Hrithik, Priyanka & Kangana leave for Delhi

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The lead cast of Krrish 3 - Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra & Kangana Ranaut were seen leaving for Delhi to promote the movie.

Now these photos should put all rumors of Peecee & Kangana sharing cold vibes to rest.

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@Kitty and @MakeupCritic - of course the huggy hug scene is staged, ladies! Doh!! Krrish PR in action, after they themselves created from scratch the drama! Now let's kiss in front of the camera, everyone. ;)
I'm sure Kangs and Priyanka have a strictly normal professional relationship: not too close, but not too cold either.

Let's not judge PC's look. Maybe she just wants to be warm and comfy. Kangana no doubt looks terrific but let's not compare. They are two different people with their own style. PC too is hot. It's she who rocks those tight short skirts. But just because she wants to be covered and comfy here she should not be judged. It's bad that she is always judged no matter what. We don't all have short skirt or shorts days everyday. There are days we just wanna be covered up even if it looks boring to others. Btw I am a fan (well-wisher) of both PC AND Kangana.

I LOVE both K & PC! They've been struggling hard & not giving up no matter what life throws at 'em *respect*

Even though I like PC, I have to stay, Kangana looks like a STAR and PC doesn't stand out much in front of her.

Wed, 2013-10-23 10:34 — Anonymous

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PC is not well.


Staged! LOL

OMG, look at Kangana and PC, Kangana is effortlessly chic and simple and other hand, Priyanka Chopra has to go through tons of makeup, wigs, and contacts and be all made up in order to fly out...

Google states Kangana to be 1.73 m (5 ft 8 inch) and Priyanka to be 1.69 m (5 ft. 6 1/2 inch), therefore, making Kangana taller.

I'm sorry, but this is SO set up. They are both trying too hard to look cordial. Especially dubious considering the article about these two only came out a few days ago.

Kangana looks hot, love her unique looks, and her style is genuine , doesn't look like a costume.

PC is not well.

kangana looks here so good and stylish...and priyanka looks suprisingly quite boring and old-fashioned (and shorter than kangana)

Kangana is the only Bollywood actress with her own style. Others feel like they're trying too hard no matter what they do.

HRITHIK oo la la

Kangana looks like a rockstar!

I absolutely love Kangana's hair!

Kangna rocks ! PC sucks!!

Kangana's style is wow. She got it right. She looks better than PC.

Why must they like each other though? This trend of forcing celebrities to be picture perfect and friends with all only leads to disappointment when reality sets in! Maybe they don't like each other or don't gel well or maybe they just don't care about each other. Making a deal about their relationship which forces them to act fake in front of the camera is just ridiculous. They're co-workers, not lovers. They don't have to like each other.

No it's more fun this way cus then they tend to give backhanded comments and act catty with each other. If they simply didn't care about each other, we wouldn't get any entertainment and drama.

Totally agree.

with whom?

So obviously a hug for the PR. But that helps the movie not to avoid the flop.

stunning ladies

priyanka looks so pretty

Kangana looking so amazing! Great body, hair, look, style... love!

HATE the fact these celebs dont carry their luggage. Glad for a change i see kangana carrying hers. Otherwise have never seen any celeb.

Kangana looks so natural. PC has a ton of makeup even at the airport. I guess some people don't step out without makeup.

I think the reason why Kangs looks taller than PC is because of her wild mane. Ah, finally, all the rumours of these two not getting along can rest and shut everyone's mouths up. Love Kangs' fresh and rugged airport style. Unique! WHY THE HELL IS PRIYANKA NOT PULLING HER OWN LUGGAGE?!

The 2 ladies look lovely! I didn't know Kangi was taller than Priyanka.

kangana's body looks insane.
so hot.

Why is the old man carrying Priyanka's bag, cant she just carry it herself.

Yummy..i guess now the truth is finally out these 2 are professional:D

Love Love Love what Kangana is wearing... Chic, natural and youthful. Love the curly hair. From head to toe.. everything.


Kangan luks lyk a rockstar..whacky mane, chic dress n cool attitude..always a show-stealer!!

pc is shorter than kangana?

priyanka n kangna r good friends so rumours PR machinery hope u get well soon

proof. now those kangana-PC catfight rumors can take a break. these women are too confident and classy to get involved in petty PR fights.

Sorry, but all fake for the promo. No doubt!

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