Katrina Kaif & Hrithik Roshan shoot for Bang Bang

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Seen here are Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan shooting for their upcoming film, Bang Bang in Shimla. This action thriller is directed by Siddharth Raj Anand and is an official remake of Knight and Day. It will hit the screens on 2nd October.

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Come on, it's just a picture

Come on, it's just a picture

Is Katrina dating Hrithik ??? If they r....they will make bollywood's best looking couple :)

i hope so ^^

aww..cutest ever couple:):)

whether u consider her actress or not but she is beautiful and if you cannot get why people find her beautiful then thing of your favourite and u yourself will get your answetr

yes, she is beautiful. Every single actor from khans to kapoors has said that she is beautiful in real life. From the no-makeup pics available in internet, it's not difficult to say so. Even Ranbir Kapoor said she is very beautiful in KWK.

Awwww* love the first picture♥ They both look so adorable together:-D But other than the pairing this movie looks like crap.Why in the name of God would anyone want to remake Knight & Day out of the gazillions of Hollywood flicks out there? If they wanted to remake a Tom Cruise action film they might as well have remade Minority Report or Collateral,or better still his earlier movies like Rain Man or Jerry Maguire-both of which would have worked out wonderfully in Bollywood's context. Instead they choose to remake junk like Knight & Day which except featuring some entertaining action scenes & Cameron Diaz's pitifully aged face is mindless drivel all along? Shame.

ahree with the first 2 lines..they both look soooooooooooooooo cute n hot 2gather:):)

I dont have problem katrina even dating hrithik .but she should never ever ever go back to budda salman .

This movie will be flop

how do people even find this woman pretty !!? #talentlesswoman

If she is talentless she will never be india top actress...if u dumb didnot find her beautiful u must be blind girl...

i can't get enough of these two...too much cuteness in the air

forget about SAIFEENA ...it's time to HRITHINA ...the indian BRADLINA

What Saifeena has to do with it? Obsessed much. ?

lols..we actually never care about saifeena...but seems like 'hrithikina' is generating so much crzae...wow

it's BRANGELINA!! ;) :P

love birds

awwwwwwww lucky kat...i feel the warmth of this hug...duggu you're sooooo cute and gentle

Katrina has her eyes closed and lips formed as a kiss. Just get together

Lol - I was thinking the exact same thing - eyes closed and lips pursed - watch out Duggu - first the sweet little gifts, then come the hugs. 'Come into my parlour sez the spider to the fly' .....he he he he he!!!!

Why would they remake a FLOP movie?

My lovely adorable katty is lukin so hot.

I am bored of watching deepika,Katrina is so refereshing and beautiful.

Moreover deepika is just bad luck for all her co-stars.Believe u me Ranbir stopped getting award after working with deepika samething with Ranveer singh despite of awesome performence he didn't get single award this year.

Ranbir gives no award-worthy performance during the year year, Farhan does something better.... yeah it's all because of Deepika! Had Katrina been in YJHD, would suddenly his perform turn award-worthy? Would Farhan automatically suck in BMB?

SRK got popular awards for CE. Hmm, I wonder who was in CE with him.....

I am bored of watching deepika,Katrina is so refereshing and beautiful.

Moreover deepika is just bad luck for all her co-stars.Believe u me Ranbir srop getting award after working with deepika samething with Ranveer singh despite of awesome performence he didn't get single award this year.

Please dont bring negativity in kat's zone by taking deepika's name.....Kat is just too good with hritik..........so pls here we don't want to see skinny artifical beauty deepika..............stay out of it.

aww...cutest couple:):)i m sure they are in love...love you hrithik-katrina:)

Bang Bang on the sets of BANG BANG

Why does he have to keep working with her. Can't he work with new people....at least that way we can see fresh pairings. He should work with Deepika, Parneeti and others.

Good luck to whole team.
Hrithik is the sexiest hunk in bollywood.I can't believe he is 40.

Apart from a few action sequences Knight & Day doesn't have much to offer, not sure why there remaking it.

you know what...i would actually love for hrithik and kat to be together...they look super hot..im kind of tired of ranbir and kat...theyre getting boring.. and who is susanne to mess with kat? shes not his wife anymore...she is his EX-WIFE..she has no right to mess wid kat OR ANYONE hrithik chooses to be with. she completely lost all his rights over him.


Borrrrinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg....her outfit is what I see homeless people wear sometimes in NY.

katrina please marry him and give birth to a cute baby girl just like both of you

Yeah. :) I hope I marry RK and give birth to his babies! :)
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

lols..ranbir is dying becasue of jelousy of hrithik-kat hot pairing:)lols......ye to hona hi tha:):)

I guess the jacket she wore is from forever 21

duggu,through your eyes i can see your love for katrina...way to go my boy hope you'll find the true love in her

looks like she's pregnant in the 3rd pic

She's with Ranbir!!!!! Hrithik is separated but STILL a married man. Kat don't play that. Don't get her twisted with piggy chops

Ranbir is not with her ok! They broke up so accept it.
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

who told you that she loves ranbir? it was a PUBLICITY STUNT ...this is the truth

for those who want them to be together, it will never happen. I don't think any actress would want to ruin their social or work life by messing with Suzanne and her posses aka gauri khan mehr rampal etc...Priyanka was ostracised for a while...

in your dreams

sorry ! you said her "posses"? lol you are still living in 2000 ..they are SEPARATED and soon they'll be DIVORCED so go and cry away
HRITHIKAT rockkkkkk

Sooo hope Katrina will get at least a role with a brain! Though I really would have like to see Kajol and AJ in this Hollywood remake, I look forward to this movie. With hope.

Hey belong together!
Ranbir Katria looks like they could be older sis and younger bro..

please please please get togetherrrrr!!! HrithikAt

Biggest strength of Katrina is she has got number of critics! And she take that criticism positively!! Her critics made her who she She has to thank god for that!!!

Does anyone else feel like they belong together? They would make a nice jodi in rl.

i do :)

Comedy is katrinas zone . So I am hoping for dhamal performance. But little bit fine hindi with it plz . I know u can do it .her hindi in dhoom3 looked fine .specially samar n aliya date scene


Katrina looks cute and stunning.
looking forward to this movie.

they make a visually beautiful couple!

Hritik need a true and nice partner and katrina is just perfect for him.Pls Go Ahead

I pray if these two hot people end up together offscreen too............hritik is single and kat is also single and they both are mature enough..............moreover they look very natural together.

ABSOLUTELY!!!! Lets cheer them ON!!

Lose ranbirrrrr

Let me marry Ranbir. He is young I'm also young. Let me marry him and Katrina marry Hrithik. The 4 of us will live happily ever after!
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

Hrithik will take take a gap for two years after this movie.
Im feeling bad for him, his personal life is going through a terrible phase.May God bless and protect him.
P.S I don’t understand why they are making the remake of a flop movie?

Knight and Day had a good concept, well shot, but was boring. Bang Bang's sceernplay has been written by Sujoy Ghosh. So hopefully they have improved on the original. Let's see.

Wow kat u r as beautiful as ever ur chemistry with any man u r paired is good

her face changed than before, may be I am wrong but I feel so but still waiting for the jodi. I love hritik and katrina couple so much

she is dating Ranbir and they love eachother, stop speculation!
just remember how her video hugging ranbir was leaked and than it was just movie shot and nothing personal,

the same is here

it is from movie scene, so there is nothing personal

Its not a movie scene Hrithik face is looking casual and who told you the she is dating ranbir lol! and 4 days back in an interview with Hindustan Times katrina has Shrugs off Rumours of her Relationship With Ranbir. Pinkvilla please post this one

The hottest couple in Bollywood. Waited for this movie. Love you Hrithik and Katrina....

Oh God her lips are too big

I see preggo Katrina in 3rd pic. Of course it would be a part of film LOL. She looks beautiful, please do some acting this time, we are dying to watch it at least for once.

This is an official remake just like Players, hopefully they will do it justice in the acting department as well as at the box office.

Another meaningless, dumb indian movie with talentless actress.

This girl is gorgeous!

OMG they r just too hot together.

Realy hot couple............hot and sexy kat looks far better than deepika..........so pls deeepika blind fans leave katrinna alone and stiop commenting rubbish.

I like the way Hrithik is holding her with his hand at the back, fingers outstretched. It looks so nice and genuinely protective (is that for a scene, I don't know). Kat needs an older MAN to make her feel safe and secure. A man. I like Ranbir and many of his qualities, but he has not reached that point yet of being a MAN and it may not be his fault cuz he is still young. I'd love Kat to settle down with a mature, experienced, seen the world, wise and stable, kinda guy who knows how to treat women. Not saying Ranbir isn't like that, and I do find the couple cute and hot, but he still seems 'young' for Kat. Unfortunately, just because a couple looks good together (Hrithik and Kat here), doesn't mean anything. Having feelings for a person is what moves the wheel for those looking for love.

very well said...and it's not a scene you can see him holding the papers of his dialogues

what a sizzling pair :) and katrina looks so damn gorgeous :)

cmon kat now go and stick up to hrithik now that he is single !! plz leave our golden boy alone .. he will get his fans back .. those he lost after thi talentless woman came in her life !

Oh no.
Hrithik is a wonderful actor and Katrina is expressionless. Why do directors cast her against such great actors. Remember JTHJ and how she looked out of place as she couldn't express in a single screen ?

she is not so good actress but in JTHJ, she was the worst thing that happened in this world, the worst acting ever of her

Funny that, cos thats how i felt about anushka and her over the top loud acting.

He has time for Katrina not for Kareena.

only saif has time for kareena


In every movie she has same look, Glamorous that's it.

why aren't they dating? please do so now

So he can shoot this but not a movie with kareena? Am I missing something here? Genuinely confused lolol

He shot for portions of Bang Bang before his head injury and the news of his separation. The movie was already in production so he made a commitment to finish it. It seems he wants to take a break for a few months after this movie wraps up to take care of his health and to deal with the separation.

genuine lovebirds:)

aww..cute couple:):)waiting for bang bang..thank god a particular witch ex is not here to bark...

Is she sporting a baby bump in the last pic?

i think yes

She needs to ditch the playboy Kapoor and hook up with HR. they are purrr fect together.

Ranbir is not a playboy. I would love to be with him forever
PV please post this please, please don't ignore posting my comments over here

hrkat rock

Katrina looks gorgeous *__*


lol It is not about her acting that really irk B town lady fans, It s just that dark skinned girls are really irritated with her now that all the boys in India fancy her. To make matters worse she is in the top of the game with or without acting.

Duggu has this distinguished dignified air about him that nobody can match. Don't know what it is. It's like he was born with class and style.

hrithiks stunt double is also there

Really looking forward to this movie.....they look great together.

awww she looking sooo beautyful

She's like the Kristen Stewart of Bollywood, Over rated and same old expressions in every movie!

There are waaay more pictures.. Why are just these uploaded?

Karan: ranbir?........
SK: have fun........
Karan: Katrina?.......
SK: don’t let him have fun.......
Karan: hrithik?.....
SK: stay out of it !!!!!!!! :O

She is just sooooooooo cute

aww the hug...toooo cute...ranbir must be jealous now lol

They look good together.

Her lips settled nicely now.

I've been looking for those parka jackets for months now. They are in style now here in nyc. Anyone know where i can purchase one of those jackets?

This pair is going to set the screen ablaze!

No she doesn't have to learn acting, i think she needs to work harder on Hindi, and then she slowly she will get better in acting as well, she is very hardworking person, she can do whatever she wants to, she doesn't need to listen to your crap, leave her alone and get on with ur work, as she is doing hers, and she is doing an amazing job learning different things for different roles in her film, know that's what's called mullti-talanted person, which she is, and dont't give her ur lectures keep them to your self's Katrina haters may u all go to hell.

Hrithik looks hot. Katrina when will you retire, I can no longer watch your 5 min roles with zero expressions.

Complain to salman who recruted katrina. Well wjt can u say jab godown main hi khrabi ho product tho ayse hi niklega. Atlest now she has a talented boyfriend so I am expecting some mind blowing performance from her.

Hrithik is back!!!! I feel like he's often underrated as an actor. He's just sooo good. He pours in so much emotion into characters even like Krrish. I think he's definitely at par with aamir, just not recognized for it. And not to mention, he's the best looking actor bwood has got


They look incredible together. Looking forward to the film.

I just don't like Siddharth Raj Anand as a director but Salaam Namaste was a good film. Other than that... all his films are crap.

Wow they look so so hot. Just read in some artical after bang bang hrithik is taking break so after bang bang hrithiks movie will be not so soon.

kat is enjoying herself wile duggu was hugging her

Seriously her face is frozen most of the time.
She should stay away from the botox, its blocking her expressions (if she has any)

No wonder ever director, actor dies to work with her. She has a star power, pulls crowd, not to mention she has the best manners in BW..

Kajukatli get a life.

Okay! Just one question though, "Aap Ye Advices Free Mai Dete Hai Ya Iski Kuch Fees Charge Karte Hai!?". #JustAsking

Hahahahah..Geet style.

They are so comfortable with each other, it's a nice friendship that gets mistaken for something else by the gossip queens. Hrithik is very sensitive and going through a tough time. I'm glad he's doing this movie and he's around someone who is positive like Kat is, like someone said, she focuses on the good and always sees the glass half full.

the anurag comment made me thinking....it was katrina who wanted to get married but not ranbir as he is unsure of katrina.....she is playing around with him to, its a match made in hell.

already enough of this girl!!!!
i like my desi girls, who know how to speak and know are culture!!

typical white chick, runs to one for fame, other for romance, marry one for $$

If someone had made that comment about an Indian girl, PV would be a war zone right now. Why all the hate? The industry and the country itself prefers Western looks. Take a look at the "Greek god" light eyed hero she is working with. Her looks an ethnicity are not her fault. She made the best if the situation she was given.

learn how to speak hindi first, then worry about other languages.

These two look soooooooo good together. Can't wait for this movie to come out.

They look too GOOOOOOD together! I wish they were a real life couple

More than those Arabic learning lessons, she should spend time with Hrithik learning the art of acting.

not that Hrithik is a great actor!!!!! I still can't see anything impressing from him.

Hahaha! On the point!

lol is she really learning Arabic ? really ?!!!!
I'm an Arab and having read this made me excited to hear her speaking Arabic :)
anyway, she better sticks to Urdu or hindi...she certainly needs it!!

Why so much hate ?

lol at kat's pout huggin hritik

Another movie I will not watch bc of Katrina's acting

man that hug is awkward, anyway cant wait to see these two.

I want her skin...and face...and body...and Ranbir :(

There's great level of comfort in their friendship. Nice to see.

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