Aamir, Katrina, Abhishek & Uday clicked

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Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra and Katrina Kaif are clicked as they return from Hyderabad via a private jet. They had been to the city to promote their movie 'Dhoom 3', which releases on December 20th.

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Aamir needs to ditch that hat before I take it and burn it.

ew what is abhi wearing? hoodie over a dress shirt? really?

Lol love what Katrina has done to her car. Take that paps

Katrina too has a man/woman Friday just like Rekha!!!!!!

LOL.. So does Aamir. I can see Aamir's man-friday here (there & every where Aamir goes).

Best movie made 2013 dhoom3 , worst movie u all know chennei express

I won't call CE a worst movie. And I won't call D3 the best movie as yet. We will wait for the release and watch then can comment on it and compare.

They look so tired! I wish Katrina a quick recovery form her sickness which never tends to leav eher lol!!

aamir is looking younger than azad...wtf??

stuck up katrina

LOL at Katrina putting those sun shields in the middle of the night on her window. I do completely understand though why she would do that. Abhishek looks again so sloppy. His clothes looks cheap and old. Im sorry but Aamir and even Katrina have that star quality in them that Abhishek lacks. What is wrong with him? He is so sloppy and need to get a hair cut.

I bet Abhishek told Katrina to come with them so they can get clicked too after all DHOOM is his

why i m nt at all interested to see D3 ?????

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