Katrina all set to accompany Ranbir to the second schedule of Tamasha shoot?

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We know that despite being 'forbidden' by beau Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina still made it to Ranbir's 'Tamasha' shoot location - Corsica, in July. Ranbir and Deepika are now back in India and busy with other schedules. While Deepika is currently shooting for 'Piku' in Kolkata, Ranbir will soon begin Roy. Sometime later during the year though, Ranbir-Deepika's second schedule for 'Tamasha' will begin.

It is for this shoot that Katrina Kaif wished to accompany Ranbir. Rather, Katrina apparently 'insisted' on joining Ranbir to this one, as she has the time for it. As her Bang Bang schedule has come to an end, and 'Fitoor' shoot has been postponed, Katrina felt that it was the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with Ranbir. News also has it that Katrina has developed a warm and friendly relationship with Ranbir's co-star and ex girlfriend Deepika Padukone. Therefore, the Kapoor lad had no other option but to give in to this request from his lovely lady.

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make a movie with these three

Looks like one of the million versions of "LOVE CONQUERS ALL"...cameo and item no superstar, give it a rest already!!

deepika pr

who is dis paresh guy ? 0_o

ranbir kapoor said at saavan event today
"There is NO truth in the fact that Katrina will accompany me 2 the shoot of Tamasha! That shoot wil only happen in Jan "
"I didn't go to London to meet Katrina's mom and family. I had met her long back on the sets of Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahaani! "
" I am married to my films! There won't be any marriage for me in this Saavan or the next! "
this guy lies alot one day he say something n other day other i believe that its his pr who is using katrina n showing her as a doormat n desperate woman . feel bad for katrina
pinkvilla post it

Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi!

Padu,Take it eejeeeeeee! Kat will be all the way busy promoting BB in September. In October she might work on JJ and in November Fitoor is commencing. Meanwhile she has endorsement commitments. And I don't think she even needs to think about who is Ranbirs co-actor to go and meet him. Any time of any day she feels to go n fall in his arms she needs none of our permission! As RanKat r keeping low profile about their relationship padu smartly picked this topic. Just one advice to padu- if at all kat appears on sets of Tamasha , whose PR is working overnight nowadays, just wish her belated birthday in person and no need to post it on twitter. Ur delusional Fanclub knows well how wise u are.

Taking your fandom a bit too far , so many comments from u here , jeez

Of course Katrina wants to go!
After checking out the bazaars in Africa and Corsica, why not another place? She has to pick up stuff for her new house you know!! :)

And then Ranbir complains that "his life has become a reality show!". Get 'real' (not!) you guys! :)

Complain to ranbir Tamasha ke sets se pix leak hone ki bhi karta hai,par tumhari boss aka PR devi mane to sahi

paresh i dnt know whos pr is this but one thing is for sure rankat has themselves made a joke of their relationship n of word love n friendship by leaking very private infos like sharing honeymoon suite kat bdays how they celebrate going to uk to meet mom ibiza pics their fights n much more things which r only between two people n then lie abt it n whatever come abt them it actually happen nobody has access to their brains or phones. so they themselves made their life a reality show. no offensive but i feel its wrong we love them made them who ever they r today support them but its a wrong behavior. i m nt a hater used to like them since apgk but its too muchr they r now turning their lovers into haters now think neutrally my friend

How would Deepika know Katrina's plans in advance ? Very unlikely Katrina told her or her PR .

It's production of her super cunning mind. No need for her to check out facts.

PR is used when there is something to gain . How will Katrina's visiting / not visiting affect Deepika or any other actress ?

These two people making TAMASHA of their relationship,their fans,media,and most important they are making TAMASHA of the word true love!!!! Spare us please !!!!

Hello saint ranveer - deepika! Wishes in advance for ur wedding of what bells I heard ringing!

No other option but to give in to her request? Seriously? This is a planted story but it's not from Katrina. Seems like it's from the other woman mentioned in the article.

Ah there you are Katrina! Was missing you on these columns.
Time you made your presence felt also right! How dare Deepika take all the limelight! :):)

if Katrina visit ranbir in set not a big deal ..! but why some says behind its deepika's PR..oh common be mature !! why deepika PR spread this news??deepy is already in news because of hny and ff and piku..she not need any media attention..! whose needs everyone know that !!

Oh oh padu take it eejeeeeeee

Of course she is. Ranveer chaperoned them in the first half, now Kat will keep an eye on them during the second half of the filming.

Rk never told kat not to visit in the shooting. These r all media made


Now its clear cut that all these Ran Kat premkahani/breakup kahani is media made but it doesn't exist in realityy..

Kat tu ja yaar

drama! *eats popcorn*

there is no news of katrina's films so she is using marriage, house, ranbir again. i really want ranbir away from katrina he looked much happier with aliaa in that event this week.

katrina's pr again yawnnnnn leave ranbir alone. i hope ranbir and alia hook up he looks happy and cute with alia than this insecured woman who only knows to use her PR for personal gain even her ex boyfriend salman said kat is irritating. i really want ranbir away from her clutches i'd like him to be with aliaa.

Its a good idea actually. In fact, she should quit movies and be with Ranbir all the time. It would be a huge favor to Bollywood.

Wise words!

Forbidden? LOL

I get a vibe Ranbir is fed up of Katrina and her PR. he looks so unhappy at any public appearances. he has lost his spunk.

bo ho go cry a river ranbir lost his spunk he looks unhappy go tell him to dump her she wld be better off without this looser i was fan of this jodi but since he has been a jerk he always make public appereance with her why does he do that if he is so fed up and the WTF statements abt marrying a right girl he is a biggest looser i have seen and its because of him and deepika drama of being ex katrina get dragged into everything and in negative way those two looser deserve each other one who cant get over her ex and other one searchiing for the right girl

This is fake, cause the article said Tamasha will shoot in September whereas it is Jagga Jasoos shooting thats resuming in Sept, Ranbir himself said it! Get your facts straight!

no they can never get their facts right it is not their cup of tea to produce actual facts and not PR driven facts that what all gossip sites do

Yeh tamasha kab khatam hoga?

uffffff whyyyyyyy do we have to see Katrina, she is so bloody annoying

I agree Katrina is very annoying

Okay deepika we know ur wisdom

News also has it that Katrina has developed a warm and friendly relationship with Ranbir's co-star and ex girlfriend Deepika Padukone.

Ok, now that's too much.

Wasn't it deepika who named Katrina as a friend in kwk

Wasn't it deepika who named Katrina as a friend in kwk

let it actually happen then talk about it. this is just another way to feed hatred to some stars. just let them be, there are humans too and spare us from this doing the rounds again and again.

this is crazy its like they were present when "katrina asked ranbir to spend time with him on the sets of tamasha."

omg I'm tried of this boring jodi i hope they get married and leave the news they are so annoyed katrina no one is interested Ranbir

deepikas PR at it again calm down girl that movie is far away y dont u start ur tamasha later

Why would Deepika release this item , what publicity does she possibly get ? its Katrina and Ranbir who are focus of this piece of news not her

she is trying to show that katrina is an insecure jealous girlfriend like she used to be once and how she is the one trying to be friendly and the truth is tamasha doesnt even begin till next jan then y this fake news it will be like yjhd mark my words and for once please tell me how they know she will accompany him or not she wldnt want to potray herself as jelous insecure girlfriend if katrina and ranbir want to be in news deepika would be last person they will use they already make news if she visit him to his house its deepika PR last time i read an article which stated katrina is enquiring abt happy new year lol deepika's PR again she has worst one everyone knows that by now

So true 100% right!

I thought Tamasha was done filming for the year? In any event, once again Rankat's plans have made their way into the media. It seems they both enjoy the circus that their relationship has become.

Lol this is never ending saga, the only time it'll get interesting is when one of the pairs gets married.

No way!!!!

its fake coz this article said k ranbir will begin shooting for tamsha in September n katrina will be free so she insisted to join ranbir but he asked her to stay away . how its possible coz ranbir is soon leaving for malaysia to shoot roy n then from September 15 he will resume jaga jasoos n its 85 days shoot n then bombay velvet promotions whereas in September kat has to promote BB n then soon after JJ in nov fitoor its rubbish n n a pr article from god know whose pr. n lastly it also said katrina wants to be deepika frnds lol that will never happen after what dp said abt kat publicliy so many times n what katrina has done to her(snatch her bf) so stop spreading false news
pinkvilla plz post it

Omg!!!!truely it becomes tamasha!!!'plz not again!!!!

Katrina's PR, now that Deepika is all out promoting two of her movies Kat has to stay in the news!

Katrina is in news bcoz of bang bang she does not need deepika. And as far as I know Bang Bang is a hit

Not this drama again!!

There is no shoot of Tamasha in September what rubbish article lol the second schedule is from January 2015

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