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I've matured a lot in few months: Shahid

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After featuring in the commercial potboiler "R...Rajkumar", Shahid Kapoor is ready to surprise audiences with his intense act in "Haider". He says the past few months have helped him "mature a lot".

"Haider", a film by Vishal Bhardwaj, who last directed Shahid in the 2009 movie "Kaminey", is a desi take on William Shakespeare's "Hamlet".

Asked if there's a steady sense of confidence with "Haider" unlike when "R...Rajkumar" was to release, Shahid said: "'R...Rajkumar' was something very different, a totally different zone for me. I have worked with Vishal sir before also, so it's a different feeling with 'Haider'. I feel I have matured a lot in the last few months."

His double role in "Kaminey" was hugely appreciated, and Shahid, who has already grabbed eyeballs with his looks in "Haider", says somehow whatever he does with the filmmaker, works out well.

"Somehow, whatever we try to do together, it has worked. It's not easy to do that. It’s so difficult to achieve it everytime that you have to credit a little bit of it to luck.

"I feel content that I did this film ('Haider') because there are certain films that you do depending on whether it will do well or not, and then there are those you do because as an actor, you want to feel enriched and you want to have an experience, which will help you to grow.

"This ('Haider') is that film."

Releasing Oct 2, the movie also features Tabu and Shraddha Kapoor.

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I think it's high time though he needs to stop talking about his affairs, exes & all that crap yet.

He himself finds such type of questions "intrussive",but as public figure he always will be asking about personal. Sometime he copes with it very well:on KWK this year he was only one who while trying to escape answering on all ... [I have no good words] questions catch Karan in his own trap.But at the same time he can make himself looks as not so good human being,when he make fun on his ex in front of millions.What can i say?Sh..t happens,high time it or not.

Very excited to watch this flim on big screen all the best shahid !! The tailor looks promising I definely agree with lunch factor ... All the best ! With luv fr Karachi

SK looks very handsome here.Wish him luck with Haider.

Shahid is way more popular than Vivek ever was!!

Not least part in this play his "boyish good looks".Always most of comments here about how is he "hot".Only after noticing this somebody may remember that he is very talented.

Shahid kapoor and Vivek oberoi have the same career graph! Started with a bang ! Both highly talented but always have to prove themselves ! Lost somwere in between the khans , kapoors & hi profile star kids !

Glad that Shahid and VB got back together for a movie like Haider, instead of Matru ki Bijli! This is path breaking and will always be remembered as the first Indian adaptation of Hamlet!

Although I love Hrithik, I'm rooting for Haider. I hope it works for both VB and Shahid.

Give thumbs up to my comment if you still feel angry at Kareena for dumping him!! Love Shahid

Someone still care about her.How sweet!

Normally I´m not a fan but I hope his movie will triumph over Bang Bang! He deserve it much more than Hrithik and Katrina.

I absolutely love Shahid! He seems like such a genuinely nice guy, all the best to him!

This guy is really talented and even tho he had struggled, he always proved himself in every movie he has done to date. Shahid is really careful about the movies he signs and it's only a matter of couple of years and all everyone will talk about is Shahid Kapoor. The quality he has neither Ranbir Kapoor or Ranveer Singh has and I think Shahid is a better actor than Amir. His acting in Haider trailer is mind blowing and it's da kind of movie I watch at the cinema but this is definately must watch movie.

I love him! I hope this will showcase some of his talents.

ALL THE BEST SHAHID KAPOOR !! Time &Again U hv proved what an ace actor U r&we r happy that ur skills r better refined & extremely projectory with different kinds of roles chosen by U in films.Haider already shows what a great adaptation Vishal has done & ur acting as Haider only helped him to substantiate his AWESUM work.Hope audience gets used to good films,great work of film makers & actors & choose to watch them with as much zeal&money they spent on commercial stuff.Haider kind of films can place BW in World Cinema.May HAIDER b A Huge Success in BW & also get All critical acclaim it truly deserves.

Shaahid you still look like a teenaged boy!!!

Oh really???? People are so full of double standards. First people are angry that Shahid (who is finally starting to look like a mature man compared to his early twenties) is paired opposite baby-face Alia in Shaandar and then they say he looks like a teenage boy. Like make up your mind!!!

Shahd, Best of luck for Haider!!!

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