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‘Best Actor & Actress’ To Boycott All Awards

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The popular awards functions this year seem to be in a fix. Aamir Khan whom they all want to honour for PK never attends awards functions. And he isn’t willing to make an exception though the owner of one influential publishing house has personally asked him.

Compounding the woes of the wow kingdom (a.k.a awards functions) is this year’s top contender for best actress Kangana Ranaut.
She too has decided to boycott all awards.

This leaves the awards functions in a queer quandary.

As one filmmaker puts it, “It’s like a wedding without the dulha and dulhan.”

Says a jury member of a forthcoming awards event, “We think Aamir for PK and Kangana for Queen are the unanimous choices for best actor and best actress. But we’re told those two won’t attend. Since the awards are a visual vehicle these days with multi- crores sanctioned by television channels to capture the event, to not have both the best actress and actor around to receive their trophies is problematic.”

Sources say some awards organizers this year have decided to give the awards for best actor and actress to another Khan and his co-star who are awards-friendly.

According to sources,“When this Khan was invited to come for the function and collect the best actor award he laid down the condition that he would only do so provided his co-star gets the best-actress award. We all know neither deserves an award. But we have no choice.”

Surely Aamir and Kangana who maintain that awards have lost all sanctity, must be having the last laugh.

Says a source close to Kangana,“She doesn’t need awards to celebrate a happy new year.”

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err...i can say that kangana deserved it..she was better although i liked alia in highway and PC put in a lot, but Kangana and Rani for Mardani would come first. but Aamir's performance, although very entertaining in PK, and huge grosser, came nowhere close to Shahid's in haider...he made me cry. So for kangana not attending its a miss..but Shahid deserves the awards this year for male lead, so aamir's not being there won't really make a difference. But SRK and Deepika----please, i'm tired of the Khan monopoly anyway.

Though I'm a fan of SRK but please he doesnt deserve it for HNY and why are people even thinking about deepika? she shouldnt be even nominated.

My personal favorite would be(in particular order)
Best Actor
Shahid Kapur(Haider)
Randeep hooda(Highway)
Amir Khan(Pk)
Arjun Kapoor(2 states)

Best Actress
Kangana(Queen)/ Rani Mukherjee (Mardaani)
Alia Bhatt( Highway/2 states)- she was way better than priyanka
Priyanka chopra(mary kom)

I agree, people don't understand what kangana and amir are doing isn't easy, its not easy to go against the system, system is system for a reason and major reason is always the majority factor, they must be offending so many powerful people, how much fame and glory they would get for attending multiple awards for rest of the year but they say no to what they think is not right, it takes courage and strength of character to be your own person and stand up for what one feels is right even if that means to go against the system. I love them both even more now…..

kangana won't attend awards and this article explains why…. this industry and people here need to have values and everything doesn't have to be for sale, there are things that loose their charm if bought and sold shamelessly, and awards are such a thing, kangana and amir are both strong individuals and they have opinions, please respect their decision.

Aamir in PK didn't come close to Shahid's flawless performance.

Kangana did attend FilmFare before...maybe she will again. Priyanka and Kangana deserve it the most.

if deepika seriously wins another award i'll stop watching her films. this is coming from someone who actually loves DP by the way....i'm sick of these shameless actors and actresses buying awards! and when i say buy - YES they get paid to attend and perform at these functions, on top of that their presence guarantees an award. awards are not given based on merit. that's why people like aamir, ajay devgan, RGV and kangana don't bother coming. other people like karan johar, kareena kapoor, rohit shetty, sajid khan and a zoya akhtar have been openly stating that hindi awards aree a fact kareena was one of the first mainstream actors to be honest about it. yet they turn up for these shows...why? cos they get money! at least aamir and kangana have the dignity to stand by their words and only attend functions which actually award people based on merit!! if there are hypocrites in this industry then people like kareena and karan are the biggest ones!

Aamir was awesome but Shahid should win it

Look's like everyone is rooting for Kangana (Queen), Priyanka (Mary Kom), Alia (Highway) and Rani (Mardaani). I have only see Queen this year, and I gotta say, Kangana was amazing in it!

why discussion going to another tangent? lets not pretend pk and queen are mediocre performances, lets not do that, thats not true, if these artists are not taking awards that doesnt mean another khan and his costar has to be given it, that explains why kangana and amir don't want it in the first place.

If they give it to Deepika and SRK I will be really disappointed. Priyanka worked very hard for Mary Kom and her performance was flawless.

Justchil pc is award is save it won't belong to deepika as she hasn't done a great performance this year

Everybody knows how good amir is at overacting.If you re willing to it to either Shahid or Hooda,go ahead.Otherwise throw it in the garbage.No one would care.PV post it!!!

Also why are people so ignorant?? kangana will never win a national award not even wildest dreams?????? i mean wake up, she won one when she was 21 for fashion, Heloooooo!!!! which world are you in???

You are the biggest ignorant here... Shabana, Tabu, Konkana Sen Sharma won another national award few years after winning their first... Dont live in your fantasy world...

Kangana and Aamir took the right call, if they don't value the platform then why pretend? they must be having reasons not to value such platforms and artists like them should be respected for a stand that they have taken… i appreciate them.

I am an official PC fan.But I would say that if Kangna deserves a national award(if i were to believe you people) then please give one to KKK also because she was flawless in JWM.Kangna would not win national award (not in my wildest dreams) because national awards are given for intense performances.PC and Rani have a better shot.Now I am hoping PC and Alia both win something(FF,IIFA).PV please post it!!!

dude saif ali khan won one for hum call that an intense performance?! and queen had plenty of intensity in it thank-you very much...just cos it was a meek character with some light hearted moments doesn't mean she doesn't deserve the national award! NOBODY could have done that role like she did...

What makes you think that Kangana's performance was not intense? Kangana did not give a single wrong note in the film... She breathed into the skin of her character in Queen... Just because PC worked her muscles doesn't mean she was intense... KKK's performance was best in bollywood that year but not in Indian cinema that year... Understand the difference... Kangana's performance was equally applauded across all the regional film industries and bollywood...

Misleading article.Shahid and PC are the winners!!!

If either Shahid or Randeep wins,Amir would be like 'Oh,I gave it to them'.If you don't want to attend awards,go ahead.No need to get publicity out of it!!!

It's really not as a big a deal as they are making it out to be. In my opinion Aamir doesn't deserve it this year anyways, Shahid or Randeep Hooda do. As for Kangana, well Pryianka and Rani deserve it just as much, so give it to them. This is just the organizers way of rationalizing giving the awards to people that don't deserve it, just blame the ones that don't attend. If they don't attend then give it to someone who also deserves it, don't ridicule the award and yourselves by giving it to someone who obviously doesn't deserve it. That just makes people laugh and angry at wasting their time.

Can Rani Mukerji win national awards for god sake im just hating this stuiped Bollywood

Have you lost your mind? Kangana deserves NA more than Rani... Rani's performance was flawed, only reason she could win it will be because of campaigning and bribing by Aditya Chopra... Rani has already lobbied with the politicians for it...

now it's too much kangana u know you don't deserve award "queen" was her weakest perfiormance so far

Yeahhh, you probably think Rascals was a better performance of hers -_-

Good reply, hahahaha... Everyone knows Kangana is the only one deserving this year...

If Kangana doesn't want the award, then give to Rani. She was equally amazing in Mardaani!

are you serious? if DP wins, i have no other words to say about bollywood awards

i think Rani and Kagana were both equally if not kangana then hands down Rani Mukherjee!

Please, Aamir does not deserve any award for PK, that is not acting, there are far more better actors than him, who have performed awesome in 2014, PK is working because of the script, none of the actors have anything to do with it.. and yes Kangna , Tabu , Shahid totally deserve any award..

TABU TABU AND TABU after Kangana in Queen

They shud give it to rani...she was flawless!

everyone knows national awards are only credible awards in india.....and both amir and kangana have already won national awards before.. so whether ddey attend or dont attend doesnt matter

Aamir has won a national award for producing Lagaan, never for acting...

O my God... Srk and Deepika. What a nonsense

if you dont respect it, you will never have it - Take a lesson Aamir & Kangana for your harsh attitude towards anything.. Awards dont need you, and may be you dont need them either so no ones gives a damm about your attitude towards it.. May the best win !!

An honest attitude is 1000 times commendable than fake and "OH-LOOK-I'M-KING-OF-THE-WORLD" attitude..And - I as a fan care about this ATTITUDE..

lol! They are the best and so they won! They don't need any awards to certify their talent. Fans know the true winners are Aamir and Kangana and that is enough!

agreed friend!! Respect to both Aamir and Kangana

Kanga a & tabu must win.. noone else is deserving

The biggest problem of INDIAN BOLLYWOOD awards shows are NOT LIVE AND SO FAKE

hope dey dont give it 2 srk specially 4 a film lyk HNY...jst becos hes not getting it 4 d last few yrs!!

Shahid seriously for me.. Female best can be PC or Kangana.. Kangana was very natural in her role in queen, while PC had incredibly huge amount of hardwork to her role which cannot be ignored and off course the second half of mary kom was epic..

Shahid deserves for Haider. And i agree, if they disrespect the awards then don't give it to them. Since they have boycotted for good, let them be forgotten at the ceremony. Female award cud go to Rani or Alia or Priyanka or anyone else!

aamir and priyanka for me..

I agree that Aamir and Kangana did well in their roles. But for me the best actor is Shahid and the best actress is PC/Rani. And both of them do attend award shows, so give it to them. Instead of a particular Khan and Padukone who are obviously undeserving.

Aamir and Kangana are the best actors of this year and they must do a film together….. i wish it happens soon…. can't wait!!

I don't understand why some ppl say priyankais gonna win. Though i'am a fan of hers. I didn't find her performance award winning in marykom. she might have done some hard work physically, but acting & the movie is not worthy of any awards. She deserved cent percent for barfi though

if aamir and kangana don't want them…then give it to shahid and priyanka…if srk and deepika get the awards then we know the world has gone crazy

This article is talking about SRK and no one else. He did use his power to ensure he and his costar get awards. Undeserved .

Aamir accepted 2 awards (DinaNath Mangeshkar Award and Golapuddi Award) and nobody even mentioned it...all our people know is how many 'fake' awards other Khan received over the years for his crappy performances.. We all know who best actor - Male/Female are this year...doesn't matter who it goes to.

Yes! Both awards that Aamir received are up on YouTube. Beautiful speeches by aamir during both the award ceremonies. No hullaboo, simple real prestigious awards. Go Aamir and Kangana! Who cares of awards when one has truck loads of talent! Your fans love you both!

Anushka was best. She acted so well in pk.For me best actress is anushka sharma. And shahid best actor

india awards if katrina just paid for them she will have won all the awards

Aamir's performance was good... but he didn't do anything in this movie differently from his other movies. What I am trying to say is his expressions/dialogue delivery was predictable - what he would have done anyway. He is the only one in the movie who had a completely author-backed role. Besides Anushka no one really had anything significant. Whereas Shahid has given a performance of his lifetime (hopefully many more amazing ones to come) in Haider... nothing was predictable. He performance was shockingly convincing in every phase of Haider's life: as a student, as a lover, as a son, as a maniac. Shahid had an author-backed role as well but so did Tabu, Irfaan and K.K (who are a class of their own)... in spite of that Shahid stood out. Instead of Aamir, the only competition Shahid really has is Randeep Hooda.

shahid kapoor and priyanka chopra are the best actor and actress this year

it must ideally go to shahid kapoor....but going by d last 2 awards..stardust n big star....dey gave d main best actor award to srk 4 HNY....lyk really???HNY???n d organizers r so shameless....dey think d ppl watching r fools n dont understand y dey r giving away...rather distributing dese awards like dat....trp seeking creeps!!!dis is why shahid n priyanka gave it a miss 2 d stardust awards....cos srk n deepika undeservingly got d main awards...also d rest of d industry present der was also DISTRIBUTED one one each!!!

Awards are wack in India... All biased... We need an unbiased platform. Péoples Choice.

Shahid kapoor was just decent in haider, nothing great or award-winning-like as his fans are projecting ( just saying what I honestly feel as I have been hearing people showering praises left and right on this forum this year so I had to let it out :). PK was much more convincing with aamir's almost flawless performance. But then we know who will bag the most number of awards this year anyway ( if not for the best actor, for the best star, the most popular star, the best marketing strategist, entertainer of the year, so on and so forth;) so it really does not matter at the end of the day.

Hhahahha decent??? You're the only one who r saying this..just cuz your favourite cant do a desi hamlet. N btw its not his fans tht r were praising him just.. salman to srk fans to critics have said tht its his career best n best of 2014. Amir was gr8 too but its not a complex layered character tht he played... u sound like a siddharth fan..

go watch again....n still if ur opinion doesnt change...u need a break frm d world..really!

Shahid was the bets actor this year.

But Kangana was 100% the best actress this year. Sad if she doesn;t win awards.

Well if you think shahid is better contender for best actor.

As much as i like Aamir, he doesn't deserve the award this year for PK... His fans and marketing team should stop over-exagerrating, Shahid Kapoor and Randeep Hooda were much better... But, Kangana deserves award this year over Tabu, Rani, Alia, Priyanka...

Aamir over-acted in some scenes, missed the accent in some scenes and repeated the same expressions from his earlier award-worthy performances... Nothing original...

If Aamir doesn't take awards seriously, he does it rightfully so. He never got one for Sarfarosh, Lagaan or Rangde or Talaash or 3 Idiots which were obviously the best performances of those years. Let other lesser actors worry about these stupid awards.

I disagree. First, he did win for Lagaan. Second, I'm pretty sure that obviously is not the best word for Talaash: Ranbir was amazing in Barfi in 2012, and Amitabh Bachchan gave a National Award winning performance in Paa. I don't think that Aamir playing a college boy in 3 Idiots was better than Amitabh Bachchan's moving portrayal in Paa. But yes, obviously may be better word for 1999 in Sarfarosh than Sanjay Dutt in Vaastav and his performance in Rang De better than Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2 . In my opinion, he should have also won in for his performance in QSQT and in 1990 for Dil, and 1992 for Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander over Anil Kapoor in Tezaab, Sunny Deol in Ghayal, and Anil again for Beta.

Sorry, I agree with most of your comment but disagree that RK deserved it for Barfi! RK overacted and then mimicked his way through the whole movie. Barfi! was good because of Pryianka's flawless performance but all the limelight went to RK cause he was a star son, that's it, Aamir deserved it for Talaash that year -that movie still resonates with me because of the last scene. And Aamir is one of my favourites but he is not deserving this year, Shahid is deserving hands down and Randeep Hooda is also just as deserving but we know that this won't happen as this is BW and they won't recognize Randeep Hooda over all these overhyped Khans. That's my two bits on this.

you forgot Rangeela, best tapori act, no other actor could pull it off so well.

He did won award for lagaan and raja Hindustani

Tabu or kangana and shahid. Aamir was okay. I liked the movie but his performance was okay. There is also Priyanka. But Tabu and kangana were just the best.

BAD attitude. They are not team players and being rude to their fans and the industry!

Gratitude is the highest virtue and their attitude shows their arrogance and apathy towards the same people who are responsible for their popularity

No they are absolutely right. The awards are rigged. Yeah they may be given to the right people this year because it's outrageously obvious. The awards are always snatched from talent and are a big circus. In fact the audience should stop watching these and boycott to send a message. That's what's respect for your commaderie.

i love kangana!!!

kangana u r superb in queen and u deserve it

more dan aamir shahd deserves best actor...and regarding kangana yes shes unanimously best actress dis second thought

aamir and kangana should be winning's such a shame!

I think Kangana will attend the important ones only like Filmfare, National awards.

I completely understand that they do not want to attend these awrd functions. To start with every channel has its own award function, there are just too many of them and they are too long. Even if we watch the edited version on TV which is like 4 hours long, you can imagine how long they have to sit there. This was also the reason why Kangana does not want to attend all of them.

Kangana and Aamir were hands down the best this year! Those talking about Shahid have surely lost it! Shahid was decent but inconsistent and totally paled in comparison to Tabu who was simply flawless. And as for PC, she puts in a lot of effort in her performances but is not a natural. Tabu was so much better and even Anushka for that matter.

no offence but amir does not deserve it, his film did have a good story but there were so man instances when he was overacting and being fake. only shahid deserves it, his acting was so genuine an real

I am so proud of kangana and amir….. these awards don't deserve artists like them...

Then just give them to Shahid and Priyanka/Rani.. tbh Shahid's performance was better than Aamir's in PK, more demanding emotionally. But good on them for taking a stance.

I don't believe this . I'm sure Kangna will pop up to win more important awards like the Filmfare one which will help her career . Aamir's acting was not so hot , Shahid will get it.

Priyanka n Shahid will bag all the trophies n awards this year for their amazing performances in Mary kom n Haider

really! i dont think so

vote for shahid in Haider n Priyanka in Mary kom

Priyanka is the best actress she was flawless n so brilliant as Mary kom she will get all the awards for sure

who said that they were the best as there were more best performances this year

Priyanka n shahid r the real winners

Priyanka n shahid r the winners all the way

Priyanka is the best actress of the year not kangana yet Queen is a superb film but Priyanka's performance in Mary kom is far better than her yet both films r awesome

Amir n kangana arent the best performer of the year i admit they were fabulous but priyanka n Shahid were more fabulous than them in Mary kom n Haider

Best Actor is Shahid Kapoor n Best Actress Is Priyanka chopra

1.Aamir wasn't the best actor this year,Shahid was for Haider(no one can convince me otherwise)
2.Kangana already stated she won't attend award ceremonies,most probably she would have won critics category even if she attended(remember a much lauded Sonakshi performance in Lootera was ignored for both popular and critics category,she won Zee Cine award though)

Other suggestions: just have 2/3 awards: National Film Awards, Filmfare for an entertaining award ceremony, a music award ceremony which includes but also goes beyond Bollywood (whichever one was hosted by Ranveer this year), and a award ceremony for T.V. shows across all networks that aren't self-aggrandizement exercises by the own channels where the actors accept their stupid "best saas, best baap, best bahu" awards dressed in their character's attire and not even addressed by their real name. No more IIFA, Zee Cine, Screen, Stardust, TOIFA, Big Star, Stardust, Box Office, or whatever other award ceremony title you can chhapo. Just a few which are legitimate.

Congratulations to Aamir and Kangana who know what utter sham all of these award ceremonies are. And especially to Kangna: haven't heard of any other actress making this principled stand. Awards are primarily money-spinners and for TRP. Who can take it seriously when Chennai Express is nominated for best film of 2013, even if it doesn't win. Our awards are downright embarrasing when we compare our topmost, Filmfare, to the decorum of Academy Awards or even Golden Globes. I say make National Film Awards robust for Hindi categories, and broadcast it on Doordarshan. They clearly don't worry about TRPs. Don't have to make it a big show or spectacle. Very simple, with respected jury members announcing nominess quickly and the winner immediately afterward. No big song dance spectacles. I don't care how yawn-worthy it is. It will be interesting enough to have nominees come! Take this suggestion Doordarshan and resist attempts for other television stations to co-opt it!

+1.. No wonder why Indian awards(1000's of 'em) are looked down upon by the world...who can take them seriously where all people are interested is in hundred-crore club, item numbers and so-called "camps"..My respect is only for a few who have conscience and honesty above greed.

Why is Shahid Kapoor totally ignored??? Hes the only one who did an Oscar award worthy performance this year... Even Aamir Khan comes after Shahid's performance... Seriosly, go bury these awards. I am very gald Aamir and Kangana boycotts them. More actors should do this, so they know their worth.

Shahid you are the real winner for Bollywood this year! Dont lose heart.

I respect Kangana and Aamir for their dignity and character.

Nice, someone needs to stand up against corrupt system where awards are bought and sold, i salute their spirit.

Umnn... Shahid?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huh? Why wouldn't Shahid Kapoor be getting the award for Best Actor anyway?? It's already a done deal that Aamir Khan is getting it and if he doesn't want it another Khan will get it? If this story is true, Aamir Khan is right - awards don't mean a thing.

Even after watching PK,I still feel shahid deserves it!

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