Kajol's Hello! photoshoot

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Here is Kajol's photoshoot for the Hello! magazine where she featured in the cover for the November 2013 issue. Kajol looks gorgeous, doesn't she?

Credits :FB

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so cute

LOvely! Natural.

She looks gorgeous!

Gosh!! she looks very veryyy beautiful


wooow ...kadsooo looks amazingly gorgeoussssss !!!! ♥

really nice!!

She is stunningly beautiful. Fantastic pictures

all pics are stunning

kajol looks amazing

It's true, Kajol is known for her powerhouse performance. It doesn't matter what she wears. She's a living legend.

anyway kajol looks really great in all pics

Some people just want to see the negative comments about the stars here ! It's interesting ! actually kinda weird for me :s

I see less photoshop than the other photoshoot !
she 's not thin here too ...she has a normal body ...Not fat , not thin
actually i like the fact that They did not clean her eye brow with photoshop ...its also great

Thu, 2013-11-07 08:21 — BeingDabangg
NewBeingDabangg's picture
I see her and i just think of tanisha. But looking good


This comment is EXACTLY why Tanisha went to the Big Boss house. Congrats Tanisha you are back in business.

its okay if Kajol sins, somehow she makes up with her talent and damn-care attitude. Why should a heroine be threat to the industry...she should contribute positively and leave behind a legacy..Kajol's done that already. I bet even if today she comes back , she will sweep mass & critical appreciation alike.

Sorry but I find Kajol thin. She's not size zero, one must admit this and she was never. She has 2 kids and no surgery. She takes care of what she eats and does daily workouts. I think she has a fantastic figure and weight for her age.

Everyone's pictures are photoshopped, I don't understand why people complain. Pictures of even perfect deepika, priyanka and ash are photoshopped. That's normal, so why the fuss? Nobody says that these pics are not. At pinkvilla people usually write nasty things about every actress.

I want her to make a movie where she looks this glamorous. Then, another one where she doesn't have make-up like a movie a la Nandita Das, another one with SRK or Aamir.

Beautiful! But I don't like what they've done to her skin, it looks waxy

So let me get this straight: it's okay if Kajol is photoshopped. It's okay if Kajol is whitened. It's okay if Kajol isn't thin. It's okay if Kajol isn't working on any movies but her PR time is obviously still working hard. It's okay if Kajol's looks are flawed. It's okay if Kajol is arrogant, or makes silly statements.

None of the above would bother me because I actually like Kajol but if ANY other actress did any of this, the comments section would be filled with people complaining about her, when in reality, Kajol is one of the biggest offenders. So she gets away with it, but no one else does? Hypocrisy at its finest. I guess you guys only criticize the people who still pose a threat in the industry.

Lol ...why so much jealousy of her ? that's kajol for you ! and her fans for you ! ha ha ! XD

Kajol is not known/famous for her beauty and neither has she banked on it like many bollywood queens by being an arm candy or glamorous. She is famous for her performances and spontaneity on screen. She receives a lot of criticism if she does not give a good performance. People don't really scrutinize her appearance that much because that is not what she has built her career on.

The others haven't built their career solely upon that either. Your argument is essentially that because they're better looking, they should be held to a higher standard? They've even shown more versatility than her.

It's really ridiculous how hypocritical that is.

If you followed Kajol career you would know Kajol has been like this since her Bazigar days you are now complaining because other stars are getting criticized while Kajol doesn't get the hate like others. Kajol has always been like this throughout her career she never has been the sweet loveable heroine. She is arrogant and tell it like it is you take it or you leave but that is Kajol for you. Her personality never changed throughout her career and a great thing is she has the talent to back up her attitude and words.

Others are better looking than her? they are more versatile than her? And you "actually like Kajol" ?... Yeah nice try hater!


I see her and i just think of tanisha. But looking good

when did she have arms so thin????? photoshopped......

Kajol looks simply stunning !

love u kajol ...ur the best

Gorgeous, beautiful kajol !
yeah she gets better with age :)

Gorgeous, beautiful, amazing Kajol! She's the best in all aspects.

One of those women who gets better with age she looks stunning.

see her as tanisha sister now..!!!uggghhh thanks BB7 making me dislike her!!!


She should have flashed her billion dollar smile too aah :)

Stunning woman.

she looks amazingly great..:):)

GORGEOUS eyes. still rocking that unibrow. lol .

It's strange to see Kajol be all over the place. Something she didn't care about when she was in the race. No doubt that she looks immensely beautiful post this much needed glamorous make-over. However, I fail to understand what makes her do all of this?


i just dont understand why she doesnt get her eyebrows done :S

Stunning! So natural....u can see all the flaws in the feature yet so beautiful.

Big nose!

Thanks for publishing it Now

Kajol looks gorgeous

she looks stunning in all

she looks fab & beautiful

wow ! all pics are great !
I love the fisrt one (sexy eyes ) and that one she has bitten her hand ! XD
This is the 3th cover of kajol In the year ...its amaziiiiiing !

beautiful face lines and features

come on kajol's upperarms can never be this thin. Just because its Kajol everyone's gushing about the shoot. I can imagine the kind of comments garnered by Aishwarya or Kareena whose photoshop jobs are always the subject of much scrutiny and ridicule.

you can see less photoshop than the other photoshoot !
I think its a great photoshoot because of less photoshop ...she 's not thin here too ...she has a normal body ...Not fat , not thin

She looks beautiful, especially in the 3rd and 4th pics.

Kajol is already a legend, even with less movies than others. Everyone has her own space and she's definitely on top. Imagine she had done more movies and had not rejected all the good offers...

Love love love....


beautiful specially the 3rd pic♥

stunning stunner wowsss... and the saree look! fab

Not really sure it's a compliment to her to point out that she rejected a ton of roles that went on to become hits when her own filmography is so weak.

Besides, these women ^^ made those movies what they are. They're THEIR movies. No one cares that Kajol rejected them, every actress rejects films. You think this makes her look better but it really doesn't.

she is still a legend ...and about Dil To Pagal Hai she has rejected madhuri's role ...
actually madhuri's role was offered to her not karisma's

sorry u forgot mention babel in 2005 which played by rani as always rani accepted to be the second after kajol:))))

totally agree :)
In terms of ACTING ,Kajol is no 1 , No1 can ever come close to her....
Beauty and Dance were plus points of mads n sri , but that was not the case with Kajol !

Kajol's PR is working overtime these days. And why can't she get her eye brows cleaned, they look so shabby. Also the makeup is over done.

why she should do it ? she looks great with her natural beauty and her eye brows!
and for all stars Makeup can do wonders ! she's not the only one That do makeup for magazines !

Glad they didn't shrink her like they shrink Ashwarya…. But Kajol please update yourself regarding what century we are in and CLEAN those EYEBROWS...

look 4571 reads till now , when u even dont publish it in main page !

ok , Now pinkvilla publish it in main page

Gorgeous Kajol, really stunning !
Why pinkvilla did'nt publish this thread on the main page?

She looks stunning!


Can't understand why she's not accepting more of these kind of shootings and why she doesn't make the best of herself - her beauty and her talent. Look how astonishing she looks when she's proper makeup, hair style and clothes in fashion. Kajol's the best! Go Kajol go!!

she's pretty love the one in saree

Wow she looks amazing!!!!!

Come back Kajol Comeback....help us to fall in love again.

Great pictures! Gorgeous Kajol, absolutely stunning. She's so special. I adore her beauty, personality, heart and her immense acting talent.

Timeless beauty Kajol, my beauty queen. The pictures are fabilious! Missing her so much on screen. I hope she makes more movies.

She looks absolutely gorgeous ...
but please stop the photoshop to make her look thin ..she is NOT The last photo looks weird

Really gorgeous sari!!

But May I ask... why her face is some 3 shades lighter than her hands?! (See Picture 2...) Was there any need for such blatant whitening or were they too lazy to photoshop?!

she looks very beautiful

the Most Beautiful women on earth for me

wow ! what a beauty !
its her best photoshoot of the year !

wow ! loved it
she looks beautifulllllllllllllllllllll

Amazing Kajol! She's beautiful and I love these shootings. She's not fat! Haters, please stop comments like this. Fat is something else. Your comments should be the truth.

muaaaaaaaaaaaaah ma sweet Kajo :*
Yaar make a comeback naa plzzzzzzz

Blessed with good hair and skin. But how did she get so fair?

Kajol looks amazing and should do more shootings like this. She's the queen!

photoshop at its best...she's fat why did they photoshop her cheeks,arms!!

you can see less photoshop here than the other photoshoot! she's not very slim here too ...

she looks like anushka sharma in the last two pics

Not at all !

She never was pretty to begin with. Makeup can do wonders I guess.

she looks great with her natural beauty !
fot all stars Makeup can do wonders !

Too good. Super like

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG im in love :|!!!!
she is the most beautiful woman ever!

She looks amazing! I have also noticed in j3e le zara dv chooses similar sari as kajols beige sari for saachi. Omg!

Gorgeous and stylish


is that the saree Rani wore in the last scene of KANK

No its more beautiful than that saree

she is beautiful but she is very simple girl in nature.

wooow woow woooow..kadzooo looks amazingly gorgeoussssss !!!! ♥

@LordVoldemort It's called contouring

Who is that?
Oh, just the most beautiful woman and best actress of all time: K A J O L *-*

She looks sooo beautiful!

She looks great but what have they done to her nose? It's not that big.

she looks great with her natural beauty

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