Kangana Re-lives School Days: Pinkvilla Exclusive

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As part of her promotions for Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Kangana Ranaut returned to her school in Chandigarh. And guess what! She had a fabulous nostalgia.

In school, two of her close friends surprised her with a reunion. Kangana was so excited upon meeting them and she chirped, “Charlie's Angels reunion. A night out with my class mates and roommates from DAV 15 Chandigarh, I remember the last day of school summer of 2003. All three of us so nervous and anxious for our future and 12 years later we meet again. Shy and giggly Bondina a research scholar (PHD) in English Literature, lazy and fragile Ranita a successful Physiotherapist, geeky mountain girl Kangana an actor. So proud of our little room A2 which was famously called Charlie's angels den.”

Students presented a special dance performance and Kangana re-lived her leisure time at the school cafeteria. Kangana was seen in Not So Serious by Pallavi Mohan, Christian Louboutin shoes, and was styled by Ami Patel.


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