Saif and Kareena on a dinner date

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Saif Ali Khan and his begum, Kareena Kapoor were spotted late night in Bandra on what looked like a late dinner date.

The couple were seen hand-in-hand while the paparazzi spotted them. Saif was in his favorite garb - the pathani suit while Kareena donned an animal print denim shirt on top of distressed denims. She added a pop of color by sporting some bright red lipstick.

The couple seemed a tad bit tired. Isn't it?
Well, there is a reason to it. Saif had a court hearing today in connection with the assault case in 2012. To refresh your memories, Iqbal Mir Sharma had filed a complaint against Saif for alleged assault inside the Taj Hotel on February 22, 2012. Saif was then accompanied by Kareena, Malaika, Karisma. Saif and Iqbal Sharma had got into a verbal spat following which Saif allegedly assaulted Iqbal.

The hearing was today but was adjourned to the next week.

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Kareena is sooo gorgeous

She is taller than saif ..

She is simply gorgeous!; Love the shade of red on her; Love Saif's sincerity with her - the visible tattoo is envy inducing in terms of how much someone can love you that not only did they do that in such a highly visible place as a reminder but also keeping their promise through good times and bad; i don't like blue nailpolish. I need to donate mine I got on a whim.

she is the only one who looks best with every-colo of nail Polish

They should have gone to watch Finding Fanny. Aren't they friends with Homi & Dinesh??


It's incredibly obvious to me that if she weren't so fair, she wouldn't be considered a great beauty in India. She has really clear, even skin and her features can look really striking from certain angles, but facially she is not beautiful.

best couple in bollywood!

Ufff.. those nails and lips... Simply beautiful!

Annnnnd stunning Bebo is here.....Blue nail lipstick...diamond ring...and a pony band on wrist!! thats how its done!! :) gorgeous lady!!

Wished I was saif :-(

OMG!! BEBO is so beautiful

Flawless princess and her prince


BEBO you rock girl! Marriage or not you have proved all it takes is the right attitude!

Tired yet looking so beautiful and sexy KKK

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Perfect Couple♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Best couple Saifeena. Love them.

Best couple Saifeena. Love them.

Kareena looks more beautiful whenever she is with Saifu.

Kareena is flawless beauty.

Lovely couple :-)

Both looking FABBBBBBBBB and BEBO is a natural beauty.

How reaxed Kareena looks.. so normal and beautiful and she is so in love with Saif such a sweet couple.

Hawttttttttt salwar kameez

♥♥♥ Bebo rocks ♥♥♥

Beautigl good looking couple

She looks tired

Looking great!

Kareena never looks happy whenever she is with saif. She tries hard to make herself believe she is in love. I want that rebellious kareena back who did thing on her own terms. Please bebo don't suffocate yourself and live life carefree.

There's no doubt that she's in love as is evidence by the things she says and how she behaves. They seem to be struggling with what's appropriate public demonstrations of love now that they're married. Afterall, she's not only a movie star, but also future figure head of House of Pataudi where, in certain circles, these things are still being judged. That explains the conservative, classy way of dressing while some are still doing skin shows and refusing to grow up. She's not suffocating herself, just happily evolving and embracing life's inevitable normal growth and changes, living fully and having other experiences. That's where true happiness lies.

I don't agree.The girl who has almost given up her career for her husband is not in love with her husband?

She hasn't given up her career. She is still a working woman.

Masala with 15 seconds appearance? ahahahaha

Hehehe i had 5sec role in krishh and in hny my friend has 2sec role hehehhehehe I'm so funny hehehhehehehhe heheheheehehee hehehehehhehehehehehehehehee heheheheehehehehehehehehehehehe hehehehehhehehehehehehehehee heheheheehheheheheheheh

Great sense of humour you have I must say!

Krish3 yes 15sec ;-)

Our Begum is always so beautiful and a much awaited and welcomed sight on PV, even if tired, no makeup except for red lips and casually attired. How royal they look. Saif is getting more distinguished looking and Kareena just imbues the Begum title.

Kareena is really beautiful.

that tattoo is still there on saif arm, so it was real and not fake as many news channel reported.

I ike this Couple

Kareena looks tired but cute.

I always wonder what will happen to Kareena if Saif found guilty and he ends up behind the bars?:/

Hrithik won't be single anymore ;)


I don't care what anyone says... Kareena looks fantabulous, divine, beautiful, classy (all the good words in the dictionary). Look at the charm and her AURA, she's still here to stay. Only 9 more days till her birthday :D

kkk luks very gorgeous as always...saif luks cute wit her..

i love herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr uf this begum is beautiful ;)

every inch DIVA... she is unmatchable...

OMG Saifu

Kareena looks very nails and red lips

More I see her, more I fall in love with her.

Beautiful couple.

Awesome pics:-) fab..


Beautiful as always

Kareena looks so unbelievably stunning! That casual dress,hair, makeup and her face is just so beautiful

Saiffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Besttttttt

Kareena is looking so HOTTTTT!!
she can carry anything with that attitude.

looking at them together always brings up this thought in me, they’ll have beautiful babies!

Saif has Sharmila’s looks so even if their daughter gets his looks, she will be a stunner. Same thing with Kareena – she seems to have inherited the Kapoor face and if the son inherits her looks, we’ll have another Ranbir look alike :)

Doesn't Armaan Jain look a lot like Saif? I initially thought he was Saif's relative. I couldn't believe he's a Kapoor. Saifeena's son might look like Armaan.

They look like a lovely royal couple… So pretty Saif looks like a royalty.. They look like the perfect couple after Akshay and Twinkle.. Two thumbs up to both of them!!!!!! -

Super Super Hot!

i always admire their couple they are so compatible and here they look so decent and classy!!gorgeous!!

saif is my fav among all khans…i love his comic timing…and the goofy kinda guys he plays…n i absolutely love him in his shrwanis ans shalwar kameez

Yep, the best Khan around, esp. in a comedy. He looks so yummy….very regal, almost. Would love to steal him if K would let go of her grip on him! lol

i wish she sees these pics and realizes how good she looks without weird pouts.

Event appropriate, age-appropriate, supportive grilfriend appropriate!

i have a same shirt..and i dont like it :P

not likinng it on kareen as well :P

p.s. love the bag.

Kareena looks very drunk in every single pic recently.

nawab g looks too good

They do not look happy.i always knew that Kareena has not been happy about her marriage and the marriage was a marriage of convenience as she couldn't find any one good enough and got married only due to money and status..

Poor Bebo.

Are u kidding me? Please!! Tell this to ur favorites who go behind men for success and money. She is very happy in her marriage. She loves Saif dearly i dont think i have seen anybody talk about their husband like she has. If u see her interviews just bringin up Saif makes her happy. And wat did u say? That she cant find a man lmaooo!! She always had the hottest guys go after her from Hrithik, Shahid, to Saif(he looks a lil old) now but he was good looking.

Kareena is looking very beautiful. Saif is bleh…

She looks delightful. She looks so pretty when she doesn’t pose like BEBO. :) I like her smiling.

kareena looks fabulous. they seem so in love and still smitten. (sigh). i’m a tad envious.

kareena’s face looks so gorgeous. the upper is a nice one.. saif looks too shabby and dishevelled..i prefer it when he’s more dapper and ‘nawabish’.

Cheers to normally dressed people who aren’t going berserk about compulsively coordinating the vaguest elements with each other…Saif is so much more than a film star,you can see he has a life and interests (prodigious ones at that) apart from being a desperate wannabe who consciously avoids repeating clothes he has worn before…
and Kareena is dressed just like an average girl on a relaxed day out..try living with the enormous pressures of being immaculate all the time and most of you self assuming aesthetes will end up as fodder for the WTHEYY section almost everyday..

One can manage to look stylish even wearing casuals but she seems to have no interest in clothes.

Shes lookin different and so relaxed… like the expressions on her face… so innocent and cute… love the look…

damn the guy has nawab written all over him even with a wrinkled kurta n stubble!

Kareena looks radiant and Saif old :D :D

Kareena should give break to her makeup artist sometimes.

are you kidding? she has minimum makeup. it doesn't take a makeup artist to know how to put on a red lipstick.

they are cutest couple in BW

Does she think they are Brad and Angelina? No at all.
Brad and Angelina is Ranveer and Deepika.

I too admire Ranveer...he is one enthusiastic person...but lol..have u imagined Brad Jumping here n there and
two completely different personality ...such weird comparison..
just a opinion though ;) ...

Brad is way too old. But Tom Cruise still does that I think RVS is more like Tom.

can buy that Comparison but brad was heights ;)

Thanks for the laugh.

He seems very protective

That's what I get from their body language

Saif forehead :S

He is damn lucky

why they always get spoted in dinner?

Why is she hiding her legs these days?

That big diamond ring is just WoW

Kareena is very chipku

Lol, saif has this odd belly sticking out all the time. Nevertheless both look adorable, even if bebo is looking a bit tired. Liking her style here, especially the bag! Plus she looks pretty. Saifu looks good here too, otherwise these days he's really expression-less becuz of tht botox crap.

Kareena seems to have a superstition about not wearing any color except grey or black while night out.. LOL.

Wow I love bebo's top.

They look so good together. My bebo is so tired

Both are looking good :-)

Great couple

Kareena is gorgeous even in her plain simple look and LOVE the way she is holding saifu's hand.

Wow after i gues 5 yearsss,today again she made me realize hw drop dead gorgeous she she realy is sumthing.looks lyk wat a celebrity shoulllld look like!

One thing I like about Saif is that he isn't afraid to wear Desi attire out and about. And he does look good in his Desi attire too.

Even in minimal makeup, Kareena looks absolutely stunning!

Ohhhhhhhhhh amazing and beautiful pictures. Blue favourite! Saifeena you Rockkkk! The bodyguard smiling at bebo when she is getting to her car...hahaha:-) :-) :-)

even without makeup she doesnt look bad

Such a Royal couple... Bebo looks chic gorgeous and Saif at his best
No need to mention about Saif case atleast here ...Why spoil a Romantic date...?

So tired yet so stunnin Kareena her lips :-D

Their career in bollywood is over

Wow salwar kameez full punjabi look, Kareena looks dammmm hot can't believe hoe she manage to look so beautiful.. cant wait for BB.

They look tired yes ... But defi also looking every bit of royal

pls do not use Royal word so loosely. I just do not understand in what way they are royal.

Gorgeous Bebo!!

Hope they have a driver.

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