Abhishek,Gauri and Karan at Ritesh and Genelia's Sangeet Ceremony

Event,Abhishek Bachchan,gauri khan,Karan Johar,ritesh deshmukh,Genelia D’Souza
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why would srk will be proud of his wife when if it was pc wearing same sari she must be wearing with bra only or may be with less than bra to see ppl her body and enjoy. that makes srk proud than seeing this sareef bibi.

Tue, 2012-01-31 22:02 — Anonymous
please tell what she said to farah about SRK and shirish fight, or please tell where I can read this.

gauri money loving b

Gauri look amazing and happy :-))
I think she has come to terms with SRK `s affair. Now it`s time for her to go new ways.
She will soon find great guy. How Hritikh said: *Watch out world, she's about to arrive!*
I only wish her the best and good luck. She deserves it after so many years of neglect by her husband.

*btw I`m looking forward to the day when SRK gets the kick in the ass by Priyanka after she has reached her goal*...LOL

grow facial hair, work out and buff up and get a hair cut. your wife is the hottest indian woman in the world. YOU need to step up your game!!

gauri looks pretty. don't feel sorry for her for "tagging along". I'm sure people want her to be there. Gauri, if SRK doesn't want you who cares. there are people who do.
go out, mingle, be happy.
karma is a bitc*. pc should beware because one day she too will be older and surrounder by hotter women to entice her husband.

stop gossiping evryone has faults

Gauri looks good and happy..y shud she be pitied..whenever they are together they are miserable..alone both look happy..let them be..dont start pity party..Clearly she does not need one

This sari suits Gauri especially these colours. Good for her for attending and positively glowing. She actually looks more relaxed and smiling more with SRK. Usually he grabs all the attention at events. Also feel sorry for her,now days she just seems to be tagging along with people. A bit like Karishma Kapoor in that sense.

abhi looks so gay in that overly embroidered kurta

how can abhi wear dis it tooooooooooooooooo bad
gauri looks hotttt

gauri looks fab bur abhishek looks gay i do agree with sum1 saying he wore ash's kurta he shud hire a stylist he is the worst dressed actor in bollywood

Gauri >>>>> PC

Gauri looks like a doll. Love her and the way she carries herself.

Those that wonder where Aish is. I saw ABjr telling ZOOM TV that she is home with the baby. His mom and dad are out of town. Anyway, everyone looks nice in these pictures.

Gauri = Stunning Woman :~) Style Queen like the simplicity of her look a lot it also makes her stand apart from other guests since the rest of them went over the top with their outfits,accessories etc.. Gauri hun please bcum an ACTress asap U will RocK Lady. God Bless U with loads of Happines, Peace and Good Health always + Love in abundance. Pretty kudi dekho dekho na.... Pretty Kudi;

Everyone is looking great!

abhi wore ash's clothes lmao

Gauri looks gorgeous here. She looks very relaxed too. Her saree is awesome. Karan & Abhishek look good too.

Gauri looks beautiful for the first time.....but i like her glossy face and eyebrows....
btw, i didnt notice that mr.flop bachan was also there

Stunning Gauri. Srk does not deserve her

Tue, 2012-01-31 19:38 — Anonymous

does Gauri dump her body in a bucket of oil before going to events?


What Nonsense. She is putting on Face Cream and no Powder, that's why her face always appears oily..

AB looks HOOOT And DAMN Cute! :)


gauri looks awesome masha allah

Gauri looks amazing, she's so elegant and charming woman, natural beauty and her saree is brilliant, SRK should be proud of his wife.

Gauri is wearing a gorgeous sari.

ABhishek is looking DAMN HOT and Stunning! With ravishing persona.... :)

i lov gauri

Tue, 2012-01-31 18:27 — Anonymous

and abhishek showed up wearing Ash's shalwar kameez?!


Too funny but seems true!! Haha!!

Gauri looks AWESOME!! Shes rocking the saree...and my respect for her skyrocketed after I read what she said to Farah to stop the fight between Shirish and SRK.

Ash doesn't find herself the most beautiful woman anymore. She is fat, has swollen face, and ashamed to face the public, what a pathetic woman.

Gauri looks 100 times better than Ash,

Gauri is glowing and looking prettier than eveyone else.

Abhishek looks cute in his outfit

gauri looks awesome

does Gauri dump her body in a bucket of oil before going to events?

Pretty lady with a nice saree....

Not liking that thick red printed border but gauri does look very nice. I like Karan's outfit.
Thanks goodness Gauri hasn't loaded her neck with necklaces. Good sensibility.

When everyone is pitying Gauri, I feel pity at Abhishek, he is also alone (if you ignore dostana between KJO n Him).
PS: Gauri is looking Gr8, she is a beauty in her own way.

and abhishek showed up wearing Ash's shalwar kameez?!

Was reading SRK's texts...all the way back to a few months...he always refers to his children, then shot outs to his costars like AB and PC, but not even one mention of his wife! And considering he used to always be Gauri, Gauri I find this strange and sad :(

Gauri looks like a Bollywood actress, I like her new style.

i miss seeing aishwarya. wanna see her soon.

Tue, 2012-01-31 15:10 — Anonymous
The saree Gauri is wearing would have looked great on Ash.


You have no shame?. Get your Ass away from this post.

Gauri looks like a different woman here. I want her to get alittle thinner, and her hair to be alittle shorter. And wear Sarees more often. Shahrukh once said "GAURI IS VERY VERY PRETTY", "AND WHEN SHE WAS YOUNGER SHE WAS VERY BEAUTIFUL".

Gauri is luking absolutely ravishing, Saree is beautiful, and Gauri herself is a beautiful inside and outside.

Sharukh is one selfish fame hungry old man. He should be beside her instead of running after the marriage breaker, Pryanka. He is definitely not romantic in real life. He portrays romantic man in a movie but it's all he is. I feel sad to her Gauri by herself alot of times.

kajal anand aka putlu looks decent for a change
and karan baby is karan babi
gauri looks beautiful
abhishek - aww no comments

where is Ash? Ohh i see she wont attend any events where media is there because she has gained weight...no outings with hubby dear...

Gauri looks fab...

gauri looks great...what a pretty sari....she looks so beautiful in colour and in less revealing clothes

I feel sad to see Gauri all by herself! where is her man! I mean where is Shahrukh! I love the sari BTW but don't liked how she draped it!

Gauri looks too good. I just wish Shahrukh was by her side to complete the perfect Husband/Wife picture. Whenever Shahrukh's wife is all dress up and looking great, he is never near to her. Makes me sad.

Abhishek is looking hot and handsome in that outfit.
Karan and Gauri are looking nice too. The lady in the green dress looks striking :-)

I can imagine them all dancing to 'Shaava Shaava, maahiyaave shaava shaava'

The saree Gauri is wearing would have looked great on Ash. Something is really really off with Gauri's face.

Looks like Karan and Abhishek colour-coordinated... Both Looking good

\where is aishwarya?? Is she sick or something??

WWO....Gauri looks great ;-)

But sad to see she is alone again. Where is SRK? You see them almost together yet. Each goes his own way.
Whether or not affair. Something is not in the marriage.
Striking, however, since Berlin.
I fell very sad, hope they get their problems under control again.

gauuri look gr8

Abhishek look great

Miss Ash

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