Katrina Kaif, Lisa Ray come together for an ad shoot

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The gorgeous women of Bollywood - Katrina Kaif and Lisa Ray - recently shot for a skin care brand's print commercial. The resplendent beauties for the first time came together for range of skin care products by L’Oreal.

Lisa Ray, Canadian model, philanthropist and activist tweeted a picture of the advertisement.

Don't the ladies look stunning?

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clearly kat is d prettiest...she s d most beautiful lady on ds earth...so pure n frsh..

Wow Lisa is so stunning

Omg Lisa looks so beautiful who's the other cutie on left??

Who is the other cute chick on the left? She looked cute and innocent and the Best out of the 3 actually. Not that the other 2 did not but this one is a sweet fresh face.

Lisa Ray is the most beautiful on Earth, like madhubala too.i still remmeber that lucky ali song, i was like did not imagine someone to be soo pretty

bloody haters..kat is most beautiful in d wrld n most successful..u creeps r so jealous f hr bt always peep into hr updts n posts

Guys relax it not miss world competition, all the 3 ladies looks beautiful

They all look fab but Lisa looks like she's had a little something done, especially round the lip area.

Um that's Lisa's natural lips!

Those are Lisa's real lips! Check out her Bombay dyeing and water pics

Any person with one eye can tell who is looking prettier But why say She is most hated person on pinkvilla.

beauty lies int he eyes of beholder my friend. ofcourse after doing so much of work on her face n too much photoshoped and right styling n makeup can make anyone look pretty n stunning.

Katrina looks matronly. Of course, she is good looking in India - not anywhere else though!

Lisa Ray is something else, it's hard to believe she's 42. Such an underrated talent and beauty.

Is this available in the market now

Yes it is.

I don't think this post is asking your opinion on who looks better! It's just a picture with 3 beautiful ladies, celebrate their beauty and their gorgeousness!

Different ages. Different skin needs. 20s, 30s, 40s. Finally Katrina admits she is in her 30s.

Katrina looks pretty and Lisa looks beautiful and sexy. Lisa stands out.

omg Lisa still so hot! Afreen! she looks younger than katrina!

Those Lips! SMH

Lisa Rays description seems lacking..she was a top indian model in the early 2000 and also acted in bollywood and southern films. shes a cancer survivor and has a post grad degree in acting..shes hosted TV..done theatre..and made onto 'most beautiful' lists in India and Canada. i think shes most famous for Deepa Mehtas oscar nominated movie Water.

Well said starlight, in Bollywood if the fans don't highlight such accomplishments (especially when it comes to women) hardly anyone else does.

Lisa Ray and katrina look like they are the same age. who is the third model?

first olay, now loreal... i wonder how these celebs think that people will buy the products seeing them in their ads.... i mean for money you promote one product and after your contract over, you promote other product of same category..

she used to promote olay, now loreal.

I'm almost sure she doesn't even use these products.

please one day she was doing Pantene shampoo and the next day Loreals Hair Oil Nourish Shampoo! I mean wht? right? do u thnk indian consumer is dumb??? Really Katrina wht were u thnkin? and to Loreal..... REALLY??? HER???

Money Bigger brands... but for ppl like her there is no loyalty as well... it will be quickly over just like it started.

Totally agree these stars only need money n can do anything for it as loyalty doesnt matter they dnt care abt common ppl feelings n happiness. First kat used to say ple mere baal grass jese the split ends pir mje mila naya pantene mere khobsurat hairs ka raaz n evn she goes on n on abt pantene n how beneficial it is while promoting n now she say same abt loeral. Same goes wid olay n now loeral skin care. These stars dont have any conscience but need money n fame n love fooling innocent people. Plz post

Of course Katrina the beauty Queen

Katrina of course

Lisa Rai is extremely beautiful ( anyone who has watched her films specially "Water" would agree )..This pic is not doing justice to her.

Katrina is beautiful always


lisa is more beautiful than katrina.

Katrina stands out! She looks the most gorgeous. The picture of all three ladies is photshopped to the core.

winner: lisa beautiful ray

There was no need to whitewash and photoshop them. They're both gorgeous ladies


Lisa all the way. She is looking stunning

katrina is my fav, but i like lisa too

Definitely, Lisa Ray!

Definitely, Lisa Ray!

Definitely, Lisa Ray!

both look nice n pretty. good to see kat changing her hairstyle its really suits her. but this pic is too much photoshop that it changes the entire face of katrina n make her look different. too much of whiteness n light n editing when not needed


Katrina for sure, 100%.

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