Priyanka, Deepika or Katrina: Who should appear at Madame Tussauds next?

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Madam Tussauds London are soon going to reveal the next Bollywood celebrity to get waxed at their prestigious wax museum.

This time around, the folks there have revealed a shortlist of actors that have made the cut and are in the running to get their wax statue.

A message on the Madam Tussauds website read as follows:

Now it's time for the next star to add to the line-up. So, after gathering research and requests from visitors over the past two years, the shortlisted options are:

Priyanka Chopra
Deepika Padukone
Katrina Kaif
The decision is yours...

The hot new star will then join Bollywood stalwarts such as Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan in a colourful themed set in 2015.

Priyanka seems to be leading currently with 51% votes followed by Deepika at 40% and Katrina at 9%.

Now coming to my question, who do you think is the most deserving of the three ? I think the answer is quite obvious. Ain't it ?

This Day That Year


Hello. And Bye.


priyanka chopra

deepika padukone only

deepika padukone

Deepika padukone and katrina kaif both of them :)

only priyanka chopra.....

There is only priyanka.....we all loves u chance for any other actresses

Priyanka is best among three n she is international star so I vote for PC !!
However Katrina is No 1 actress since few years & also looks too beautiful so she also is good choice.
But I doubt Deepika can win as she has seen 1 successful year in her 7 years career & she is less popular than PeeCee n Katrina !

Katrina Kaiif truly rules the hearts. This translates into the BO figures and now here. God bless you with even more Katrina. All the very best.

If PC gets a statue here, she will be the first national award winner female to get a statue.
Except SRK and Ab.Sr and Kareena and Duggu, all the others' statue and acting is bakwaas.
A non-actor does not deserve a statue in a place like Madame Tussauds.
DP has not done very great work or something..only Cocktail and RL and YJHD are her pluses. But atleast she is more deserving than Kat.
PC is the only who deserves to be there. From Aitraz to Fashion to Don to SKM to Barfi to now Mary Kom..she has done GREAT work and has got tremendous critical acclaim and box office success.
P.S. Did I mention PC got four times the no. of awards as Kat and DP. Nuff said.

katrina was leading with 72% when i checked last time an hour before the poll was closed

Priyanka should be waxed ..she is miss world after all

when will result be declared

oh my God! these pc and dp's fans only knows to hate katrina. listen.. if katrina is winning, it is bcoz we katrina fans are voting for her and if you are not agree then vote for your idols and if you have already voted then accept the result that kat has more fan following than pc or dp. you know your idols have lost because you their fans have wasted time in founding reasons instead of voting that why kat is winning -bcoz she is from london, she has bought it, the poll is wrong, she even does not deserve blah blah blah blah blah. And see you have got what u deserves. enjoy the lost you----- dp pc fans

Congrats kat

Dippy ur statue shld b made. U rock. Luv u. Vote dp

i vote Deepika or Priyanka

priynaka only..

Katrina never be deserves....not believed in this result ...OK PC and deepy not deserves but what about other senior actress like shridevi,kajol.....

congo kat..u deserve it

After Aishwarya Rai, Kareena, recent Madhuri Dixit they all deserves to be there, because they all were Queen of Bollywood, for sometimes, thats how Katrina Kaif is a normal choice and If Deepika continues to deliver super hits then Aftet Katrina its should be Deepika. And Bodywise Bipasha Basu is a stunning choice. Priyanka is don't really have any of these ex-factors. Sridevi & Rekha also should be there for the real bollywood fans.

if Kareena was thr vote wud hav splitted btw kk n kkk but compare to dp n pc kk is well deserving...kudos... but margin is too high omg I never thot dat pc n dp r so less famous

People need to watch the movie Boom who like her
then they will probably open their eyes and realize Kat is not what they think she is

and u also see dp kingfisher shoot and u wil realize dp is not wat u think of her, and u can also see her real stunts with siddarth malhotra at a cricket stadium.

100% agree...
Katrina never be deserve..

thanks for your opinion He he lol for you

I repeat Katrina didn't deserve to win.
Shut up bollydeewana you really hurt people with a lot of your comments sometimes. Just because you like Katrina doesn't mean you start attacking other people

and the barbie doll look katrina have she can look the most beautiful of all the statues, only kareena cud compete wid her but for that they need to make a new one for bebo, previous one was not life like, or maybe if possible karishma that will surely increase competition for katrina.

and obviously dp and the team knew in advance about this poll and that they wasn't able to fix it, that was the reason of fake support and fake b'day wishes.

Deepika all the way. PC is too old now

Stop discussing guys :(

Katrina ha WON

from a Deepyanka fan :(

Deserving is Priyanka or Deepika but who will win?? Only Katrina...huge fan base you know...(Indian)people will buy ticket to see her

all three are deserving and sry if ur idol didnt win and ur ego is bruised

yayyyy!! Katrina won!

Kareena's fan base (as she is going to be the sister in law of Katrina), Ranbir's fan base (as you know why), Salman's fan base (as you know why), and Hrithiks fan base ( due to BANG BANG) have come together to support Katrina's fan base ... Its as simple as that! 75% dude!

and what about dp, pc, ranveer, srk and even salllu fanbase who hate katrina, were they sleeping. that they can only manage 20% votes??

Wishfool thinking. I'm a Shahrukh khan fan & I loved Shahrukh-Katrina jodi in JTHJ, dying to see them together again. So go sleep on that fact yourself. Even Salman khan fans likes katrina and wants them to reunite again. So you know, your bollywood knowledge is quite low key.

and wat about ranbir fans who prefer ranbir dp over ranbir kat, wat about fans who liked srk dp jodi in ce and oso, and salman fans who think katrina cheated him?? plz tell me OVER INTELLIGENT??

OK According to the poll Katrina is winning. BUT WAIT ... Priyanka and Deepika at 8% and 16% ...what??? I mean seriously...I can't believe their fan base is this limited. This is impossible!! 75% Katrina?? I can't digest really! No competition????

her only competition could be kareena, but she is already there, so??


None of them as none of them have achieved anything big or important enough to get their wax statues made

Deepika for sure, Priyanka is good but not good enough, as for Katrina, the fact that she is in this list is more than enough, she can get nominated but she can't get it.

PC all the way without any doubt eventhough a lot of people hates her, looking at her achievement right from the Miss World journey to being Jhilmil on barfi and now Mary kom to singing career; but oops every other actress are singing these days lol... PC go rock!!
Where did Katrina come from, she may have worked hard to get where she is now but getting into Madam Tussauds is a big thing.

pc had such a long career, but what she had except fashion in her kitty??? and she is an awful singer.

PC let Dp N Kat fans argue.. BCoz PC will definetly a winner.. Love Piggy Chopps.. She's d best... She have talent. multi talented girl.. Singer, actor, model.. N top most thing. She's gvs best xpssn in actng.. Kat ko kuch aata jata h nhi bs muh uthayi or chal di actr banne.. Sirf shakal achi nhi hone chahiye or b bhot kuch chahiye.. DP shes gud bt nt d best..

What I admire about Katrina Kaif is that she is immensely hardworking. She worked on her Hindi and her expressions and look how far she has come from those days of Main Ne Pyar Kyun Kiya. She may not be a better actress than PC and DP but the truth is she has more fan following than them and the result of this poll is proof enough. It may shock some people but there's a world outside Pinkvilla where Katrina is loved and adored by her fans who took time out to vote for her. I wish PC and DP fans were also as active instead of devoting their time to abuse other fandoms and acting childishly. There's no point in whining now. Personally, I feel Priyanka has a better body of work than the other two but it seems she is not that popular among the masses. Anyway, congratulations to Katrina :)

Katrina kaif should have one made. She is ruling Bollywood without even knowing the language, that is truly amazing!!

Guys forget Madame Tussauds , in the above picture:
Deepika- smiling
PC - expressive eyes
Katrina - Always in her character ( EXPRESSIONLESS )

It is really sad that 'fair skin' won and not the talent , sad truth about Indians.

Aishwarya was the first actress. That's all I care about

Priyanka will never feature at Madame Tussaud Museum. According to this poll, Katrina is clearly the winner. Next time when will conduct another poll Deepika will win because until then she will have the double fan following and success rate. After that the new generation actors are making waves both nationally and internationally, they will rule the poll that time. Other point is,When the next poll will be conducted an Actor might get a place at the museum like Amir, Ranbir, Akshay,Ranveer and etc. So there is no chance for PeeCee. But by going her talent and achievements she deserve a place there. I believe. But nonetheless Business means money. And madame Tussauds therefore organized this poll to make it easy for them!

All these pressed souls complaining about Katrina winning this poll,just because according to their opinion she "cannot act to save her life". Sure she may not be that spectacularly good an actress,but if talent,respect & contributions were the criteria for Madame Tussauds then Kim Kardashian,Paris Hilton,Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber & terribly cheesy boy bands like One Direction & Jonas Brothers wouldn't have statues either. None of them are exactly respected to have God gifted talents,yet there they are-their wax statues & names engraved in all their glory. I've been to Tussauds London twice & I can say for a fact that its based on sheer popularity alone-in their native countries,U.K. & the rest of the world. In this area alone,Katrina beats Deepika & PC-however talented they maybe-& every other current Bollywood actress hollow. While everybody may hate on her on PV,most of the GP adore her & she has a super loyal fan-base ranging from different ages & genders,& obviously being a previous UK citizen has a lead on the other two. And personally speaking if people like Kim K can get a statue for being somebody whose just famous for being famous,Katrina no matter how much the bitter members on this site try to convince is certainly not "talentless". For somebody that talentless,she sure has surpassed her expiry date hasn't she??? Sure she may not be an actor's actress,but her unavoidable X-factor,strong screen presence & immense likebality & charisma is something that cannot be purchased with money-its an innate quality that you've to be born with. Add to that her terrific dancing skills,beauty,sex appeal,glamour,the fact that she's a box office draw(oh haters you know that New York & MBKD carried her as their major box office draw),longevity & ever improving acting skills,etc.,just lead to the fact that she deserves it. Well done Kat♥ Let the haters remain pressed. BTW I love Priyanka & Deepika too & I think PC is by far the best actress our of them 3 & will get one soon,as will Deepika(except its way too early for her).

Sorry, not sorry, but I have to disagree hugely on the points you have given regarding why you you think people are annoyed at the fact that Katrina is winning this poll. Firstly, most of the annoyance and anger is not coming from Deepika or Priyanka not being in the lead, but rather because none of these three really deserve a wax model this early in their careers when there are a huge amount of other bollywood celebrities who are far more deserving! Examples of actors and actresses who deserve a figure are the likes of Amir Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Kajol, Vidya Balan, Rani Mukherji and for god sake, how is no one angered that there is no wax model of SHAHRUKH KHAN AT THE LONDON MADAME TUSSAUDS! Secondly, I am also from London and I can confidently say that Katrina is not as favoured and loved as you are describing in the UK. In fact many of us are angered at how she cannot speak Hindi well at all in her movies and yet people see past that when seeing her because they feel her doing dances and ten minute dialogues in masala movies is fine because she is a pretty face! She CANNOT ACT, stop ignoring this and carrying on calling her an ACTress. How can a wax model be made of Katrina to represent bollywood cinema when frankly she represents it badly and has no true talent in ACTING?! 'She sure has surpassed her expiry date hasn't she' is one of the weakest reasons I've heard as to why she is talented. It is a joke and frankly insulting to Katrina also, who has been getting by using her male co stars and plastic surgery to look young and pretty. Frankly none of these actresses deserve a wax model now, maybe in the future when they've truly made a mark. But if I was forced to choose then I sure wouldn't pick Katrina and would opt for either Priyanka or Deepika because of their ever improving and brilliant acting abilities for their age.

lol omg! Log in voicewriter.

Tut,tut SRK already has one wax statue in London & another one in Blackpool & another place I think(which I can't exactly 100% vouch for). But I've been to Tussauds in London twice(once in 2009 & the other in 2013) & I can say for a fact that both the times his statue was there. Madhuri Dixit already has one too. Kajol,Vidya Balan,Rani Mukherjee-sure the finest of fine actresses,but neither one of them are as popular as these three. Kajol & Rani Mukherjee would probably have been a better fit when they were in their prime as they're hardly as popular as they were 10-15 yrs back & Vidya for all I love her has never been as popular as these three(no matter how great of an actress she is). You forget that Madame Tussauds is first & foremost a TOURIST ATTRACTION where tourists have to pay quite a lot of money to get in. Most of the people who go to the Bollywood sections are Indians living in the UK-where probably one of Kat's strongest fan-bases is in(not to mention that Kat may also have significant ceossover appeal to Non-Indians).People in Madame Tussauds aren't going to make the statues or tourists aren't going to pay to see who they think is talented;they're going to put their investment into making a statue of the most popular figure that'll be bringing in the cash to the museum & who the tourists would love to pose with. There are several people in the Hollywood & Music section who can hardly be classified as being "GOOD quality actors & musicians", yet they have their statues there because of one simple fact-popularity(one thing which Katrina has in spades & which is really proven by the poll). Just like there's a wide difference between pop stars & vocalists there's a difference between actors & movie stars,& yet the bulk of the money of these attractions come from pop stars & movie stars over real actors & singers. Sure she may not be that great of actress,but she's a movie star & a damn good one at that. Is it fair? Perhaps not. But that's how any of these tourist attractions work. Sure going by achievements & longevity in the industry Priyanka most definitely deserves it more than Kat & she's prolly gonna be the next. Yes but all three of them aren't iconic enough to have their statues yet,& I definitely feel that Sridevi should've been inducted before them but as of now simply from the museum's perspective-Katrina it is.

SRK does have a wax model in London! Where in London do you live??? Madhuri also has a wax statue in London!!

I'm a deepika fan, but I really do think that Priyanka deserves this. I am so confused as to why Katrina is on this list....what the hell..

i will tell you why you are confused about katrina being on the list the simple fact you are deepikas fan

popularity wise there is no match to katrina, now lets talk bout talent, no one can match to katrina in dancing, and now lets cme to acting, she is definately not in league of kareena, but she has performed well in humko deewana kar gaye, rajneeti, mbkd, ny, znmd, namastey london, and infact she had performed very well in sme like humko deewana kar gaye which is way better than dp, what has dp done?? cocktail, i dn't think cocktail was great at all, it was just overhyped jst like other movies of dp, and its better to not talk bout dancing skills, now lets talk bout pc, she started her career wid kareena, and lets see wat she has?? fashion in that she also got out performed by kangana, next lets give her aitraaz too, which according to me the easiest role to get appreciated as it was of bad women which always gets good reviews no matter who plays it, what next skm was awful, kaminey was fully of shahid, wat she got out of her so long career?? nothing.

Congratulations Katrina!

I love such posts that are not biased. Nice to see a healthy discussion with all comments being posted. Unlike aditi.chandra07/Bolly-Freak (same person) who always targets Sridevi to get more and more negative comments. This person never posts any positive comments about Sridevi and is a big time sridevi hater. PV is managed by such members and as always sridevi will remain the most hated actress of PV.


First pc is vote was much since yesterday katrina is vote was much idont know what going on.but I think katrina have paid the websait to all votes

i m missing shakuntela??

omg wat happend to two of d most sexiest women in d world?? they got deathroned.

Guys way the voting line not moving

dp and pc never deserved it, they can never be popular, next also they will make staute of someone popular maybe karishma, as dey hav noticed that kareena fetches most of eyeballs, thats why even in their article about voting they mentioned kareena name ahead of aish and dey never took md name as she is not at all popular, so dey got aware bout real ppl and fake pr, thats d reason they took public voting this time... bravo katrina to deathroning dp and pc.

There is noway MT was going to pick an indian over a British for the statue. It's fixed. No price for guessing.

Katrina > Deepika. Deepika came in people's attention since 2012 - 2013

Katrina has been superstar heroine since ages. With huge line up of hits. From 2007 her popularity hit the right chord. And from Partner/Namastey London/Welcome to Sheila Ki Jawani, Chikni Chameli and Kamli. She reached milestones in terms of popularity, Who doesn't know Katrina today??? Even elders know her. It might not be for her acting ability but she still is very popular where as Deepika just reached there. If she would have won the poll. It would have been disappointing.

I'm pretty sure Peecee will be next.She just needs to be consistent for few more years.

Katrina deserves it. Really happy for her.

@BeboliciousFan: +1 Perfect comment. You said everything I wanted to say. Katrina is hugely popular & loved by people. It's better for her haters to accept this ASAP.

You know something what I will pay my money and watch APGK, MBKD, Namaste London, Rajneeti in fact all Kat's movies except Boom , Yuvraj and Blue. You can't call them great films but they are entertaining and happy films. But can't watch Whats my Rashee? Love story 2050 , Drona , Chamku, Zanjeer even Krish 3(I love Hrithik) for free. Even Deepika is beautiful and interesting to watch on screen I like her on screen but Pc is plain boring. Fashion is only film where I think she is good even there Kanganga is overshadowing her same is the case of Kaminey and Barfi. I am not mentioning Dostana because I didn't like the film itself. Only thing I remember about dostana is PC shimmering bikini! Has any one seen Saat Khoon Maaf? Because I did and was disappointed. film failed only only because of PC and her overacting( Filmfare gave her award?) Only thing I like about her is she takes risk and that needs courage. I am not gonna start about her singing now. Katrina is there because she deserves it. I am sure that one day even Deepika will go there but PC unfortunately I don't think so!

none of the above

I love DP,she's such a cutie but haven't yet established a career that deserves a statue of her own ,may be in few years to come.Katrina is graceful and is such an AMAZING dancer and we know how much this counted in bollywood, that makes her stand out..Priyanka is talented and is always working on herself "professional wise".She have been there may be more than the other too..but I don't think she is so much preferred by the masses for some reasons "u know". I read something like Srk fans voted for her ..If that's true ,she would have won 100% but fact is : Srk fans don't like her at all for some moral and sound reasons.If I'm her sis I would have advised her to stay away from all this cuz definitely it's affecting her popularity in a negative way.

Kat is graceful? Oh man the things I read on PV

Katrina has never taken something that belongs to another..she has been away from all the controversies and has never been caught talking about anyone..she only does HER WORK and she is minding her own business ..For Salman,if u mean that..he wasn't somebody else's and break ups do happen in Bollywood every time your eye blinks..that's normal!

kat kaf


deepika is best for statues

Im just very curious if its kat at MT I wonder what will read on her plate: bollyWOOD actress..? Seriously she will become the worlds most overrated so called actress... never did any mainstream role in her 10 years of career... why is she even in the list? It should easily be PC. IM saying it bcuz of her longest experience as actress and showed her acting ability much early in her career in aitraaz plus reaching out to hollywood with her music (though its not gr8 but at least she's trying a singing career while she is already a busy actress in mumbai). Deepika just started to act good from coctail to her last years of films and has more to achieve. But she should be very proud of being an actress for 7 yrs she is already considered for the wax statue... It should easily be Priyanka! The strongest and self made! The fact tht kat is an option turns maddame tussauds into a joke

Current lot of actresses (not including the likes of Rani, Kajol, Madhuri, Tabu etc.):

Queen of Talent: Vidya Balan

Queen of Popularity: Katrina Kaif

The rest don't matter :p

Happy for Katrina (despite not being a fan) because she's a humble gal who stays away from trashing fellow actresses and remains dignified even when everyone including the media and fans/supporters of 'INDIAN' actresses are bashing her for being 'WHITE' and 'NON-INDIAN' as well as supposedly being talentless. And about that, she may not be a good actress but she has a lot of potential, I'd say after having watched Namaste London, New York and Rajneeti. Moreover, she is easily the BEST DANCER amongst the current crop of actresses.

And people talking about talent should just shut their big trashy mouths! Nobody matches up to Vidya Balan in the current lot - be it PC, Deepika or anyone else for that matter (Kangana comes close but she has more to prove imo).

I think rani, karisma, raveena, kajol or one star of the 90's 2000's deserve it more, because today it's not acting it's who is the sexy one? that'snot to be an actor

The current numbers - Kat 75% Deep 18% PC 8% - prove who the REAL SUPERSTAR is!
The media and insecure/jealous Indian women can sing praises of Deepika but Katrina is after all the Queen of Bollywood with no flop since 2005!

And please don't talk about talent! If it was about talent, there should have already been statues of Shabana Azmi, Tabu, Vidya Balan, Rani Mukherji and even Kangana Ranaut before Ash and Kareena got theirs.

Plus, this is about who people would PAY to SEE (in wax form of course) - not about whose acting/dancing they enjoy. So it's got a lot to do with LOOKS too! That is why you see only Madhuri, Ash, Kareena and now probably Katrina who are 4 of the MOST BEAUTIFUL women EVER in Bollywood.

I think this is a sad state for indian cinema. I was happy that actresses like DP, kangana dethroned katrina. I was one of those who felt sad when women felt uncomfortable that a non-indian actress was a part of some best roles, which looked like they were entirely made of entertaining male audience. I felt the ideas that "we were a very male dominated society that we dont care about the sensitivities of woman and woman are only supposed to look good and stay as second fiddles to heroes" was a thing of the past. But seeing the number of votes kat received i think it is a point of introspection on indian cinema and also the mentality of indian audiences. An artist who represents our culture and someone who made memorable roles that woman in our country can look upto should be someone we should be proud of. Hailing such actresses who are known for item songs only makes things worse for us as a society. Actresses like silk-smitha or disco shanthi or helen had a dedicated fan following but they never represented indian cinema in the past and they were mainly the item-girls in the industry. But today with the likes of Katrina, nargis or sunny leone taking reign over the indian cinema I think we are reverting back to the dark ages of cinema as far as actress roles are concerned. A new actress does the role of an item-girl and also be a heroine to the Omni-potent hero. No one cares if she is a god actresses or has indian feautures. Hope the new generation of film makers change that and write better scripts for indian actresses and not rely on skin show for success. Hope they respect women in our country more. Saying women should be respected in words is not enough. Respect for women should be shown in movie roles and choice of indian actresses. Making movies for indian audience and having actresses who look like foreign nationals shows the insensitivity towards the indian woman in hindi cinema. A revolution is necessary in indian cinema, I felt it was already happening with actresses like kangana, dp, vidya,pc but still we are a long way to go before the audience mindset also matures to a point where they feel proud of indian actresses and not lust after white skin blindly.

One thing I've always wondered that out of all four Biggest actresses Kareena, Katrina, Priyanka, Deepika...except PC all other actresses came to the top and touched the no 1 spot. Whereas PC was consistent but always on No2 or No3 spots.....why was so? We all know she has got everything to be on top.
Anyways, I'm sure PC has already got so many accolades that she'll be fine without this one...but yes, PC fans are the most annoying fans on Earth, time & again they have made me hate PC but in the end I believe in my guts and the fact is that PC is one of the greatest actresses of all time, the one who raised the bar......And yes I am the biggest Kareena fan alive, but I've got my senses working well enough to speak truth and believe in truth.

PS if anyone truly deserves this recognition, its Sri Devi.....Happy for Katrina though.

Everyone pretty much agrees that katrina cannot act to save her life.But these statues are as per popularity.Aish is the most popular so she got one,then kareena,then madhuri,then ash it should be katrina or deepika.

I think Kat has many fans in middle-east. Plus all the fans of kareena,ranbir,sonam, anushka dont like DP or PC, so they must have voted for her. Also landslide winners always have the last mile advantage, Other rivals give up voting whereas the winning party keep voting multiple times. Plus a site like madam tussads should have allowed the option of one time voting only. Multiple time voting can be quiet confusing.

Winning is one thing but winning with this huge margin is other. It's like rubbing salt on wounds. She got four times more vote than Pc and Deepika add together. Now I am eagerly waiting for all Extra smart PR of PC and Deeps to write something against miss Kaif. Someone said this statute has no meaning I beg to differ. London is one of the most visited City in the world. And this museum is one of the most popular tourist destination. Very few personalities make their place in this museum. So this is huge honour and achievement for any one. Congrats to Katrina.

hahaha dp, pc, srk, ranveer fans got together, then also can only reach to max 25% votes and even sme sallu fans hate katrina so even they wud have voted agnst her.

I am a Salman fan & I voted for Katrina as I am fan of her too. I know many SRK fans who voted for Katrina as they like her. But I am sure SinghPadukone fanatics didn't vote for her. None of them actually.

Some SRK nd Salman Khan votes for her...don't exagerrate

the statue will have more expressions than kat.

Katrina??bwahhahaha Her acting skills are a BIG ZERO,everyone knows that.And screen-time in most her films is 10 min max.

Katrina is an item girl with 2 min role in all her films.Her expression from her 1st film to last film remains the same.How is she an actress?

watch mbkd, new york, rajneeti,humko deewana kar gaye and namastey london, she was great in al of dem, even she wil agree herself dat she is not as brilliant as kareena, but she is way way better than deepika for sure, and pc is just too overrated, except fashion nthing is impressive, even in fashion kangana overshadowed her.... there is nthing really in pc kitty.. just talks... and wen it comes to dancing and popularity no one can even touch katrina.

Sometimes fans becomes so delusional and stupid that they don't even know what exactly they are voting for. How out of these three katrina deserves to get this opportunity and how out of these three deserves to be there before sri devi, kajol or rani.

firstly grapes r sour, secondly sridevi fine, but what hav kajol or rani done to get that honour, infact it shud be karishma kapoor.

I strongly agree with Karisma Kapoor being honored. She was the trendsetter of the 90's
She was the best dressed (check out the mohabbat song of Ek rishta to know what i mean). Extremely talented.
A statue with her posing as Zubeidaa will be fabulous.

absolutely none of them deserve it....there are faaar more worthy people who deserve statues! but of the three priyanka is defs the most accomplished. but even then, i really don't want to see her getting all cocky about a statue being made of herself...especially after she got a road named after her dad and all! she already has a really big head and is deluded about her self-importance in this industry!

YOU KIDDING ME. the great kamal hassan and mohan lal, why even rajinikanth don't have a statue. how dare they do one of katrina kaif? or even priyanka or deepika for that matter! there are for more deserving people all over india! i hate how the western world equates indian cinema with the shitty candyfloss "bollywood" films that these 3 actresses are usually associated with (ESPECIALLY katrina)....when talents like kamal hassan don't have a stuate, then you know they really have no idea what indian cinema is really about!

it clearly mention BOLLYWOOD so dn't blame them, kamal hasan and rajnikanth are not frm bollywood, but yes i do think karisma kapoor deserve a statute and much more, she never got wat she deserved.

it clearly mention BOLLYWOOD so dn't blame them, kamal hasan and rajnikanth are not frm bollywood, but yes i do think karisma kapoor deserve a statute and much more, she never got wat she deserved.

vote for LOVELY Deepika or for Priyanka....

saw votes. Katrina is winning with 75%, really? does she meant to be there as Bollywood's face? and who is even voting for her?

we........:D :D Y any problem vth dat???

that person should be Deepika or Priyanka or u Deepika..god bless u

I am so Happy for Katrina Kaif, she is one of my fav. actresses she deserved this and finaly she will get a wax statue. Katrina has many fans and I am a Katrina FAN too. I love her sweetness, her beauty and talent. It dosen't matter what people here on pinkvilla say about her, the voting is a proof she is loved by people. The difference between Katrinas nbrs (votes) and deepika was huge but the difference of nbrs (votes) between Katrina and Priyanka was tremendously postive for Katrina but really sad for Priyanka. We all Salman, Kareena, Anushka, Sonam, Ranbir and not to forget Katrina fans voted for her because we all LoVe her. Some people attacked Katrina Fans and abused even others because they were upset that Deepika and Priyanka haven't got many votes but its not our fault that these two Ladies don't have many fans. To me Deepika wasn´t deserving she had only one good year 2013 and her kochadaiyaan started on a bad note this year 2014. Don't worry I think Deepika has chances to have the W. Statue because she has time to proof and I believe her competition will be Anushka and Sonam. Priyanka was deserving too but she got very less votes :/. Its not her fault but it shows me that Katrina is a bigger Star. She deserved and she has won, now Priyanka Fans should accept it and move on instead of attacking Katrina and her fans or us her well wishers. The same goes to Deepika Fans! Celebrate with us, that the most deserving one has won KATRINA KAIF.

Spot on..Katrina has always been humble and graceful in her approach which is one of the prime reasons she has a huge fandom. Having said that, this coming from a huge Kat and also DP fan to a great extent, Priyanka deserved this one because she has truly demonstrated calibre with every successive film and in my opinion she stands out from the other two on that front. Nonetheless, I am happy for Kat

PC, kangana,Rani and Vidya are my girls!

ranbir and kareena fans are also votes for Katrina...
Priynka deserves.....

I think PC doesn't care about this because she would've tweeted or instagram it or her team would've put it out there.

Priynka deserves ...after PC deepy deserves..
I think ranbir makes all fake accounts and voting Katrina ha ha...

That is not true!

both rk n kat fans gave vote 4 her, yupeee...

Once again an eye opener that tells how the rest of the world is different from the morbid fans on PV. With the Reddit AMA, we saw what ppl think about PC; and with this we now see which actress is the most loved across the world.
You keep telling us "Kat can't move a facial muscle, she can't act". Cool, we take it. Now take this - Kat will forever be more popular than PC/DP. For every hateful comment against Kat, you have increased our sympathy towards her. The rest of the world has spoken; and how! PV publish this.

+1 Let Katrina haters keep crying & live in their delusional world. Katrina is loved by millions out there & her fans love her to death. Her fan following is still the strongest when you compare with other actresses fan following. That says it all.

i'm not fan of none and i think priyanka deserves it. she s only person who is beautiful n talented in the same time in industry. seriously what katrina did for being with stars such as amitabh, shahrukh? what is she more than long legs or nice waist? sorry deepika fans i know she's the top in this and next 2-3 years but she's not talented too. maybe did well in ram leela, but mostly: thanks to slb mis-en-scene elements and soundtrack. all she is doing 1-2 metre height bun, kind a whitewashing to eyebrows and posing with same same same smiling, but maybe the only thing that i find atractive on her. priyanka is a kind a 16 year old hello kitty girl n attention whore too personally, but only name that i can choose from this list and she is talented.

Looks like they extended the voting period for the poll. Do they not like that Katrina's leading?! :P You gotta hand it to Katrina. She does have a strong fan base.

first, fans need to stop this war, it's silly! a statue or a most sexy woman title or a most desirable person title or ...whatever, are no big deal, it's just for fun so should not be taken seriously. second, if katrina got it, then she deserves it and it was meant to be hers, and really congratulations. i love deepika, but i didn't want her to have it now, it's too soon i think, and i honestly was afraid that getting a statue now may influence her negatively, so much success and stardom came to her in one hand in short time and i don't want her to get distracted by it, i want her to preserve the simple grounded girl that whom she is, i prefer the focus more on her performances for now and enjoy experiencing new roles and learn more about the profession, and those things will come later, everything is good at the right time.

Priyanka Chopra- been there longer but not why she should be there; she has achieved a lot in her career and as an individual she has gone through many obstacles and overcame them

if anyone other than priyanka wins, then i have nothing to say.

priyanka of course. her achievements are far above that of others.

Vidya Balan

none they do not deserve to be there

yes ! we want kajol next year !

plllz kajol !

none deserves in ths list

ok to those who keep saying one thing over and over again "katrina can't act" this is for u
Well her job description is of actress she acts the audience watches her movies she earns lots of money so saying she cant act well thats a dumb statement cause she can act not as brialliantly as pc but enough for audience to go make her movies hit and she can act enough to sustain is show biz well u can call her an entertainer if not an actress but saying she cant act is halirious and even more dumb seeing kat is winning the poll


Katrina no way

Congratulations Katrina Kaif. Popularity wise she wins

Oh hang on. I'm reading that it's Katrina?!

Yup. 73% of the votes went to her.

Wow.. If these 3 are the ones shortlisted, my only comment is LOL.

You know what, even though I'm anti-Katrina, I'm happy she won. Reasons : Priyanka fans were slaying Deepika and Katrina on Instagram to the extent that they turned me into a Deepika-Kat admirer. Its all about the kind of fandom that a star has. And the way instagram users abused deepika and Katrina for two days was off limits. Im sure PeeCee is talented and all but sometimes what works against you are the fans.
Pv Please post this.

You know what, even though I'm anti-Katrina, I'm happy she won. Reasons : Priyanka fans were slaying Deepika and Katrina on Instagram to the extent that they turned me into a Deepika-Kat admirer. Its all about the kind of fandom that a star has. And the way instagram users abused deepika and Katrina for two days was off limits. Im sure PeeCee is talented and all but sometimes what works against you are the fans.
Pv Please post this.

Priyanka always

But how will we tell the difference between Kat and the statue?

simple - the statue will be the one that looks life-like

Only aliens wouldn't!:)

Even I didn't vote for Deepika (and I'm her fan, she's too new to be awarded a wax statue) my vote went to PC and it just sucks that as popular as she is at home at abroad her fans couldn't come together and get this for her and the statue goes to someone who already is a statue in real life. Congrats Kat! Sorry Sridevi, Rekha, Rani, Kajol, Hema, Helen ji et. al.

Want tissues? Too many cry babies here!

Yes, Puffs Plus with aloe vera please and thank you. =)

Wow PV is full of Kat haters! But the fact is that in real world people LOVE Kat!!!! DEAL WITH IT!! Nobody complained when Kat was at no. 3!! Now people are having issues when she is on top!! If it was fixed then they wouldn't have extended the deadline! Yes Pc and Dp have fans too but Kat is on a roll! More people love her and its very obvious! If she can get fake votes then other two have access to those things too! Its very clear that Kat's popularity is higher than Dp or Pc's! I'm glad that this poll happened and now we can see who still rules!:)

Katrina doesn't deserve to win

I don't get it some you guys like a girl who can't even act, but you don't like PC who is way better than her.
Deal with it Katrina will never be Kareena's sis in law. Its the fact that most of you guys are having trouble with

What about Kajol??

Her fans didn't rally for a wax statue for her. According to MT London, the most popular requests in the last two years for Bollywood statues were for Deepika, PC and Katrina and because all three women got equal number of demands, they left it up to the fans to decide who gets in next year via voting system.

Thanks Kareena, Anushka and Sonam Fans voting Katrina

Even Aish can't act to save her life..whn she can make it thn why nt Katrina atleast KAT has so many blockbuster movies in her Kitty

"my vote went to PC and it just sucks that as popular as she is at home at abroad her fans couldn't come together and get this for her" It's not good to be deluded VW. I wonder why these plastic rai bachchan fans are so desperately deluded!!! Oh God!!

PV my dear, pls post this. Don't ignore & don't be biased!!! Thanks!

We did NOT have to vote for Aishwarya, Madame Tussauds picked her themselves and gave her two statues because she is that popular. All the blockbusters that are in Kat's kitty are thanks for the star power of Khans, Kapoor, Roshan and Kumar sweetie.

What about New York and MBKD?! Oops! She has immense potential to attract audience on her own! Don't even challenge that!

I'm willing to give her NY because that's her only film in which I can say "okay this chick showed some potential" in but MBKD? Please. Neither film did 100 Crores biz so...

Nobody is talking about 100 crores biz! Smart people already know how irrelevant that is! It was a hit and clearly because of Katrina!

Katrina deserve it.

after AMA Session, this is the second time PC Fans let her down n Marycom wil be third let down I guess :D

Katrina all the way :P

the biggest LOL is that deepika and PC fans who always combined together to bash kareena and Katrina are voting thr respective Idols instead of voting either of the one to beat Katrina :D

congo KAT

I think all 3 should be there. I have always thought that Madame Tussauds should add way more Bollywood statues. It doesn't really matter who they add this time because in a few years they will have added Kat, Deepika and PC. The fact that Tussauds is even talking about these 3 women just goes to show that they are in line to get their statues done. Watch and see. ;)

Hope PC wins this! The biggest accomplishment of the other 2 is dating Ranbir Kapoor... They don't deserve it!

PC lost.

deepika all the way! she is a great actress, she's done challenging roles since a nerd (YJHD) to an alcoholic (Cocktail). Definitely her.

she was not an alcoholic in cocktail.. n not the first actress to play a nerd

Out of these 3 it should deffo be priyanka but before her I think they should get aamir khan to join the other 2 khans... I mean come on the three khans have been ruling bollywood since the last 25 years!

All hail the real queen!!!! India popularity doesn't only count. Even sunny leone is popular in india. It's that mass appeal that global icon that really matters. And katrina has it

She is the fourth khan! A wise man once said.

katrina kaif deserves this WIN. She has an amazing fans base. Its no surprise to me. Also haters criticising her should themselves take a wake up call. She is someone who has mounts from lows to highs. Everyone one has imperfections and what is more great when someone struggle in this field yet being damn successful. Hats off to her. Many has been harsh on her but can't deny that she works hard and this is seen on celluloid. Coming to acting she improves lots and lots. ZNMD, Mere Brother ki dulhan, New York are big examples. Also those PC and DP fans should learn some respect from other fans as they were so mean just like their favourites. Desperate and insecure and this reflects in their work too. BravO to Katrina Kaif. If a girl like some hater said coming from nowhere and still audience accept her then she deserves absolutely. Am not even her fan but this gal is REAL.

Hahahah even deepika ever ready over enthusiastic pr can't save her from this.

And FYI this is ENGLAND. This paying crap doesn't work here like in india. We have a system. Law. Government. A system. U can't just wall in somewhere pay them 100 grand and expect to get something. Sorry. But it doesn't work like that.

This is a very nice little come back Considering deepika took katrinas series woman fhm title from her. And for katrina to win without even a big film this year when deepika has clearly had the best year speaks volumes about who is queen bee. Imagine if katrina had more films this year. There would be no competition at all.

Well done queen bee katrina.

priyanka. She has come a long way and earned it!


I love Deepika, she is the icon for the young Indian woman, her statuesque grace and her beauty must be captured at Madame Tussauds! Having said that, the many talented super actor which is Priyanka must be the natural choice for Madame Tussaud's! My vote goes to Priyanka and if they consider a second actress, that Must be Deepika!

well someone below said that one can cast multiple votes, well i tried it and it was not possible, but funny part is even if it was possible then also pc got only 10000 votes, now thats shameful for an international icon... haha

I am appalled that Katrina is even considered! How, why...stop kidding!

It is sad that Katrina is going to win but oh well! She is going to look stupid there with the statue, what has she done in Bollywood? PC has such an incredible body of work and that will speak for itself just like most of the comments on here do. I don't want to comment about Deepika because her career is just beginning and I am sure in the future she will get her own statue.


katrinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa of course

Where are Pc's 6 million Twitter fans? I also want to see them when Mary Kom is going to released! I think those triple platinum pop album didn't help much either. This is wake up call for everyone. one girl come from nowhere and she don't even know language culture iof this foreign land. Today she is ruling Bollywood. Salman khan can refer u for few films he can't make u super star.

I absolutely agree on this note. People say Salman helped her reach where she is which is absolutely untrue. Had that been the case, Daisy Shah, Sneha Ullal, and other handful ladies would also be where she is. Yes he did help her initially but she has appealed to masses on her own and gotta give it to Kat for that. You can help a person sustain in Bollywood but you don't hold the power to make them Big no matter how popular you are.

Unfortunately we Indians are the biggest racists.. Can't accept that a girl from Britain is getting famous here but will praise indian actress if she is going international !!


The power of dislike can unite a people. In reality, statue or not, it really makes no difference, what good has the statue done for kareena's career ?

I thought it would be Ranbir this time.........and Honestly, no one deserves the recognition more than Sri Devi
Out of the three actresses here, I honestly believe Priyanka deserves it more than Katrina and Deepika, PC has made huge contributions to the Indian Cinema and DP and Kat are far behind...
PS I am biggest Kareena fan on Earth, but guess what I've got eyes and brain to look and know what's right thing to say and believe in............PC should get it.

Katrina is the only british-indian to have accomplished so much and to sustain that is another thing. never heard her speak badly of anyone. she seem like a nice genuine person. most importantly she's popular and that's what matter in the votes.

Katrina is not a Desi Woman

Oh god! This tight slap to certain Queen bee and international pop icon. This is way beyond humiliating. It explains a lot about their star power. This voting you can't cheat and manipulate. They do their research systematicly and then take decisions. Welcome to England! I can understand Deepika just started she has long journey ahead but what about Pc ? Who always make tall claims? And people who are talking about talent. Where were they when Ash got selected over everyone. At least Kat has strong box office record what Ash had apart from her beauty title and few flop English and Bollywood films? Congratulation to Katrina

Naturally , kareena fans will vote for katrina just so Priyanka or deepika don't win they hate both pc and Dp more than they like katrina . So clearly , it will just be a mock popularity contest and nothing to do with the one who deserves it more. Pv pls post.

What's the point? When the same person can lose sleep and vote over and over again . Based on body of work, no one is more deserving than Priyanka.

only 1 vote gets counted from 1 pc or mobile, completely fair and genuine even multiple fake counts can't help thats why katrina won by huge margin coz it was genuine.

and smeone made fun of katrina above pic and said in d pic it lookr dat even she knows, she is not goin to win dat one, now i wanna see ur face dear.

I still remember Last 2 years ago on 2012 when that time Kareena Kapoor Khan get her Waxed Madame Tussauds at London, Priyanka fans totally mad and said Kareena not deserve it! What the..... PC fans never changed always it's very annoying.. and now 2014 PC fans attack Katrina fans and still can't get the fact that Katrina get next waxed at London..


The current numbers - Kat 74% Deep 17% PC 9% - prove who the REAL SUPERSTAR is!

The media and insecure/jealous Indian women can sing praises of Deepika but Katrina is after all the Queen of Bollywood with no flop since 2005!



yeah crously how did pc even got 9% votes??

sme ppl get millions of views on youtube in a day but unable to get even 10000 votes, now thats fishy.

haha there was no option of paid votes, but there is option of paid views.


Of course Katrina Kaif - white skinned beauty from Britain - loved by Indians a lot since they are so gung-ho about fair skinned beauties!

The voting wasn't only for Indians...

Look I dont like skin colour to be discussed. I dont think so ppl vote on skin colour if that was case priyanka and deepika would have not been successful

priyanka is more deserving

I think it has to be priyanka bcz she has been in industry for more time and given movies like fashion and barfi. pc deserves


None actually but if I just had to choose one I would say Priyanka. The other two don't have a body of work as extensive as Priyanka. Deepika is improving but she still has a long way to go. For Katrina, the road hasn't started yet!

I don't think any of them deserves this. Priyanka maybe but definitely not Deepika. She has lots lots to prove yet.
I always wonder why actresses who contributed so much in this industry like Karisma are never rewarded.

I vote for Katrina. She's popular worldwide. Not to mention her winning World's sexiest Asian woman four or five times in a row. She's gorgeous and I'm sure her statue will add more glamour to the museum.

As far as I'm concerned Katrina is a Bollywood actor and she's half indian,why so much hate? Why can we just be more accepting and less of a hater?

for heaven's sake she's not even Asian (no solid proof)...this is rubbish!

Agree.. high five :-)

okay i dont get this y bring other actress like rani,vidya,sridevi,etc in the picture when clearly they r asking to choose between pc,dp nd kat although they r desrving but so r those other 3 and frm the list i wld definetly want priyanka to have won and also katrina so no loss of mine

You are absolutely correct. This same debate opened when Aishwarya Rai was included in the museum. She was/ is nowhere as celebrated as an "actor" as Sridevi, Rani, Kajol. If you remember even Madhuri was inducted much later.

Priyanka or Katrina for me. I feel both have been in the industry for a longer duration and have had an inspiring and successful journey. Deepika has only become really successful recently. I admired their body of work and do not have an intent of hurting any fan of theirs.

of course deepika deserves more then any .. Deepika ... Is best among other 2 in everything thing whether its dance , acting , looks , attraction .. Etc ...

comment: Ranbir, Kareena, anushka, sonam, hrithik, and some salman + SRK fans have united to make katrina win. That's her goodwill. She's never said anything but good things about everyone. Never talked badly of anyone. I'm sorry to say DP and priyanka fans, both the aforementioned actresses have burned a lot of bridges, said a lot if horrible things, and don't hold much goodwill in the industry and with the masses. Katrina's star power is higher than the two combined. And for the person who stayed that only people from London are voting, you're wrong. This has been on the radio in Canada as well! So suck it up and accept that Kayrina will be getting the wax statue. Be gracious and accept it!

Now that explains alot!

yeah and wat bout katrina fans?? her 99% films gets hit, she had given salman and aamir biggest hits, she boosted akshay career, she gave 1st superhit to ranbir, but just coz she is a woman and not born in India, we cn't accept her star power.. silly.

How the hell did 51% and 40% drop to 9% and 18%? That doesn't make any sense. If they wanted to put Katrina all the time why create this farce to humiliate PC and Deepika?

Simple mathematics based on total number of votes which keep on changing every second !!!

that was percent was counted when the voting started and only 27 ppl voted at dat tym... now hopefully it wil make sense to sensible ppl.

Hands down Priyanka Chopra!!

Katrina is leading ..hmm...something is very fishy? On what merit is she winning??? Yes, agreed she has good looks but if that alone made her win then Madam Tussaud has a very shallow selection process and i have lost any respect for them..
Priyanka or Deepika are more deserving candidates out of the three.


Katrian deserves it may be she is not good in acting as PC or dep but she is really way popular than them. He I'd known internationally. I dont think deepika is known internationally as much as katrian. Ya PC is good but its Katrina and deepika's time now...gone are those days when kareena and PC were on top...anyway between kat and dp...kat is way more successful and popular worldwide than dep...

its priyanka all the way

priyanka deserve more votes i find something tricky in the vote system now dont know we shall know when the answer is given whose statue will be launched at madame tussauds

Something isn't right with this polling. Priyanka is now at 9% Deepika 18% and Katrina 73%
Votes: 113437
and the date changed from 7/31/2014 to 8/1/2014

They extended the date! And nothing was wrong when Kat was at 9%?!

Calm down and vote for Priyanka.

How is Katrina winning by such a large margin? I feel mostly the people in London are voting because how many people have actually heard about this poll before it was posted on here?

Personally I think PC is the most deserving because her time in Bollywood and everything that she has achieved.

and wen did u see other 2 acting??

Seriously why is Katrina considered a leading actress when she clearly cannot act, just because she has been part of 100Crore movies, from what I have heard people didn't even notice her in these movies. She don't compare to the power of Priyanka Chopra and Deepik Padukone who have charisma and talent.