Kangna Ranaut promotes Queen

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Kangna Ranaut promoted her film Queen in Mumbai today. The movie directed by Vikas Bahl, is all set to release on March 7.

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Why she is acting like victoria bekham?this is not kangana personality why she is not being her self ,i think since she did her lipjob she has change.

I like her styling here, except the makeup doesn't seem to have been applied very smoothly, her skin looks rough.

She just about manages to pull it off... I don't think anyone else in BW could. Keep experimenting Kangana.

shes fit !


why is she still in her Krissh character???

Like someone said, no other actress could this off. But I will say that her make up is looking too cakey and she has dead eyes. Still love her style though.

She looks wonderful. Love this lady.

After very long I saw her as a fashionista again like before. felt so nice :)

Her smile is so pretty, she should smile a little more while posing. :)

She was born for the catwalk!

Heavy head lol

One day she look so sweet and simple and the next day she looks sexy and fierce , this is called versatility ! She could totally start 'India's next top model' !

bad skin

is pinkvilla promoting queen as well looks like it.

This woman needs to be on a runway! She looks amazing, and she's got amazing style.

Her figure and facial structure is just perfect. *_*

Loved her since Gangster, can't wait to see her in Queen. Such a talented and beautiful actress she is.

Flawless beauty.

She looks gorgeous as always but wish she'd find herself a good dermatologist and perhaps try chemical peals. Beautiful girl inside and out.

Love the hair

She looks tired...beautiful none the less

i insist she wear too much make up. the bun is very big.

Wow this QUEEN can pull off anything! literally

Only she could pull off that bun..not even Sonam could imo.

Love her bun. She's the only actress in bollywood who isn't scared to experiment with her hair! Best dressed in bollywood with amazing hairstyles. She looks stunning here! A true fashionista

bun hair doesnt match her hair. #fail

Her make up is too light and the hair i dont know i love her but she looks in this weird

Your display pic looks weird.

Reall? o.O I think she looks nice in that pic!

Only Kangana could rock this hair. I love the way she changes it up all the time.

The hair bun is too up

That bun looks painful!!


sorry kangana! i usually like your style, but you are trying waaaaayyyyy too hard here. a fail for me.

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