Kangana Ranaut refuses to endorse a fairness brand

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Kangana Ranaut doesn't believe in endorsing products she doesn't believe in which is why she recently turned down a deal worth Rs. 2 crores which needed her to endorse a fairness brand.

In an industry where plenty of stars are endorsing fairness creams, Kanagana begs to disagree with the whole concept of fairness. Hindustan Times reports that the actress never understood the hype around being fair.

“Ever since I was a kid, I have never understood the concept of fairness. Especially, in such a case, as a celebrity, what kind of an example would I be setting for younger people? I have no regrets about turning this offer down. As a public figure, I have responsibilities,” said Kangana.

“My sister (Rangoli Ranaut) is dusky, yet beautiful. If I go ahead and be part of this campaign, then, in a way, I would be insulting her. If I can’t do that to my sister, then how can I do it to the entire nation?”, adds Kangana.

When asked what she has to say about the other stars endorsing such products, she said, “It’s about my value system. If other stars are doing it, it’s highly irresponsible behaviour on their part. But if they feel it is correct, I can’t change their opinion. I strongly feel that people should be responsible for their actions.”

Kudos to this actor for standing up for what she believes in!

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kangana pls teach your senior priyanka and colleague deepika about racism!!

Aishwarya should learn from her

As should:
Shah Rukh
Shahid Kapoor
Diya Mirza
Sonam Kapoor
Vidya Balan
Priyanka Chopra

It's hard to tell which celebrities are genuinely against it. Are they doing it from their own philosophies or because they see other celebrities doing it, and they're just tagging along.

From her earlier interview, Kangana strikes me as one of those with a "North superiority complex."

Ranbir's intentions are a toss up.

Bipasha's stance appeared authentic as she actually used to tan her herself for movies from her own choice, but recently she looks significantly lighter so it casts doubts.

Ash only went against it because she was working on her career in the West at the time. The West frowns upon these types of ads. She had to build a positive reputation there. I highly doubt she's truly against it.

Just lol at Kat regarding this matter. She will accept money for any endorsement. She's just nodding her head to whatever big star Amir has to say.

Out of all the celebs who are against it, Abhay Deol seems the most genuine. His quotes on this matter puts India and Indians to shame.

Even Aamir spoke against fairness creams at the Dhoom 3 music launch. And Kat joined in and said that celebrities should be careful that their endorsements are not sending wrong messages. So, I think there is a change of mindset happening in Bollywood vis-à-vis endorsing these creams.

lol Kat said that, ahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow i dunno what katrina was trying to prove with that statement


Finally an Indian actress/celeb who bucked the trend of endorsing ridiculous and offensive products for money. Other Bollywood ppl should follow her example because India is DIVERSE, not only pfull of white people. Good job, Kangana.

"Fairness"lol oh you mean bleaching.. well a big yay for kangana!

all the dark girls here are so happy to hear it. lol but still boys would always go after fair skinned hotties. sorry

Good for her! It's high time these stupid products were given less credit.

Sun, 2013-11-17 21:30 — Anonymous

Dear Anonymous !
it doesn't matter what you "think", i am a Himachali just like her and people in JK and Himachal (specially people in the hills) usually are much lighter toned than people in the rest of the country due to our geographical conditions. Think Priya Rajvansh, Anupam Kher,Preity Zinta, Late Capt Vikram Batra and many more.
And Kangana is not even very fair according to our standards, she's what we call 'wheatish'.
So please hating on her for her skin tone and accept the diversity in looks our country has to offer.
p.s. In no way I think being fairer makes someone prettier and I know this because I've seen millions of fair skinned people.


As if you have known her from her from the beginning??? Look at her childhood pics
And See how Fair your himanchali Beauty is!!! Beside that There is maybe 0.1 % of all indian Population WHO is a Little Bit fair!

See I've not known her from the beginning, but I have seen her school and college pics and I think she is fair, though not very fair. And you are right there are not alot of Indians who are fair skinned and fewer still who are very fair, I established the same by mentioning diversity in looks.
And you can look at her earlier pics too as well as.

Respect. Honestly I love this woman and agree with her stand.

Please,correct me if I'm wrong but what's wrong with endorsing fairness cream?There are naturally fair people in India so there's bound to be some market to exploit there.But if the intention is to convince the dusky population that they can suddenly turn white then that is really stupid.There's no way you can turn a dusky Deepika into a fair Deepika except maybe through the MJ way.

Have you ever seen a fairness cream ad? The target of such campaigns is not the "naturally fair" people but dusky people who are shown to suddenly attain enormous confidence and success by using that cream which is wrong on so many levels.

I always liked her but now I love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cool of her. Shame on SRK who earns crores and crores and still endorses fairness products. And the ridiculous part is he's not fair. Kangana is fair, not as rich as him and still gave up a lucrative contract. I don't think Salman or Aamir who are actually fair , endorse fairness creams ....or do they ? Someone care to enlighten me?

Bravo Kangana. You are all kinds of amazing.

#Respect Kangana. Good on you, girl.

Gorgeous, 1 of the handful of REAL actresses today & with a proper head on her shoulders :)

We love you kangana !

Respect to Kangana!God Bless her!

I love kangana ! She is one intelligent girl.

Yeah right. Like anyone wants her to endorse ANYTHING!!

Well said, Kangana.

I'm so proud of you, Kangana!! Way to go girl!

RESPECT. God bless you girl!

Good for you Kangana. Glad to hear such a positive message, good for the people.

proud of kangana!
Ash was saying once upon a time that she doesn't want to endorce fairness cream but she endorces it like every time for L'oreal!

Thank you Kangana for being a sensible woman. You rock!
Btw, everyone should watch her interview with Anupama Chopra. In just 20 minutes, she talks about gender inequality in our society, changes that are required in the nation, films, her acting, her family; all while not sounding rehearsed and airheaded. This woman is amazing!


so proud of her !!!

i'm glad she's changed...i remember her being on koffee with karan claiming that fair north indians like her don't need to worry about looks and resort to plastic surgery...i hated the fact that she said "fair" urgh, and we all know she did have plastic surgery...
but at least she's come to her senses now.

no, she didn't say that. she said, she's from the north and blessed with good skin. did not say anything about fair, dark etc.

Actually I went & saw that video & she says "I'm from the north...& I'm modest, but I'm blessed..." the fact that she didnt mention anything specific made me think she wasnt even talking about skin?

Ban fairness creams. Way to go Kangana. You are spreading the right msg. It's ridiculous if you think about it (fairness cream). Just ridiculous.

Love her! She is amazing!

my love and respect for her just went way up
seriously, b-wood actress and actors should learn from this girl

That's a good opinion.

Right on Kangana! You tell em! *claps*

Well done to her....a big BRAVO to you Kangana! Such sensible values you expressed. Can't say the same for other actors...even SRK whom I adore. He jumped on the fairness bandwagon...shame on him!

smart woman

thank you kangana..thank you for showing sensibilities..:)

"As a public figure, I have responsibilities,” said Kangana" lol these celebs make me laugh with their holier-than-thouness. Selective responsibilities, eh Kangna. Does having an affair with a married man send across the right message to the entire nation then?

Good for her!!

Good going sweetie. keep it up. Let Ash do it. she needs money.

Kudos, indeed.
I'm really disappointed that SRK, who speaks intelligently on other matters, so whole-heartedly endorses a fairness cream. He is sending such a wrong message, even to his own kids!
List of sensible stars so far-
Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir(?), Abhay Deol,Nandita Das , Ranbir and Kangna.

good for her. fakes like ash should learn from her.

love you kangnaaa so so so so so soooooo sweetttttttttttttttttttttt

Good for you Kangana, we need more of you!

it is hard to find intellectual and people with calibre in bollywood. most of these bimbos are out to make a fast buck. Kangana ranaut's refusal just turned me on!!

I respect her for this choice

You go, girl! And teach the morons that endorse this a bit about self respect & not living with an inferiority complex.

shes a real roll model i luv the way she even says these things
like in your face
she has a personality

My respect for her just went way waaaay up! You go girl!

Yami Gautam wudn't leave fair n lovely brand till they don't stop paying her theft amount.

Give it Priyanka Chopra, she'll endorse it, and she already does some sunkist or something...

i like kangi!!

i really admire her!

SALUT....she is a real gusty women.

good for her


Now I really hope Yami Gautam stops endorsing Fair & Lovely..those adverts r so lame and insulting.

ikr... everytime those commercials come on when im watching something, i feel repulsed at how happy and perky she is that she is telling girls that the only way to be beautiful is to whiten your skin... i know that it's a little harsh, but i feel sad/horrible when i see my little cousins wanting to lighten their skin just so they could be like her

I feel if someone does not have the confidence like some others about being dark, then they should go ahead and use something which makes them happy. It is ultimately upto you to decide whether you happy to be fair or dusky. not that all got the same sensibilities or sensitiveness. so we can't blame the consumers. But still I feel sad when some superstars robbing their money off by endorsing these products. Some of them are almost have a white complexion in their real life and selling these products is kinda cheating to your fans.

you go girl!!!

My respect to Kangna. Way to go. Be comfortable with your own skin colour be it fair or dusky.

I am so proud of her for saying "NO!". She is ticking up for her people and refuses to insult them. Well done.

she did that for her sister and for all the girls who are like her sister. love and respect.

What a woman she is! May God Bless Her!!!!!

You go girl!!!!

more respect to Kangana, some big A lister male stars have to learn from her how to be such respective person as Kanagan is

Finaaaaalllllyyyyyyy !
Thank God this industry still has some sensible people. I have never been able to understand this fascination of everyone with Fair colour.:-/

Now this is a REAL women! Well done kangana! Women should stick by each other and be appreciative of what they have been blessed with, not change the way they are (like fairness brands hidden message) Well done girl, so Proud!

Awesome Kangana!!

Great!!!! Salutes !!!!

respect !!!

love u

give this girl a cookie!! kudos kangna.. love you

Good for her! Liking her more each day! :-)

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