Karishma and Arjun at a wedding in Dubai

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Karishma and Arjun at a wedding in Dubai.


Karisma is pretty but something about her is weird. Too snotty... she does not look approachable.

she is gorgeous.....

she is looking nice

@ z one who find karishma bhootni etc...get a life guyzz when you r not her fan, dont post discusting comments....she is one of z finest and stylish actress that bollywood have ever had.....if u dont like her, ignore her....cozzzz she has a huge number of fans....n she doesnt need u......

she is gorgeous

i really want karishma kapoor back in the film industry..she looks good and somewr industry looks incomplete without her...


These photos were with the SRK & Suhana post at Dubai wedding. I posted a comment on there! These photos were removed and separate post was created! :-p Arjun and Karishma look lost

Lolo looking so ravishing!! She is going to rule in 2012.

girl in the middle is soo annyonying.

karisma is soooo gorgrous looking and she looks young too

she looks stunning and rocking

Karisma, the ultimate beauty is one of the few actresses, who don't luk like Sonams aunty.

Karisma, the ultimate inspiration for millions of young women around the globe.

I just visited Delhi, and saw her posters all over, boy o boy, doesn't' she luk like a million bucks, younger, fresher, so charismatic, way to go Karisma!!!
Wish you the very best 2012 , professionally, personally!!!

Wow!!! Karisma ka charisma, what a stunner!!!
I just wish she start wearing sarees, she has a killer figure and she would look just out of this world in a saree.

Krisma luking perfect 10.
The hater commenting about her eye, needs to get not just her eyes, but the brain nerve that send the signal to the eye, checked, seriously.


she looks lovely but famished too...a bit gaunt but yes better than all actresses in their late thirties!!

Does anyone know who Karishma is wearing? (the designer?)
or have a full length pic of her dress?

omg arjun is the first pic is hawt...i'm married but i'd do him, heck even my hubby will let me lol

Karisma Luk Fantastic ......

aiyyyooo ! bhootni! bhaaaaaaaaaaago!!!!!!!!

she look stunning at her age.....simply wowwwwwww

much better looking then Ash aunty

wow prettiness

something is wrong with her eyes.. one eye looks smaller u can observe this in olay add too.. any comparison with before pic please post ...

karishma looks lovely....

The eye appears weird cuz something the botox hits the wrong nerve

Wow she looks gorgeous!

girl in between them is ruining both the pictures.

oh nooooooooooooo, karisman has age. eye too scary

Karisma luks stunningly beautiful

Karisma luks electrifying.

Lolo no.#1

look at Karisma's eyes.

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