Hrithik & Katrina launch the title track of Bang Bang

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Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif launched the title track of their film 'Bang Bang' today. The foot-tapping number has Hrithik performing an ode to none other than the late Michael Jackson. Hrithik spoke about this saying, "I did this song for the love I have for MJ. When you do something for love, it's always great!"

He added, "We all go through challenges & I'm the kind of person who enjoys it." Since the Shahid Kapoor movie 'Haider' is also releasing on the same day along with 'Bang Bang', Hrithik said, "2nd October will be the day when two films will do exceptionally great."

Hrithik was all praises for his director when he said, "We have worked very hard for this film but this movie belongs to only one man, Siddharth Anand. Bang Bang is going to be one of my best movies."

Katrina Kaif spoke about the title track saying, "Hrithik's part in the Bang Bang title track is sensuous." She added, "I've done a different kind of action in Bang Bang."

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I think she is working a lot and maybe she is tired so some make up had to do some of the covering up. But she is beautiful, sexy charming and also a good actor. Look at Rajneet, New York, Meri Brother ki Dulhan, they were all good films. Don't forget she is very simple and wear simple clothing. She is not trying to be anybody.

katrina is so cute, she always has this innocence on her face.

they are so hot together!!!!!

Ppl stop saying tht she has gained weight as if its a crime! If she has then si what? She's gained with muscle mass not fat. It just her face tht looks puffy or so with thank of silicone work. Im no fan of her but she looks gr8. Yall need to stop watching skinny stick models. She is healthy while u guys who's complaining are the ones with fat hanging all over the place. My goal is to get her legs or like Jacquelines. Thicknes of my thighs is same as them but untoned n chubby which looks big but with muscle it'll look smaller n leaner n toned. Seems like she got these legs from dhoom3 training n in kamli her legs were perfect. Her makeup is fine actually but either her foundation has wrong undertone or it has spf which gives her tht white cast on face when photograph is taken with flash.

Only she can rock dis dress, beauty queen.

She must be the only bollywood actress who tans herself extra , to look more desi.

She is gorgeous and people saying different to that are clearly part of another actress fandom. Her skin is beautiful no matter how long she is away for when she comes back it's always a blast.

She has put on weight!!!

She keeps her style simple which works to her benefit, however I see no sizzling chemistry between her and Duggu.

OMG Kat is looking Gorgeous even in siple her soooo much.

beautiful KATRINA!! always hot! cant wait for 2nd october ....

Kat is looking like she did years back with the same weight, it seems...and too much makeup on her face, she is wearing..still both HR and Kat look good together...

why is that man carrying an umbrella?

bad makeup but kat has a body to die for

She has loat all her charm,after brwakong up with salmam.

i dont like her

Katrina is the prettiest of her.

Kat looks damn pretty...

Coolest couple

they both look so bored

My new favorite Jodi :) HritiKat for the win!

lip job or what, she looks really bad and boring, Ranbir effects

something seems to be off about her...she looks a lot like zarine khan now!

She looks so different

very bad make up

I think Kat's makeup was not done well

Her seat is positioned awkwardly, the gun is aiming right through her head lol. Bang Bang indeed!

Look at her closeup pics she looks old n nt pretty at all may b coz of bad makeup n lip color doesn't suit her at all. She lost her looks n charm she looks so young n beautiful in bang bang bt here she looks different y see makeup styling make a lot of difference. She is no more pretty anymore

she's so cute

She def has put on weight u can tell my legs! And if u zoom in pics it looks like she has a moustache! But none the less still love her ! Best hair in the business!!

I wish I had her legs..

Face powder on hes bieceps yuck

amazing legs!

Don't know what this man is doing in bollywood....he's made for Hollywood!!

I was hoping she'd wear a beautiful maxi dress/sexy gown...or something exciting and new:/ I hate short dresses!
Girl you have a banging body, luscious hair and a flawless face...experiment with your looks, please!!!
I know I'm acting like a fashion police but what Hrithik is wearing I can just SMH

Great song Hrithik rocks as always. Katrina looks ok as always nothing special in her she has lost her charm since she broke up with Salman. So I really don't find her pretty or hot anymore! I will go and watch bangbang for Hrithik only he looks amazingggggggggggg. ;)

God I wish Katrina would lay off the botox and lip fillers! Not doing her any favours at all.

wohoo they are back with a bang!

Oh dear. I thought she was zarine khan for a minute there!

I was just going to post this and saw that someone already posted. My first reaction to her picture was she resembled Zarine so much.

Finally some sort of a promotion! why is the title track missing from Pinkvilla page?

BANGING TIMES! Bang Bang is taking over with a bang! *excited*

I should admit that they look good together.

She is gorgeous but she always looks soooo bored. Just..why?

katrina is a beauty. she's so poised.

she look tired n i dont like her makeup this time as far dress is concern i feel i have seen her in it before may b in the film. hrithik toh hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i want to marry him

Yes, it's so sad that katrina is good accters now she have been only eye candy in her movies

good actress?? are u for real, she cant act to save her life the only thing she knows how to do is dance!! watch any of deepika's recent movies and then you'll know what acting is!!

God...Katrina....she is just so gorgeous. Soothes the eyes. A DOLL. Love her very very sexy legs. Her face, her sensible nature, her inner strong and playful attitude, everything. She is a darling. Ranbir, please take good care of her in your capacity. Keep her looking beautiful, healthy, strong, glowing, happy. A good or bad relationship shows on our faces, our spirits.

She has lost her charm

Why she looks so bored?

Hrithik ................. ;-)

damn she has got so fat!!! her legs and arms!

If that's your idea of fat, then God help you.

As much as I dislike Katrina you cannot deny her of her amazing body. I think you are mistaking fat for muscle.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement