aish ki toh aish hi aish hai... Irfans more talented

I think I know what "I" mean. Just because I said that, it doesn't necessarily mean that I was saying 'Irfan is LESS talented' than Aish. Jeez. Don't just comment for the sake of commenting.

... Wasn't it John Abraham? Are there two male leads? Or has John been replaced? I'm confused...

John is playing a supporting role in this movie. Idk WHY it was overhyped to such extent.

Ever since the story has been out they have always mentioned about two male leads.

it looks like both..sanjay confirmed both of them... Sujoy ghosh is writing screen play... n I heard some Hollywood production is producing it!!!

much better than john!

wow!!! suddenly...m all excited for this one... go Aishwarys

Wow!! This film keeps getting bigger and better.


Now people are definitely gonna watch is for Irrfan.

It's going to be a flop anyway.

start dancing then!!! y wasting ur time commenting!!!

Goodluck to irfan. I feel bad for him being part of a flo movie!

Movie sounds soo boring. What a let down of a come back for aishwarya.

I want them to have INTENSE ATTRACTION

Wow!! Aishwarya with Irrfan and John... this is just getting bigger and better :) :)

Irfan is doing Piku with Deepika this year.

Irfan is one lucky guy, First Priyanka, then Deepika and now the Queen of All Hearts Aishwarya!

Aww, your love for all things PC is cute, but it's the other way around. THEY are lucky to work with him, because he IS the most acclaimed indian actor worldwide. Irfan doesn't work in movies he doesn't believe in & he is the best Khan in Bollywood.

Well audience like myself who appreciate a good movie will say these ladies are lucky to have had the opportunities to work with a talent powerhouse Irfan Khan. He is so good at his job that it doesn't look like he is acting, he is a rare commodity in Bollywood full of "Star" actors rather than "Act

comeback or don't comeback, don't care too much ..she's never been a good actor from the start!

Now I am more interested

Interesting.....change the director and I'm all for it.

its a new high for Irrfan or new low for Aish?

Yeah, it's not Irrfan's worked with internationally acclaimed casts or Oscar-nominated movies...

Dream casting.


Yessss! Awesome news about Irrfan. But she is playing a laywer? That's interesting, she's supposed to also be doing some action and stunts... hmmm... Can't wait for this one! :)

Aishwarya rai bachchan doing stunts hahahahha already sounds like a diaster

Oh look it's my shadow creeper. But what's a diaster?

Can't wait

YEAH!!!!! I KNEW her comeback role would be a meaty well thought role. But not even in my wildest dreams did I think it would be a dream casting like this for me. I wanted to see them together on screen for the longest time. Good things do happen for those who can wait!


Good news.

Great choice! Can't wait already!

Ash please sign a big bolly movie so we can see you dance again!

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