Hrithik-Katrina’s ooze sizzling chemistry in this latest still from 'Bang Bang'

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Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif have already wooed us with their chemistry in “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” and the duo is back again with “Bang Bang”. Isn’t it great to see two beautiful people romancing on-screen?

Well, they have already given us a glimpse of their chemistry in the trailer of the movie and also the first two songs “Tu meri” and “Meherbaan”, and we can’t wait for the movie now.

“Bang Bang” is the remake of Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz-starrer “Knight and Day”. The movie will feature some never-seen-before stunts in Bollywood.

Directed by Siddharth Anand, the movie also features Danny Denzongpa, Jaaved Jaffery and Jimmy Shergill. It will hit the screens on October 2.

Tell us how excited you are for “Bang Bang”.

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they r not even prmototing this movie neither hrithik-katrina giving interviews/...whats wrong with them???they r just screaming over pics n short teaser on internet....where is the trailer????????????

both looks beautifull and hot....Bang Bang will be hit for sure

She looks perfect, hot body

They R too hot to handle

Katrina u r sooo hot

Jacqueline Fernandez would look amazing with Hrithik Roshan. She's way more hotter and prettier than Kat also a brilliant actress love her acting, looks everything in kick movie. She will definitely will be a big super star in India and that time Kat Mat will be retired/expired totally no one would look at her :D what you guyz say ;) lol

look at his hand....

If Katrina is comfortable, who on earth are we to comment?? On a second note, Katrina has definitely lost a bit of her charm.

I still prefer Akshay Katrina over Hrithik Katrina

Ranbir are you watching???????????????? Open ur EYESSSSSSS?


Kat-Hrthic make great couple. Ranbir should just opt out. they both look muture and there kiddie type feeling lol
Kahrthic make great couple. katina needs to leave ranbir she used salman for fame . she will never stay happy.
salman is a gem , hope he finds his lady love soon.

they should get married, asap!

guys i really feel bad to say this but i think she has lost her charm. i never thought one day ill say this but she is not the same katrina we all have always loved. since her images with ranbir went viral. she some how, i dont know , changed. why isnt she having make up in mehrbaaan song??she looks pale and forced to be with hrithik. i dont know may be the consequences of love.

she is wearing makeup yar full on but i agree she has changed completely n spoiled the day she starting dating ranbir (ranbir fan though) i was watching her old interviews n dus ka dum she was so sweet nice gentle polite girl i love her but now she has become rude arrogant spoiled n fallen very below by leaking every info n details very private one in media only to be in news n for publicity. now she lies alot n behave rudely even many ppl who know n work wid her eariler said k katrina has changed alot in past 2 yrs. i guess coz now she is more popular n a kapoor bahu too. thats y
pinkvilla plz post this one

Kat looks hot and sizzling while rhithik looks protective and uncomfotable.just saying

Ha ha ha ha ha

And the next flat pic of a flat movie. How terrible is it if you must promote it in this way? By the way does anybody think these two are not a real couple and shooting began far away before the divorce statement.

the budget of Bang Bang is is high, but it's sad that the makers of this film is more focus on showing how hot the lead pair looks than showing us a few snippets of the movie. Instead of going to the theater, one can just stare at their pictures..


stare at their picture and ..........?

Why is Kar wearing something over the bathing suit? She has a great body so what's the big deal?

Isn't that the design of the swimsuit? I think it's just one costume

katrina has such a hot bod

Husband and Wife to be in real life

Haider over "Bang Bang" anyday!

so why are you here ?

WHOAA!! They are soooo hot together. Man, they have the best bodies!

Gorgeous Kat, and lovely suit, but she is stiff in the first photo. Lean a bit more into Hrithik's body please. That's what's natural.

These pics supposed to make the film more appealing to the audience? Remember we've seen Katrina in much less!!!

They have electrifying chemistry.

They are SO gonna BURN the screen! HOT! I need a moment.

They are SO gonna BURN the screen! HOT! I need a moment. img_assist|nid=305031|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=650|height=650]

All I can see is two people in a very awkward pose.

So easy to create chemistry with minimum clothes. Chemistry should ooze even with full clothes on.

I don't think they will show scene where kat
Gets out of water

Kat is a mannequin. Her dresses/costar/location changes but man she won't let her face give more thn 3 expressions. If a women can look this cold beside the hottest man of BW there is no hope left. I agree with Gohar.

Hahhahahahh tooogood

can't take my eyes off them

Nope im waiting Harder im not going wasted my money with this nonsense Bang Bang

R u kidding me? I am counting days. But WHR is the trailer?

Bata do pls aap ready ho ke nahin, they are waiting.

Bangin' jodi..... Heard they did a lot of bangin' off-screen too!!!!!!!!!!!

No official trailer for this movie? Or is the teaser supposed to be the trailer?

Kat coming out the water

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