"Hai Junoon" Remix Music Video from NEW YORK

Video,john abraham,Katrina Kaif,NEW YORK,Neil Nithin Mukesh
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katrina is crazy in this video
probably why i love her so much

oh god, i heard this song and thought it was so rubbish!!!! hate the cast, songs and the look of the movie, hope it bombs at box office. Katrina cannot act and she needs someone to coach her on everything from doing dialogues to facial expressions. Watch out Kuti Kat Kareena is going to blow everyone away in Kambaqt ishq!!!

what an adorable video! They're having a blast together! I have to say John and Katrina... I can see where the rumours come from, that's some smoking natural chemistry right there!

lol this song is stuck in my head
i keep singing it
i love love love love love love this song

hai janoon is stuck in my mind
i was in class and i was hummin the song

its cool
i loved it

woah loved it
they were awesome
loved katrina's cute expressions

awesome i love it katrina is beautiful

katrina and john chemistry makes me ackward, i mean this is not exciting like kajol and srk in kkhh and they look more older than the characters. john and kat only know how to smile thats it. i mean the whole video they only smiling which makes them to look dumbs. :P

wow wow awesome loved loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ittttttt

omg this is just so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

i liked it
it was awesome
i loved the song
katrina was looking beautiful, john was hot as usual and neil - omg soo cute

fantastic moves and song was superb
kat looked beautiful
i cn't believe someone can be this cute and have so many wonderful expressions
its gonna be a good movie

Wow awesome!
No words really. Katrina, John & Neil are fabulous.
Katrina rocked!

katto is coming across as such a fakester pretending 2 b all cute n pretty.. trying too hard..

WTF!! Why the american flag?? Katrina looks too old for this?? Looks like a no brainer

lol.. Katrina shouldnt act all bubbly and cute.. she is coming off as being FAKE!! lolz.. i hate her character! but but i love both John and Neil.. they are adorable :D

Loved it! So young and peppy! They are all having a blast - specially John & Katrina!

Loved it! So young and peppy! They are all having a blast!!! Specially John & Katrina!

totally copyin the Avril lavigne look. bollywood needs originality...whic it never had and never will...wit a verrrrry few exceptions.

Anonymous on Wed, 2009-06-10 22:05

HAHA I totally agree with you on EVERYTHING! cheesy!
&& omg John and Kat look so adorable! they are so hot together!

i agree srkajol

i hate katrina's look in this this movie!!!

lol tomboy role doesn't suit katrina at all.

they are having so much fun together!

@Razmo haha if you're referring to her jumping on his back like twice in the vid I was thinking that maybe she only did that to him (and not Neil) because Neil more than likely wouldn't be able to support her as well...
just to put this out there, I do NOT hate Neil or Katrina or John or whatever. in fact, I love all of them. that's just an amusing thought I had.
can't wait for the movie! this vid was kinda cheesy and I think the actual song will be better than the remix but still love it nonetheless!


The movie seems to be good
I like the three they seem to get along well and the remix is good too
Katrina and John seem to get along VERY well...

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