Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif's day out !

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Bang Bang, the official remake of the Hollywood film Knight And Day is being currently shot in the cold city of Shimla. If the initial stills are anything to go by, the lead pairing of this movie - Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif is soon going to be the talk of the town.

Not only do they look good together, their earlier release, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara had fans wanting to see more of them.

We managed to get some recent stills of Hrithik and Katrina from Hotel Marina in Shimla, where they are currently put up.

Katrina dressed in casual jeans and combat boots was the center of attention there :)

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I want kat n hrithk to b tgether

I want them together forever too!

I hope they marry

they are bonding in Manali...awww

woww......hrithik remake hollywood movie,salman akshay ajay remake south movies,pritam copies international n regional music,deepika copies hollywood actreeses dress,vishal bharadwaj copies english novels(called inspiration),priyanka copies US accent........n many more..........BOLLYWOOD KI JAI HO

remake doesn't men copy it is official remaking with hollywood directors of original film

Um, Vishal copies English PLAYS. Shakespeare was not a novelist (and btw, Shakespeare borrowed more plots from other people's stories than Akshay, Ajay, and Salman combined. Originality is overrated.)

This is called "ORIGINALITY" hahahahahahaha .................

This two look good together, my wish list is that I hope they get it off together, I mean fall for one another....just a wish....ha ha ha. Anybody is better looking than high-eyed Ranbir.

Ranbir is very good looking! Ranbir deserves a better woman. Katrina is not meant for Ranbir that's why they broke up. Anyways Hrithik and Katrina look good together!
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

Katrina gave Salman cooties of Kaizad, then she gave Ranbir cooties of Salman + Kaizad, and now she's going to give Hritik the cooties of Kaizad + Salman + Ranbir. Hritik, you don't need to be in this mess, get out while you can ! Love, your fan!

Both Look awesome together.

and I finally watched boom today. it is so funny that how people keep calling boom a katrina kaif film when it actually is an amitabh bachan, zeenat aman, jacky sherof, gulshan grover and javed jaffri's film. katrina definitely has come a long long long way. if this girl didn't had the talent, looks, luck, salman and akshay on her side, she would have never made it in bollywood. but if a person has so many things going in their favor how could anything go wrong in there career. are salman and akshay good friends or did akshay used to select his leading ladies after consultation with salman? if so, akshay should start consulting salman yet again. he isn't getting many hits after 2010.

Salman and Akshay are moderately friendly, and Salman's dad seems to like him as well. And Akshay's track record since 2010 isn't that awful: 2011-one flop, two average grossers; 2012-two major hits, two semi-hits, one flop; 2013-one semihit, two flops. He's had worse periods, like 2008-2009 and 1997-1999.

And frankly, Salman's taste in leading ladies post-Katrina/Sonakshi is pretty lame. You can say what you like about Tamannaah Bhatia and Shruti Haasan, who are appearing in Akki films in the second half of 2014, but they're a huge improvement on Daisy Shah and Elli Avram.


Kat is looking too hot in simple attire.

One of THE best looking on screen couple as of now.

seeing their interviews together tho, hrithik and kat don't seem too compatible altho they look great together. they're always in disagreement

that during ZNMD days ...but now they seem very compatible

Love how people's basis for believing these two are hooking up is one simple joke from Salman Khan...

Hritik...stay out of it :P :P

Lol - totally agree. The last thing Hrithik needs right now is more complications in his life. Poor guy needs a break from women!

Katrina's fashion sense is going from bad to worst...she looks like a over grown child.

Katrina's fashion sense is going from bad to worst.

I hope they get married!
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

I do too, so Ranbir & me can run away to the Himalayas together & begin our life of love & anonymity. I'd invite you to come with but... You know. Three's a crowd and all that.

Yeah I hope me or any other fan gets to marry Ranbir :) I will keep him happy forever and I know you would too
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

you claim to love ranbir yet you cannot respect his desire to be with someone who makes him happy. but you are ready to share your so called love with someone who calls you the third angle in her love triangle. do you even know what love is or are you just jealous of katrina?

Ranbir never said he loves Katrina. When he said I can give my life for her, he meant she is a good friend. You Rankat fans always want to hear what you want to hear. You never bother to hear what Ranbir really saying shame on you guys. I mean Kareena was being silly on that KWK episode. She didn't mean with that comment, she was just joking. Ranbir clearly said I have not found my match yet. He broke up with Katrina ands that's the truth. You guys can't link him with her. If you are his fan, you would accept his response when he says he is single. But it looks like you are not, because you never believe him when he says he is single. He is not dating Katrina so just accept it!
I know what love is. I love Ranbir a lot and I know I do yes I want to be with him forever. Stop making fun of my love.
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

Don't waste ur time on such silly things, I think ur very young, study well and become someone good in life , make your parents proud, film and film stars are for our entertainment, they have their life and u have yours don't waste ur time ....

Ranbir is 5 years younger to me. Its a great match
Yes I'm studying

i wanna see their babies

Well I hope Katrina spares us a new triangle. First Salman-Kat-Ranbir turned into Deepika-Kat-Ranbir turned into Deepika-Ranbir-Ranveer turned into Ranbir-Katrina-Hrithik lol

hehehehehe sooo funny

ha ha, yeah so true

katrina looks great..

kat is too hot to handle.

i want these two hot people get marrled.

Don't worry as soon as Ranbir dump her she'll straightly go to Hritik....

Ranbir dumped her! They broke up. Let me marry Ranbir and she can marry Hrithik 4 of us will live happily ever after
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

Katthik! looking so kool

Ranbir deserves better. These two are definitely together and should stay with each other.They are the same kind and of similar age. Oh and after two kids Susanne is still more beautiful and sexier.

I agree with you. Ranbir deserves alot better. Thats why he broke up with her
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

Hello Susanne

yeah i think she wrote that comment

This person is delusional. Okay, believe what you want to believe!!!

Similar age? Where do you live? Katrina is nealry 30 and Hrithik is 40 and he´s not aging well.

Considering the fact that Roshan has just been through an emotional wringer over his wife walking out, and taking their two young sons > I would say that HR is aging just fine. This is an actor that will age well over time, like a good quality wine. :o)

His sons are with him. :) Agree- considering all that has happened to him, he looks just fine.

Hello Katrina is in her 30's she is 34 years old!
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

aww....awesome couple!!!!hotness HR-KAT

They both look so boring. No glue this hype about them. No other outside India think Hrithik is handsome.

i'm outside india and i think he's the most handsome guy in the world

Shimla is wayyy too romantic...I mean one finds it hard to be single in such a mausam...hehe all the best to both ...wink wink

Now I understood why my husband want his fav hrithik to marry katrina.really classy and beautiful.but guys don't base me but I like ranbir a lot and want katrina ranbir to get married

Well Ranbir is not with Katrina. They will never marry each other. I love RK a lot so please let me marry Ranbir. I will keep him happy I promise
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

katrina is so tall and her skin is great, wow but I do not find her face beautiful nowadays. Hritik looks so handsome

oh god .please don,t hate so much .katrina is doing a movie with hrithik and they both are in shimla for shooting.she will definately get clicked with him bcoz they are doing a movie together not that he is single thats why she is getting clicked.if you are with your friend who is a boy and he is a very good friend of yours and he had broke up with his girlfriend then what u are gone do. you wont talk to him as a friend or accopany him or (according to your comment ) u will try to hit on him as your comment shows

Is Katrina really single?! if she is they can have fun :D

Yes she is!
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

I hope love blossoms slowly between them when their heads clear. They are both similar people and would be lovely for each other and that cute guy in the middle could play mediator as they are too reserved to take the first move.

Hrithik looks chill and cute, hope he's doing just fine!

now that our roshan boy is single .. this woman is getting clicked with him !!! seriously .. she knws how to succeed without talent and to play her cards right! !!

Wow what does clicked with her co star have anything to do about "succeeding" or "playing her cards right", when other actresses are clicked with costars you wouldn't say that but unfortunately it's Katrina who people despise so " HOW DARE she " she'a so bad some one call the cops she's next to a celeb who she is working in the same movie"(GASPS). please make logical comments.-

They are a Hot pair!!

OMG they r just too cute fav couple is Hriteena.Love both of them.

It's nice to see HR smiling again, and looking a little more relaxed. Must be all that fresh air up in the mountains, huh? :-) On the subject of Kat and Hrithik - give the poor guy a break. He's still trying to assess where his life is going atm. Love the last shot where they planted a guy right in the middle of both of them - don't want any rumors to spread, do we? O_O

LOL, the guy in the middle is Bang Bang's director, and he has every right to be clicked between his two main actors.

Lol - Oh, come on!!! He could have sat anywhere in the front row. They probably decided it was best that he sit in the middle so no unwanted rumors could be spread by the ever voracious media. :-)

how coward he is if he thinks so...he should declare his love for katrina:)

Katrina looks gorgeous. The pairing works amazing. It is going to be one of the most awaited movie of the 2014.

Hottest pair..

They do look awesome together no doubt but I am just seeing 2 cool and friendly co-stars in the picture and nothing else. Sorry...that is disappointing, but that is what I see! :) Now Hrithik and Barbara, they was just smoldering. My God..Kat..her hair and skin is what I noticed first too. She looks bright! Is it the Shimla air? Gorgeous gal. Hrithik is one inspiring person. I always learn something from him.

It's funny how there is not one white girl comment about Kat now that she is not posing with Ranbir. I think his Punjabi Munda face does not compliment her as well.

What nationality is Katrina? Is she Indian or Anglo???

She is pure English. She is not Indian
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

She is English. She is not Indian!
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

They look so dazzlingly hot together,& compliment each other so well♥ Katrina's hair & skin looks absolutely flawless here! And Hrithik looks handsome too but does anyone else think that with this haircut he looks more & more like Bradley Cooper in The Hangover?It was almost distracting me how much Bradley looked like Hrithik in many scenes!@? Only with the Hangover haircut though otherwise they don't look alike at all.....though both of them are gorgeous men♡♡♡

Believe me - your Hrithik is way hotter than Bradley Cooper! :-) Two thumbs up!

omg it's so funny how most ppl just naturally want two ppl to be together. like ppl want hrithik with aish/kat/deepika
ppl want ranveer with deepika/kangana
but ppl clearly hate ranbir with katrina.

i for one want katrina to leave ranbir and get with hrithik :P dunno why, but i like her waaaay more with hrithik!

i kinda want katrina to dump ranbir and get with hrithik now. for some reason i really hate the ran-kat jodi. her being with ranbir makes me dislike her too....but i love her with hrithik. they give good vibes.

I should be with Ranbir forever! Ranbir broke up with her it's true. PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting hmm comments over here

they look nice...and Sid looks relieved that his movie has taken off again...

omg omg omg !!! hotness overload !!! kat is one helluva gorgeous woman, those shiny thick mane and a flawless skin, i want! and hritik, dont kill us with your looks man !

Kat PLEASE STOP wearing those COMBAT BOOTS already!!!

The thing that makes katrina more appealing is the fact that she's not even aware of how gorgeous she is. I'm glad she stopped wearing toes weird mummy jeans

New love triangle hritkik katrina ranbir. ....finally deepika and ranveer can breathe

Wow! if only they hooked up

something is really going on between this two!! so obvious ...

I see nothing. You must be from Saudi Arabia if you perceive they are making advances towards each other.

I swear it would be the best news if these two just come out of nowwhere and said hey by the way dear media we are together and getting married. Lmaoooo Please get me a front row seat to watch ranbir face. Lmaooo That would be the perfect bollywood scipt too in a loong long time

My Kitty Kat looks so happy! Love her!

she looks taller than hrithik! the woman makes all the men in india look like midgets

thats why she looked sooo awkward beside aamir in dhoom 3. like gigantica. and her hips are wide too so its not like she looks delicate

If she wears flats, she looks shorter than him, but if she wears boots or heels, obviously she'll look quite tall. Applies the same when she's working with other tall costars..

She is wearing flat boots in these pics

I love ranbir but what goes around comes around

OH gosh the look soo good together

i hope he doesnt go for her. that would be he biggest mistake ever

It would be very interesting if there was a love triangle between Ranbir, Katrina and Hrithik. I hope that doesn't happen though, too messy.

this pics are for nothing, ranbir and katrina love eachother, it is just she is shooting with hritik, that's all

They look good together, but I don't think they will date each other, Katrina love ranbir to much to leave him,

Katrina doesn't love Ranbir. I love him soooooo much. They broke up deal with it. Just accept it
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

She's got some amazing hair! Sooo shiny. I want!

hrithik just looks like suzane for some reason.. dont yall think so too?

This sounds very touching.....I don't know why!!
and yes, surprisingly I find this true.

Katrina and hrithik both look happy . Hope bang bang to successful venture.

Great now she's after him? Run HR Run


So nice to see HR smile!

In the first picture they have clubbed Hrithik n Katrina's pic … they entered the hotel separately.
But its nice to see Hrithik smiling after a while.

I first thought its Zarine Khan.

i have same boots....steve madden

they should get married...sooooooooon !!!

Kat's hair looks amazeballs here!

they were leaving the hotel to go to manali

I don't know whether this woman is lucky to have him or vice versa.
Anyways, they make the most gorgeous couple.

she look like zarine khan in the first pic...and hrithik looks too happy..i think there is really soething going on between these two as Salman said...

what did Salman say about them ? I wanna knowwwww!!!

On Koffee with Karan, during the rapid fire round, Karan asked Salman what advice would you u give to Ranbir, Katrina, and Hrithik. He gave advice to Ranbir: have fun , he said about Katrina: make sure he doesn't have fun and he told Hrithik: You stay out of it (referencing to Katrina and Ranbir's relationship).

um i doubt that was meant seriously. he meant what he said abt ranbir and kat...but he would have said "stay out of it" to anyone whose name karan would've called out after ranbir and kat's names for advice. it was not specifically for hrithik per se. BUT i want hrithik and kat together....not ranbir and kat!!

There is something going on. Karan could have asked any name but he chose Hrithik coz there is a buzz. They all know karan is at the center of gossip. To each guest in rapid fire he brings names that has a connection to make it juicy

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