Meet the Three Musketeers to be hosting 60th Filmfare Awards

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One of the most attended awards event of Bollywood – Filmfare Awards – are gearing up for its 60th edition this year.

And to make this new milestone special than ever, the organisers of the event have brought on-board ace comedian Kapil Sharma, director-producer Karan Johar and budding young star Alia Bhatt.

The trio recently clicked a selfie and Kapil posted the picture on his Twitter page recently. They are seen having parathas for lunch at the event venue.

While, we are looking forward to some wisecracks from KJo and funny jokes from Kapil, we wonder what Alia will be having in store for the audiences.


Kapil -- good choice(love his silliness in good way) for skits..he reminds me of Jimmy Fallon in some ways..
Karan -- good choice as long as he's strictly anchoring..(nothing against Karan but don't we have good speakers in our's not that bad..)
Alia -- who in the world took her for this??

Not that I'm regular Filmfare watcher but why not give chances to women that much...I mean look at Tina and Amy..they are awesome in Golden Globes!!

Wow, Kapil is a good addition,I think it will be awesome with all three, and i must say Aalia is one lucky gal, people think she is stupid, but she is not, mark my words, gal is super smart, she is trying all fields and ofcourse connection with Karan also helps but she surely knows how to be in news and the way she is choosing her movies, I am sure she will be on the top pretty soon..

Alia Bhatt ? Why?

You know what Karan, I don't hate alia but your constant inclusion of her in every major thing is gonna make people hate her. She is a sweet kid, I would rather see her receiving nepotism from the Bhatts than you

I agree i like alia think she she has a lot of potential as an actress. She should think about taking a step back from Dharma and Karan though

I don't like KJo's hosting. He can't really pull off skits and punchlines. I think Kapil is going to fab, as always.

KJo needs to give Indians a break from Alia. Heights of promoting and shoving down Alia down our throats. As if films, TV shows, magazines, video clips on youtube were not enough now she hosts an award show. KJo should instead send her back to school and make sure she works on her GK, acting and attitude.

why cannot filmfare give others opportunity? KJO seems to be always hogging the hosting chances? It would have been nice if Jitesh provided opportunities to others

way too soon for alia to be hosting…kjo is gonna finish her career quicker than it's started ith this kind of pushing

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