Sanjay Leela Bhansali has gone into a space of negativity and darkness: Karan Johar

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Here is Karan Johar's interview with Niranjan Iyengar on the chat show, 'Look Who's Talking'. Karan was at his candid best, talking a lot about his personal life, career, Shah Rukh Khan, and his colleagues.

While he mentioned that his relationship with Shah Rukh Khan has not changed, he admitted that he no longer wishes to associate himself with Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Here are some extremely interesting excerpts:

On friends that he has let go of

I have become indifferent to things that I was giving too much importance to. Some people. I've let go! I've let them go out of my life! I feel like I've cleaned the clutter, and unfortunately a lot of those are people. I solidly believe if you lose me in your life, its your loss. Because, I am all about the people I know. I am all about the relationships I build. All the people, who have forced me to let go of them, I believe its their loss. That is the only thing I will say with arrogance. You lose me, you've lost a HUGE amount of something concrete in your life.

So is one of these friends SRK? He says no!


I feel very exhausted about constantly justifying what I feel for him or what he feels for me. I think the world has made this relationship go through too much turbulence. If it was left to just him and me, we would always be the force we were to reckon with. Unfortunately, other forces have come in and tried to dilute the impact of our force. It has made sometimes, things a bit awkward. At the end of the day, if he calls me today and asks me to drop my life and career for him, I would without a beep, without a thought, If he asks me to be there for me for one week, one year, ten years, I would do that unconditionally. I think he would do the same for me. When I spoke about broken relationships, there are others I have let go of, but not Shah Rukh.

On Sanjay Leela Bhansali

I have an indifferent relationship with Sanjay Bhansali. It used to be love and appreciation, but over a period of time, I think his expectation of me was not something that I was matching up to. Today I just think he's gone into a space of negativity and darkness. I am sorry, but I have no space....because I am all about light and sunshine. He is according to me, an immensely talented man. But I just don't want to deal with him anymore. It is as simple as that.

Well, Karan at his candid best, isn't he? Thoughts?

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i think karan should do an item number in bajirao mastani .....would be epic hehehe......

SLB does make cinema- with vibrant colors, romance, tragedy. Karan's films are about unreal shallow characters & happy endings. His films were not too Indian-shot in NY or London in mansions-except they are in Hindi. You can just cast British people in some of these films. Don't get me wrong. They are fun to watch but they will never be up for serious awards-that is why Karan is hating on SLB. Karan's films are fantasy films which fuel escapism for common people. If you want to just laugh & not think too much go watch Karan's films. If you want something more cerebral, go for SLB's movies.

Karan johar is a thali ka bengan, kabhi idaar toh kabhi udhaar. He always stays upclose with the most talked about stars and always try to cast them. Like now his new best friend is Madhuri and he's casting her in his films like Yeh Jaawani hai Deewani & Shhuddhi. Instead of long time friend but out of fame Kajol, who is quite the same age bracket of Madhuri. Same thing is happening with Kareena, because of Deepika's new success ratio.

The biggest problem with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, in my opinion, is that he doesn't think he makes movies. He thinks he makes 'cinema'. Time to get off his high horse and view himself more realistically.

People who are perpetually single are either too judgmental of others or have low self esteem. It's their own fault that they cannot accept people as they are. So whiney of them to be complaining at the end of day

I think karan's Casting of Madhuri Dixit in Shhuddhi with Salman broke Kajol's heart & hopes and their longtime friendship.

In your dreams,madhuri!

Ya, Madhuri is a dream for any Director any day.

Karan is casting Madhuri? For Shhuddhi?

Thhats what media rumours says, Madhuri might play a ruthless Queen from the past life and Kareena will play a house wife of present day.

Two points stood out from all his "me, me, me": 1. Feel bad that so rich but he is not free to come out or even talk about his actual relationships and 2. None of the couples around him are legit - either cheating on each other or gay - so includes SRK, Hrithik who else?

Even I go into a negative space whenever I see Karan's face.


That's really weird.

Sorry, but you thought 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' was "normal"? Do you live in a house like that, with a family like that?

By normal I mean the film is not as fake as his other films when it comes to location. In Saawariya and Guzaarish the location was so dark that I felt suffocated. Is he making a film or is his films a showcase for museum? He should make films with real location. Bhansali focus too much on how the film will look on the screen.

Oh hello, movie is a movie, it should be like a dream. Who wants to see real life problems in the movie theatre too

And how are Karan Johar's movies any different? All he shows is fluff and luxury in his movies. None of his characters come across realistic. At least SLB goes into various spaces (no pun intended), showing his ability to be versatile. I'm not suggesting one Director is better than the other, they both have different perspectives. While SLB is willing to take risks in his presentation of Indian Cinema, Karan Johar plays it safe. And one more feather in SBL's cap, he brings out some very convincing acting from some of these Actors- case in point being Ashwariya Rai who lacked major acting skills before SBL fell into her lap (and not the other way around).

PV removed my comment!! ab chugakor ko chugalkor nahi keh sakti kya lol

Because I protested to ur previous misogynist phrasing .

Please, always comment in English. or apna hindi sambhal ke likhna sikho. At least Sushmita sen ka izzat toh rakho,

Main hindi main hi likhungi. Problem ? Rashtriya bhasha hai. btw I am not sharon diva.

Wow mujhe toh pata hi nahin tha, oh pyari behenji, maine usse iss liye kaha tha kyun ki uski hindi mujhe thik se samaj nahin aata thats all. Tum kyun muh bana rahi ho bekar bekar.

Wow mujhe toh pata hi nahin tha, oh behen, If you not her then I'm not talking to you. I said that to sharon because of that sushmita pic not anything else.

I took the time and watched the interview with an open mind. Karan was raw, insightful and speaking from his aspect. It kept me interested, you see that he is a very lonely and insecure human like all of us. That part where he said he had to let go of some ppl is what you do when you have negativity around you, when you see those fair weather friends, leeches, etc. all the exerts were taken to bring in traffic and it worked.

Karan should just focus on making another K3G or KKHH. He is one of the few (probably the only current director) who is capable of making an epic romance classic. All these other films like SOTY, HSKD, Hasee Toh Phasee, Yeh Jawani hai diwani, etc. are all completely forgettable, sorry to say. Time to get back to his roots.

No.1 post on PV for Mr. Karan Johar. KJO if you're reading this. I am 100% sure you must be on cloud 9. :-)

Karan must have had a very sad childhood and a unsatisfied adulthood....... it is clear with the way he is always nasty, gossipy and mean.

Simple just write a great script with SRK in mind, love to see Madhuri-Shahrukh jodi in one of ur film.

Dear fev director Karan Johar, you better wake up from your Salman-Aamir (far away) dreams. & write some great scripts with Shahrukh-Amitabh-Jaya-Kareena-Kajol/Madhuri(ur new best friend) in mind. Someone please convey my requests to karan's social networking sites.

Sadly, karan is dreaming very big but I just don't think neither Salman nor Aamir is really going to do films with him. He's just wasting time and souring his relationship with longtime best friend Shahrukh khan. After sometimes karan'll have to move back to SRK like farah khan. But the wasted time will be Audiences loss more than his

I also think that SLB gone to blind darkness era again, Mary Kom looks too raw n dark to me, I hope we'll not get bored n bored watching the film. I was excited about Mary kom from the start but that's gone after watching the trailer. Priyanka is okay but these days his choice of casting goes deep down, can't believe this is the same director, who's casts we're like SRK-Aish-Madhuri, Aishwarya-Salman, BigB-Rani, Aish-Hrithik but nowadays. very sad

Well it is a movie about a boxers hardwork and struggle to succeed, you expect butterflies and roses?

Ya, red rose like bloody punches & maybe a butterfly song, don't tell lady boxers don't romance. At least not that much of darkness, I wanted more drama. I mean a different style of direction.

Thanks, that's what is in my mind too. Not just bad casting, moviewise too. You just can't place oh so brilliant Devdas, HDDCS, Black with Ramleela.

The whole interview was just to say that he moves on from Kajol and kareena and no one loves anyone because he didn't find love! Zzzzzzz...

He has some issue with slb but he has definently no problem with srk and kareena atleast from his side. He needs Superstars as his friends so he will do everything to be friends with them.

Karan as a kid was the one everyone made fun of. Now it's his turn to make everyone pay. But Karan because of this past will you ever be happy as an adult-always wondering who is using you or not. What relationship or love interest is real or not? Is there anyone out there who would love you for u if u weren't Karan Johar of Dharma Productions?

He is right about the darkness of SLB he is depressed maybe unhappy. Karan has sorted things out with Kajol. They are fine again. Secondly SRK-Kareena have no problem with him. To me both should have a problem with him. He kajault her out of Ram Leela thats why SLB started hating Kjo. So Kareena should be angry with Kjo but she has moved on. To me the thing between SRK and this one still single actress are the reason of a fight between the two. Karan thought to tell SRK what he should and what not. How Karan treated Pc on KWK he has not moved on that gauris man fell for PC. I think Gauri told Srk to be normal with KJO so he did and now they all have moved on but still srk is not happy about it. So Srk-Kareena will not work under KJO banner again. Kareena said it already and SRK refused to do Shuddhi.
He gave up on Imran and now Ranveer.. he will not make a movie with them.

Karan exploded after Simi Chandoke of Zoom TV spoke dirty about Gauri and star wives in general. He thinks PC paid Simi to spread crap about SRK's wife. Its no way confirmation of affair.

Karan when growing up was a Big kid , made fun of etc now I feel like he's part of the mean "you cant sit with us" club lol. Again, just my thoughts not necessarily the truth! ... I think that is why he will be quick to let go of friendships whose stardom (or lack of) wouldnt affect his carrier in ANY way ... He knows if he let go of kajol or srk or gauri that risks his position in the SRK camp lol .... its all politics. I'm not saying he doesnt care for srk or loves him but I also feel like his relationships are calculative. But lately i've been noticing that hes been hanging out with ppl half his age ... varun, aalia, sid, ayan ... KYUN?

When exactly did srk and kjo broke up? They are avoiding each other like plague for sometime now. What's the scoop? I totally understand 2 is a company and 3 is crowd. So when 3rd person came along 1 had to leave. When did this happen? Last year or even before ?

Celebs are self indulgent pricks and more so in b'wood! This guys interview can be summed up in there words me,me,me! Gosh get over yourselves..this ones a real daft!

If you couldn't take a hint-it was his interview. What do you expect? And why would you expect anything else but diplomatic statements from these folks?

I don't know why he think we must believe everything is chim chum with SRK. When he himself said he would never direct a film without SRK. Didn't he do a film without him in STOY and isn't he producing a film with one of SRK competitor Salman. He is delusional and thinks he is always right. All that talking about Kajol. Karan and Kajol friendship happened before they were both famous when they were teens. Before Kajol did her first film. She was his friend before he was famous during his peak because now he thinks he is all that [if its true they had a fall out] I say good for Kajol for not being with this negative human being that thinks his all that. If you keep having fall outs with people sometimes you need to step back and look at yourself and realize you are the problem. He will end up a lonely sad old man if he keeps disrespecting people like this. Kareena has her Saifu, Kajol has Ajay and her kids, SRK has has and his kids. They will be fine without a Karan Johar friendship but who does he have?

What, just 1 serious relationship according to him which was long distance. So what about Manish, Punit and Siddharth etc. He is trying so hard to launch Siddharth even though he's kinda bland and not great at acting. It has to be out of romantic love. And who are the inner circle friends that he has turned against recently? I enjoyed this interview, at least he is not afraid of voicing his opinions (unlike his guests on the latest season of KWK *cough* ranbir, kareena) . And none of his friends have had a faithful marriage, it is very telling. I knew it! What about his buddy Madhuri, hope they are genuinely intact.

I liked the interview. He's unapologetic about who he is and it seems that he is a really good friend. I never really liked Sanjay Leela Bhansali especially after watching that Koffee with Karan episode with Aishwarya. He's like the type of person that would make you feel guilty if you didn't do whatever he wanted you to.

I'll watch the interview later but I had to LOL at his line "I am all about light and sunshine." hahahahaha!

I guess Kareena wont be offered Shuddhi ever

Sanjay recently has been sounding very depressed, very dark. Honestly, some of his interviews make me think the man needs help. Often the case with geniuses.

Eh what a drama queen!

Just spare SRK's name and deal with it. You are his wife's close friend and he care for you because you are the son of his late close friend as SRK said million times. It is nice to see SRK is away from noisy gossipy person and rather be with his kids at home when his wife went for a gathering or doing his work and spend time with people he loves and trust. No one like gossip aunty in his her life after a point. One need to have his own space away from trash he doesn't care much about.



I agree with Karan. SLB is a fake friend, he is a traitor. He isn't a trustworthy friend. So I can imagine him living into a zone of darkness & negativity.

maybe its the latter n SLB thinks of karan like that n one cannot blame anyone without knowing the real truth n maybe karan is at fault

"... because I am all about light and sunshine." Oh Karan let me laugh. Do you remember Kabi Alvida Na Kehna? Nothing of light and sunchine.This movie was the worst of all your career. SLB isn't the only who has changed, you've also changed.

I think Kabhi Alvida a concept was way ahead of its time . I was a solid and real idea done badly due to the floss that Karan added . Had Karan kept it real without the typical over-the-top gloss , it would had been a classic movie
Karan should stop working with stars for a while and work with real but underrated actors - Shahid Kapoor , Huma Qureshi , Parineeti , Nawazuddin etc .

so you hate him because he dared to make a film where the hero/ heroine get divorced to be with their true love? Did it offend your religious beliefs? You right winger, you. I found the concept very romantic, but the script/movie was badly made.

I totally agree. The Karan Johar of today is completely different from the Karan Johar that made K3G and KKHH. There's something about him that I don't like anymore. He used to be so poised and well-spoken. Now he's just the clutter he was talking about getting rid of.

He also has had the same type of relationship with Kajol as he did with SRK but Kajol is not as a big star as SRK that is why Karan dropped her like that. Karan is just a user, he used Kareena, Imran, Kajol, an so many other people.

Kajol picked sides and is loyal to Ajay who is against KJo his BFF Chopra, hence the strain in the relationship. How can Karan "use" Kareena, she was desperate to work in his films, she kept pleading when she appeared on KWK earlier. It was a mutually beneficial relationship.

As he says he let go of people. LOL!

Kajol, not a superstar? Sorry, but her films will be remembered forever.

Kajol actually has a problem with him because of what happened in the convo with Mahesh Bhatt. I don't think Karan is a user. His relationships have ups and downs like every relationship. Why should it be different with him.

Karan is a delight to listen to. So refreshing. He is glib. So intelligent and real. Love his expressive, articulate, honest nature. His saying what he thinks and feels, even if it may be contradictory at times. It makes him more interesting! I learn a lot from him. Thanks Karan for being you, and please keep giving interviews. You make a difference! And you are looking good!

He is quite entertaining. Nothing else matters in showbiz as nobody is honest and doodh ka dhula. Period.

Poor Karan because he out his nose in everyones's personal business he thought he will drag himself into SRK's affair with Priynaka and get away with it. SRK is a Scorpio man and trust me Scoprios are mysterious and dangerous when you try to cross your line. Hope hanging with his wife would make you feel better. Such an gossip freak.

SRK has two major was with juhi and the other one with Priynaka. Just look carefull have you ever seen juhi taking pictures with his wife!!! I've never seen one picture of them together and for sure now I won't see one with Priynaka. Also I think he was having an affair with deepa Sahi as well before he got married as he shot the film before his mother death and hence that big break up gauri and SRK talked about it how they stopped seeing each other for a while. Karan is a gossip aunty. SRK was ok with him before crossing his personal space no when Karan talk badly about Priyanaka in public he shut it and refused to go his shows and now to his gatherings as well. SRK might sound nice and clamn but one thing for sure he hate People going after his matters.

Not true at all. SRK and Juhi were only friends.s They became business partners due to Aziz Mirza, who wanted both to produce film for him. Juhi is nice to Gauri too. But Juhi isn't friendly with Gauri's gang of friends (the girl gang). Infact SRK's family and Juhi's family have even gone on vacations together. A famous Disney land pics are on net. She is used to baby sit Aryan when Suhana was born. Juhi had a solid relationship with Jai Mehta for long before they got married. The link up with Juhi isn't true at all. Don't try to make stories based on body language.

Secondly, the thing with Priyanka is a mysteryl. From the very beginning of her career, PC has always said she is a crazy fan of SRK. SRK sort of was the judge of her Miss India World crowning night. Her first ad with SRK (the 'more' ad) she acted as dumbstuck fan and said that was her real state too. In an old Cine blitz article about sex appeal of BW heros, she and lara dutta were questioned, she answered SRK was head to toe sexy, had most kissable lips, and looked good in boxers. During Anjaana Anajaani promotions Ranbir teased her about her crush on SRK and how she will get to kick him with the upcoming Don shooting. And then in KWK, Karan teased her about blushing and turning red at the mention of SRK's name. During Don 2 promotions too, she said developed a crush on SRK watching Chamatkaar as a kid. I think her frank opinions about crush on SRK and SRK's responses made people gossip around. Because if anyone has seen Don 2 promotions, you will clearly see SRK treating her just the way he treats Deepika. Most blinds turned out fake too. Blinds are written based on juicy gossip amongst worst of gossip aunties. Lets not forget that.

And Karan reacted not to the affair stories, but the Zoom TV special by the horrible hag Simi about star wives being insecure and with low self esteemed. Karan felt PC had used her contacts to spread that nasty story about Gauri being an insecure, possessive, jealous wife. He deleted the tweet after realizing that it may be construed as confirmation of affair story.

Without being judgmental I feel there is a love lost between SRK and Priyanka. I think they didn't have affair affair but they got closer and closer and maybe if the media and the people around didn't push them apart they would end up having one but they didn't. SRK loves his wife and I feel he still does but he is in love with Priynaka as well. SRK is a very respectful and generous with his co actresses and he is quite manly and charming that any woman will fall for him and they do but he hardly being that attracted to anyone after his wife than when priyanka and you can tell she is so into him. I can't blame her he is quite sexy and witty and smart and extremely caring. But again SRK loves his family and kids madly so he won't leave for having happiness to himself. ThatMs my saying.

So karan indeed lost his friendship with SRK due to priyanka's affair. He should mind his own business and never step into SRK's personal a space as I notice that yeah they might had rapid good way of working but SRK one man who doesn't like anyone to cross their limits and his private business even if it happens to be a close friend of his wife. He throw out Arjun and his wife and he would do the same for Karan if not he is a very close and the gay friend of his wife.

Sounds like Karan is trying to convince himself more here than anything else. That's a mark of a man that isn't really happy with who he is. Actually quite sad.

He comes across as smug and humorous but you can tell that he's actually a very lonely and depressed man from the inside and he has decided to channel all his emotions and energy into his work..which is why is obsessed with his work and cannot imagine a time when he is not in demand so to say...hope he finds someone to spend his life with

The people he hasn't let go are people he can't afford to let go because they are bigger names in the industry than him. SRK, Adi Chopra etc. Others like Kajol, Kareena, Imran--who are not #1 actors anymore-- KJO has conveniently let go. He knows he's a bigger name, has more pull in the industry.

And no matter what he says, even today, Karan is trying to suck up to people. Look at his twitter account. Everyone from Armaan Jain, to Alia Bhatt, to Varun Dhawan to Salman Khan is the "best actor" and all their movies are "blockbusters." He was a "chamcha" and he'll always stay one. That's central to his personality.

SLB is so over rated, his dark and gloomy movies are depressing! keep on shining Karan!

am i the only one that feels bad for him when he says "can't find a partner to be with". Whatever his sexual preference, i think everyone deserves to be with someone. I think maybe because he's famous he can't just go to some random person, and also because he's famous he can't be so open about his preference, especially in a country with homosexuality is illegal.

Kareena, Sonam and Karan Fall into the same category DRAMA QUEENS. All from the filmy family with almost zero talent and Ph !so full of themselves. Extremely condescending to others who made it on their own.

Karan is very conniving and manipulative. Kareena and Sonam maybe drama queens but not cunning infact they lack speak without thinking.

dont put kareena and sonam in the same category as karan. they are straight forward but sweet, karan is manipulative, rude and is an opportunist. . if anything, deepika is more like him. pv post this!

I dont think Deepika is anything like him. But he is manipulative and rude . I think Ranbir is more like him .

One of the comments on youtube for this video: "Words he uses to describe himself : Drama Queen, Miss Congeniality and Barbie. So I assume this was his coming out interview?!" :)

The whole part on his personal life was sooo much expected. He's not ready at all to open his heart to the media. He lives something strong and beautiful with his partner and I think he wants to keep it that way. At least for now. He knows so well what will happen the day he will reveal the truth. There is not the slightest doubt anymore about his relationship to Manish. The world knows about them and he knows very well that the world knows about them, I'm sure. Teasing with pictures and then denying everything for years. " He is my best friend, my bestest friend, my closest friend, like my family " but doing everything possible to avoid mentioning his name or to involve him in some interviews, and the rare time he does it or when someone trap him telling some stories or anectodes about them it stutters and does not know how to move on to another subject. He did it in this interview, mentioning his name spontaneously when he said Manish always told him " You and your one-liners !", just after saying his name, he felt obliged to justify to Niranjan, stuttering, evoking that it was because their trio was special. Well, sorry for these lines guys. As a big "Karanish" fan, i feel a little irritated by this side of Kjo sometimes and also because this interview was supposed to give us the BIG revelation on his love life..... but well once again. If he acts this way, it must have good reason. I just hope one day we'll have the chance to know about them. Because denying such a beautiful relationship is such a shame....

Karan is lying when he open his mouth and so he do here. He would never talk bad about SRK because he knows this business better than anyone else but when was the last time he was seen in friendly terms with SRK? Only Gauri is left and she got reasons for this friendship.

To be honest, I'm a fan of both of them but i'm sick of watching SLB films. He lives in darkness n you can see that in his films. I just wish that someday he stops making these colorful films n makes a normal film with normal location instead of designing a fake location. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam was a normal film with normal location. That's what I want to see.

Sorry, but you thought 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' was "normal"?
Do you live in a house like that, with a family like that?

He did.
It was called 'Khamoshi'
But hardly y anyone watched it.

Good, SLB is out of his life. I always knew he was an extremely egoistic man with bad temper. He made Aishwarya Rai apologise public ally.

If RS left Shhuddhi to work with great Slb then it's his loss. Karan is clever businessman. He got best option available in the market for his film. Now he doesn't have to struggle to find heroine for the film. Any top actress will do this film. Crap film like Jai ho made business of 115 cr in India alone so it explains Bhai's clout on the box office. Today almost every top actor is working under Kjo's production house. He has got nothing to loose. He is not selling his image. He is rich and intelligent has good communication skills. He doesn't give two hoot about any one and he has made that pretty clear in above interview.

I think RS decision had a lot to do with loyalty as well, SLB put faith in him and gave him a big budget film even though he was not at the top yet , Karan used to openly mock Ranveer as he is not a star kid he always ridicules RS and Deepika for being outsiders , but seeing RL's success he tried to bank on their jodi, Karan is a cunning opportunist , glad RS chose loyalty

If RS left Shhuddhi to work with great Slb then it's his loss. Karan is clever businessman. He got best option available in the market for his film. Now he doesn't have to struggle to find heroine for the film. Any top actress will do this film. Crap film like Jai ho made business of 115 cr in India alone so it explains Bhai's clout on the box office. Today almost every top actor is working under Kjo's production house. He has got nothing to loose. He is not selling his image. He is rich and intelligent has good communication skills. He doesn't give two hoot about any one and he has made that pretty clear in above interview.

Wait till the public proves him wrong. RS made the best decision in his life. God will lift up the loyal and humble and crush the proud and arrogant.

What does he mean there are no couples in Bollywood who are faithful and loyal!! What about Srk & Gauri, Juhi Chawla & her husband,Twinkle and Akshay, Madhuri & Nene, Aish & Abhishek, Kareena & Saif??

SRK-Gauri?? Stop it now.

twinkle and akshay?? what a joke.

After marriage Akshay hasn't had any affairs that has come to light.

SLB is has got no talent tbh. We Indians are easily fooled by color and melodrama, and that's what he does. His few pictorial tricks, he employs them repeatedly. Other than that, these adaptation of great literary works are reduced to all playing in front of the enormous stages he builds, complete lack of true talent. No wonder, despite the sucess of devdas, no Hollywood studios has hired him to direct like they did with shekhar kapur, ang lee, Pedro almadovar, zhang yimao. No real talent, all showmanship and same old same old :/

Karan's agenda is to make money, he doesnt love or understand cinema like SLB does, for sanjay its more about his passion, his craft , Karan's movies are pure commercial and have no depth or substance unlike Black, HDDCS, Guzaarish etc

But SLB has shown versitality as a story teller and director unlike Karan. He is capable of doing colourful, large scale movies like devdas, ram leela to doing movies like guzarrish and black. All his movies are so detailed and beautiful. To say he has no talent is just wrong.

All of SLBs critically acclaimed movies were copies of french or other dramas.whereas Kjo has fewer copies i can name only KANK as a copy,rest were his genuine artwork.

I would hardly call it art. Every filmmaker is influenced by the cinema he has watched or admires. SLB's movies follow a format close to lets say a play on stage with theatrics whereas Karan is influenced by popcorn cinema. Literally all his movies are about 1. A lost boy finding himself after meeting a strong independent girl 2. About families falling apart and coming together. Not one of his movies has been path-breaking or taken any risk. He himself is a sub-par director who only thrived on either the pairing of SRK- Kajol or a huge ensemble starcast.

PS: Student of the Year was not a risk. He made sure to shove each of them down our throats as he continues to do now. If you read articles its like no one besides Varun, Sid and Alia even exist in this industry.

Sorry, but I think even Karan would laugh for calling his films "artwork"

Good on you Karan Johar, negativity in people can really bring you down. Looking at SLB's movies, he really is in a dark and gloomy place, his movies reflect that!

"At the end of the day, if he calls me today and asks me to drop my life and career for him, I would without a beep, without a thought, If he asks me to be there for me for one week, one year, ten years, I would do that unconditionally. I think he would do the same for me"
Sheesh!!! No two straight people who are unrelated would say such stuff. Seriously there's something more than that meets the eye between these two

Hello, apne life mein koi unconditionaly pyaar karnewaala nahin mila toh uska bharas yahan matt nikalo, Shahrukh khan is a great Husband and a coveted family man. I don't think even Priyanka had the chance to be with him as his love interest. Otherwise, more Beautiful newbies Deepika and Anushka was there to get manipulated by him.

Did you hear SRK saying anything now!! No. So zip it. SRK didn't even give him a couple of hours to shoot for his show. Leave the man alone. He already has problem juggling between loving two women his wife and his mistress. I guess we all know how straight SRK is for that matter. Cheers.

Get a life.

There is pure love between them. Pure brotherly love. They will there for each other until the end of time. But it's really THIS kind of love, not the kind of love the media want to project. If there were really something romantic between them, I do not think Karan would take the risk to talk about SRK using these terms, after all these years. It's not difficult to understand what represent SRK for Karan and why. I don't know why some people out there still try to create some stories. Karan is in a relationship with someone actually, we all know who is this someone and the fact that he is constantly lying and trying to invent all sorts of stories to hide this relationship is a good proof in itself. And I think it's absolutely normal to see him lying this way. 1st-It's his life, he will talk about it if he wants to. 2nd-Living in India, he still have to face the law and it's not an easy thing. Well, in short, there is nothing between these two, apart from genuine love and care, as between brothers or father and son.

Unrequited love, only from Kjos side.

He is way too personal in these interviews, guess he doesn't care for audience approval, he's got nothing to loose, doesn't need to sell his own movies. His productions is doing so well as is. The wine probably didn't help, he drank the whole glass, had a second and then a coffee. I think this interview, he wanted to let those people know it was their loss and he isn't moping over the loss of friendship!! But yeah it's sad that he says he can't find a partner. Maybe he has unrealistic expectations for a partner !

He has found a partner but can't talk about it. Hope he'll manage to do it one day....

There was love ( and surely not the brotherly one) but this was years ago before John and other nice guys. For now Karan would never tell the truth about their realtion status, because he knows the business and its power.

Not all relationships are fishy/whatever u want to call it ! That's wrong to think so ! Can't there just be a trustworthy and best friendship between two people ! I'm not just talking about Kjo but seriously, what's the world coming to..

at least he is not living dual lives. one public persona and other only when cameras turn off. This is very refreshing considering he comes from film industry.

He actually found a partner. It's not a secret anymore. But both of them still not ready to talk about it. And I think the law is not helping. He's ready to deny everything and to tell anything to protect this relationship even if he knows, I'm sure, that a lot of people know about this relationship today. It's sad to hear those words in this interview, to see that he can't manage to do it but we must respect his decision. The day will come....

Then what about Kajol ??????????

He is intelligent, talented, articulate, loyal, clearheaded and a good person. He is a good businessman, has excellent PR skills and can multitask. He is rich and good looking as well. He is an extraordinary man, God's special child. I wish I was married to him.

Hi Karan, I think you're on the wrong website. Pinkvilla don't accept CV's.

He is entertaining and witty also.

Karan goes on like he is fresh bread
people in the industry just suck up to him because 99% of Dharma movies are blockbuster so they know where to butter their bread
I really do respect those celebs that dont suck up to him
I think the only stars not intimidated by kjo is salman, aamir and maybe srk now
others are all katputlis. lol

THANK GOD ,... SLB U are just so so lucky....!!!

This is coming because deepika selected Slb's Bajirao Mastani over karan johar's shuddhi. Incidentally, Karan Johar wanted to cast Ranveer and Deepika in his movie ‘Shuddhi‘ but Ranveer chose to do ‘Bajirao Mastani’ over ‘Shuddhi’. If there are two mega projects happening at the same time, it is difficult to accommodate both the films.

Karan's problem's that he's very needy -needy for recognition , appreciation & adulation from the people & the other filmy folk. Why should someone reciprocate ,why EXPECT someone to reciprocate with charming nothings over your own movie simply b'cos you have appreciated their work ? Different people like different things . He should be happy with what he has got & achieved for himself ...or at least learn to live with it. Honestly speaking , KKHH was his only movie with soul ,all the other movies were playing to the gallery for the box office . Pay more attention to his script rather than the decorative frills, (or all the other things he does so that it does not affect the creative juices) . All his movies are about very rich people, mostly NRIs,rarely real people .Even the college in SOTY looked so fake & unreal, with an unnecessary ,unfunny ,gay principal hopping around the place. About SLB ,it's almost certainly because SLB swiped (from KJO's perspective) his lead pair for his own movie . SLB takes himself & life very seriously ,every single SLB movie is an opulent tragedy with a strange other worldly feel to it. Wonder who the close friends are who made trouble between SRK & him ? The only missing person is Arjun Rampal from his gang . Naturally SRK may have been a little upset when suddenly KJO's courting Salman . Pity nobody asked him what the ruckus with PC was about ! Above all, don't collect a coterie of ''Yes men'' around you.

"I solidly believe if you lose me in your life, it's your loss. Because, I am all about the people I know. I am all about the relationships I build."

YES!!! This.

I don't even want to read anything else after this quote, I love it so much!!! Me too KJo, me too. Maybe tomorrow I'll comeback and read the rest and respond to it lol. 8)

That is the only quote I loved, totally goes with me. Don't read the rest of it though, its all about his diva-like arrogance and nothing else....

Karan is a good man. He , Aditya chopra and Gauri are responsible for Srk clean family image that made him huge star that is truth. As a good friend Karan was trying to save him and protect him. But Srk being Srk chose some one else results , today Amir and Salman has left him back. People like Farah are not trustworthy. Same goes for Kajol. Now Kajol is not Ash and madhuri in fact she is no where near Karisma and Manisha as far as beauty and talent is concern. She is not great dancer. Look at Urmila she had everything personality talent everything. But they were not lucky. Kajol was enjoying no 1 position by doing Chopra's and kjo films. Suddenly she felt oh I am this important result despite all those make overs today no one is offering her films. As a person Karan has flaws like everyone. He is snobbish but deep down he is a good person. He has got nothing to loose. There is pool of talent and he knows how to built an image. He will create another star and sell his films.

SRK is a star by his own work and talent. It has nothing to do with his personal life. People loved and went crazy when killed people in Darr, bazzigar and were screaming and before that many collage girls and families loved him in Faujii when he wasn't even marries and knew about his life! Everyone in the industry told him to hide his wife but he said no! It was considered a deadly idea to flaunt you are married and being a hero. Karan start working with SRK when SRK is at his peak after DDLG and we know Karan was nothing and no one knows him, so cut the carp at that. As for his wife gauri never liked her husband to act in films and used to not watch his films and fight over every single detail. And Adi wasn't even in the picture and never saw him talk to say he helps him with his family image!! Get it real and stop nagging about SRK for no reason. Stop the envious and the nonsense spreading.

Get a life.

I am sorry but it's better to become a self made star rather then relying on ace directors to promote their career. Kareena got selfish and went on to sign his movies blindly and oh look he has made her a star lol. She is better off without kjo projects. Look at Deepika and priyanka they are enjoying their leagues without any kjo tag.

Gosh he is annoying.

Farah khan, kajol and kareena are things of past for him. Srk chose to do Farah s movie over Kjo 's.

Both SLB and Kjo are highly over-rated directors.

Kjo and his nautanki *rolls eyes*

I loved this interview, I love Kjo !!!

I am actually a huge fan of SLB just because his songs and his movies have so much desi in them. That is the biggest reason for Ram Leela's success. Everything in Bollywood is so westernized, I mean when does song's from Ram Leela ever get pictured like that and release in Bollywood?

I think many people appreciate that about his movies but my all time favorite movie is KKKG directed by Karan but I am really disliking his personality.

Also, the dig that he took at Kareena and Kajol was just rude; he acts like they need them. Keep pouting with your Alia Karan!

I like how he tries to cloak his self involved nature and confuses it with cyncism. Yes Karan there are plenty of people in this world who do truly love each other and sacrifice everything to be with one another, just not in your egoistic world. Just because you aren't capable of true affection , contrary to your statement that you love openly, doesn't mean this world is a shallow place.

Also you cant demand appreciation when you really have only made one film that was good. No one forced you to appreciate other peoples movies. Irrational person. Stop using your former friends name for free publicity. It is a fact that you are bitter that you have never directed a 100 crore film yourself therefore as a director you are bitter.

If he is still upset about SLB snatching Ranveer from his film, I don't think that was a big loss .

I just love Karan Johar as a person, I mean he stand by his friends. at a time when everyone lost hopes in bebo ... he signed her for Shuddhi (its a diff thing it didnot work out). If he wud have gone to Deepika before she signed Bajirao for Shuddhi .. sh ewud hv jumped on it. Karan has problems wid SRK but says he can give his life for him ... ! KJo Man ... now you should find the one you love and settle down !

He is a DUAL PERSONALITY actually ! Coming to the present , he has left Kajol , Rani , Preeti and now Kareena also...If he is such a good friend then at this time , he is casting one of these actresses in his next !!! But he only worked with them when they were on their peek....And now when these 4 needed a blockbuster to start a no inning in their respective careers , he is no more there !!!

I really dont think he has left Kajol (she is the one who has been acting pricey dese days), Rani coz she is dating Adi has bcom like her and considering adi & rani are married, Rani & Kjo will be frnz !Preeti went away to the US ... we all know why ! he is a good friend ... coz he cast bebo in shuddhi at a time wen he knew Gori flopped and people thought she is over! We dont know why Shduddhi din work out .... ! He still loves all of em .. they have ruined their careers wid deir own hands ! Also, we cant forget that he owns Dharma productions not a charity organization!!!

badi badi ankhe hai ansuo ki tanki, ye chhori badi drama queen hai .. :P

Did he call Kajol and Kareena a clutter ? OMG

He's talking about Kajol, and she sounds crazy

And BTW, if you praise other filmmakers' works with the expectation that they will compliment you in return, you aren't exactly being generous or magnanimous or a great human being. Now THAT's a classic example of giving oneself too much importance. If you truly appreciated someone's work, you'd just convey it and leave it at that. Simple.

I agree overall with the comments here that his statements on SLB are over-dramatic, but guys, watch the whole interview, it's not bad and is pretty light-hearted overall! Let's not treat Karan the way he treats others ;) :P

Nope. Same rules for everyone!

I almost fell off my chair when he said "I'm all about light and sunshine." That's quite rich coming from someone whose trademark talk show is all about being bitchy, ridiculing other people, and inadvertently spreading negativity. As an individual, KJo certainly has the right to have an opinion of his own on everybody, but singling out one director (SLB in this case) and practically lambasting him on national television seems kinda much. I don't think SLB is a fantastic filmmaker (though some of his movies have been brilliant), but why ostracize him publicly like this? Given his lineage and industry clout, KJo obviously has the upper hand here and his words on this show will have a negative backlash on how SLB is perceived by industry circles, given the fact that SLB rarely ever speaks to the media. And if this is a reaction to his Shhuddhi choices Ranveer and Deepika opting for SLB's film, then that's quite vile and bitter, considering that casting shuffles happen in Bollywood all the time. Get over it, KJo. It makes one wonder who really has gone into a space of negativity and darkness. Sigh.

RAJ and Pablo talking to each other

He admits that he hangs around the younger lot so that he can still be in the news..that's pretty sad!

So its true then? He has moved on from Kareena, kajol etc...

Obviously he has! Haven't you heard about his new muse , that Alia overrated bhatt !!??

When you an artist or an entertainment, your way of looking at things might not be similar to someone else. While SLB direction leans towards performance and story, KJ direction leans towards romance and commercialism. Your craft and perception might be different, but being on a same field people should always have mutual respect. Over here, KJ is being really disrespectful. Just because you look at the world in a certain way, doesn't mean everybody else has to. Learn to respect that. Makes you a better person and maybe it might make you a better producer (investing in better films).

So arrogant and so full of himself. Do anyone care him?

SLB is overrated. Period. Not defending Kjo's bashing of him, which is personal. But SLB isn't as awesome as he thinks he is. Last coupla movies from him as director have been crap.

BTW Bhansali makes better movies and produces better movies. Compare Gori Tere Pyar Mein or Shumty Sharma whatever the title of that movie was to proper masala movie Rowdy Rathore, Mary Kom and movies like Ram Leela. Just saying

I hope you have seen Mary Kom and putting this argument because at least for me trailers are disappointing(just go out of pinkvilla many agrees). If I may not wrong it's collection are going to be less than FFF. Now let's talk about Rowdy Rathore and Ram leela. Personally both movies sucks specially Ram leela was borderline vulgar where both hero heroine are desperate to get room! . In fact Khamoshi and HDDS only decent films Slb has ever made. All other movies are just copy and paste. Just because PC is his new muse don't take side of that snobbish , egoistic sad man.

The argument here is that bansali is celebrated director in india but he obviously isn't a great director nor a story teller. He just fools people by wrapping great literary work into colorful opulent wrappers. Kjo is known for making mushy melodramas with boxoffice pull, no one says he is genius. Looking at black, my name is khan, devdas, kkkk, they are basically same people, only SLB thinks he is oh such a great director. But he sucks and ruin beautiful literatures. No depth, all frills.

No one saw Mary Kom yet and u plugged it in already? C'mon. And YHJD, Dostana, Agneepath, Wake Up Sid were all good films that came out of his production that embarrasses Bhansali produced films. Such as : My Friend Pinto, RR and Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi. You don't have to pick Bhansali just because he's calling PC his muse. He's practically just using her in his films.

And you don't have to stick up for karan aunty just because he's working with salman. Newsflash...karan is just using salman in shuddhi because every other big named actor like SRK, Hrithik, Aamir turned shuddhi down...and karan desperately needed a big star because the budget of shuddhi is big. If karan thought salman was any good, then he would have gone to him first, not last. He even asked ranveer singh before salman. Karan is someone who never had a good word for salman or aamir for years, but now that SRK is busy working with other directors and is no longer interested in helping Kjo anymore, Karan is sucking up to them. Remember when akshay was giving big hits, and Kjo was sucking up to him and annouced that he was going to produce a film starring akshay...???...what happened to that??? Akshays films started flopping and karan changed his mind. Basically Kjo is just using salman, and salman should be very careful. As for PC, bhansali just used her an item in ram leela, and she has the side role on bajiroa mastani where deepika is the main title role...and mary kom is not even directed by him...but by a newcomer. Bhansali always spends lots of money on his own directed films...but for marykom, he has hardly spent anything, and it shows in the trailer. Also, the whole birthday party thing was a publicity stunt to promote marykom.

Fact is that both karan and bhansali are drama queens and are using PC and salman because other actors are not interested in working with them. PC and salman fans should be vary of both of them.

I clearly insulted Karan and Bhansali down below in this topic itself. And from the time to time I do consistently poke fun at him soooooooo You wrote all that for no reason. Has nothing to do with Salman LOL.

Yessss and you have gone all into Alia. :)

taking advantage of the situation as everyone knows after seeing ram leela, ppl hate slb and his movies... and even mary kom gonna be a big dud, everyone knows that too.

slb shud quit and spare us, he made cinema which is neither fictional nor real and the proof is ram leela got one of the worst ratings on tv..... ppl hated that overhyped movie that much.

Why lie?YJHD had a rating of 6.9 TVTs and Ram Leela had 8.9 TVTs.

u r saying such big lies, ram leela ratings were only 1.9, its among d lowest and even yjhd got 4.2, rarely any movie get ratings above 6, r u out of ur mind?? who is ur source of ur info, change it asap and do u know which movie is one of the highest rated on tv, its tarzan d wonder car bcoz d movie was good unlike dat crap ram leela, and even gtpm had better ratings on tv than ram leela.

Lol, no it didn't! Delusional much! Ram Leela's premiere propelled Sony to 4th place, a jump of 2 places!

i know just one thing slb is not at all talented, he is just too overrated, he is the worst director ever, and only Indians can tolerate his movies...

Drama Queen,

Just like you.

Bhansali makes a bigger and better film than yours and now he's woozy?? really karan?? You are so last season's news to begin with

Blah blah blah. The poor good hearted Karan.

Karan Johar is overly over-exposed....!!! It's not he whose handling the "being too popular"'s we,the audience who are sick and tired of handling the "OMG....KJO....not again" burden....Can the media puuulllleeeeaaaassseee get rid of him for atleast a month???!!!! PV please post this!!! thanks

How great is that! I don't always agree with him but Karan is a gay gossipy man, who struggles with weight and yet he is one of the most successful in the business, tough, commands respect for himself, throws the biggest parties, dances like a mad person without reservation, speaks his mind, intelligent., all in a country with 0 tolerance for homosexual. He must give strength to a lot of people.

And SLB is really overrated. He made a few good enough movies and now he just copies his own old movies. How many of his films have the heroine running down a long stairs with trailing saris, or dessert/camel shot, or the same dances, even the song. His creative juice is depleted.

Just spare SRK's name and deal with it. You are his wife's close friend and he care for you because you are the son of his late close friend as SRK said million times. It is nice to see SRK is away from noisy gossipy person and rather be with his kids at home when his wife went for a gathering or doing his work and spend time with people he loves and trust. No one like gossip aunty in his her life after a point. One need to have his own space away from trash he doesn't care much about.

if you give this interview to a person and replace Karan with Kiran, they would never think its a man's interview. This dude seriously sounds like a drama queen.

SIGH! So many eyeroll-worthy statements. Karan is such a diva! Where to start??

"I feel very exhausted about constantly justifying what I feel for him or what he feels for me" ---> Speak for yourself Karan. If
& when SRK feels the need to talk about your so-called friendship, he will. Why so desperate for his validation yaar?

"Unfortunately, other forces have come in and tried to dilute the impact of our force. It has made sometimes, things a bit awkward." --> Dude can't resist, can he? SMH

" I am sorry, but I have no space....because I am all about light and sunshine." ---> LOL! Light is as light does, Karanji. I hope SLB just keep ignoring you. I really hope he doesn't give you the light of the day (see what I did here? lol).

So basically, Karan really wanted to interview himself à la KwK style, but without the jugement & cattiness. Congrats! You made it to the couch!

That being said, I really like the setting of Niranjan's show so far. Really relaxed & different.

Love him. So honest and too the point. Immense respect KJO :)

Ugh this guy is everywhere!! And talking nothing but rubbish.

SRK needs to trademark his name ASAP. Everyone is always talking about him and using his name to get publicity. You just have to look at posts on pinkvilla. Ajay devgan can't stop talking about SRK, and i think ajay has mentioned SRK's name more times than the name of the film he is promoting. Aamir khans PR are trying to make a big deal about a comment SRK made at the launch of a new TV show, where SRK just said that the question about what talent he had under his belt was vulgar. Salman, thinks that SRK should host BB8, and that he has always liked SRK, and wishes that he could be like him, and that SRK is the KING...blah blah blah. And now you have Kjo aunty with his usual interview about how close he still is with SRK. People aren't stupid, and they are not blind. Kjo is two-faced and a matlabi user, who will suck up to anyone and everyone when it suits him. Kjo is a big successful producer NOW, but he was a fat nobody before SRK worked with him and it was SRK that made him into a big director. Kjo just used SRK and his superstardon to build up dharma, and now that he doesn't need SRK anymore, he is busy sucking up to all the actors who talk crap about SRK.

100% AGREE. It's getting out of hand now. Practically every actor is using SRK's name to get pubicity, and the media always tries to link SRK to every news item aswell. If SRK got paid everytime some smaller actor took his name to get media attention, then SRK would be the richest actor in the world, instead of the only the 2nd richest actor. LOL.

If he did trademark it, you would catch a bigger case for mentioning SRK exactly 14 times.

Yeah! But at least at that time he or she wouldn't need to say as much or writing such comment. The man's name is everywhere without any valid reason. It is too much judgments and headaches for him I'm sure. I know he loves his stardom and love people loving him and all but I've been fan of his for more than 15 years now despite his wittiness but one thing for sure he never like bad publicity or when people using his personal space as a tool for promoting themselves . He would rather stay away and being in his shell than enjoying it. I think he should sue people who use his name wrongly or with no reason. Fair enough like many cleverness in the west. Regards.

I love that doesn't count. I say SRK thousands of times everyday!!!!..and i'm not making any money from using his name. Infact, i have used up all my pocketmoney, (and got advance Birthday/diwali/new years presents from my parents) for VIP tickets ($3,500) to see my sweetheart SRK in concert, and i can't wait to get SLAMMED by him.

The trademark is for the media and film industry, not for fans. Only people who don't like SRK, and people who are trying to use his name to make money and get publicity should get sued.


Nice! Yall are a hoot today! :-)

On that I agree with kjo. SLB is overrated..look at his films..people are always dying at the end. There is almost the same thing like 12 songs, lehengas, colors, huge sets, but where is performances????

I love you KJO. You the man!

I officially love Karan.

Lol I never thought Karan had so many haters. I found a few things honest in the interview.

He is not politically correct all the times nor he is living upto the image he has carefully created just like srk or Bachchans. Kjo is all hearts in a wrong place where people only have professionally motivated relationships.

Karan is the person with professionally motivated relationship. He himself says he hates to become boring, and surrounds himself with young and happening things. So, the clutter is old relationships which are no longer fruitful. He pretends to be frank which also gives you the impression of him being honest. He is frank and frank enough to admit to moves on and let go of several people.

What about Kajol ???!!!!

Bhansali and KJO: The clash of Divas

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