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Identity is something I’ll always be fighting with: Kalki

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Kalki Koechlin has wooed the audience with her super charming looks and her acting abilities. And it’s not just Bollywood, she is conquering the world of theatre too. While she has featured in plays and has co-written a few of them, she will soon be making her directorial debut with a play she has written on death.

Vogue excerpt:

Apart from featuring in the Indian magazines, this year she also featured in the French edition of Vanity Fair alongside a host of other TV interviews. Talking about that she said, “Over the last couple of years, the French market has discovered me in Bollywood, I don’t know how. Even the French embassy took notice that I’m here, so I featured in a French documentary on India.”

But being half Indian and half French, she feels she will always be fighting with an identity.

“I think identity is something I’ll always be fighting with. I’m both [French and Indian]—I had a lot of French influence in my life, eating French food, watching French movies, but India is home,” she said.

About her love for theatres, she said, “It’s not like I work on films non-stop. When I do, I can’t think of anything else, but there are times when you’re waiting for good scripts; that’s when I love doing theatre. It helps me as an actor.”

Kalki will soon make her directorial debut with a satirical play on death, when asked about that, she said, “I’m fascinated about the subject of death. The first play I co-wrote, The Skeleton Woman, was also about death, so I see a bit of a pattern.”

“But this play isn’t a depressing, morbid take on death; it’s a comedy. I’ve explored the idea of death as a character and what his job is in our present day. Death is a thing we all have in common, so it’s a subject we can all relate to,” she added.

The play will hit the stage in mid-2015, but for now Kalki is all set for three releases – “Happy Ending”, “Margarita, With a Straw” and “Jia Aur Jia”.

“In Margarita… I play someone with cerebral palsy, who is wheelchair-bound. I went to a school for the physically challenged for six months to prepare for this. Jia Aur Jia is this girls-just-wanna-have-fun movie about a road trip with two girls travelling through Sweden in a big trailer truck,” she said.

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Kalki is 100 percent French in ethnicity but Indian by birth. Good Luck with Margarita.......am impressed with the six month training.

Somehow, she doesn't seem concerned that she needs to fight the fact that she can't act....

She IS a great actress... where are you getting your acting ideas from?

PV post this

Whatever!! Making it in India purely due to white skin!

I feel ya Kalki, I feel ya! Happy for her, the french side recognises her as one of their own just like the indian did! Expecting another mindblowing role from her, especially after such extensives researches. Deneuve would be proud! ;D

Is she half-Indian? I thought both her parents are white. So by Indian they mean her nationality I think, not ethnicity. Anyway, Margarita with a Straw is a beautiful film.

Love her!

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