Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut come together for 'Katti Batti'

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Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan will come together for UTV’s upcoming project ‘Katti Batti’. The movie which will be directed by Nikhil Advani will talk about a unique love story about new age relationships and break ups.

Talking about this development, Siddharth Roy Kapur, Managing Director, Disney India shares,"We are very excited to be taking our creative journey on Katti Batti to the next phase. Its a most unusual love story steeped in the culture and language of today's relationships. We wanted to make sure that the script gets the right director at the helm and a cast that can justify the two incredibly real, funny and layered lead characters. Our creative team steered the entire project through wonderfully and we are thrilled to have Nikhil, Imran and Kangana on board for the film. We couldn't have asked for a better director and cast for the film."

Director Nikhil Advani added, "UTV spotted a gem of a script with Katti Batti and it was critical that it got the cast that justified it! Am personally elated by this casting combination as it is a dream to work with Kangana - her body of work has not dulled her ability to bring humility to her craft. Imran on the other hand is drawing from new personal experiences and emotions and brings with him as well, a fresh approach."

Katti Batti goes on the floors later this year and is scheduled for a worldwide release in 2015.

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Imran deserves a sucess with this one.

When salman do movies for his brothers,when kareena do movies for her friends they get criticized,but when kjo dont do that also he gets criticized.what a hypocrisy

oooo already looking forward to this one!!

LOVE THESE 2! Yessss honey.

Hmm, interesting, so the rumoured movie with these two is confirmed. All the best!

Good luck, IK! Rooting for you!

Kangana Ranaut is a superb actress. just watched queen and in a long time felt the same flutter of happiness i used to feel while watching bollywood back in the 90s. seriously karan johar and his posse have ruined the industry. i wish there was a way to banish this guy. he acts like the arbiter of modern indian cinema. he is a joke.

So Imran got a film, it's been a long time.

not sure about Imran. Hope he proves me wrong.

I hope it works for him . He seems like a very nice guy . Ekta kapoor and especially Kjo aunty need a reality check . Ranveer singh chose BHansali over him so one down .. Kjo is trying to make his production house like yash choprs's but he is no aditya chopra. He is just a big fat gossip aunty.

I seriously hope this movie turns out to be a blockbuster cuz I'm a Kangana fan and Imran is in a dangerous position in his career after giving 3 back to back flops. His career depends on the outcome of Katti Batti. He's not among the best actors in the industry, but you can tell he has a heart of gold. Never once have we heard of rumors of him playing dirty politics, PR games or bad-mouthing other people. So for that reason alone, I wish him the very best. And kudos to Kangana for not choosing movies based on who the hero/producer/director is unlike other actresses. Lots of respect and love for her always and hope she makes it to the top commercially as well cuz she truly deserves it with her insane level of talent and hard-work more than anyone else.

kangana in last weeks The Anupam Show was very nice.

Kangna's and imran's last films opened to 2cr. What are the chances for them with this one, aye? Immu, please do something which you are good at. Playing side kick to big heroines will get you nowhere. They always overshadow you. And Kangna may not be a box office queen but she is a powerhouse performer. Your flaws will only be heightened.

well they make a damn beautiful pair to look at. if it's a normal relationship story, imran will probably be fine in it. he just sucks at experimenting with other types of roles...which is bad for him, but i guess he just isn't versatile...what to do?

He hasn't been given a lot of chances. Unfortunately even his good films weren't a hit. He is better than varun for sure.

i really hope being around a powerhouse like kangana makes imran rise up to the challenge!

Wish kangna will b his lucky mascot unlike kareena

Imran did emekt with bebo and was a critical and commercial sucess.If u hate her atleast find a good reason to do so.Lots of love

Even Humshakals collected the amount that was invested. That doesn't mean its a good movie. Its the same with ek main aur ekk tu.

Ek main aur ekk tu was a good movie.

I'm hoping Imran is able to act his socks off for this movie.


Yay for a new pairing! Everyone sounds really confident about the script as well. I hope everything works out greatly

The Queen will def take Imran under her wings!

Quite excited for this movie! Kangana won't pick a role she doesn't believe in or find challenging. Like someone mentioned below, I hope this movie becomes a blockbuster for a tight slap on KJo aunty's face.

Flop written all over it !

just like it's written in tattoo ink across your forehead.

& Snap!

Imran is a good actor. He acts like a normal person would behave in his day to day life and underplays - that is real acting. Not making faces and doing dramatic expressions which is what Bollywood is used to. Aamir khan in 3 idiots was normal effortless acting and that's how imran is! I personally really like him as an actor. Don't care a damn about Kjo's opinions because kjo is totally wrong here in this case

That's why I like him too. He was enjoyable in Ek Main Aur Ek Tu.


Kangana lucky for imran khan..Kareena & karan johar unlucky for imran..Ab real talent ke sath work kar raha hai handsome (y)

After reading the Masand blind item this week, I'm happy that Imran has a movie going for him. If you didn't read it, KJo got Sid to replace Imran in Bhavesh Joshi (blacklisted from Balaji) and blacklisted Imran from Dharma all together. He isn't the best actor, but he was good in MKBKM (Vishal Bhardwaj films are an accquired taste, I personally really liked that movie) and I hope that he gets revenge on Karan with a good performance and box office hit. Screw KJo aunty... I remember him insulting Kangana to her face on KWK more than once too. Curious to see how this one turns out. Hopefully well.

Well lets not forget that Imran delivered 3 flops in a row...he may be a decent actor but at the end of the day film-making is a business and everyone wants actors who bring home the moolah..btw Vikramaditya Motwane is a very competent director so I'm sure he knows how important it is to get the casting right...stop hating on Sid for Imran's loss...if tomorrow Sid will give 3 flops in a row, he won't even be as lucky as Imran to get another big chance and film like this --because at the end of the day he is an industry outsider and will have to prove stop the hate please.

I wasn't hating on Sid, he had nothing to do with the casting. Vikramaditya Motwane is one of my favorite directors so I'll watch the film regardless of who's in it. I was hating on Karan Johar who decided that he is the ultimate authority in this industry to take a movie for which Imran was already signed, and get him fired, in a production house that isn't even his. I know Pinkvilla can be vicious to people's faves, but in this particular instance, I was not insulting Sid. But, if Sid did give 3 flops, KJo aunty would still be giving him films because he is obsessed with his SOTY kids. So think about it from that perspective.

Super Excited!! #KattiBatti is trending!

nahiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! why kangi? this guy cant act for peanuts! he'll ruin this movie *sigh

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