“Happy New Year” team visits Kapil's show

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The “Happy New Year” team visited the sets of Kapil Sharma’s comedy show “Comedy Nights with Kapil”. Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah came on the show along with director Farah Khan.

While the boys and Farah came dressed in black, Deepika went with a pink sari. They all looked good.

They create a laughter riot on the show and if that was enough Vivaan will also groove to Deepika’s song “Lovely” from the movie and the rest joined him in doing some crazy steps.

Shah Rukh even took to Twitter and posted a photograph which read, “will miss my HNY team”. He tweeted, “Have always enjoyed CNWKapli…but tonite what the HNY team & CNWK team has shot has to be the funniest ever. Thanks.”

“Happy New Year” revolves around six losers - Charlie, Mohini, Nandu, Temhton, Jagmohan and Rohan – who participate in a dance competition to pull off the greatest musical heist ever.

Produced by Gauri Khan under Red Chillies Entertainment, the movie also features Jackie Shroff. It will hit the screens on October 24.

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Deepika would have been wonderful in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

happy happy happy happy new year no wating mi

Abhi and dee pika look so good together, some one should cast them together, it will be awesome May be vishal or moni ratnam ? Abhi is a real good actor, youva, guru good examples keep wondering no one gives him good roles.. Guy has lot of potential...

HNY hit the screens on this Diwali.

deepika and abhishek look so very good together! something about them.
Their pairing isnt well tested yet.

I find Deepika more gorgeous with SRK around!

Ms. Padukone is looking lovely. Love her 100 watt smile!

Deepika is looking gorgeous!

how ranbir break up with such a perfect lady

The break up has really pave way for Deepika. thank you once again Ranbir

Karma will come to ranbir inshalah

i'll say it did,look at his sad sad eyes,he knows now what he lost and it's killing him,if that's not karma,i don't know what is

Like it came to deepika.

unfortunately, it's not about how perfect you are, love can't be forced, if he didn't love her, it's ok it's not that bad, that means only that he's not the one for her, she made her peace with that, it's ok now, she moved on, i hope she will find true love one day, as the main sign of true love is it should be reciprocated and not one sided, i wish her happiness, she will be fine inshallah. as for ranbir....well...i find nothing to say.

Firstly, no..true love need not necessarily be reciprocated...sad but its a fact.. true love by nature is unconditional whether reciprocated or not. As far as why she looks so happy these days, it doesn't necessarily have to be because she found true love...maybe it is but no other person can "make" you truly happy..you are the only one who can make yourself truly happy and I think DP has realized that...she has found her inner strength and she is happy because she has decided she wants to be happy...as simple as that.

she did find true love with rs,why you think she looks this happy,only love can make you feel that,as for rk he did and still loves her,not because she's perfect but because" she makes him complete"that was a text he sent her after yjhd,he ruined the best thing that has ever happened to him and he knows it,that's why he's so miserable and gloomy

dp looks so beautiful

Kapil and Deepika look like a happy married couple :) so sweet!

Deepika looks gorgeous!

Abhishek and deepika nice couple. look like perfect husband wife

Looking great everyone. And SRK is darling. Love how he let's other shine in his movie proportions as well. True man and secure actor.

I can't stop looking at the photo of Abhishek and Deepika. They look really good together!

kapil tweeted about him and dp getting married,everyone is crazy about her

in his dreams. if ind it annoying when he flirts with her. its like leave her alone man shes with ranveer. as if she would go for someone like u

those of u who gave the thumbs down there is seriously something wrong with u

there is something about this girl....lots of other actresses have fabulous bodies better than hers, and wear amazing sarees or clothes better than hers, and they eventually look very beautiful....but there is something more about her, that sets her apart and makes her much more beautiful, she is "innocently" sexy and beautiful...i'm starting to believe that she is really beautiful from within as some of her colleagues stated...that's the only explanation for what emerges from her and makes her different.

there's something about everyone, and she's fake who happens to be getting attention in 2013 only. she's been in the industry from 2007 with only flops on her name ( apart from oso wich was srk's big movie and her first film) mostly and not even considered beautiful, she has (had ) popularity of 1 yr and that is going down very fast after the recent happenings, 2 flops back to back this year (kochaiydaan, ff) , controversy, and barely a role in a multi starrer khan film who has no buzz at all. popularity comes with the territory and she's just normal who got lucky for a period, so be real!!

i'm sad for you, this too much hate!

Its not hate its a fact. She was never called beautiful before. She and sonam were put together as bad actresses. But she got lucky in 2013 and suddenly everything changed. The breakup and the KWK episode also helped her a lot to gain popularity. PV pls post it.

You must have a sad life that's why so bitter..will pray for you!
Good luck

LOVE Deepika's sari!

Deepika is looking beautiful

Deepika needs to stop wearing pale pink sarees everytime , she would look fab in a red and black saree

Abhishek and Deepika look really good together! He has been looking great ever since his weight loss.

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