Aamir Khan & Katrina Kaif shoot climax of Dhoom 3

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Aamir Khan & Katrina Kaif shot for the climax of their upcoming movie Dhoom 3 at the Verzasca Dam in Ticino, Switzerland. These photos are from March of this year.

The pictures were captured by the Swiss media where they also mention Aamir Khan as the 'Tom Cruise of India'. Now, what do you think about that?

The YRF Dhoom 3 also stars Abhishek Bachchan & Uday Chopra, and is all set to release on 25 December.

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Desperatly waiting for the movie, why its taking so long :(

katrina kaif 'acting'

its been so long since i saw aamir doing something cool......y is d release date so late..:((((((

Aamir :( :( not looking forward for this movie :(:( .. never liked dhoom series :) .. but will watch when it gets a premier on TV :D :D
But waiting for peekay :)

i didn't think anyone even wanted to be compared to Tom Cruise...but I guess that only happens in India where people are so satisfied getting compared to Western folk or hollywood. Funny that they measure themselves up against hollywood lol lol. Tom Cruise has become a joke in America, but Indian audience havn't been updated on that yet????? Next time, get some nice authentic indian comparison, and NOT EVERYONE HAS TO BE COMPARED, sometimes the people are legends/deserving in their own right without any comparison to someone else!

Tom Cruise and Aamir are the same height, hence the resemblance :p
LOL :D btw , Amir looks cute in 1st pic.


waiting for this film badly.

All Aamir's stunts are done by body double.

Tom Cruise's time is almost over. Aamir is more like Tom Hanks. Complete actor! Soo waiting for this movie

Tue, 2013-05-07 20:21 — moimeme

Tom Cruise and Aamir are the same height, hence the resemblance :p

Tom cruise is taller honey. But anyway...

And why the hell you bring SRK everyone! Can you live without his mention for once!

Lol...BW is all about SRK it seems. He is there in every topic and talks. What a power. I wish I'm like him with talent and free attitude and the way he is so charming.

Breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow..

Those who think it's not going to a be a good movie don't watch it....hight has never been a criteria for success....one thing he always promised to deliver is something different .....he does stuff which nobody did before....n everyone follows him...his a trend setter n 15 years of now I assure you nobody will feel ashamed to compare him with To Cruise...actually why do you compare him with Tom Crusie compare him Hom Hank who is thousand times better actor than Tom Crusie...

Hie is the Daniel D Laws of Bollywood...I hope u guys know how Daniel D Laws is...coz those who are making comment here is definitely lacking common sense....

These stunts better look real in the movie.

I am glad they are shooting in real locations. fed up with all these 'green screen' stuff...

Tom Cruise and Aamir are the same height, hence the resemblance :p

can't wait to see the movie

can't wait to see the movie

can't wait to see the movie

The things people do for fame/money. I could never do those stunts though.

Miss Kaif is getting very lean. Btw, how come Katrina's pics from the dinner haven't been posted here? Does PV have anymore? *please post Pinkvilla*

This movie is going to sick.

All hail the power of body doubles and high heels for vertically challenged and ageing stars! :D

Aamir is more like Tom Hanks not Tom Cruise for sure. Tom Hanks' stardom is unprecedented!

So are you telling me that this shorty Aamir Khan is gonna follow the act of the tall John Abraham and tall Hrithik Roshan???????????????????? No match! Bad choice YRF...

Why compare them to Tom cruise? He's is one of the most hated Hollywood celeb. SRK and Aamir have their own unique personalities, talent and audience, and comparing them to Tom cruise is an insult more than honour!
BTW in first pic, if I didn't know Aamir I'd assume the other guy is the star...from the body language and expressions:P he's cute though!

Can't wait!!

Aamir looks younger than his age..i don't know I have a feeling this movie will not do huge business..their pairing is odd and Katrina still can't act..and it's not a masala movie behind which she can hide..Maybe a hit but not a blcokbuster

So we can expect the trailer soon...BTW Aamir is so cute!

Aamir is bigger then these cruises and afflecks ! His quality of work with super stardom
Cannot be matched anywhere in the world. A successful director, producer, actor & singer he is all rounder!

haha amir :) so cute n little n handsome

There is no one like Tom.
Stop comparing some actor like Shah rukh who cannot act to Tom Cruise.

Hahaha amir , the tom cruise of india ???? Bahaha cant stop my laugh.

here we go again..one more post to instigate fan war...either way i dont think aamir khan is india's tom cruise..its none other than suparstar shahrukh khan who is india's answer to tom cruise(shahrukh has unprecedented stardom)..whereas aamir has robert mitchum and clark gable type of intensity and control over his craft..so i would say aamir is the clark gable or even gary cooper of india..

the last pic shows aamir's body double. his face is marked with black spots that will be later used to super-impose aamir's face in the editing.

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