Kangna Ranaut shines at the press meet of 'Revolver Rani'

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Kangna Ranaut attended the press meet for her upcoming movie, "Revolver Rani" in Mumbai today.

Kangna who will be seen in a bold performance in "Revolver Rani", said nobody will marry her after watching this film.

"Nobody is going to marry me after watching this film... I can give it to you in writing," Kangna told reporters during the press conference for the film.

The actress, whose recent performance in "Queen", says she wanted four months gap between the release of "Queen" and "Revolver Rani".

"If I could have my way, then I would like to give a gap for four months between both the films. We were not expecting that 'Queen' will be running even now. People have accepted my performance in 'Queen' and I personally like my character in the film. I hope when people go to watch 'Revolver Rani', they accept me in the same way."

"'Revolver Rani' is an unusual film... the treatment, the concept, everything is different," she added.

The event‘s theme was ‘Phasion, Fun and Gun’. The food menu served desi daru and Kadaknath murga as the specialty.

Directed by Sai Kabir, "Revolver Rani" features Kangna in the lead.


If fashion was all about stylists, then Kangana would not shine over more established actresses with more finance for appearances. Kangana's style is her own and primarily lies in the way she speaks, with a unique heart and mind. I loved her when her English was really bad, she sounded like a sexy latin actress. Amd btw has anyone paid attention to how media darling Sonam kapoor speaks?

love the hair! i hope you soon dethrone sonam as the fashionista of bollywood too! anything to get rid of that motor-mouth!!

i've never seen any actress as an inspiration - most of them are not worthy of being thought of like that, and i certainly am NOBODY'S fan girl. but for some reason, kangana naturally tends to inspire me in her interviews...when i hear her speak, she just makes sense to me. she's not a phony and she makes complete sense when she speaks, and despite the language barrier, she expresses her ideas really really well. i like how she walks her own path and how fearless she is. she is not perfect, and has made plenty of cringe-worthy decisions in her life and career...even then, i've always rooted for her and liked her. i feel proud to see how she's grown both as an artiste and a person. i hope this trend continues, and that she achieves more recognition for her work and individuality!

Dream gyal. Love from trinidad

God! I just love her! Bebo, Pc, Dp plz learn what a true ACTOR & ARTIST is from our Queen...

i really love ur hair kangana.. makes you look so unique... almost didnt recognize u in life in a metro ... thank u for keeping ur hair original again!!

To the Anonymous below: Good actors need critics as much as supporters. She knows she has it in her but tends to lean towards a simple life where she gives media a hint that she wants a simple and normal life after all. It's good that stardom didn't go to her head also right? Real actors are just like that.. be it her or irfan khan or naseeruddin shah or pankaj kapoor or om puri.. she just doesn't have a PR like other actresses do. It's as simple as it is. Regarding credit, who knows that's the way she works with the people and probably pays them more in return? We don't know.. encourage her so that she doesn't feel abandoned. Stay a fan and wait for her to take up some good projects. Just be patient because as a fan yes it feels like other actresses are taking over but no matter how much they take over, good actresses stay. Always. Just don't give up on her yet dear Anon! Cheers!

angel !

who is this jealous and bitter anonymous ? relax she is just an artist and real artists are different than regular people , she definitely doesn't think like you , let her do what she wants with her life , i love you Queen even if you want to quit movies i will still love you !

I love love love her! She should be the reigning super star instead of some other actress! She truly acted well in Queen and many other movies of her. Hope she dethrones every over hyped actress out there!

She's great. I really wish her all the best. QUEEN crossed 60 Crores domestic and I hope REVOLVER RANI is as good or even better.

She delivers one hit and the next thing she says is 'I wanna have life outside of movies.. I will only do 1-2 movies likes Aamir Khan..' Blah blah... Never acknowledges her fans, forget about fans, never acknowledges her makeup artist, dress designers, people who work round the clock to make her look good and presentable. Instead takes the credit for her fashion sense for herself. Tells media she does her makeup and clothes herself. What a liar.. I am having less and less respect for her lately because all the praises that were showered on her after Queen, she could have used that to do and get some good work. Instead she is running off to continue her screenplay course in NY. The real reason for that is because she is not getting any offers.. Bollywood or Hollywood - it's about PR, marketing yourself as the best brand out there, lobbying.. It's a part and parcel of the profession she is in and all she wants to do is complain and be grumpy. No wonder she is not getting any offers and never will..

I'm sure you're right, that she is doing this because she's not getting any "offers" and by offers I mean GOOD offers. Can you see how disheartening it must be for a woman, a normal woman who is talented at acting, to survive in this industry? Who in their right minds will after tasting some recognition at long last not want to finally use that to her advantage to put herself in a position where she will never have to be treated like a talentless objectified piece of meat again? Do you think it's so easy to survive in this industry when you actually have brain cells and artistic ability? You are delusional Anon, instead of degrading her talent, you should applaud her for moving up in the world.

She does love her fans and she is getting loads of offers. You dumbass.

What offers she is gettin? Let me know then talk and stop abusing people. Get a life! She has a right to her opinion...

PR of DP over enthusiastically at it again!

oh you sad soul.

She is such a cutie!

my lil barbieeeee......

Forget Kangana. Who is the guy? He is so hot.

they asked her where would you like to get married , taj mahal like alka ! she replied to that , watch video !! she is an angel ! i love you to death !

This is what a good work does to people. Before Kangana was bullied for her strange accent and the way she speaks. But, now she is one of the best Actresses in BW and people regard her (Except Karan Johar of-course) as a good Actor.

Smoking is unhealthy !

Others are all pretenders to the throne. Kangana is the real Queen because SHE RULES!

She already said she doesn't believe in marriage so what's this "nobody will marry me" bit?

In another interview, she said if marriage happens it is fine, but it's not a priority for her.

Maybe she was trying to be funny !

As smokin' as the gun.

so much love i have for her.its overwhelming


OMG, she is soooo pretty! Wish I was like her-love her self confidence and elegance!

She's the best right now! The true Queen unlike some over rated masala film entertainer!

She's too hot!

Her curls.

She's so flawless *_* and just look at the killer smile!

I will marry you, Kangana. :)

Her curls are giving me life ♥♥♥♥♥

In another life kangana and ranbir would be the perfect power couple. She's certainly not easily intimidated by opiniated individuals cast on her the worst bey she'll still remain fearless

I wish she would just pull her hair back. Her enormous amount of hair is taking over her fragile frame!

Her natural curls are beautiful though and no I don't think so, I love how she's rocking her curls not like other actresses who don't even show their natural hair to the media etc.

I love her, she's so beautiful

My women crushhhhh

The background is sooo dope. love it. badass chick.

Why revolver rani? If your views about marriage were not so messed up to begin with (as you mentioned in your interview sometime back) then yes every guy would want to marry you and you wouldn't have to run off to NY to find a guy, instead would have found one here.. Quite a hypocritical statement to draw attention..

Dear "Anonymous" let that hurt go. Negativity is never worth it.

I'll so go Les for kangana smh i have no shame. Hardcore crushinggg

Fashion queen! So gorgeous!

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