Hrithik, Priyanka, Kangana, Vivek promote Krrish 3 in Dubai

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The lead stars of the super-hero flick Krrish 3 - Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, and Vivek Oberoi, along with producer-director Rakesh Roshan, promoted their movie in Dubai.

The much awaited movie is all set to release on November 1.

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priyanka reminds me of kerry washington

Both the girls are looking attractive.

Both the girls are looking attractive.

Both girls are attractive but PC doesn't hold a chance in front of Kangana when it comes to style.

Hehehe Kangana stole the image Sonam...

Both Kangna and Priyanka look gorgeous.

PC best look ever!!She looks like a dream in that pretty dress.

Kangana looks elegant and beautiful.


the girls look gorgeous!

Love Priyanka's dress and heels! And Kangi looked fab, so statuesque!

Hrithik, on the other hand, looked like a tired biker....I hope he's not bodily sick again or sick with worry...

Oh God, her side angel and hair look ridiculous and definitely shows a work of a knife...However, Kangana looks great...

kangna wore same as sonam


HR and PC both look great! LOVE PC's dress!

aww.. cute dress PC

PC looks stunning! Kangna looks good as well.

PC and Kangana look stunning!

Cool dress, PC.

finally pc looks good! she has a really bad sense of style otherwise. i'm sure someone else selected her whole look for her.

salman is godfather of bollywood. That is why when Salman forgave Vivek then only he got signed in big banner movies like Krissh!!

peecee looks stunning

PC is lookng like a cute doll here. Love that hairstyle on her.
I think sonam wore a similar dress which kangana is wearing.

PC 's body is really nice, but her face is always puffy?? do you guys see it too?

For the first time in ages, Priyanka is actually looking nice. Kangana looks great, as always.

One of PC's best looks ever. Her stylist is stepping it up.

Kangana stole this look from Sonam a few months ago!! Sonam wore same outfit at a Stardust Cover launch in July!! Priyanka dress is not cute also. Wats wrong with these ladies. They are beautiful but badly dressed

Priyanka looks stunning

Priyanka looks good, she is rocking that outfit.

Kangna = effortless until she opens her mouth
Priyanka = effortless until she tries so hard to pass herself off as a teen age wannabe

PC looks gorgeous.

PC looks gorgeous.

Wow PC looks so pretty here. LOVE her hairstyle... for the first time. Keep it up

Isnt Kangy wearing the same outfit that sonam wore for some magazine launch.. i believe stardust.. anyway PC looks super cute :)

PC's outfit is super cute!

Priyanka's hair style is lovely. Kangana looks very classy, but I don't like her belt that much.

Priyanka looks superb! love this look.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement